Destiny House of Wolves: Crucible Details, New PlayStation Map

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Destiny House of Wolves: Crucible Details, New PlayStation Map

Destiny House of Wolves for PS4 - Timekeeper (PlayStation exclusive)

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With House of Wolves, Bungie aims to bring a bigger, more rewarding competitive experience to Destiny. In addition to three new Crucible maps (plus an exclusive fourth map for PS4 and PS3 owners), Bungie is shaking up the formula with more loot and more activities for high-level players.

PS4 and PS3 owners will get Timekeeper, a close-quarters battleground set inside a mysterious Vex device amidst the arid dunes of Mars. Black Shield is a medium-sized map set on Phobos. Thieves’ Den is an intimate arena set in the tunnels under Venus. Widow’s Court takes the fight to Earth’s European Dead Zone, a striking thematic departure for Destiny — expect crumbling gothic spires, stained glass, and overgrown plant life.

Destiny House of Wolves for PS4 - Thieves' Den

Across the board, Bungie is laser focused on making Crucible matches more rewarding. You’ll earn double the engrams and marks in Crucible matches, as well as guaranteed rewards for participating in the daily featured game. Not bad!

Then there’s Trials of Osiris, a new weekly event designed to captivate high-level Crucible players with new challenges and exclusive payouts. The pitch: you gather your best gear and two friends to take on a punishing 3v3 Elimination challenge. The Trials of Osiris challenge opens up each Friday and closes each Sunday.

Destiny House of Wolves for PS4 - Black Shield

These Elimination matches are tight, intense affairs where every kill counts. Fall, and you’ll need to be revived by a teammate (unless you’re a Warlock sporting that uber-handy Fireborn self-revive ability). The first team to win five rounds claims victory, though you’re free to keep competing again and again all weekend long.

To participate in the Trials, you’ll need to buy a Trials Passage from Brother Vance, a new NPC in The Reef, House of Wolves’ new social space. This Passage works like a scorecard; once you’re ready to claim your hard-earned rewards, you’ll hand the Passage into Brother Vance for a shot at winning exclusive weapons and armor. Take note: the Osiris-themed gear is some of the best in the game.

House of Wolves comes to PS4 and PS3 on May 19th. Got questions? Let me know in the comments!

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7 Author Replies

  • I don’t care about crucible. Is there anything to get those who don’t pvp interested? Looking at the trophies more people pvp than PVE so hopefully the content is what they want. I like being a defender Titan in control but my gear for PVE is utterly useless against pvp

  • Will better play earn a higher chance at exotics or are chances of exotics exactly the same? It’s upsetting to see these people getting .52 K/D and earning Ghallahorns and 4th Horsemens, etc.

    • Very specific question, maybe I should get DeeJ in here ;-) I know that you’ll get approximately double the engrams but not sure on the rarity levels.

  • Will a full set of armor from Brother Vance get us to level 34?

  • Is Bungie adding more Trophies for House of Wolves? I was really disappointed that Dark Below didn’t have any

  • It will have been a whole year of me asking for private lobbies for PVP i’d love to go against a party of friends

  • Oh Destiny…

  • Bought this game on sale from Amazon for $30 over 4 months ago. It is still inside the plastic wrap. Maybe one of these days, I might actually open it up and play it.

  • Just watched the stream today! The hype is real! Mentors were here :D

  • Everything for the lastest expansion, although extremely late is a welcome change. After a good break from the game its refreshing to step back in and look forward to the new content. Keep up the good work as this is a step in the right direction and thanks for the exclusive map!

  • I really wish they added expansions faster and more PvE content faster, Really sad when I bought this game and blew thro the PvE content so fast. I’ll get the Season pass whenever it’s on sale I guess.

  • Come on bungie i cant stand the crucible uuggghhhh!!!!

  • I stopped playing last year after Bungie made the Strikes harder to solo, and I’m still waiting for them to fulfill the promise they made at the time to make things better for solo players.

    Sadly, far from it, they have now forced compulsory matchmaking for everyone.

    I’ll gladly come back when Bungie fixes this situation and things improve for solo players:

    -Making matchmaking for strikes optional.
    -Modifying Strike difficulty based on the number of people participating on the Strikes.

    Also, considering the many people brag online that they have finished Raids solo, I think Bungie should also adjust them in order to allow people who want to take them on solo to do so.

  • Yea us solo players are pretty much hung out too dry but i keep playing for some reason lol

    • I actually played a lot of Destiny’s campaign missions solo – or with the informal “co-op” in the Patrols. No shame!

  • I really liked the game, but I much prefer doing things at my own pace, take my time enjoying the scenery, etc.

    I dislike the idea to be forced play with people I don’t know nor I’m interested to play with, and much less know that they will evaluate me depending on whether I do things they way the like or not.

    • I’m more on your wavelength actually :) But there will be more than just PvP upgrades coming to House of Wolves – stay tuned!

  • Any more PS Exclusive stuff going to be announced? Like weapons, a Strike????

  • I’m still very unsatisfied with this game… It does not deserve to be front page news. Regardless of the amount of lemmings it has behind it.

  • @Sid Shuman As a fellow solo player I ask you to please present our case to the rest of the staff.

    The changes I mentioned shouldn’t represent a mayor problem:

    -Strike dificulty adjustment was already in-game when the game launched. The rebalance to try to push teams into strikes is what caused the difficulty standardization which negatively affected solo players.
    -Giving an option to choose or not matchmaking before beginning a Strike should be rather simple.

  • Correction: The Trials are open from Friday 10AM PST till the reset on Tuesday at 2AM PST

  • Thanks for the response sid….

  • Will the rewards from the Trials change weekly? And will these rewards be based on mainly skill, grind, or both?

  • if i buy this will dark below content be included, level cap?

  • Love PvP in destiny so I can’t wait for House of Wolves. Gonna be hella hype!

  • 1. make the game less of a treadmill– the fact that certain events are the only way to upgrade weapons/armor is awful considering you are forcing people to play with others players and if this must stay the same… see #2
    2. make EVERYTHING have optional matchmaking (I truly mean everything)
    3. do something meaningful for the solo player

    That being said I stopped playing this game last year some time. I think I’ve pick it up once since then.

  • Without new trophies and my lack of useless un rewarding grinding enthusiasm… I’m not sure there’s anything that can bring me back to this game other than a new game… is anyone still playing this?

  • @23 Very good points!

    I want to reinforce the idea that matchmaking itself is not bad, but rather the fact that is mandatory. Players prefer to have more options and in this case giving us the option to choose whether or not we want matchmaking at a given time is the optimal solution, not forcing matchmaking upon everyone nor removing it entirely.

    I would also support other changes that could support the solo player. The adjusting difficulty for Strikes is one example, but it could also be the other way around: if a solo player finishes a Strike in a difficulty setting for teams, they should get better rewards since they did on their own all the work that was intended for 3 people.

    I also support the request for better rewards overall that could spare us some grinding.

  • PlayStation exclusive maps mean Sony is paying to actively block content from other gamers. MS is going to do this with other games. In the end ONLY Sony and MS win. ALL GAMERS LOSE! This behavior needs to end. Don’t celebrate it. We benefit this time, but next time we will lose out. I’d rather see the resources put in to improving the PlayStation experience in more meaningful ways.

  • @26 Personally I don’t support such practices either.

    If you were to tell me that the DLC only included Crucible maps, and/or Crucible related stuff such as the Iron Banner or this Trials of Osiris stuff, I would consider it pointless for me to buy the DLC.

  • I love how they had that pie chart showing that PVP had the second least amount of time spent in it by players (with only the Raids having less played time, due to the player count requirement), and yet they’re trying to shine this huge focus on PVP and get more people to play it. Why? It’s obvious that a vast majority of Destiny players bought the game for the cooperative and single-player content, for quests and story missions, and don’t care about PVP. They should be focusing on creating PVE content, not trying to make PVP more attractive. The vast majority of weapon balance issues that they created (and in some cases reset) were all due to player usage in PVP… which from the chart you can see is a minority of players. I hung on for a long time, I really wanted to love this game. But it’s become obvious to me that Bungie is not making a game for me. They just want another PVP grindhouse.

    To everyone who still has Destiny (and the subset who actually play in the Crucible)… Fight on, Guardians!

  • I am so glad to see there are more single players stepping up and vocalizing their opinions. I too am joining the crowd against PVP and I agree they seem to be attempting to create a shine around the PVP events. I want some of that new armor but I don’t want to spend hours mad at my game. I want to have fun. PVP is big : I get that and accept this fact. I just don’t want it shoved down my throat the way they seem to be attempting to do. I realize its my choice but if I want the ” good ” gear, I’ll have to endure some unhappy times playing and then I probably won’t even get close to getting what I want. I just can’t grasp the PVP environment and I’m not downing it, I just want the option to get the same gear/weapons without being forced to do PVP activities.

  • I must say as primarily as a PVE co-op player I can’t stand PVP. I hate how this game literally forces you to play PVP in order to get some things. Most of the exotic bounties I delete as soon as I get them because of the PVP requirement. There needs to be other options for advancement for solo/PVE players. If you don’t do PVP or are lucky enough to get into a raid, you’ll never hit max level. Unlike other MMO type games you can still grind out solo and get your gear. I also hate that you don’t have the option for matchmaking on all game modes (raids included). However I do enjoy running missions with my fireteam (only have 2 friends wo play regularly). And we are hoping that the Prison of Elders co-op stuff will be fun. Overall it’s a fun game, but give the rest of us non PVPers some options. Thanks!

    P.S. And for the love of God PLEASE ALLOW US TO SKIP CUTSCENES!!! IDK why no one else brings this up.

    Fight on fellow guardians!

  • Yeah :)
    Thank you PlayStation :)

  • How much bruh? :[

  • I really enjoyed the mechanics of this game. If feels almost perfect as a FPS. That being said, I stopped playing at level 27. Why? Because the only way to level up at that point was by upgrading armor and weapons with ascendant shards/energy. If you weren’t playing weekly strikes or raids. Then you only got those items by luck…Maybe they fixed that atrocious upgrade/leveling system since then. However its too little too late. I don’t care about this game anymore. Waiting for Destiny 2, hopefully by then bungie will have learned from all its mistakes from this one.

  • I’ll throw in my .02 cents worth on this game as a whole….

    1. It plays and feels great and is still very enjoyable with the company of a friend. Repetitive, yeah, fun, yeah.

    2. It’s great grounds to build the next game, maybe this time with story.

    3. I don’t touch PvP at all, not my play style. I know they’re adding more PvE stuff, but the high focus on EXTRA REWARDS for PvP sadly tells me that they’re trying to bribe people to play a mode they’re spending much development time on when in the big picture, more people want more PvE on a larger scale (oh yeah, and STORY). I think many people want MORE ways to earn gear (as mentioned in places online, a one mark currency system that you can spend as you wish and gain it in the style you enjoy).

    With such a special focus on killing other players for better rewards…..uh, no thanks. I don’t mind if there’s PvP along side a good PvE game, but when that somehow became the focus, and starts feeling like ‘do this or else’. I tend to stray further.

    Bungie, you’ve got a great set up for an expansive world and story. Hope its built upon.

  • + AizawaYuuichi: Spot on! Activision & Bungie Co seem interested in metrics and after-sales meddling.
    I and m friend pre-ordered figuring, we could play private matches, co-op, grind together. Instead, they penalize us for “loot caving and cheesing”. (I don’t call it that. I call it, “it’s my time to waste, my money, let me enjoy it”.

    “They should be focusing on creating PVE content — DING! …
    But it’s become obvious to me that Bungie is not making a game for me. They just want another PVP grindhouse.”
    Don’t forget, how can they no allow no audio (kill the soundtrack or other audio). Who releases a game that you can’t change audio settings??? I am sick of the repetition. Atleast on Halo, you could unlock funny dialog. Here, you pop Dreg or Vandal heads, and then they groan! Really!

    I will finish with House of Wolfies and that’s it. Clear out the space off my PS4/Xbox360/Xbone (yes, I own it on ALL three, and yes, I leveled over 30 for three characters 2x). Someday, there will be a documentary that will show how Activision funded Bungie and shook up what could have been a successor to halo-meets-borderlands. Not some Blizzard-grind-COD.

  • Ah Destiny it’s too bad that some corporate ****** ordered your story ripped out you could have been so much more.

  • If only Destiny wasn’t a limited set of static content with entirely repetitive encounters that game design expects players to play over and over and over again like dropping coins in a slot machine.

    Such a waste of talent (gameplay, art, sound, etc) hindered by such terrible game design (static content for something that expects so much repeat play)

  • I would rather save my money and pay full price for The Witcher 3 and give full support to CD Project Red.

  • When can we expect to be able to purchase House of Wolves separate from the season pass? I bought the last DLC by itself.@ Sid

  • @sabot37

    Don’t hold your breath. If Sony let them get away with blowing off the DLC trophies last round, they sure as heck aren’t going to go out of their way to add them this time. Boneheads don’t realize it adds a reason to play and value to the DLC. So whatever fuddy-duddy on their staff that thinks it’s not a deal-breaker will cheap out on giving them to us. I blame Sony for requiring it, but not enforcing it last round.

    I bought this game based on dev history and pre-release description. I think I’m out after this DLC based just on the principle(I bought the bells-and-whistles version with the season pass at release). Can’t keep buying into the lie and expecting the truth… Way to blow it Bungie.

  • If you want a single player grindy MMO game…

    You’d best look for one with an offline options.

    Borderlands is far and away better in every respect in my opinion than Destiny.

    1. It actually has a story.
    2. You can do almost everything solo.
    3. The things you can’t do solo, you don’t need to do. Or you can just grab some friends, or you can just do it on a lower difficulty.
    4. You get Experience versus grinding the crap out of the same strikes over and over again hoping for random loot.

    I’ll try House of Wolves but Vault of Glass was the best experience I had in the game. Haven’t really tried CROTA because it sounds so poorly done. People are soloing some of it, you can’t really do it without max level players (at the time) and since I”m stuck at 29 (refuse to grind to upgrade gear that I know would be obsolete, just so I can grind gear, so it can get me to max level, so that I can start on House of Wolves, and grind gear, for the final time)

    If you’re solo oriented Handsome Collection. It’s brilliant. In a dozen ways more than Destiny could ever give you. Tiny Tina’s DLC alone > ALL of Destiny’s Story Content up to House of Wolves.

  • Just wanted to chime in (late) that I, too, was disappointed at the lack of trophy support for The Dark Below, and I’ll be disappointed if the House of Wolves follows suit.

    If they’re saving their trophy-related ambitions for the Comet expansion, that’s understandable, but it would be nice if they were up front about it.

  • @42 Hooligantuan

    Yeah lack of trophies is MISERABLE!

    $10-15 dollar games have platinums, and they can’t even give you a mother freaking trophy for spending an Extra $20+ dollars? Really? Even Disgaea D2 has trophies for DLC characters. Why does it matter?

    Because if you’re smart (like I am) you can use the website, or what ever method you want, to search through some friends and see if they have Destiny. If the trophies were done correctly it’d tell you how far into CROTA they are, what Light Level they have achieved, etc… Just so that you can look at a friend’s profile and try to build a team of 3-6 to do content with…

    Rather than one of those annoying Group Messages where you message 20+ people like a n00b because you have no information available to you on IF they even have the DLC never the less if they have played it, or how far they got.

    Talk about dropping the ball Bungie. I like being able to look at a trophy list and know that I shouldn’t pop out with a major spoiler. Heck if they have the platinum you won’t know how much they’ve been playing because… NO NEW TROPHIES. PS4 you MIGHT have an activity log to reference, but on the PS3, you’re just S.O.L.

  • Sadly, I won’t play destiny again, everyone I played with left, too. This competitive multi-player is the worst feature of destiny, no raids or co-op dungeon areas with this “expansion”. Can’t keep players if tiny “expansions” come out every 4-5 months.

  • When will house of wolves be available for the ps store? Iv’e been looking for it for awhile now and can’t seem to find it.

  • Philoslothical01

    I want to like the pvp but its kind of hard to because its not really fair if a level 2 can kill a level 32 it ruins the point of working for levels if your just going to get rekt.

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