Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Journeys to PS4 Today

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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Journeys to PS4 Today

We all have a game or two we can always go back to. No matter how many times we’ve beaten it, done all the sidequests, or maybe even gotten that Platinum trophy, there’s just something satisfying about a world, a character, a battle, or something you can’t quite put your finger on that keeps you coming back. For me, and for many, Final Fantasy X is one of those games. It’s a game we call home.

Today we’re launching the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PS4 to give Spira one more home of its own. We released the PS3 and PS Vita versions just last year – and if you enjoyed it, and you still have it accessible should you want to go back, that’s fantastic. With the PS4 version, we’ve made sure that no matter what Sony platform you own, no matter where you play, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 will be there, in one awesome HD package.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PS4

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PS4Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PS4

All three versions even share the same save data, so if you ever need to change consoles, you can bring your game with you. After you’ve dropped as many hours as I have into this game, (250+!!) that’s hopefully something you’ll appreciate! We also gave you the ability to switch between the remastered and classic tracks for Final Fantasy X, because we KNOW that’s something you wanted.

When my counterpart in Europe and I initially sat down to discuss what kind of trailer we’d drop today, we were actually kind of stumped. The game’s biggest fans know it like the back of their hand, and we didn’t want to rehash any old ground. So we settled on this pretty unique approach, entitled, Lessons from Spira. Final Fantasy X taught us a lot of things, informed some of the ways we look at games even now. This collection of “lessons,” brought to you by Tidus, Yuna, and her stalwart crew of Guardians, hopefully takes you back to some of the ways Final Fantasy X made an impact on you. Have a look.

We even pulled in some shots from the charity art show event we held last year – seeing that filled out wall with all the stories from the game’s fans… It was a sight to behold for me.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that in honor of Final Fantasy X, we’re also releasing a brand new PS4 dynamic theme today on the PlayStation Store for $3.49, entitled, “To Zanarkand.” You can now style your PS4 into that iconic opening scene from the game. On the lower screen, Yuna and her Guardians are chilling around the campfire, and on the upper screen, there’s Tidus gazing out at the pyreflies in the distance. Oh, and your system music will of course change to “To Zanarkand.” I put this on the console in the marketing room, and let me tell you, meetings have never been so poignant. Haha. I kid.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PS4

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PS4Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PS4

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is available now at and other fine retailers for $49.99. For those coming back for a second visit, for those continuing on, and for those who have never been – Spira awaits.

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  • We want FFX-3.

  • and it should be directed by the best director you guys have, Lord Motomu Toriyama.

  • The IGN review says that cutscenes can’t be skipped. Can it be patched to allow cutscenes to be skipped? I and many others who have already played it 50+ times and don’t need to see cutscenes for the 51st time would appreciate it. Thanks. :)

  • rafael_martines

    Playstation 4 version should have dual audio at least :\

  • We need more FF games with female protagonists. FFXV will be the worst FF ever made.

  • Saddest thing isn’t the ridiculous price point for the them, but just that little explanation is the closest thing we ever got to a preview for the overpriced themes on the Ps4.

  • Already have this on PS3 but wish I held out, this is seriously one of the best games of all time! Auron is the best fantasy rpg team member I have ever played with, and the score is amazing

  • I don’t know how to say this other than Final Fantasy X is the furthest from the most enticing Final Fantasy game that I’d ever want to go back to. You guys really have bad priorities when it comes to your own franchises and the fans.

  • I played through these on Ps2, re-bought and re-beat FFX on Ps3 whilst transferring my save for some Blitzball on the go with the Vita, and preloaded last night on my Ps4 to start playing again (and maybe finally get around to beating FFX-2!) Some games just have that hold on me. Thanks, guys!

  • And I’ve never been a theme-buyer, but you might have finally built the one that changes that… Just listened to “To Zanarkand” on youtube and am awash with nostalgia once more! ;)

  • I can’t find the Dynamic Theme on the web store! How do I get it? TAKE MY MONEY!

  • Will i be able to purchase one of the games as a standalone via PSN?
    I just want to buy Final Fantasy X-2 on PS4 as i already beat FFX on Vita.

  • Now all I need is a Final Fantasy XII HD remaster and I’ll be a happy camper!

  • I hope this game means we’ll get KH: Complete on PS4 as well. FFX is not my favorite, but releasing it HD on PS3, and then later doing it on PS4 is a cheap blow guys. I guess they just knew fans would double dip on the HDs.

  • Scott, can you please let us know specifically how the PS4 version has been improved over the PS3 version?

  • Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster for PS4+Vita?!

  • Sony, when are you going to fix the Vitas that you broke with the 3.5 firmware update?

  • SO happy this is out on PS4… this is my favorite game of all time and what made me love games again after a while away, not to mention my first RPG… have probably played this game 6 or so times and glad to play it again.

  • Got both the PS3 and Vita versions, haven’t touched either yet, and I’m still getting the PS4 version today too (I tend to save remakes for last if I’ve already beaten the original).

  • Type-0 HD for Vita! That’s what I and many other people expect.

    That’s what will be my next Final Fantasy game I will buy. Not FF X on PS4, not steam edition of FF VI nor FF XV. But Type-0 HD for Vita.

    I was faithful customer buying every FF game since FF V. But enough is enough.

    You ruined the PSP game by porting it to wrong platform where it works and looks awful, please fix this mistake ASAP. A PS4 edition is disgrace for Final Fantasy series, the lowest score on metacrtitic and for a reason.


    You act like you listen… but to tell you the truth that’s just a lie.

    As for FF X not buying it for the 4th time.
    I have original PS2 version, PS3 and Vita version. Spent more than 1000 hours without even starting FF X HD.

  • Why is the game 59.99 on PSN for Canada, while all retailers have it for 49.99

  • death_nation100

    I remember I unlock 2 new dress sphere in X 2 later on after finishing it twice on PS2 but never using the other outfits because I later one sold my PS2 . Now I can go back and replay it all over again . :D

  • Does the PS4 HD Remaster still have the god awful eyes that the PS3/Vita HD Remaster had? So terrifying.

  • It looks great but im good with the PS3 version :D


  • offer an upgrade option where we lose our ps3 license…no online. the 50 dollar price tag is kind of a slap in the face.

  • enjoyincubus365

    I will not buy simply because you cannot skip cutscenes. I have played this game so many times I do not need them and they do not fit into modern gaming. You could go to work and come back and Tidus will still be talking. That or Auron.

  • No dual Audio Is really disappointing. That’s like watching horrible Dub in Kung-Fu Movies with Only English even after muti-releases of higher Quality. Yes I’m Looking at A lot of Bruce Lee’s Movies as an example. Is it really that Hard to put Multi-Audio???

  • Ughhh them celestial weapons are hard to get. Wish it was easier not having to dodge 200 lightning strikes or get at 0:00:0 in a chocobo race.

  • They’re not putting in the features asked above, like skipping cutscenes and dual-audio, because they’re coming to the Final Fantasy X/X-2 SUPER 4K HD REMASTERIFIC Edition next year. Chocobo plushy with pre-order. Blitz ball signed by Tidus in $199 Collector’s Edition.

  • Not happy with this release and extremely pis**d at aquare. When the remake was announced, one of the creators (or somebody else) said that they would not release it to PS4 (due to whatever reason). So, I bought the pre-order collectors edition version instead of waiting for the PS4 one. Now they released a more-special-pre-order-collectors-edition-version for PS4…. Ok… my problem…. But be aware of this: Every single game square releases is, later, released with a “a little bit more special version”. That happened with almost all remakes and a lot of new releases. So, from now on, I will not buy a single pre-order from them. Also, it seems not only square but also Sony, are facing this problems. Mostly in UK (also other countries in Europe) pre-order sales are dropping down faster then Russian Spaceships. Just released games are also taking a huge hit. It is becoming interesting to wait a bit to buy the same game with 50% discount (or more) about 6 months after the game is released….

  • just like that #30, lol

  • Still no word on Type-0 getting released on PS Vita?
    (Salt in the wound, right?)

  • 1) Is there, finally, cutscene skipping in FFX HD?
    2) If not, patch it in.
    3) Regardless, patch it into PS3 and Vita.
    4) Speaking of Vita: FF Type-0.

  • Does Sony have a newfound vendetta against showing us themes before we purchase them?

    Not having screenshots is just bizarre, but even when announcing one in a post with plenty of pictures, we still have to resort to outside sources to see what it looks like?

    This severely puts me off of all PS4 themes.

    Also, I’d like to add my voice to those expressing annoyance at Square’s actions involving Type-0. Feel like insulting any more fans?

  • OMG #30 got me rolling.

  • Final Fantasy 12 HD please

  • I completely agree with your introduction paragraph.

    So could you guys sell them separately please? Once was enough for X-2 for me, I don’t want to buy that one again. If you’d sell them separately, I’d be happy to buy FFX HD on Vita.

  • How do i transfer my save data from PS3 to my PS4, i cant seem to find a way, when i play on my ps4 its says no save data!!!!

    Can somebody plz tell me how?


  • I can’t believe I actually triple dipped on this game. I have the PS3/Vita versions, but being able to change to the OST is what sold me.

  • What about Final Fantasy VII Remastered for PS4? Springs end is only 38 days away? Will square keep its promise this time?


    Maybe square is planning a progressive marketing campaign to release it as a collectors edition for PS3 and Vita, and on the next spring a super-mega-ultra-more-special-pre-order-collectors-edition-PS4-version. If that’s the case, I don’t care anymore.

  • ****Scott Strichart, would you please comment and add some information?

  • Why no cross-buy???

  • In case anyone is wondering if the theme is worth it, it totally is. It’s animated, the music is beautiful, there are different sounds for navigating the PDM and even the base icons (such as the Internet browser) were touched up. By far, the best dynamic theme on PS4. I hope this type of thing won’t continue to be such a rarity.

  • Did they even at least fix the facial expressions problem the ps3 Remastered version had? I love all the detail they put into everything but a lot of their expressions looked plain compared to the original.

  • How do i transfer my save data from PS3 to my PS4, i cant seem to find a way, when i play on my ps4 its says no save data!!!!

    Can somebody plz tell me how?


  • Finally is here!! I have the remaster for PS3 but never played that one since I was waiting for this!!! Come to me NOW!!!

  • @47 – Why did you get it for PS3 if you only wanted to play it on PS4?

  • Maybe we could get an HD remake of the really old FF games. I know that a lot of people and I were not ever able to play them. I am also pretty sure that the older games with high ratings like 7 and 8 would sell a lot if made into an HD remake.

  • How do i transfer my save data from PS3 to my PS4, i cant seem to find a way, when i play on my ps4 its says no save data!!!!

    Can somebody plz tell me how?


    “All three versions even share the same save data, so if you ever need to change consoles, you can bring your game with you.”

    i bought it cause of this comment, does this qualify for false advertisement???

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