PlayStation Blogcast 167: Shu’s Quest for the Bloodborne Platinum

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PlayStation Blogcast 167: Shu’s Quest for the Bloodborne Platinum

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Welcome back to PlayStation Blogcast! As we enter the calm before the E3 storm (it’s not really that calm, though) we are honored to feature a special guest on this week’s show: President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida! Yoshida-san stops by to share his personal passion for Bloodborne, which led him to a successful Platinum and a newfound appreciation for YouTube tutorial videos. Plus: anime, Adventure Time, and watching movies on planes. Enjoy the show!

Stuff We Talked About

  • The Witcher 3
  • Bloodborne
  • The Elder Scrolls Online
  • Oreshika
  • Anime
  • Watching movies on planes
  • Shampoo

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1 Author Reply

  • Enjoy the show!

  • Still patiently waiting for a video version of the Blogcast. :)

  • I think I might give this a listen for once :)

  • The gangs all here! Thanks for another awesome Blogcast guys

  • Finally the whole gang is back.

    Wait, Shuhei Yoshida’s first platinum was Hannah Montana: The Movie? That made me laugh really hard. Oh god. That’s hilarious.

    The interview with Shuuhei Yoshida was great! Absoulutely great!

    Favorite fantasy character? I don’t know. I don’t play much fantasy games. I really like Shovel Knight though. He’s awesome. I love how chivalrous he is. I also love his design. Can’t wait for the DLC. I already platinum it.

    Adventure TIme is awesome. Definitely continue it. Simon & Marcy is one of my favorite episodes of the show.

  • Where is the Shuhei’s Let’s Play Bloodborne video link?

  • I wonder if anyone on the Blogcast team might have been tempted to import one or more of these themed PlayStation models from Japan:

    As for Oreshika, my problem with playing the game any further than I already have (which isn’t very far; I’m still on my first generation of characters) is, unfortunately, the very “die after two years” dynamic around which the game revolves. I can’t help but feel that things go by way too quickly; both in how close my initial trio of characters are to hitting the end of their respective shelf-lives, and in how little time I seem to have to raise their successors.

    I suppose I’ll have to get over that hangup if I ever want to go back to the game, of course.

    On another note, the Vita theme for the game came out earlier this week, for anyone who might have missed it.

  • I wish you guys would’ve had R8 Games on the blog to advertise their Kickstarter for Formula Fusion because I missed it completely. For anyone that doesn’t know, R8 games is basically the old WipEout team and Formula Fusion is basically the next WipEout. Maybe you aren’t on the best of terms, I don’t know. I just know I’ve seen other Kickstarters brought on the Blog.

  • I will help you Shu, add me!

  • Btw…nice blog guys! Bloodborne hands me my rear everyone I pick it up. Would love to see what platinum looks like!

  • Big fan of Shuhei, looking fowdard to this episode. Keep up the good work guys. Try to stop all these money and kindafuuny spammers, its really annoying. Its getting out of control.

  • If ya need help platinum one bloodborne add me AncLEoniX
    Still have most of the dungeons done and open wouldn’t have any issue helping ya. Platinum was a pain in the behind due to the cursed chalice dungeon. And good luck to ya. Loved the show

  • FrankDaPronStar

    OMFG Shuhei! If you don’t love him, then SCREW YOU! Awesome show dudes.

  • I love it when the whole gang is together.

  • Where is the Shuhei’s Let’s Play Bloodborne video link?

  • Great show! Loved the interview with Yoshida-san – especially the part about his first platinum. That was hilarious

    I’m new to The Witcher series, but I think Geralt might be my favorite fantasy character. Ciri seems really awesome so far, too!

  • Currently doing chalice dungeons as well. So far nothing too crazy but I know it will get super difficult from all I´ve heard.
    Awesome that you guys got to chat with SHu. He´s the best .

  • I got my Final Fantasy XIV platinum listening to this episode

  • KatherineThomas

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  • One of my most favorite/memorable video game characters is Axel/Lea from the Kingdom Hearts series. He controls fire, he’s a double agent who plays it perfectly and the emotional distress he faces and sacrifices he makes through the series is devastating but somehow he continues to fight through it.

    Plus, the whole time Sora is off fighting Heartless, Maleficent is plotting with Pete, Xehanort is causing mayhem and the Organization is up to no good, Axel is always lurking behind the scenes playing out his own agenda and being a puppet-master. In a lot of ways he’s actually both the ultimate hero and villain of the franchise (which really stands out in (KH3D).

    Also, he’s voiced by Quinton Flynn who is amazing.

  • Another great episode guys, really enjoyed the Shuhei Yoshida interview!

    I find it interesting how polarizing the listeners’ views of the show are. You have people who’d rather have a more gaming-focused show vs. people who enjoy the off-topic banter, people who can’t stand Sid and his Sid-isms vs. people who can’t get enough of him. Personally I think the show (and Sid) is fine the way it (he) is. The way I see it, if you guys have put out 167 episodes to date and people are still listening then you must be doing something right!

    P.S. As for Justin’s quest for a nickname (besides Tom Gillmore), I think it should be Final Fantasy XIV related ;)

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  • israelpacheco89

    Excellent show guys! It always impresses me how much Shu games with his busy schedule. The Hannah Montana story had me in stitches. I’d have to go with Gerald (see what I did there) as my favorite fantasy character in gaming. Such a well written and fleshed out character. Now if we are talking about TV/movies I’d go with Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. What are some of your favorite fantasy characters from TV/movies?

  • it is no small feat to plat Bloodborne …

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