Flash Sale Now: Deals Under $5

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Flash Sale Now: Deals Under $5

Hi everyone! We’re starting the weekend off with a bang – well, a flash technically. Our Deals Under $5 Flash Sale starts right now, with games for purchase and movie rentals to choose from – all for up to 90 percent off. Head over to PlayStation Store through the weekend to nab titles like Borderlands 2, The Walking Dead, Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD and rent blockbuster movies like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, independent films like Sword of Vengeance, and more.

Don’t wait too long, our Deals Under $5 Flash Sale ends at 9:00 a.m. Pacific on Monday, May 18.

Check out the full lineup:

May Flash Sale

Title Platform Sale Price Original Price
Ace Combat Assault Horizon PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Alter Echo PS3 $4.90 $9.99
Battlefield 3 PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Battlefield Bad Company 2 PS3 $4.80 $19.99
BioShock PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Borderlands PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Borderlands 2 PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Burnout Paradise PS3 $4.95 $14.99
Darksiders PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Ducktales: Remastered PS3 $4.95 $14.99
Frozen Synapse Prime PS3 $4.80 $19.99
I Am Alive PS3 $4.95 $14.99
Injustice: Gods Among Us PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Jeopardy! PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Kickbeat PS3 $3.50 $9.99
Krinkle Krusher PS3 $4.00 $9.99
LittleBigPlanet PS3 $4.80 $19.99
LittleBigPlanet 2 PS3 $4.80 $19.99
LittleBigPlanet Karting PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Mamorukun Curse! PS3 $3.50 $9.99
Mass Effect Trilogy PS3 $4.80 $29.99
Medal Of Honor Warfighter PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Moto GP14 PS3 $4.80 $39.99
Mx Va. Atv Alive PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Nascar ’14 PS3 $4.50 $49.99
NBA Jam: On Fire Edition / NFL Blitz – Bundle PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Need For Speed The Run PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Okami Hd PS3 $4.90 $13.99
Pac-Man Museum PS3 $4.80 $19.99
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Prince of Persia Classic PS3 $3.50 $9.99
Prince of Persia Sands of Time HD PS3 $4.95 $14.99
Prince Of Persia The Two Thrones HD PS3 $4.95 $14.99
Prince of Persia Warrior Within HD PS3 $4.95 $14.99
Raiden IV: OverKill PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Red Faction Armageddon PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Red Faction Guerilla PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Terraria Full Game Unlock PS3 $4.95 $14.99
The Jackbox Party Pack PS3 $4.75 $24.99
The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief PS3 $4.50 $29.99
The Walking Dead – Season Pass PS3 $4.95 $14.99
The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Tiny Brains PS3 $3.50 $9.99
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory HD PS3 $4.95 $14.99
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell HD PS3 $4.95 $14.99
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow HD PS3 $4.95 $14.99
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD PS3 $4.95 $14.99
Wheel of Fortune PS3 $4.80 $19.99
Zombie Driver HD PS3 $4.00 $9.99
Don’t Starve: Console Edition PS4 $4.95 $14.99
Don’t Starve: Console Edition + Reign of Giants Expansion PS4 $4.94 $18.99
Entwined PS4 $3.00 $9.99
Escape Goat 2 PS4 $4.00 $9.99
Krinkle Krusher PS4 $4.00 $9.99
Nano Assault NEO-X PS4 $4.00 $9.99
Nidhogg PS4 $4.95 $14.99
Outlast PS4 $4.80 $19.99
Peggle 2 Magical Masters Edition PS4 $4.95 $14.99
Pure Chess Complete Bundle PS4 $3.60 $14.99
Pure Pool PS4 $4.80 $19.99
Super Mega Baseball PS4 $4.80 $19.99
Terraria: PS4 Edition PS4 $4.80 $19.99
The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season PS4 $4.75 $24.99
The Wolf Among Us PS4 $4.75 $24.99
Tiny Brains PS4 $3.50 $9.99
Trials Fusion PS4 $4.80 $19.99
Yorbie PS4 $4.00 $9.99
Flower PS4 / PS3 / Vita $1.40 $6.99
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP / Vita $4.80 $19.99
NBA 2K13 PSP / Vita $4.80 $19.99
Prince of Persia Revelations PSP / Vita $3.50 $9.99
Prince of Persia Rival Swords PSP / Vita $3.50 $9.99
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands PSP / Vita $4.80 $19.99
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max PSP / Vita $3.50 $9.99
Tekken PSP / Vita $4.95 $14.99
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Essentials PSP / Vita $3.50 $9.99
Don’t Starve: Giant Edition PS Vita $4.95 $14.99
Freedom Wars PS Vita $4.80 $29.99
Frozen Synapse Prime PS Vita $4.80 $19.99
Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational PS Vita $4.99 $13.49
KickBeat PS Vita $3.50 $9.99
Krinkle Krusher PS Vita $4.00 $9.99
LittleBigPlanet PS Vita $4.86 $17.99
Mortal Kombat PS Vita $4.80 $19.99
MotoGP14 PS Vita $3.90 $29.99
Nidhogg PS Vita $4.95 $14.99
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD PS Vita $4.95 $14.99
Soul Sacrifice Delta PS Vita $4.86 $17.99
Terraria PS Vita $4.95 $14.99
The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season PS Vita $4.80 $19.99
Title SD Original Rental Price SD Rental
Sale Price
HD Original Rental Price HD Rental Sale Price
Act of Valor $3.99 $2.99 $4.99 $3.99
Brick Mansions $3.99 $2.99 $4.99 $3.99
Devil’s Knot $3.99 $0.99 $4.99 $1.99
Earth to Echo $4.99 $2.99 $5.99 $3.99
Frankenstein Vs The Mummy $3.99 $0.99 $4.99 $1.99
Hacker Wars $3.99 $0.99 $4.99 $0.99
Jimi: All is by My Side $3.99 $0.99 $4.99 $0.99
Killers $2.99 $1.49 $3.99 $1.49
Left Behind $2.99 $0.99 $3.99 $0.99
Oculus $3.99 $2.99 $4.99 $3.99
Outcast US $3.99 $0.99 $4.99 $0.99
Resident Evil $2.99 $2.49 $3.99 $2.49
Supremacy $2.99 $1.49 $3.99 $1.49
Sword of Vengeance $6.99 $1.49 $7.99 $1.49
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $3.99 $1.49 $4.99 $1.49
The Rewrite $3.99 $0.99 $4.99 $1.99
These Final Hours $2.99 $1.49 $3.99 $1.49
Think Like a Man $2.99 $2.49 $3.99 $2.49
Top 5 $4.99 $1.49 $5.99 $1.49
Underworld $2.99 $2.49 $3.99 $2.49
Vengeance of an Assassin $2.99 $1.49 $3.99 $1.49
Wolfcop $3.99 $0.99 $4.99 $1.99
Zombieworld $3.99 $0.99 $4.99 $1.99

Let us know what you’re picking up. Have a great weekend!

Note: All pricing is for U.S. only and subject to change without notice.

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  • Mass Effect Trilogy for $4.80 is amazing! Never got into this series, but looks like I will now!

  • smoothboarder540

    Very disappointing to see the Borderlands 2 logo in the post and then seeing it’s only on sale for ps3. You guys have had that on sale multiple times before, not to mention it was already free with Plus. The other sales look pretty good though. I might take advantage of one or two.

  • Missed getting Ni no Kuni the last couple of times it was on sale, so thank you so much for discounting it again.

  • Freedom Wars less than $5? It was already cheap enough without the sale! Thanks Sony!!

  • Now this is a sale!!! :D Thanks, Sony!

  • Buyer beware regarding LittleBigPlanet Karting. Online is not functioning. I think the servers have been taken down. No answer from Sony or Media Molecule.

  • Probably one of the best sales in a long time. Will be buying plenty, finding the time to play them is the problem. Still have games from previous sales that I haven’t even gotten to the title screen yet. Theses deals are too good to pass up. Freedom Wars for $4.80!? Great sale!!

  • TetsuyaKenshi86

    Ni No Kuni, Okami, Flower, Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice :3


  • Is “The Wolf Among Us” the complete game or just episode 1?

  • Thank you for sorting by platform.

    I already bought my games an hour ago ;)

  • Sweet! I’ll easily drop $25+ on a handful of these! And thank you Chieh for bringing back the easier-to-see-what-an-awesome-deal-I’m-getting format!

  • Was reading the list and saw Freedom Wars and went, WAIT, WHAT? Heck, I think I even somehow changed my keyboard settings in astonishment.

    Also going to hop on The Walking Dead and maybe a couple of others games. Not sure yet. Don’t Starve maybe.

  • NI NO KUNI and OKAMI HD are must buys for the kind of people that want an amazing game with amazing artwork and an amazing story that will touch your heart…

    Now we wonder where are those kind of games now….

    The only one left is Valkryria Chronicles

  • awesomeninja492

    Awesome sale. Unfortunately I own many of these games already, but these are excellent games. $4.80 for arguably the greatest gaming trilogy ever is a steal. I’ll be picking up The Wolf Among Us and Freedom Wars.

  • great sale,not sure if i should grab freedom wars since it has shooter elements?and i suck at shooters lol
    played nino kuni b4 and it was a great game but that boss at the end got in to my nerves,but all in all its just a gorgeous game.one question, are these movies just rentals or can you own them for life? because i all can see its are rental sales correct??

  • Quick question for whoever can answer: What’s the difference between buying The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season and The Walking Dead- Season Pass?

  • im getting freedom wars and wolf among us definitely. is the mass effect trilogy worth playing people?

  • Yes vita love…. freedom wars mortal combat frozen synapse and walking dead all for vita for me.. if borderlands is on vita sale that would be a instant buy.. thanks sony….


    Damn. I’ve had $5 in my wallet for over a month and just a few weeks ago I used my Spanish account (I live in Spain but use a USA account) to buy the Mass Effect Trilogy for 15€. I should have waited! What now? Should I get NFS The Run since I miss arcade racing (especially NFS)? No No Kuni even though I don’t really like JRPGs and Japanese games except westernized ones? Should I save my money to save up for PS+ (just ran out and I have NO income. lol how can I save up?)? Or maybe Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD?

  • Yes, very much. If you are into science fiction and RPG, that’s a must playing.

  • Didn’t say anything during Tuesday’s Store Update, but this is why the lists are greatly appreciated. Sometimes, whoever does the store updating, misses some things. Case in point, I will be buying Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief. Had this just been another post, with links to the store, I wouldn’t have even known that was on sale.

    Happened during the previous flash sale, as well, where a few games not on the Store’s Flash Sale page were listed in one of these posts. Wouldn’t have known(and bought) Ratchet: Deadlocked then, either, had it not been for your list on the blog showing it was on sale.

    But anywho, thanks, for the sale. Probably buying a few things, just wanted to point out that bit about Raven(might be a few more listed not on the Store’s Flash Sale page, too; Raven is a game I was interested in, is the only reason I noticed it straight away).

  • ok thanks

  • Question…I have Soul Sacrifice but haven’t started it yet. Is Delta worth the extra 5 bucks and skipping the original altogether?

  • This is incredible, Sony – especially the PS Vita love!

    Thanks, I’m getting several games for and letting my friends know about this sale.

  • oversevethousand

    @23 Whether you haven’t played the first or completed it, Soul Sacrifice Delta is worth full price and then some. It’s easily one of the best games on Vita, far surpasses the joke that is Freedom Wars in both story and gameplay, and any Vita owner that doesn’t take advantage of this sale (if they don’t already own the game) should turn their console in right now.

  • @16 TWD: Compelete First Season includes episodes 1-5 and the 400 Days episode. The Season Pass only includes episodes 1-5

  • oversevethousand

    Hey Sony. Borderlands 2 is on other consoles, you know. As are some of those Telltale games. Any reason why, once again, their Vita versions are left off this sale?

  • KonietzkyStrain

    I have the GOTY editions of ME on the PC, and was wondering if the PS3 bundle is the GOTY (All DLC) versions of the trilogy?

    I really wish the PS Store had WAAAY more information than they provide. Wink

    I already plan on getting the YDKJ bundle and I heard great things about NiNo Kuni.

  • I already own Peggle 2, it would feel so silly to pay $4.95 to buy the game all over again (but the FULL version), instead of spending $6 just to get the extra DLC separately.

    Maybe I buy the full version on my wife’s account, for when she has her own PS4 someday? HMMMM

  • buy soul sacrifice delta

  • Thanks langsln!

  • Wow! The flash sales are 100 times better than the weekly sales. This definitely makes up for the horrible sale week. Sony was definitely listening to all the complaints this week. I have a lot of these games already and I paid lot more than $4.80 and they were worth it.

  • Just bought Trials: Fusion a few days ago…d’oh! Oh, well. Not sure if there’s anything I want, though.

  • Great Vita sale thanks, I’m in for $28 at least on that amazing and sometimes unappreciated platform alone. Perfect timing as it’s coming into travel season at work.

    I was hoping that there would be a flash sale this (long in Canada) weekend and boom, I’m smiling.

  • Getting Freedom Wars, I Hope that the Online is still alive

  • Hi everyone !
    Fantastic flash sales imo, gonna spend at least a good $20 on this…

    Meanwhile, I have a questyion for you guys. Here’s the deal : I only have a ps3, but have been willing to get Super Mega Baseball eversince its release. It really seems like a fun, family-friendly game and I’ve been disappointed with pretty much every baseball game since Baseball Stars 2 ^^ waaay back in the days.
    Now I see Super Mega Baseball is only $ 4,80 for a few days… but on PS4.
    However, the store description (based on what I read on the french/canadian store where I go) for this PS4 version says when buying PS4 version you get both PS4 AND PS3 versions… fo’real ?

    Can anyone (or a bunch ^^) who bought this weeks earlier please confirm that you actually, really, indeed, got the PS3 version once you bought it for the PS4 ?
    Thanks in advance for the answer(s) and sorry if I can’t add an extra thanks after this (leaving to work in just minutes).
    Have a great weekend !

  • @28 BioWare’s webpage says Mass Effect Trilogy only includes some of the DLC. But it’s still a great deal. You’re getting 3 awesome games for $1.60 each.


    Now my turn to ask a question. Why does Don’t Starve on PS4 cost 1 cent less if you buy it without the expansion?

  • @28 BioWare’s webpage says Mass Effect Trilogy only includes some of the DLC. But it’s still a great deal. You’re getting 3 awesome games for $1.60 each.

    Now my turn to ask a question. Why does Don’t Starve on PS4 cost 1 cent less if you buy it without the expansion?

  • This SHOULD be front page. very nice. i already got so many on this list but still good. a few i need to look into. wish the walking dead season 2 was here. either way keep it up, we clearly are obsessed with ah good flash sale.

  • @35: yes that how it works for what Sony calls “cross buy” titles. Buying for one platform will add the other(s) format(s) to your download list too. So you can safely purchase it for PS4 and you’ll have both versions available for download.

  • I have been wanting some racing games to go on sale and here we go. I’ll be picking up Moto Gp 14 for PS3 and Vita. The Mass Effect Trilogy seems too good to be true. Might just have to get NBA 13 PSP because I can play it on my Vita and we need more sports games on it. Fantastic Deals here! Anyone that doesn’t have Freedom Wars or Soul Sacrifice Delta grab them now.

  • The 2 The Walking Dead games are good deals. I bought them a couple months ago and fun games. Not seeing anything else I’d be interested in though so maybe next month for me.

  • @samv33
    The online “functionality” for LBPKarting has been disastrous for years now. It’s one of the worst things about the game. I’ve been trying to get the last two online trophies for years so I can platinum the game and finally leave it be. But it’s so bugged and glitchy the trophies never pop and I’m always getting disconnected.

    LBP is one of my top Sony franchises and it’s HEARTBREAKING how it has been treated, especially with LBP3 and the condition that game was in when RUSHED out the door, as well as how it is today.

  • Im very into the Battlefield titles. Is Warfighter any good? Worth 5 bucks at least?

  • Sorry, I meant to say Don’t Starve actually costs 1 cent more without the expansion. And the expansion by itself is still regular price at $4.99. My point is that there is no reason to buy it without the expansion, so why put both on sale?

  • ..Multiplayer wise

  • Grrr really want soul sacrifice delta I know it’s gonna be free real soon. Getting the wolf among us for sure though.

  • Thank you Sony for the Vita sale!

  • I bought TWD season 1 for vita for $5 last year, I want season 2 for vita, so put season 2 for vita on sale!!!

  • Has anyone tried calling Sony to ask if they could remove games they’ve downloaded through plus? Mine runs out next month and there’s a few games here I actually want. I heard if you cancel it, those games still show up on the list, so you still can’t buy them.

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