The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 4/28/2015

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 4/28/2015
The Drop

Colorful adventures, political simulators, puzzlers, and shooters! We have quite the diverse lineup of games coming to PlayStation this week, including one of the latest projects from the team at Double Fine: Broken Age, out soon on PS4 and PS Vita.

Broken Age is the story of two teenagers in oddly similar situations, but on two completely different worlds. Play from both perspectives and solve puzzles in this star-studded adventure complete with pointing, clicking, dialog trees, and plenty of jokes. Yes, it has just about everything that you need.

Also out this week is Tropico 5 on PS4. Rule as a dictator throughout multiple eras, research new technologies, trade, explore, and exert your total control of a beautiful island nation.

For a full list of games coming to PlayStation this week, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

Broken Age

Broken Age
Omega Quintet
Paranormal Pursuit
Project Root
Tropico 5

New PlayStation Games This Week

Broken Age
PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross Buy)
Broken Age is a timeless coming-of-age story of barfing trees and talking spoons. Vella Tartine and Shay Volta are two teenagers in strangely similar situations, but radically different worlds. The player can freely switch between their stories, helping them take control of their own lives, and dealing with the unexpected adventures that follow.
Omega Quintet
PS4 — Digital, Retail
In this hybrid RPG/idol simulation, five idols wield Sound Weapons against the dark forces of the world. Build up an arsenal of attacks, get the crowd’s pulse racing with extraordinary skills, and then get them on their feet with a live performance!
Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One Collector’s Edition
PS3 — Digital
Every second counts in this breathtaking paranormal adventure! Lives are on the line as you race to keep a young boy with psychic abilities from falling into the hands of an evil politician. To evade the henchman sent to kill you and kidnap the child, you’ll have to find cleverly hidden objects and solve cunning puzzles using the boy’s abilities to manipulate time and matter.
Project Root
PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross Buy)
Paying homage to the classic SHMUP, Project Root throws players into the front lines of the rebellion to battle against a never-ending collection of enemy aircraft, swarms of missile attacks, legions of tanks and engage in frenetic boss battles to strike at the root of the evil Prometheus Corp.
PS3 — Digital
Modern combat meets Risk — the classic game of global domination. Risk steps into the near future with modern armies. Using the 2010 rules as standard, Risk offers an exciting strategic experience. Direct the war from your high-tech control room, fighting on the classic map layout.
PS Vita — Digital
Sketchcross is a Nonogram logic picture puzzle game. Get ready for the satisfaction of solving 50 mind-numbing puzzles spanning from small 5 x 5 puzzles all the way up to the extra large 30 x 30 puzzles.
Tropico 5
PS4 — Digital, Retail
Start your reign during colonial times, survive the World Wars and the Great Depression, be a dictator during the Cold War, and advance your country to modern times and beyond. Rule your beautiful island nation like a dictator!

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12 Author Replies

  • Ryan, do you know when MGSV The Phantom Pain and Mad Max are going to be available for pre-order?

  • Dear playstation,for ps plus may you should add minecraft for ps4.I really want it on ps4 and it is a very fun creative indie game that many people will enjoy!


    Sony, PLEASE include any/all of the following titles in this sale:

    ZHP unlosing ranger
    Valkyria chronicles 2
    Parasite eve

    Heck, I’d take GRANDIA as well.

  • More indy games? Why is there a lack of triple A games?

  • Meh. Really poor week this time. Hopefully we can get some decent sales for a change since we didn’t have much during the spring fever thing. All I got from that was Shovel Knight.

  • Omega Quintet? and I heard Broken Age was good too. I’m digin these.

  • Finally, been looking forward to Omega Quintet since it was announced. Too bad everything else o the list is garbage but at least there is a great game being released this week. Hope there is a sale on some good Japanese games this week, we need more Japanese games and less of this indie garbage.

  • I’ve heard great things about Broken Age (plus I’ve loved previous double fine titles) so I’ll have to snag that sometime soonish. Currently still playing Shovel Knight and I need to get Grim Fandago the next time I have some extra cash on hand. Kinda sad that many of the titles that interest me on PS4 are older-type games on the network. That is… until Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight.

  • Hi ryan,
    No risk planned for psvita… should be good to play a board game with the touchscreen…

  • @15 – So sad they’re removing P.T. from the store. I think it is obvious the game will no longer be coming to ps4. Thanks konami, even more reason to hate konami ATM. If this game is indeed canceled I will resent konami forever and I will no longer support them – What is worse is that they now control all of kojima’s beloved games. I was really anticipating Silent Hills and a potential ps4 remake of MGS, not sure if I will buy phantom pain now.

  • As a huge supporter of the vita I’m getting a bit agitated with the lack of effort to encourage noteworthy development. I saw forgotten memories released on iOS last week and have heard nothing about the vita version in over a year. It still saddens me when u see BioShock iOS considering it was supposed to come to vita, the iOS version is only mediocre BC it doesn’t have analog control. It bothers me as well that all of these hit games originally developed as vita games are now being turned into games for the ps4 only or they’re releasing on ps4 first with vita as an afterthought. You couldn’t release Axiom verge on vita at the same time as the ps4? Is it really such a technically demanding game? I love my vita(s) and see so much life left in the system considering how many great features it boasts and all the recent games like Helldiver’s, oreshika, hotline 2 ect. Even a little marketing would go a long way, a little encouragement to developers to bring these games to vita – BioShock & infamous were both coming to vita at one point.

  • Next week in the drop – inFAMOUS electric souls and BioShock vita. Can’t wait for Gravity rush 2 (vita)

  • What’s happened to Tetris Ultimate and Geometry Wars? I’m eagerly awaiting both!

  • Oh please, Broken Age available on PS4 and Vita but not PS3? Pure greed right there. I won’t be buying your Remastes console anytime soon so you’re missing out, not us.

  • @ alastor424 @ iamtylerdurden1:

  • @ Storehack83: Because the only things on the PS4 are remasters, right?
    Killzone: Shadowfall
    inFAMOUS: Second Son
    inFAMOUS: First Light
    The Order: 1886
    Dying Light
    The Witcher (3): Wild Hunt
    Batman: Arkham Knight
    Until Dawn
    Mad Max
    Just Cause 3

    And this is just a small selection of games I can think of off the top of my head, and only retail releases confirmed for this year. This doesn’t include things like Broken Age and Rocket League that are digital-only releases, and other huge AAA titles that are confirmed but with no date yet. At this point, people like you are sounding more and more like spoiled brats than legitimate complainers. Devs have moved on. It’s time you guys do as well. Stop holding us back.

  • @66 Aizawa – You are correct, the PS4 has so much exceptional content it’s absurd. It just released two awesome AAA exclusives in consecutive months (ppl r parrots, the order was NOT even close to being bad). All the indie games and free to plays simply add to the already impressive catalog. Why r remasters so bad? TLOU remastered is really a terrible thing? TLOU Re has sold 3mil copies, many ppl r converts from that other greed stricken company that shall not be named and many haven’t played GoW and TLOU. Do u realize the juggernaut iif high profile games coming in the next year or so? AAA new ip and AAA sequels in No Man’s Sky, Uncharted, Guerrilla’s new openworld space shooter, mm’s new ip, Sony Santa monica, Sony Bend, Rapture, tomorrow children, goodness the sky is filled with (next gen) promise.

  • The Forrest, rime ect ect. That’s off the top of the head. Not to mention the best version of every game is on ps4, I’d much rather play Wolfenstein New Order on ps4, injustice, Metro 2033, Shadow of Mordor – these games are significantly better on ps4.

  • Tropico 5 hasn’t been put in the store for pre load. Is it not coming out digitally?

  • Cade King of Fighters? 2002? 2000? 94?

  • I’m just sad that there was no preorder option on PSN for omega quintet that I could find.

  • The Drop Enjoyed. But im still missing Project Cars…. :( I only buy digital, and no pre order in sight. Project Cars’s own website points to the PS Store and when clicked only goes to page unavailable error.

  • @Ry-dog… your efforts may see greater rewards on something like Twitter or Facebook. As far as I can tell, hashtags mean absolutely nothing on the PSBlog outside of being standard characters.

  • So I have Playstation 4 and the One from the other guys. PS4 blows it out of the water, however I been excited for two games dropping today. State of Decay and Tropico. Started playing State at 12:15 am …. Still can’t even purchase Tropico on psn. This happens way too often. Why if Xbox has games, DLC, Movies etc available at midnight do we loyal PS users have to wait until 4:00 pm or later, then wait for download , then wait for install and this is assuming it doesn’t get hacked again. Come on Sony you’re dropping the ball here. Make new games available at midnight, do it like they do it make your fans happy. It’s bad enough that we’ve been getting nothing but pure crap with plus titles and that the almighty Gta sale did not include a standard Gta 5 discounted, for people like me that don’t care about the “online cash” I would have been paying the same amount for the game, great sale guys. Please throw us a bone, stop being lazy and update the store earlier. Thanks.

  • Another thing you guys promote the psn store, you realize it’s for convenience that people order digital, right? How convenient is this? I could be playing Tropico by 10:30 am if I had just pre ordered disc. Instead for convenience I got the 60 in psn cards and guess what no freaking game yet damn it

  • Will the PS plus free April games such KIllzone mercenary end in 28th april or 5th may?

  • I have to agree with 75 somewhat. Being able to play games at midnight of the release day would be really nice. Especially since for some games, the companies ship early for physical versions so you get the game by the release date instead of on the release date.

  • @XenJanter: No guarantees, but the games have typically been available from the first Tuesday of the month till the first Tuesday of the following month. So May 5th.

    BTW, no requirement to download/install. Once a game is on your download list, it’s yours as long as you’re subbed.

    And to those wondering, I suspect the new Plus games for May will be announced tomorrow or Thursday. To be available when the store updates on Tuesday, May 5th.

  • Wow. I’m so disappointed :( when will we get fun games. Ever since play station plus became a required thing ( giving them more money) the games got LOT worse.

  • I’m very interested in Project Root…didn’t know about the game it looks great.

  • I had this friend but we lost each other. The idea is Gran Turismo HD on the little thing.

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