HELLDIVERS Turn Up The Heat: Volcanic Planets, New Enemies and Objectives Available Today

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HELLDIVERS Turn Up The Heat: Volcanic Planets, New Enemies and Objectives Available Today


With your help and determination the first Galactic War was won, then the enemies of freedom retaliated and we were forced to find a new home. New Super-Earth is safe… for now.

But how can we stand by while so many still suffer under the burden of independence, outside the democracy and justice that Super-Earth brings?

So today we announce a new expansion in the war against terror, because freedom has no bounds.


HELLDIVERS: Turning Up The Heat is a free content update for HELLDIVERS accompanied by the release of the Reinforcements 2 DLC.

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  • Increased rank cap from 25 to 27
  • New Trophies
  • New environment: Volcanic planets, full of dangers.
  • New Bug enemy: The Bug Impaler.
  • New Cyborg enemy: The Cyborg Hound.
  • New Illuminate enemy: The Illuminate Obelisk.
  • Three new objective types: Repair and Fire Artillery, Disarm Unexploded Ordnance, and Geological Survey.
  • New customization outfit: The Volcanic Camouflage set.
  • New perk: Strong Arm, allowing you to throw further.

HELLDIVERS: Turning up the HeatHELLDIVERS: Turning up the Heat

To celebrate the release of the expansion, we are releasing the HELLDIVERS: TURNING UP THE HEAT EDITION Bundle for $19.99 – This bundle includes: HELLDIVERS Game plus the new SPECIALIST PACK including the Specialist Uniform (helmet, armor and cape), LAS-12 ‘Tanto’ ultra compact laser SMG, and the Close Air Support powerful strafing run Stratagem. Available for a limited time only.


In addition to the free content of TURNING UP THE HEAT, HELLDIVERS also adds 4 more Reinforcement Packs for those in need of EVEN MORE DEMOCRACY.

Each Pack is available separately for $2.99 and the DEMOLITIONIST, HAZARD OPS and PILOT Packs are available together in the REINFORCEMENTS PACK 2 for $5.99.


HELLDIVERS: Turning up the Heat

HELLDIVER Specialists are highly trained offensive support operatives. They specialize in the use of Stratagems and supportive fire. They are specially trained to receive enhanced air support.

  • The Specialist Uniform (Helmet, Armor, and Cape).
  • LAS-12 ‘Tanto’: An ultra-compact laser SMG with extremely limited range. The short focused beam is very powerful to compensate for the short engagement envelope.
  • Close Air Support: An ‘Eagle’ delivers a powerful strafing run followed by a pair of anti tank missiles. Effective at damaging almost all targets it does however have the drawback of being slightly unpredictable.


HELLDIVERS: Turning up the Heat

HELLDIVER Demolitionists are experts at tearing things down and blowing things up. They are rumored to be careless when handling explosives, though this is most likely just their familiarity with explosives being misinterpreted.

  • The Demolitionist Uniform (Helmet, Armor, and Cape).
  • MG-105 ‘Stalwart’: A light machinegun based on the AR-19 ‘Liberator’. It’s very powerful when used in sustained fire, but the initial recoil is often hard to handle resulting in unpredictable spread.
  • REC-6 ‘Demolisher’: A remote Explosive Charge capable of destroying both objectives and heavily armored enemies. The user can decide when to detonate the charge by pressing the detonator. Often referred to as a Satchel Charge.


HELLDIVERS: Turning up the Heat

The Hazard Operative HELLDIVERS are trained in chemical and biological combat and protection. Sometimes shunned by fellow HELLDIVERS for their use of inhumane warfare, many a Helldiver is happy to have them on the mission when it comes down to life or death. It’s not like the enemy is Human after all.

  • The Hazard Ops Uniform (Helmet, Armor, and Cape).
  • AR-14D ‘Paragon’: A heavy semi-automatic rifle firing rounds similar to the AR-20L ‘Justice’, but without the penetrating capabilities. Instead the rounds are hollowed out and filled with a neurotoxin causing targets hit to become slow and sluggish.
  • TOX-13 ‘Avenger’: A high-pressure liquid projection weapon similar to the FLAM-40 ‘Incinerator’. Instead of projecting flaming napalm, this weapon sprays a very potent neurotoxin resulting in slow movements and irreversible brain damage.


HELLDIVERS: Turning up the Heat

The Pilot HELLDIVER is specially trained to operate the wide arsenal of vehicles available to the HELLDIVER troops. Especially trained in the use of the EXO-48 ‘Obsidian’ Exosuit, Pilots are some of the few that are given the honor of using this heavily armed monster. Though they prefer to use vehicles, they are still HELLDIVERS and very formidable troops on foot.

  • The Pilot Uniform (Helmet, Armor, and Cape).
  • AC-5 Arc Shotgun: A further development of the Arc technology, the AC-5 fires a wide, short range cone and damages everything covered by the static discharge. The charge up is much faster than the original Arc Thrower but the discharge is not quite as powerful.
  • EXO-48 ‘Obsidian’: A powerful exosuit with two double autocannons. The firepower contained in this walking monstrosity annihilates light and medium infantry, and the two magazines allows for both maximum firepower or conserving ammunition. The only downside to this mech is its distinct lack of anti-tank capabilities.

The liberty we enjoy today we owe to the heroic HELLDIVERS that have fought relentlessly in the wars so far:

  • 9.5 BILLION Shots fired by the HELLDIVERS (Avg. Accuracy 38%)
  • 1.04 BILLION Enemies of SUPER-EARTH neutralized (killed)
  • 7.6 MILLION Missions Played
  • 1.4 MILLION Planets liberated
  • 2 MILLION Trophies awarded
  • (100k HELLDIVERS have earned the Cape Spinning DANCING QUEEN trophy)

Now we need to join them as together we march into HELL!


Get out there soldier! And fight #ForSuperEarth

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19 Author Replies

  • Looks great. Please add PSTV support so I can play the VITA version on the big screen. Thanks!

  • The free expansion looks great, but these small DLC packs couldn’t be less interesting.

  • I bought helldivers on day 1 + dlc, i will have to pay $5.99 (reinforcements 2) + $2.99 (Specialist)?

    I want to get specialist, but it’s not my fault i can’t buy the new bundle

    Also, new DLC packs are still locked to one device?

    Also, when is PS TV support? ( I really need it)

    Thanks for all your work guys, you deserve it!

  • CrusaderForever

    Thank you!!! Helldivers completely blew away my expectations. Such a fun game! Thanks for the extra content and I cannot wait to get the Pilot Pack. My favorite aspect of Helldivers is walking around in the EXO suits. You deserve much success for Helldivers and I cannot wait to see what you create next!

    • Malin Hedström

      thank you so much for this wonderful praise! It makes us very happy that others enjoy what we create, and I’m looking much forward to keep expanding Helldivers!

  • Yey!! thanks for this i was waiting
    love u guys , Helldivers is awesome.

  • Good work! Now, please bring Gauntlet for the PS4!!!

    • Malin Hedström

      Work is also continuing on Gauntlet, with changes we think the community will appreciate, and new content. We can’t give away that much detail yet though :) later on our own channels!

  • Go Helldivers!
    Funniest game on PS Vita!!
    Really nice work, Arrowhead!
    Gonna take this DLCs FOR SURE!

    Buy HellDivers, guys!
    You will not regret!
    Game is a “Hell” of a fun!
    See you in-game!!


  • Sony, when are you going to fix the Vitas that you broke with the 3.5 firmware update?

    • Malin Hedström

      If you have any more info what you mean on this, you’re very welcome to report it in the PS forum for Helldivers instead, and we can look into it!

  • This and the TowerFall expansion in one week and me with a busy weekend :( Oh well I’ll get in ASAP for a nice cup of Liber-tea!

  • oppositesleeper

    unfortunately more reinforcement packs just mean more DLC i wont be purchasing to only play on 1 account. I’ll happily buy everything out for this game if i could just play it couch co-op style in my own home with my own accounts. Surely there has to be a working fix for this issue.

    • Malin Hedström

      Since the latest patch you can also share your dlc with family members. You can find more details on it in the 1.04 patch notes in the PS Helldivers forum :)

  • YES, MOTHER******.


    Suit up everyone!!

  • @10

    They did fix this with the 1.04 patch.

  • This has already been fixed oppositesleeper, been fixed for a minute now


  • I can’t find the Reinforcements Pack 2 on the PS3 store. I can see it on the website store but it’s under PS4.

  • I normally don’t buy a game unless I’ve had the chance to try a demo or free trial. However, I’m very impressed with the way that
    the developer is supporting this game with this “high-level” of free DLC, post-launch.

    Also, a bunch of my clanmates have told me that this game is very enjoyable when played with friends.

    Therefore, I’m going to purchase this game as soon as the PS Store updates in the USA later today.

    I wish that more developers would support their games with this “high-level” of free DLC post launch.

    Lastly, if I find that I enjoy this game – I have no problem supporting this developer even further by purchasing the paid DLC.

    • Malin Hedström

      We’ll be very happy to have you on board the wonderfully nice Helldivers community! Check out the PS forum for example if you want to talk to more players. Hope you’ll have a great time :)


    Count me back in the game.

  • Pretty excited about this expansion. Helldivers is an awesome game on the Vita, hope they fixed the invite issues.

  • Nice job with the free DLC and…wow damn this game looks great!!…this is actually the 1st time I see a gameplay of Helldivers…a lot of my PSN friends are playing it and now I know why.I’ll have to find me some time to play Helldivers,it looks fun as hell.

  • TheHerbinator75

    I have been hopelessly addicted to this since it came out. I bought it on PS3. The best 20 dollars that I had spent in a while. Thanks for offering both a mix of free and paid DLC too.

  • FuzzyPsychoBear

    So I downloaded the patch no problem. Then I purchased the DLC and it’s not showing up as unlocked in my game. Any ideas? I just spent 45 minutes chatting with Sony tech support and they were no help at all!

  • This game is incredibly fun! I can’t remember the last game that made me burst in laughter with the occasional WTF just happened :)

    Thanx for the new planets and enemies! Bought all DLC, looking foward to the next expansion and DLC !

    Would love to be the Alien(s) and invade somebody’s game to capture/kill or lay traps for other HELLDIVERS ! Hint hint. Make it happen.

    Thanx for this awesome game!

    • Malin Hedström

      Thank you so much for the support and I love to hear you’re enjoying the game.
      Looking forward to keep expanding Helldivers!

  • anything submersible & or aerial & or subterranean stuff planned for this game?@ Malin Hedström

    P.S..Because that would be awesome to have more diverse combat types not just on land but in the air,on the sea and underground.


  • So, the developers say you can now share the DLC with other local accounts, but… Let’s be 100% honest – it’s not the case.

    I bought the game originally (day one) on my US account, but play on my EU account. From day one, the Early Buyers pack didn’t work for my EU account, but 1.04 was supposed to fix that, but..

    “Furthermore Super Earth now allows for Helldivers to share their specially requested equipment with other local Helldivers (DLC is now shared with other local players while in the same game.)”

    Key words: while in the same game. That’s not really a solution AT ALL to those who use another account than the one that bought it.

    I can STILL not access DLC/LE content on my EU account – and this is the only game ever on the PS3 to do that. I know you need DLC from the same region, which I obviously get – but it will not work in any shape or form.

    I love the game, but man… Don’t ever make DLC a server-side thing again. Ever. I don’t want to be rude, I’m simply very disappointed.

    • Malin Hedström

      This is what we were able to do with the underlying system that we have.

      You can read up more on the reasoning and how it functions from the game director here: http://bit.ly/1CECm2c

      At least family members do not need to buy content multiple times to enjoy it together anymore! I think we weren’t really expecting people to buy things from one account and play from another to catch different region’s prices tbh.

      It’s wonderful to hear you are anjoying the game! And it’s too bad that this causes an annoyance to players like you,

  • I like the game and it’s cool you’re giving some free DLC. My question is: what happened to fixing the cross play feature? I had read a long time ago that you were aware of the problem. Has it been fixed? Please let me know. Thanks

  • PrivateKibbinzII

    So do you have to buy this bundle of the game in order to gain access to the Specialist Pack? I already bought the Ranger Pack bundle when the game came out, so I don’t want to buy the whole thing again. But that airstrike seems so fun….. :(

  • You guys fix how we can’t join friends over cross platforms yet? Not interested in dlc until that happens.

  • The dlc would be awesome if sony didnt decide totoscrew vita helldivers… I purchase the dlc and it wont appear on my vita…

    • Malin Hedström

      It’s just a sote error and they are on it to get it to unlock properly. Give it a try as it seems to have started working properly again!

  • so regret getting this game, it just all about the DLC
    the graphic is **** ….

    if some of you considering getting this game, might as well save the money for Witcher 3
    just not worth the money that they asking for

  • Hi !

    I updated the game on my vita and purchased the reinforcment pack 2 using a pc but it’s still showing locked in blue on the vita. online it says its only available for ps4, but on the vita store the packs are available separately and looks like i already purchased them except for the specialist pack. how can i get the new reinformcent pack to work on the vita?

    • Malin Hedström

      People are on it to get it to unlock properly, give it a try restarting everything and see if it’s fine for you now!

  • Thanks for the great game! I’ll definitely be checking out the free update (poor college student) if nothing else. You guys made a very very fun game to play. Super fun with friends.

    I’ll most likely hop on tomorrow night after I finish my last final of the semester.

    My friends and I really need to stop drinking beer while playing this game as it makes accidental shoot up over time lol

  • Can you please make a “Super pack” with all the 8 packs?

    1- Comando
    2- Defender
    3- Support

    4- Demolitionist
    5- Hazard
    6- Pilot

    7- Ranger (I have this, but for the other ppl)
    8- Specialist pack

    Many people stop playing when he got all the items, regardless of the war. But it would be interesting that there were items are unlocked only to participate and win wars, but they are lost if we lose wars.

    “We won the war !, you can now choose one of these 5 objects”
    “We lost the war !, we can not make one of the 5 objects”
    “You won 10/25/50 wars, now you have unlocked one special item”

    We must find that, win or lose a war really means something more than just the difficulty

  • Reinforcement pack 2 and Specialist pack was not unlocked on my ps3. Even though I’ve purchased them. It shows only ps4 but on the description it says it will unlock for ps3, ps4 and vita. Hopefully, it will be fixed.

  • I see that several persons have asked the same question but with no response so I will add my voice as well. Is this Reinforcements 2 pack exclusive to the PS4 or is it for the PS3 as well? As was mentioned earlier, it is listed in the Online Store (via PC) as PS4 only. Could someone confirm whether or not this is so? It seems that we can buy the individual pieces but not the bundle. Thanks in advance.

  • Dear Arrow Head,

    I purchased the game since day 1. I downloaded the newly free expansion patch. Now I purchased the new DLC packs. However they are not showing up in the game. I see them but they are locked!?…. I went on psn network and it appears to me that the original Helldivers game is replaced with “Turning up the heat” Helldivers……so it appears that I did not purchase the game. I am wondering if that is the reason why my newly dlc purchases are not working ( the psn thinks I never purchased it)…..I really don’t want to have to purchase what I already have again. On the PS VITA psn network it shows that the original hell divers no longer exists……I believe this maybe a overlooked issue that needs to be resolved quickly……I should be able to use the dlc packs I purchased with the update without having to spend another 19.99 on a game I already have.

  • I play it on the ps vita btw

  • ultimusromanorum

    Would really love to see PS TV support. Dying to try your game!

  • +1ing this:
    Reinforcements Pack 2 only showed up as PS4 content. Running the game after purchase showed unlocked content on PS4.
    After manually cross-saving and everything, content did NOT appear unlocked on PS Vita
    Description on PS4 content in the store reads:”For one price, get this pack on PS4™, PS3™ and ‘PS Vita’ systems.”

  • Helldivers is awesome! Keep up the good work! Any chance for Gauntlet on the Vita? :-)

  • Malin Hedström

    If you have more questions, please visit our facebook, the Helldivers PS forum here or email us as we won’t be able to keep up with checking in on this blog very much. Gotta work on Helldivers! =)

  • A bit disappointed that the new DLC is not worrying on PS3. I postcard it the day it came out and still waiting to be able to use it. What is the ETA for this fix?

  • Really love this game! I have bought and enjoyed all the DLC. My son and I play for hours. My only issue is that his progress is still being erased on his family account user id. Is there any work around for this?

    • Malin Hedström

      If you’re talking about the PS3, it is nothing that we at Arrowhead can change, as the system only supports one logged in user. If you play on a PS4, each player can log in with their own PSN profile and save their progress.

  • In regards to chaotic’s comment…..he is right. Same had happened to me lately. They had to refund me twice in the last month due to misstated sales pitches. They mislead us with the cross platform info then do not provide the dlc for the game. Then they will say it was for the original pre patch version. However….why would it appear under the “new add-on” section if it was for the older version. They screw you by telling you all sales are final for services rendered, but when you’re not receiving anything there has to be some kind of customer service applied by achmed in Istanbul. I have yet to see my pilot armor, bio armor, and commando armor dlc. They have basically once again robbed me of ten dollars. I will no longer spend anything on psn, let alone the security breach issues plaguing my gaming experience. Poor security leads to these actions, yet it is repetitive and will be present in the future as well from what I’ve read. I no longer have Faith in Sony, which is a shame since I’ve sunk so much into it. But they can care less apparently.

    • Malin Hedström

      Hi, please send us an email explaining what’s happening if you’re still running into any problems unlocking your DLC: http://arrowheadgamestudios.com/contact/

      At first there was some store error and the DLCs weren’t unlocking properly for some regions or consoles, but it should all be sorted out by now.

      The DLC packs are cross platform and unlock for all systems if you buy them for one.


  • Awesome DLC.

    Wish the new trophies showed up on my PlayStation profile.

  • One of the best hidden gems of the PlayStation ecosystem. Hadn’t played for a while and decided to launch it yesterday on my PS4 and couldn’t stop playing. Just a solid polished game!

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