Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Revealed, Coming to PS4 October 23rd

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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Revealed, Coming to PS4 October 23rd

In Assassin’s Creed Syndicate you’ll play as Jacob Frye — an assassin with grand plans to take control of London’s criminal underground.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Set during the Industrial Revolution, the newest chapter in the Assassin’s Creed saga will place you right in the middle of a class war between the growing power and influence of wealthy industrialists and the working class they exploit to fill their coffers. Jacob will traverse factory rooftops, seedy back alleys, and even speeding trains as he leads one of history’s most infamous street gangs to take over London’s criminal underground.

Intrigued? Watch the all-new trailer:

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Revealed, Coming to PS4 October 23rd

Want more? We don’t blame you. Check out this gameplay walkthrough to see the brand new setting in all its glory, including some of the weapons and gadgets Jacob will employ in his quest to run the city:

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Revealed, Coming to PS4 October 23rd

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate will be available October 23rd worldwide on PlayStation 4.

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  • I loved the Chronicles China one, and I like how you can play as a girl in this one, but sense assassins creed has turned into a yearly release type thing it has made me like the series less then I probably would if it was an every other year thing (mainly because I think the extra time would be really beneficial to making the games longer/more polished instead of glitchy on release)

  • This game looks awesome. But what assurances do we have that what happened last year won’t happen again? Do you have in depth quality control testing in place? Thanks.

  • Nice mutton chops, guvna. Please put this series to bed.

  • As long as it isn’t gimped for XBONE like Unity was then it might be worth buying… Listen to your customers this time Ubisoft!

  • damicotaylor1985

    So exciting want to believe in assassins creed again

  • 100% sold. This is the AC game/setting I’ve dreamed of since AC2!!!

  • after ac unity i will wait for reviews because holy crap you cant trust unisoft devs anymore

  • Nice no CGI trailer and to top it a 9 min gameplay video,guess ubi is learning cuz THAT’S how you announce a game.I hope the speculations about no MP are true cuz that will be fantastic,another AC without MP…well ubi won’t stop releasing another game every year but at least they’re moving into the right direction and finally seeing that AC ain’t no game for MP.
    Also seeing that woman there I also hope the speculations about swapping between her and the main guy are true,the premise looks good.And this gameplay was great…really hope you guys don’t fail with the game this time around and don’t make the launch a flop.

  • Hey, so, Ed, you do know there are TWO main characters right?

    For such a heavily touted feature in virtually all the other coverage of the game out there, it seems a bit odd that there isn’t a single mention of Evie in this article at all.

  • MEH! Show me wrong…

    I imagine the conversation at Ubisoft going:

    Ubisoft: Convince us this franchise isn’t crashing down.

    Developer: We have a new assasin that is a bully, resembles Ezio, has fights ala Sherlock Holmes, zip lines to buildings like Batman, remember that Movie Gangs of NY, yeah that’s in here too, its like that game The Order but with more liberty and less guns, it even has its own indian guy. Oh and the main character can do what he wants because he has a kind of cute sister (Not as cute as Arno girl) who puts him in line. Its the most original idea!…

    Ubisoft: Everyone is doing recycling with movies and games, Genious!…

  • Dear Ubisoft,

    Can we get Monopoly Deal/Plus, Outland, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, Beyond Good & Evil, and Trivial Pursuit while I still have PS Plus for the PS3. I know Outland was already on PS Plus but it would be cool if you could bring it back for those that didn’t get a chance to experience it. These requests are for the PS3. Thank you

  • Seriously how about you guys stop making Assassin Creed games Ubisoft probably have over 20 AC titles and haven’t been 10 years since the 1st game came out . Before The Last Of Us became 1 year old they already have a comic book and already planning a movie . Assassin Creed don’t have neither . They just want gamers to take history lessons seriously what do you think school is for?

  • 221B Baker Street for sure.

  • God, another one already?

  • Assassin’s Creed: The Call of Duty of action adventure games. Seriously… who cares anymore. If Unity is an example of the quality we are getting from these ridiculously fast released AC games, then I’m done.

  • I was pretty burned by Unity. Lack of Rogue on PS4 hasn’t helped. The lack of a connecting thread from title to title has cut incentive to continue. While its been nice to have side titles after the end of the Desmond Arc, I feel like that other investment has now been neglected. I feel like there are a lot of loose ends left behind by the Kenway Family Saga. I just don’t feel like my investment is being really rewarded. Right now Edi is giving me a spark of hope that she’ll get her own AC game after Jacob dies at the end of this game (assuming he does). Carry on the fight alone sort of thing.

    Anyway draw this serious to a close or do something with it that doesn’t feel like I’m exploring the lives of random assassin’s reliving the same conflict over and over again. I really hope this title kicks that off or it could very be my last AC game.

  • I really enjoyed Unity. Aside from frame rate dips that are annoying I never had any real issues with the game. For me the theme or era has sometimes been a question but I really enjoyed AC3 & Unity. Guess I could throw Black Flag in as well to some degree…. Having said that I’d hate to judge this era and game having had zero interest before but pre-ordering and eventually playing all games after 2 and really enjoying them. However, what I’m seeing I dislike far more than years past. Assassins Creed to me is not only the gameplay but the theme/era which make it intriguing. It disappoints me to say this but I think this is finally the AC I don’t pre-order or buy. I hope the theme of whatever title is being worked on for 2016 brings us back to the AC roots or to an era that we all enjoy.

  • You guys at Ubisoft are almost worst then Activision with their COD series. Do we really need another AC game every 6 month to a year!? Seriously!!

  • I think the people who want the AC franchise to die because they don’t like the games are dumb.You don’t have to buy the latest AC game so,just ignore it and let people who want it buy it.I plan on buying this because I enjoy the AC franchise.

  • Expect the game to be fully broken upon release.

  • Wow that looked really bland and I’m not even over exaggerating. Can’t believe people still buy these games.

  • I completely lost count on how many AC games were announced in the last 12 months.

  • Ubisoft should just bow out and sell AC to Naughty Dog, I think we would have a better experience! I think I’ll pass on this one…Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, well in this case fooled me 3 times, Brotherhood, Creed 3 & Blackflag, so shame on me.

  • Go home Ubisoft. Your drunk.

  • Assassins creed unity is a broken game if you take away all the patches. If ubisoft ever closed down, the patches would disappear and the game would be broken and unplayable. This is the reason I will never buy the game.

  • @desimnyc69 Yes Naughtydog would do a better job,or Rockstargames.

  • I was one of those people who ONLY encountered framerate issues with Unity on PS4. The reports of that game being “broken” were horribly overstated by Day One PC pirates without the Day One patch. I have quite a few friends who played this on PS4, and none of them encountered anything aside from frame drops, severe though they may have been at times. Not one of us ever encountered the “no-face bug”.

    This new setting looks interesting, and I hope Welmosca is right and we can swap between the brother and sister. That would make for some interesting gameplay, especially if they existed separately and you could manage a distraction/infiltration on both fronts at the same time.

    The new hand-to-hand combat looks really impressive and quick. That’ll be a nice change from Unity, which felt kinda slow and sluggish after we lost the chain kills and execution streaks from earlier titles.

  • (2/2)
    Also, please keep with this level of crowd density. I’d much prefer you get the framerate way, way up, and possibly get the resolution up to 1080p with this entry, rather than having a stupid number of NPCs on screen all the time. Regardless what others said, the drop from Black Flag’s 1080 to only 900 with Unity was quite noticeable.

    Lastly, please work on bringing back a coherent present day storyline. It really bugs me that after you killed off Desmond, you just started ignoring the present. What the heck is the point of these games anymore if not to affect the current day events? Looking forward to more info.

  • Publishers are why games are broken when released, not the developers. If they didn’t push the dev’s to release these games so quickly they would be better.

  • Sony, when are you going to fix the Vitas that you broke with the 3.5 firmware update?

  • @GGGGit

    Lol I think ubisoft were drunk when they designed the horses in Assassins Creed 2. The animations looked like how a camel would run.

  • @opikal

    Ubisoft is the publisher and developer, I think?

  • Get a clue, Ubisoft; We don’t want AC anymore and we don’t want you.

  • I just love this franchise and I get hooked into every release; can’t wait to play!

  • another year, another boring and buggy ac game.


  • Ugh. I like the AC games, but you guys really need to slow down. I still haven’t beat Unity and Rogue yet.

  • lol at the salt in this thread. If AC didn’t sell well, they would stop making it. Mass audience keeps eating it up though so the “we don’t want AC” comments aren’t really true. I don’t, you don’t but A LOT of people still do.

    @33 strangeheaven – Ubisoft the Publisher and Ubisoft developers are different entities. They have several studios named Ubisoft “insert city here”. What that comment was saying is the UBI DEVS who actually create the game are not at fault, but the suits aka the UBI publishing arm. The corporate people.

  • NOT a single mention of Jacob’s sister Evie! Not once in the whole article and she is supposed to be the co-protagonist of this game. If you guys want us to believe she is a protagonist then act like it and put her in the articles, put her on the cover art next to her brother not in the background with the other NPC’s.

  • Pass. Why would you ever buy another AC game?

  • Yay…. another one…. again…….

  • I love the look of this game, but with what happened last year with Unity it seems pretty obvious that you guys at Ubisoft can’t GUARANTEE a quality game at launch. Your games (which are pretty awesome when they aren’t a buggy mess like Unity was at first) would seriously benefit even more by doing an every other year release date for them.

  • Sheesh, what’s with all the rabid dogs on this board today? Sure, Unity had some issues, but you guys need to grow up and give Ubisoft a break. They even apologized about that in the video. You don’t see many companies do even that much.

  • Smh another one lol

  • Everyone look out! @JBLeh is UBISOFT PR rep!

  • @JBleh The game had some issues? More like broken.

  • @death_nation100 actually they are planning to release an Assassin’s Creed movie set for December 21, 2016.

  • @death_nation100

    It’s probably a safe bet that the movie will come out unbroken.

  • I learned french from playing Video Games and Ubisoft is French for “unfinished / buggy and gimped with forced parity video games” and slang for EA Europe. Look it up :)

    I’ll be rushing to buy AC syndicate just like i did with watch dogs, The Crew and AC unity/Parity… Oh wait, i didn’t!

    ‘Cause Ubisoft purposely ignores the PS4’s Hardware capabilities to make sure their games on the lower common denominator don’t look and perform differently.

    This franchise is like a car spinning it’s wheels and getting nowhere.

    My .02

  • This looks very similar to Unity. I’ll stick with Black Flag, Sorry to all who keep working so hard on the games but we need something visually stunning. It’s why I purchased Black Flag it had that wow factor; this title does not wow me.

    I’d eat up a Eastern themed AC, China or Japan.

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