Resident Evil Revelations 2: PS Vita Status Check

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Resident Evil Revelations 2: PS Vita Status Check

Resident Evil Revelations 2

Greetings! It seems like eons ago since we announced a whole slew of new titles at PlayStation Experience, even though it’s only been a few months. So I wanted to give you all an update on what’s going on with Resident Evil Revelations 2 for PS Vita.

As the final episode of Revelations 2 was just recently released on PS4 and PS3, we’re now ready to complete its transition over to PS Vita thanks to the passionate team at Frima Studio, who is knee-deep in production of this title for our favorite little handheld. While we get closer to locking down PS Vita-specific gameplay and features, we will update you all again soon with a firm release date. But for now, I am just saying “coming digitally this summer.”

The PS Vita version of Revelations 2 will contain all four episodes of Capcom’s scarefest, including any DLC (sans consumables) released thus far. As for Raid Mode, single-player will also be included at launch, but online co-op Raid Mode and the ad-hoc modes will most likely come post-launch via an update. This is so we can get the full game into your hands that much sooner. Finally, we’ve added gyroscopic targeting to make shooting weapons that much more PS Vita-centric.

We will update you with a firm release date soon, but for now, I’ve got to see what horrors Barry, Natalia, Claire, and Moira are facing on that terrifying island.

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  • boy, you guys really know your market.

    overpriced memory and digital only releases does NOT a gaming console ecosystem make.


    hey, any word on officially releasing the 64GB card in anywhere but asia?

    great job!

    too little too late is the credo of the vita.
    that or 3 steps forward/8 steps back.

    you choose.

  • I’d be shocked if this was cross-buy.

  • Awesome. I’m looking forward to it on Vita and a collected version on PS4 down the road.

  • The rumors are that the new Vita “phone” hardware will support SDXC storage. No word on if it has a fixed WiFi radio firmware or supports 5ghz 802.11n/ac. I do hope they go back to including an OLED screen — I’ll mod my existing OLED Vita before I buy one with a crappy LCD display.

  • A Vita phone? That’s unlikely given that Sony axed Maps.

  • thanks for supporting the vita.

  • Kool. Bring it on. ?

  • better get that story mode running in co op via ad hoc or online because i have been waiting to play with my friend for a long time and i skipped the other versions for vita fun. if you want my money then get to work.

  • New Sony handheld? Not in this timeline, sorry.

  • can we expect at least 10% progress for Vita trailer please. Btw, thanks for making this happen Gio

  • Raid mode has to be there..

  • Next. we need Resident Evil 4 and Okami on Vita. With gyro aiming and touch screen brush work respectively.

  • It’s idiots like trolls that the Vita is dying. If they stop rating this low and be appreciative that it’s even coming, then the Vita wouldn’t have gone into such a terrible fate. Whoever you guys are, I hope you get burned and regret what you did.

  • I’m still a bit steamed about how poorly information about RE Revelations 2’s online multiplayer was communicated that I doubt I’d even consider a purchase of the Vita version until online multiplayer was rolled out and confirmed as working. Tbh I’d expect some sort of cross buy considering the only reason I could possibly want to own it again would be just to play Raid mode with my friends…

  • yaassss

  • Can’t wait for this ^_^

  • I really hope that they are going to support cross play. Or else what’s the point of me buying the same game again..

  • A few things
    A physical version would be nice

    PLEASE include a couple bonus levels/weapons/costumes for us having to wait instead of wasting your time implementing “Vita centric” controls that NOBODY wants, especially those with Vita TV.

    RE3 for Jill, and RED jacket for Leon. Maybe include some Extra Playable Characters for Raid like Billy Cohenm or even Rachel Foley.

    Red 9 From RE4 and Mares Leg M37 Western Custom Shotgun from RE3.

    Extra raid mode level;
    Spencer Mansion from LIN.

    One or all of these would be very appreciated as a thank you for waiting so long for this release, and if you include them AND have this game running smoothly by launch, I don’t mind the extra little delay.And will buy on day 1.

    That is all

  • Come on… bring in physical…. i dont like the only digit thing. Im a collector, and I want this game on my shelves

  • No why summer!? No i have to wait longer :( Then J-Star Victory Versus is also coming out in summer too! to many good games coming out

  • Oh and please include the four costumes from the upcoming title update…PLEASE.

  • Thanks for not answering anybody questions Gio Corsi!! We all want to know.

  • let us please change our psn names, you say that you listen to us and when griefing is the only reason (its a really bad reason to not let us do so) like cmon ive had this account for years and i’ve made progress in all the games that i BOUGHT (playstaion) pluss this is a stupid ass name.

  • I really want the Vita version but I cannot keep buying digital games when the memory card prices are so high. If this is digital only I will just buy the PS4 version. I just don’t understand why Sony doesn’t get that their memory card prices are insane. I have almost all digital on my PSP because it was affordable but that isn’t the case now. This only hurts the Vita when gamers pass on games because of memory issues.

  • I thought the whole reason for the delay was because it will come in a cartridge. I was way off, I bet even if it did, NA would be left out just like the Minecraft and others did. Saying “coming digitally this summer” for now is still a disappointing thing to read. Please reconsider your options.

  • Glad to see some news regarding Resident Evil. The Vita community has been wondering what happened to it. It’s a good thing to see they are still going to bring it out, I just hope it doesn’t get pushed back since they haven’t even really started working on it. It’s going to take some real crunching to get this game to run well on the Vita. I really hope the gyroscope aiming is optional.

  • @dazzlinggirl / @77 – I agree wholeheartedly. It’s quite sad we have been left out of all kinds of physical releases. Something like Minecraft should have been released on cartridge here in NA. I’m still wondering what the heck happened to The Muppets game, we never did see that one. It was released in the UK and they even received a physical cart.

  • Yes,than good to finally leave

  • This is fine

  • Can we get some Resident Evil for PS Plus on the PS3? I would like to see RE Revelations 2, Resident Evil, and Resident Evil 4.

  • You need to release a finished game, not a half baked one. The Vita version should have ALL the same content as the consoles from day one, physically and digitally. The whole point of the Vita was that you would be able to play the same game on the go as you do on console, even if it doesn’t look or run as well as it does on consoles. You’ve delayed it this much, you might as well release it when it’s actually done. Like other people have said, look at Borderlands 2 on Vita; Where is the rest of the content?

  • I am so gratefull for another AAA game coming to PS Vita. If this keeps up there might be a chance for the PS Vita:-) I would sadly though only buy this if there is a chance for a retail copy since i only have a 4gb memory card for my PS Vita. In my opinien its a HUGE downside but again i am SO gratefull for another AAA game for PS Vita. Please don’t let us down Capcom. If this game dosen’t get a retail copy how much space does the digital version take?

  • Considering that Revelations 2 will not get a physical release, I hope that the file size won’t be as big as the console versions.

  • Thank you for releasing this. I’ve always wanted to have a Resident Evil title on Vita, and this one is pretty good. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Since the trolling on the PS Blog won’t stop, I will copy and paste this hashtag on every single comment I post until it stops.


    If possible, make sure you copy and paste on your comment so I know you’re not one of them.

  • digital only? :-/ physical retail or GTFO.

  • Please release a physical version I don’t care if it costs bit extra my 16GB memory card is about full and its rare I buy digital I like a collection I own 15 games on cartridges

  • Finally some news on this great game franchise, glad it has confermation on the
    PSVita (an amazing handheld gaming COUNSEL) this is great new for
    Us resident evil fans and proud psvita owners. :)

  • I was just looking to see if this game was fully completed or not, since it’s chapter based. And now I found out it’s commin for my favorite console. I’m a little bit worried it’s download only, because last time I bought a download title ( thieves in time) I had to play it in Swedish since my account is registered in Sweden. But then again, this is an adult experience so I’m quite confident it’s going to be in English. I think nodic films learned a lesson from translating games to Swedish – we don’t want that ;)

  • Thanks for sharing all your questions, comments, and concerns! Needless to say, there are a lot of passionate Vita fans out there. We will do another Blog post to announce date, price, full features…and we’ll include some screenshots and footage for RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS 2 VITA as well.

    As for the big ask, a physical version, there are no plans for it, but I will talk with Capcom and the team here to see what potential there is for physical releases down the road. As Capcom published the PS3/PS4 version and we are publishing the Vita version, there will be no cross play/save/buy, apologies. The game will include all the content (side missions, costumes, map packs) that the previous physical releases on PS3 and PS4 contained. Frima continues to work on performance to make it as strong as possible, and we are doing everything we can to make the multiplayer component of Raid Mode available at launch.

    As I said, I will write up another post with all confirmed details, date, and price shortly. Thanks for your patience and support!

  • The game is pointless in only digital version, the memory cards are way to expensive for digital only big game
    The main things that need to be in the game in my opinion
    1.normal graphics with normal frame rate
    2. The game need something that will make him to last longer like small side missions,
    That based in a main mission, like in killzone mercenary or unit 13.
    3. Not making the game to far from other consoles versions.
    4. Good console like controls, not high stupid features like “swipe to hit”

    One of the thing that I have noted on other vita games that runs good, that some of the not main objects (like walls and covers, not main charters and enemies) are not renderd and deteild until you get close enough, would the game feature that?

  • Another “digital-only” release, I honestly don’t know why Sony bothered releasing a physical media card for Vita games when they don’t even bother releasing their own titles on the blasted things. This makes three titles where I’ve went from 100% interest to complete disregard (the other two being Soul Sacrifice Delta and Oreshika). If niche developers like NISA, XSEED, Aksys, and Atlus are capable of releasing the majority of their Vita titles on physical media I see no reason why SCEA is so adamant in refusing to do the same, especially since the Vita cards come from them. If it’s a concern about sales then just do what other publishers do and make it a retail-specific release for Gamestop or Best Buy. I’ve been an avid supporter of the Vita from day one and I’m pretty disappointed in SCEA’s general lack of treatment towards the system.

  • Ya’ll may want to make this retail version one of your priorities. I’ve been looking around at different news about this and a significant majority of the comments are people requesting a retail version (many of which won’t purchase the game at all unless it comes physical).

    Just thought I’d give a heads up.

  • Im Curious To See How This Goes But My Question Is Will There Be Playstation TV Compatibility? RER2 Runs On PS3 And PS4 with Dualshock 3 And 4. So Wouldn’t This Be Somewhat Easier For Them To Port Down The Game To A Less Powerful Device Rather Than Changing The Interface And Traditional Gameplay For Vita Specific Features?

  • Why is it taking so long for this port?! Please hurry I haven’t touched my vita in about three months I’ve been waiting for this port since I finished re rev 2 on ps3 and 4 vita is left in the dust please give us more info on when this port will finally happen!

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