PlayStation Store Update

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PlayStation Store Update

PlayStation Store Update

PS4 Games
PS3 Games
PS Vita Games
Console Title Price
PS4 Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition $99.99
PS4 Final Fantasy XIV Online $59.99
PS4 Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Collector’s Edition $59.99
PS3 Final Fantasy XIV Online $59.99
PS3 Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Collector’s Edition $59.99
June’s Free PS Plus Lineup
PS4 PS3 PS Vita
PS4 - Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes PS3 - Call of Juarez Gunslinger PS Vita - Super Exploding Zoo
PS4 - Skulls of the Shogun Bone-a-Fide PS3 - Cloudberry Kingdom PS Vita - Futuridium EP Deluxe

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Price Changes
Console Title Sale Price Original Price
PS4 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Standard Edition Bundle $19.99 $29.99
PS4 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Collectors Edition Bundle $39.99 $49.99
PS4 Evolve: Evolve – Behemoth $9.99 $14.99
PS4 Evolve: Evolve – Crow (Trapper Hunter) $4.99 $7.49
PS4 Evolve: Evolve – Slim (Medic Hunter) $4.99 $7.49
PS4 Evolve: Evolve – Sunny (Support Character) $4.99 $7.49
PS4 Evolve: Evolve – Torvald (Assault Hunter) $4.99 $7.49
PS4 Evolve: Evolve Hunting Season Pass $14.99 $24.99
PS3 Batman: Arkham Origins $19.99 $29.99
PS3 Beyond: Two Souls $19.99 $19.99
New PlayStation Now Rentals

Aqua PanicBladestorm Hundred Years WarDynasty Warriors 6Trinity Souls of Zill OllUgly Americans Apocalypsegeddon

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App Updates
PlayStation App

Yesterday, we updated the PlayStation App to version 2.55, which brought with it, the following features:

  • PS Store can now be opened within the PS App
  • Account management can now be done within the PS App
  • PSN Card numbers and promotion codes can now be entered within PS App
  • Comments that you receive while broadcasting from your PS4 system can now be displayed on the second screen

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  • True Detective, “The Western Book of the Dead”, available today
  • Ballers, New series “Pilot”, available today
  • The Brink, New series “Pilot”, available today
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, New episode available today
  • Gone Girl, available today
  • Malibu’s Most Wanted, available today
  • The Wolverine, available today
Hulu Plus
  • Seinfeld seasons 1-9, available 6/24
Qello Concerts
  • Lauryn Hill – MTV Unplugged
  • Fall Out Boy – Front Row Center
  • Bands in Seattle – Vaudeville Etiquette
  • Various Artists – Speaking in Code
  • VidZone Highlights:
  • Artist Of The Week: A$AP Rocky – Featuring the brand new video for ‘L$D’ from his brand new No. 1 album, At.Long.Last.A$AP.
  • Featured Playlist: CMT Music Awards 2015 – A playlist with the winners from this year’s fan-voted Country Music Awards show. Includes Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum and more!
  • Featured Video: Nicki Minaj – ‘The Night Is Still Young’ – The Hip-Hop star’s latest single from her Pinkprint album is a pop anthem with a colourful music video set in Downtown Los Angeles.
  • New Videos: Jessie J – Flashlight (Pop), Mariah Carey – Infinity (RnB), Lil Durk Ft. Jeremih – Like Me (Hip-Hop), Maroon 5 – This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A MotherF****r (Party), Duke Dumont – The Giver (Reprise) (Dance), Ryn Weaver – Octahate (Alternative), Anti-Flag Ft. Time Armstrong – Brandenburg Gate (Rock)
PS4 Add-ons
Batman Arkham Knight
  • Flashpoint Skin (Season Pass Exclusive)
  • New 52 Skins Pack (Free)
Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition
  • 1 Blue Orb ($0.99)
  • 2 Blue Orbs ($1.49)
  • 5 Blue Orbs ($2.99)
  • Lady & Trish Costume Pack ($3.99)
  • Proud Souls ($2.99)
  • Red Orbs ($1.99)
  • Super Nero/Super Dante/Super Vergil ($4.99)
  • Unlock All Modes ($1.49)
  • Assault Victory Skin Pack ($4.99)
  • Goliath Digital Camo Skin ($2.99)
  • Hyde Victory Skin ($1.99)
  • Lennox ($4.99)
  • Lennox Victory Skin (Free for Owners of Hunter Season Pass 2)
  • Markov Victory Skin ($1.99)
  • Parnell Victory Skin ($1.99)
  • Hunting Season 2 ($24.99)
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  • Heavensward Standard Edition ($39.99)
  • Hook Hat T-shirt (Free)
Planetside 2
  • 1,000 Battle Cash ($9.99)
  • 10,000 Battle Cash ($84.99)
  • 2,000 Battle Cash ($19.99)
  • 500 Battle Cash ($4.99)
  • 5,000 Battle Cash ($44.99)
  • Heroic Boost Bundle ($29.99)
  • Nanite Systems Starter Bundle ($19.99)
  • New Conglomerate Assault Starter ($14.99)
  • New Conglomerate Support Starter ($14.99)
  • Terran Republic Assault Starter ($14.99)
  • Terran Republic Support Starter ($14.99)
  • Vanu Sovereignty Assault Starter ($14.99)
  • Vanu Sovereignty Support Starter ($14.99)
  • 1-month Membership ($14.99)
  • 3-month Membership ($29.99)
  • 6-month Membership ($119.99)
  • 12-month Membership ($119.99)
Rocksmith 2014

Cross-buy with PS3

  • Primus – Jerry Was a Race Car Driver ($2.99)
  • Primus – Tommy the Cat ($2.99)
  • Primus – Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver ($2.99)
  • Primus – South Park Theme ($0.99)
Tales from the Borderlands

Cross-buy with PS3

  • Episode 3: Catch a Ride ($4.99)
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Release on 6/24

  • New Quest – Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted (Free)
  • Skellige Armor Set (Free)
PS3 Add-ons
Ace Combat Infinity
  • Extra Contract & Special Supply Ticket Set F ($8.99)
  • Extra Contract & Special Supply Ticket Set P ($8.99)
  • Extra Contract & Special Supply Ticket Set Q ($26.99)
  • Extra Contract & Special Supply Ticket Set R ($44.99)
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  • Heavensward Standard Edition ($39.99)
Rocksmith 2014

Cross-buy with PS4

  • Primus – Jerry Was a Race Car Driver ($2.99)
  • Primus – Tommy the Cat ($2.99)
  • Primus – Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver ($2.99)
  • Primus – South Park Theme ($0.99)
Tales from the Borderlands

Cross-buy with PS4

  • Episode 3: Catch a Ride ($4.99)
Console Theme Price
PS4 A Dynamic Usa Flag Theme $2.99
PS4 Abstract Green Moving Background Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS4 Aspen Comics Executive Assistant: Iris Theme $2.99
PS4 A Dynamic Birds On River Theme $2.99
PS4 A Soccerball With Dynamic Turkish Flag Theme $2.99
PS4 1 Luxurious View Of New York Dynamic Theme $3.49
PS4 1 Spaceship Dynamic Theme $3.49
PS4 A Close Up River Scene Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS4 An Underwater Treasure Chest Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS4 Audio Theme Series Thunder And Wolf Sounds $3.49
PS4 Frequency Wave Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS4 Godzilla Theme $0.00
PS4 Summer Beach Dynamic Theme – Full HD $2.99
PS4 Winter Wolf Dynamic Theme – Full HD $2.99
PS4 A Soccerball With Dynamic Argentina Flag Theme $2.99
PS4 A Soccerball With Dynamic Brazil Flag Theme $2.99
PS4 A Dynamic Antique Radio Theme $2.99
PS4 A Dynamic Bridge Crossing Water Theme $2.99
PS4 A Dynamics Machu Piccu Ruins Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS4 A Spit Fire Plane Dynamic Theme $4.99
PS4 Flame Thrower Dynamic Theme $3.49
PS4 Girl Gamer Dynamic Theme $3.49
PS4 Lightning Storm Dynamic Theme $3.49
PS Vita Another World Theme $2.99
PS Vita Beach Sunset Theme $2.99
PS Vita Biting Lip Theme $2.99
PS Vita Death Theme $2.99
PS Vita Desert Drifter Theme $2.99
PS Vita Evolution Theme $2.99
PS Vita Ghostly Cat Theme $2.99
PS Vita Grunge Flag USA Theme $2.99
PS Vita I See You Noob Theme $2.99
PS Vita Splat Soldier Theme $2.99
PS Vita Summer Beach Theme $2.99
PS Vita The End Theme $2.99
Console Avatar Price
PS3 Avatar Planet 2 $0.99
PS3 Avatar Tiger $0.99
PS3 Avatar Respiration $0.99

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  • Beyond Two Souls Price Drop: From $ 19,99 to $19,99 ??????

  • Between there being no sales information here, and the PlayStation Store only showing the current price, I am entirely dissatisfied not being able to discern what the original price of the items are, and how much the discount is in $ and percentage, if there is one at all.

    Please include this information in the PS Blog posts and also pass along feedback to those who design the store that it needs to show original pricing along with the current price, and also when that sale price ends.

    Thank you.

  • Suikoden 3
    OK just one more before the one i want come on 5 please show up.

  • Easy to see why Drive Club PS+ was pulled at the last minute, because the full PS+ game is on sale! Can’t have people getting the free version when they can still squeeze a few more sales out. Besides, that’s the from WHOLE reason why the PS+ ed. was delayed from launch Nov 2013.. money. Now that its bargain bin material they feel justified in releasing the PS+ ed.

  • WaveLightning777

    *jumps in the “Where’s the sales charts, its post E3” boat*

  • a chunk of the games are either the same price as before or the same price as their current “price drop”

  • where’s the godzilla ps4 theme? I don’t see it on the store.

  • oversevethousand

    Has anyone else been getting this message on the PC store?

    “We’ve encountered an error while processing your order. The transaction has not been completed. Please try again later.”

    It’s been going on for weeks and I can’t even get this month’s PS+ games.

    • If this has been happening to you for “weeks”…it may be a Browser-related problem.

      Don’t use the Web Store…use the ACTUAL PS Store. It’s slower…but 99% of the time there’s no errors involved (unless you’re a PS3 user…in that case there’s a 50/50 chance it’ll fail…but just keep trying). ;)

  • Have a flash sale at the vita store with same price games? What’s the wrong?

    • Same here @ the vita flash sale with the exact same prices for the games.
      The previous page refers to this as a ‘Fantasy Flash Sale’ and that it’s not even supposed to be out until the weekend / Friday.

      Not sure why ithey’re in the flash sales right now. Maybe the price just needs to update…?

  • Ps Vita

    • Is dead for real ;(

    • I don’t think so, I just got charged for Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birt 3 so the store is sending it any minute now… Also waiting for Ar No Surge Plus and Danganronpa Another Story to ship, the wait for September is long indeed…

  • Amazing update! FFXIVARR Heavensward and Batman Arkham Knight are mine! Both are fantastic! The Batmobile is truly a joy to drive. I have been driving around like crazy just taking out cars left and right. Just finished off the Harley Quinn mission and it was really fun. I am only a few missions in and I have 4 hours played already. Just know that if you buy this game you are playing 2015’s GOTY!!!

  • It sure would be nice if all these new PS4 owners could play Suikoden 3 like those of us with PS3’s.

    Come on Sony, give the PS4 support for PS1 and PS2 games. It is the least you can do considering the lack of PS3 backward compatibility and the fact that both Nintendo and Microsoft have BC now.

  • Is it just me or are the prices on most of the sales the same as before?

  • You can’t bother to post the sales, I can’t be bothered to spend money.

  • It’s not in Sony’s best interest to publish the sales chart anymore, not now that everyone has PS plus. Having us go to the PSN site is an attempt to hide the fact that they don’t have to give us the kinds of discounts that they were offering before, back when they needed more PS Plus subscribers and were using discounts as an incentive. Look at how many older games are on “sale” for 14.99. If we had a chart we would see that 14.99 would be a regular sale price and a plus price would be 8.99 or 9.99. This is just a corporate strategy thought up by a suit. Vote with your wallets.

    • It’s not only that. They needed a way to cover their “behinds” because of all the huge amount of “mistakes” of the past. SMH

      Cause, you know…mistakes cost money.

  • Picked up DMC4 but that’s it this week. Batman can wait till its $40 or less.

  • Is it me or do these “sales” just keep getting worse?
    Now they are literally not taking any money off.


    PS3 Beyond: Two Souls $19.99 $19.99


  • Why can we get more themes based on games ? I would buy more of them for my vita and ps4.

  • Please bring back sales listings on the Store Update blog post!

  • Mark my words, this flash sale will stink. I’m betting its 50% off, which we’ve seen just about all of these games at that price already. That psp warriors game had been 2.99 last week, and all of a sudden it’s listed in this flash sale, currently at 5.99. Why can’t they include games like:

    ZHP unlosing ranger
    Wild arms xf
    Jeanne darc
    Valkyria chronicles 2
    Vanguard bandits (why is it 9.99 in the first place?)
    Final fantasy 3 (at a reasonable price)
    Dragoneers aria
    Dungeon maker
    Legend of heroes: trails in the sky
    Mana khemia
    Unchained blades

    Those titles NEVER go on sale!

    • I second this. Could definitely use some regular sales on PSP games.
      Instead of having to wait until once in a blue moon specials where PSP seems more like an afterthought…

  • I could not find Deception IV: The Knightmare Princess in the PS4 store and had to log into the web store to find it start the download from there.

    • @71: Thanks for the tip, i was looking for Deception 4 demo as well. It cannot be found through search on Ps Store at PS4, i will check website.

  • To anyone asking about sale prices:

    Definitely buy Spec Ops: The Line for $3.99; the rest, meh

    • Not normally a 2k fan, but it came down to two.

      Mafia 2 (for interesting enviornment/feel), but will pass, for time/kids reasons.

      Noticed in the 5 min youtube review, Captain Walker sounded alot like Nathan Drake, and the teamate giving the “Wheeee” down the rope is overiding maturity concerns.

      That, or the Farsi.

  • Shantae: Risky’s Revenge for me, thank you very much. This’ll let me get my feet wet while waiting for 1/2 Genie Hero to come out.

  • hello from my ps vita and found a sale flas but the discount is not displayed in the games, anyone know why?

    • I think it’s not supposed to be up yet. I came on to find that out, too.
      Page before mentions it as a Fantasy Flash sale and it ends on 6/29.

      They may not actually update the prices until friday.

      I think their and my definition of a flash sale is way different, haha.

  • Frick… Suikoden III came out!?! Couldn’t even wait until July? Just HAD to drop this in the month of “Summer Sales” (for PC gamers mostly, but still – the GOG and Steam sales affected most of our wallets, I’m betting).

    *sigh* No use fighting it.

    Let me go scramble around for the ten dollars I need to DOWNLOAD THIS RIGHT NOW :D

  • When we’ll be able to preorder Fallout 4 ? ” Go digital ” I say ;)

  • The sales this week are almost as exciting as getting a cheeseburger for the price of a hamburger.

    I’m ttly stoked, homeez.

  • Anyone knows if the Shantae game is crossbuy?

  • What’s the matter with the sale chart?!? E3 is over, so we don’t buy that excuse anymore.
    Btw, is it me or sales are getting worse and worse? Nothing worth buying this week either.

  • Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days is finally on sale…on the EU ps blog. There are more vita sales today on EU ps blog than the US blog has had all year combined probably.

  • Don’t Starve is listed incorrectly for PS4 as the Giant Edition when it is the regular. please have a flash sale on that and the expansion again. I missed it and really wanna get that game at that great price!!

  • What’s with Arkham Knight always reporting that a connection can’t be established to the PlayStation Network. None of the leaderboards work because of that.

  • The sales this week on the eu ps store are awesome, even for vita owners:

    85% off earth defense force
    75% of Valkyria chronicles 2
    Parasite eve 2 (Actually on sale!)

    The have white knight chronicles on the Eu store?! What the heck?!

    And the beat goes on. Sure would love to see sales like that for us here in the states! Instead we will get our 17th ubisoft sale of the year next week, or another gta sale. Seriously Sony, there are lots of psp and ps1 games that NEVER go on sale. Plenty of us are sick of seeing the same stuff every 2-3 months. If I didn’t buy it then, I surely won’t be buying it now, especially when most of the time the sales are worse than ones I’ve seen in the past. Like I’m sure this flash sale will be as well.

  • I just want to say thanks to all the fans who are posting the sales on this board (seriously). E3 is over, there’s no excuse no for Sony not to go back to the old format. Fans have spoken, and we want the weekly sales back!!!

  • Sony, please stop being lazy.

    If you cannot post up your weekly sales, then hire someone to do this.

    Or don’t. . . It’s only sales, right?

  • Thanks for putting the Sonic Unleashed DLC on sale. I plan on getting all 6 packs but it seems that the Mazuri Adventure Pack is missing from the store when it is listed as on sale at the Sega blog Please fix.

  • Is the PS4 Dont Starve the giant edition cuz i purchased it crossbuy and (PS3/PSVita) are the giant editions but the PS4 edition i have is the console edition?

  • Hey sony, your batmen can’t connect to the leaderboards. Do you care? because there isnt ANYONE sayin’ CRAP about it, on YOUR end.

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