Metro Redux: Free Trials Available Today on PS4

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Metro Redux: Free Trials Available Today on PS4

If you never got around to playing the Metro series, we have some very good news for you! 4A Games has created two huge, free demos — one for Metro 2033 Redux and one for Metro: Last Light Redux — that are available today on PS4.

Metro Redux

The Metro games are gripping, story-driven first-person shooters based on the works of Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, which combine exploration, survival horror, and stealth gameplay. Set in the shattered ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow, you play as Artyom — a young Ranger who holds the fate of mankind in his hands.

The original Metro 2033 was first released in 2010, with its sequel Metro: Last Light following in 2013. Last year, both games were completely remastered for PS4 and now boast stunning 1080p visuals at 60 frames per second.

The Metro games are atmospheric, slow burners, so a short demo doesn’t really do them justice. But we cast our minds back to the shareware days of the 1990s and remembered that when Doom was first released you got the entire first third for free, and only paid if you wanted to play more.

Metro ReduxMetro Redux

We applied this idea to Metro — each Trial contains nine whole chapters, representing several hours of gameplay. If you reach the end of the Trial and want to continue, you can unlock the full version and play on without interruption — you keep your game save / progress!

Each standalone game is currently available for $24.99 — so if you haven’t yet experienced the world of post-apocalyptic Moscow, now is the perfect chance to try it.

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  • Interesting. I haven’t played any games in this series, but demos are a great way to get started. I wish more developers took the time to make demos. I’ve found so many new games I love that way.

  • Played both on last gen. Awesome games. Plus, game demos are such a rarity these days that a new demo (and a big one) is most welcomed. Ill definitely give both a try.

  • Awesome, I finished Metro 2033 years ago with medium settings and was curious to check how this version looks.
    Both of these games are excellent post-apocalyptic shooters.

  • Love the metro series. can’t wait to try it on the PS4.

  • I love this idea, you may have secured my purchase on principal alone! Seriously though, the Metro games are still amazing on last gen, so they must be beautiful on current!

  • Nice way to get people interested in the game :) Metro is great

  • CrusaderForever

    HA, what are the chances! I just bought Metro Redux for $24.99 on the PSN about 30 minutes ago! I couldn’t let that deal go it was just to outstanding. Cannot wait to try Metro out for the first time.

  • Great idea guys! Hope this gets more people interested in the games.

  • Great games to play. Own both of them on the ps4 and there graphics are great.
    Glad to see them doing demos so more people will get into them.

  • When does it come out cause it is not out right now

  • Best way to get some one to buy a video game, we could play it and if we like it we buy it. I personally already finished metro last light on my PS3 when I had it but I don’t mind playing it again on ps4, thanks 4A games

  • Redux version is $19 on Amazon while they charge $25 for each title on PSN ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Watch out for the shrimps and bring plenty of gasmask filters! Seriously give these a shot if you haven’t already both are great games.

  • They’re such a great games & this is a good idea to attract people to it.
    Also, I hope this means there’s a Metro-related E3 announcement – would love a 3rd entry in the series!!!

  • As CrusaderForever said, right now the Metro Redux bundle is available for $24.99, which means you can get both games for the price of one. I’ve been on the fence as to whether I’ll make the purchase or wait, but this trial and reminder of just how much one can save from the sale might be the final push that gets me to put my money down now. As today is Tuesday, it’s the last day of the sale, so I recommend checking out the trial, and if you like what you’re getting, grab that bundle tonight! I’ve already played a good chunk of Last Light on 360 and my brother had nothing but good things to say about the Xbox One version, so I’m pretty much already from a gameplay and graphics perspective.

  • sorry, meant to say “pretty much sold already”

  • Am i supposed to thank you for a demo of a five year old game?
    Every new game should have a demo. Period.

  • I know Metro is a great game especially Last Light…but these demos are very welcome because I dunno much about 2033 so I’ll be playing the demo.
    Also I’m glad to know that both games are being sold separately because I want Metro 2033 but if I’m not wrong its available only on PS4 not on PS3…and thats a shame because I don’t want Last Light on PS4.
    Well thanks for the demos,glad someone still know about demos…I still wonder what happened with that promise of “on PS4 every game will have a demo” ……..ahem.

  • Not sure why people need a demo at this point…. They’re pretty well established games that have a ton of commentary on forums and video posts to backup what they are. Plus the game has been in the bargain bin forever. Just risk the 25 dollars on 2 full games and get it.

  • @18 they meant with shareplay of course! Just make sure one of your friends BUYS the game, then you can demo it whenever they let you!

  • Really? yesterday was 14.99 each!!!! and 24.99 both!!!

  • Still no Metro trials on PSN….

  • no Metro Redux???????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am in north america and the store has updated. I cannot find the demo anywhere. please help

  • i dont see it either and no response from Sony!!!

  • iamtylerdurden1

    Metro Redux and more specifically Metro 2033 are spectacular games that deserve your attention, i played Metro 2033 on 360 and Last Light on PS3 but they are such brilliant and enthralling masterpieces i obviously bought Metro Redux. These games are so underrated it’s shameful that cod ghosts sells 30m but Metro 2033 can’t hit 1m?

    If you enjoy sp campaigns in your fps then you will love Metro Redux, it’s the best sp fps i’ve played in a while and it’s the most atmospheric by far. The story and setting are tremendous and the revamped controls and visuals make this game shine.

  • So TRUTHFULLY when do these Demos actually come out????? It’s already almost 10pm MT and still no Demos in the PSN store.

  • And YET no Demos for Metro..maybe it was PRANK! :(

  • @iamtylerdurden1 I could not agree more! In addition to what you said, I’ll add that Metro Last Light had one of the best “feel” to weapon handling and firing and tools handling in the last gen games. I really liked the game and the story it told but I was amazed at what they were able to accomplish technically on the PS3. I have not played any of the two on PS4 yet (waiting for the price to go down a bit more before I double dip).

  • Um is this a joke or something Sony? -_- don’t see the demo

  • darkersaintsfan

    I don’t see it

  • i don’t either

  • Sony, why advertise something and then not have it available? At least let us know what is going on with it. Your company’s communication skills are sadly lacking. It is almost as if you do it on purpose just to annoy your customers. Not a very intelligent business strategy. I switched from Xbox 360 to PS4 and I am starting to regret my decision.

  • Since Sony actually advertised this to be out on a specific date, it would be nice for them to have enough courtesy to let us know that it would be delayed or at least give us some kind of news that it wouldn’t make it in the day it was promised. I appreciate that they are releasing these free trials for us to try out these wonderful games, but even though it’s free; if they advertise it, they should take responsibility for it. I find this lack of communication hurting sales for the game versus helping. Just like how people who pre-ordered the Witcher 3 early and was not able to get the 10% discount off the expansion pass; I would of purchased that expansion pack in a heart beat if they offered that discount to those who already pre-ordered the Witcher 3 before the expansion pack was announced. I dunno understand why the loyal customers who pre-ordered the game early should get punished that way. Sure it was a small discount, but still; it was not right.

  • iGN is the only website that reported that playstation store in Europe had these demos before the U.S. but since this is the U.S playstation blog they should have said that

  • this is BS i mean really say something stop blowing us off

  • It’s there now. Went to the PS Store on my PC and started it downloading.

  • so i have a question why cant we get trophies after we finish the trial and is there a work around????????????

  • Bestbuy has Metro Redux for $19.99 or $15.99 for GCU.

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  • “…Each Trial contains nine whole chapters, representing several hours of gameplay.”

    I downloaded the Metro 2033 Redux demo, and it’s only about half an hour long…with about 5 minutes of actual gameplay (it’s mostly just watching cutscenes). So, what’s this about the first 9 chapters and several hours of gameplay?

  • “several hours of gameplay” ????????????????

    It’s 30 minutes folks. I honestly loved the second game, and think I’ll really love this game when I get around to buying it after I clear through my backlog. But I have limited bandwidth, and was more than a bit miffed that I wasted almost 10 GB to play an extremely limited demo for no more than half an hour.

    Short demos are fine…it’s not like we’re paying. But the way this was advertised is very false and misleading. They made it seem like this was some kind of ‘super demo’ and it really isn’t….

    • That’s for Metro 2033 by the way…so maybe the other demo is the ‘huge’ thing they claim it is. 2033 certainly is not.

  • Read the book METRO 2033 it is a Great Read, then play the game

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