PS Plus: Free Games for April 2015

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PS Plus: Free Games for April 2015

Brace yourselves, people! We have another great lineup of games coming to PlayStation Plus this month. With shooters, puzzle games, platformers, and more, we have a little something for everyone this April.

To start things off, allow us to present Tower of Guns on PS4 and PS3. It’s about a tower filled with guns. And so much more! Shooter fans, prepare for an adrenaline-pounding challenge through a randomized tower with enemies, bosses, power-ups, and little robots that just want to hug you. Also on PS4, explore the Alaskan wilderness with Never Alone, a beautiful puzzle game with an adorable pet fox. Guide a native Alaskan girl through harsh environments in a touching effort to save her village.

For Plus members gaming on PS3, look out for Dishonored, the critically acclaimed stealth game that celebrates player choice above all else. Also in the mix is Aaru’s Awakening, a stunning platformer that’s also available on PS4. And for PS Vita, both Killzone Mercenary and MonsterBag are joining the Plus lineup this month.

These games will be free for PlayStation Plus members next week Tuesday when the PlayStation Store updates. Enjoy!

PS Plus: Free Games for April 2015

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April’s PlayStation Plus Preview
Tower of Guns
Tower of Guns (PS4, PS3)

Free for PS Plus members
A game that needs little introduction. Why? Because it’s a tower filled with guns! Over-the-top in all the right ways, try to survive this tower with random enemies, bosses, power-ups, and a boatload of bullets.

Never Alone
Never Alone (PS4)

Free for PS Plus members
This beautiful puzzle adventure tasks you with guiding Nuna, a native Alaskan girl, through breath-taking environments to save her village. Also, you get to travel with a fox! Can’t get much better than a pet fox.

Dishonored (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members
Players take control of Corvo Attano, a bodyguard framed for murder and imbued with powerful abilities to seek revenge. This game is all about player choice, and feeling awesome while executing extreme stealth maneuvers.

Aaru's Awakening
Aaru’s Awakening (PS3, PS4)

Free for PS Plus members
What started as a school project for a team of students in Iceland is now a gorgeous platformer about navigating treacherous terrain with well-timed teleports.

Killzone Mercenary
Killzone Mercenary (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members
View the iconic war against the Helghast from a mercenary’s point of view, and jump into a robust multiplayer mode to show how good (Or bad?) you actually are.

MonsterBag (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members
An adorable puzzle game about a bag-shaped monster named V trying to reach his friend Nia without scaring the pants off of people. May or may not include a battle of wits, skill, and the inevitable apocalypse.

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12 Author Replies

  • Killzone Mercenary? Nice!

  • Killzone Mercenary?!?!?! Dishonered! That’s a good month :D

  • Woo hoo. Killzone Mercenary.

  • Already bought Mercenary back when it came out… so, whole lot of nothing for me this month :/

  • And another disappointing showing for PS4. Random indie games, really? Probably wont’ renew my PS Plus in April.

    • Tower of Guns looks really fun, though! Try it first before you let the disappointment consume you… :-O

  • Mercenary !!! Happy about that. I think I left my physical copy on an airplane in Calgary.

  • Hello Powerhouse. I really appreciate all of your work. I am really excited to try Tower of Guns and Monster Bag. Let’s play sometime?


  • Very nice! Mercenary is awesome. Looking forward to Never Alone as well! Way to step in Clements!

  • @5 ‘Never Alone’ is amazing. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

  • Awesome month for Vita. I can’t wait to play Never Alone either!

  • Never Alone, nice. Never heard of Aaru’s Awakening. Seems interesting. Might give it a shot. Glad to see Dishonored being offered. It’s a great game.

  • I’ll have to try out Aaru’s Awakening this month.

  • Still no drive club? SMH Sony

  • Nice that you were able to make this post now so we won’t have to hear a bunch of complaining from self-entitled brats.

  • Will absolutely be getting killzone mercenary for my vita. Now just need to find time to play it. Lol

  • Monster Bag is a game made in Chile
    show some support to latin game developers please :D !

  • Another subpar month, i wish plus wasn’t required for multiplayer but if I don’t want my PS4 to be a brick i have to sub. Ugh.

  • I remember I was excited for Tower of Guns, nice to have it on PS4

    However, while Killzone Mercenary is a great game, I think everyone already bought it =/

  • When I first got PS+, you guys had just made all the classic crash games free for plus members. Are there any plans to ever do PS1/PS2 classics again?

  • Hmm…? beggars can’t be choosers!

  • Already own KZ Mercenary. I guess the only good thing for me is dishonored coz the rest is for the backlog… I’m getting sick kf indies already.. My PS4 is full of them already, like way full… Bring something good already for PS4 -__-

  • Can you PLEASE include PlayStation TV if they’re compatible next to the Vita game titles?

    It’s a console too, you know.

  • Dishonored is amazing, has a bit of screen tearing though.

  • Really good list! Lots of good quite new indies that I don’t own!

    Last month you guys took a lot of crap for the delay in the Plus announcement, so wanted to say thanks for getting this month’s announcement up earlier than expected!

  • Never Alone was a good game with a very interesting theme. I am very happy more people will get to play it.

  • @5 – dkurtz1
    You wont do it!

  • Killzone Mercenary is an amazing game on the Vita, and while I already have it, what’s really exciting about this is that it’ll mean more people playing the game online.

    Also excited for Aaru’s Awakening and Never Alone. Appreciate that cross-buy games are showing up in the lineup. Really opens up the availability. Cross-buy has always been one of the best things about the PlayStation platform. Sort of what brings it closer to PC, and allows it to surpass it in some ways.

    I like the indies, and I want them to keep coming, but I certainly wouldn’t mind slightly larger games for PS4 showing up every now and then. Even a remaster like Last of Us would be appreciated, and could also help revitalize that online community.

    Great month as always!

  • Disappointing month. Finished Dishonored forever ago. Not much interest in playing a FPS on Vita. The rest seem meh.

  • Yea, some cross-buy games Tower of Guns (PS4, PS3) & Aaru’s Awakening (PS3, PS4)

    We will also be getting Woah Dave! for PS4 as it was included in Plus before and Nick Suttner confirmed the snippet on the latest edition of the PlayStation Blogcast that it will also be available to others who didn’t get it before.

    I do need to ask though can you lower the price of Zuma on April 1st back to the flash sale price?
    Rasing the price during the sale was not a nice April Fools Joke and it wasn’t even April.

    You could name the Fool who raised the price and have it has a April Fools Sale item.

  • Monster Bag looks neat, will definitely give it a shot.

  • never alone and monster bag for me

    kz m is a great game too bad it never got deserved support

  • I’m just gonna stop buying Indie games. Every time I do they become free for PS Plus two months later…

    • Please don’t stop supporting indie games.
      Also, we hope you´ll like that we’re having MonsterBag on PS Plus from the day 1 :D

  • bought killzone… but these other games are Okay… i hope TOG has online…

  • Never Alone looked nice, but all the technical issues and design complaints put me off. It’ll be nice to try it now. Dishonored is a nice surprise, as I’ve just completed Thief.

  • In my opinion, another solid month for PS Plus. I don’t own a PS4, but I will be banking Never Alone and playing Tower of Guns on my PS3. TOG is strange looking game (FPS w/rogue-like elements? Wow…that’s different!), but looking forward to giving it a shot. I already have played Dishonored, but everyone who has not played it should make this the first game they play out of all the games offered this month. Aaru’s Awakening looks intriguing. The art style is gorgeous. I really hope they’ve fixed whatever issues there were with the controls…it’s consistently mentioned as a problem in the sub-par reviews the game received. Vita owners (of which I am one) really made out this month though. KZ: Mercenary is the best FPS on the handheld, bar none. Hell, it’s a great FPS regardless of platform. Can’t wait to play with other Vita owners this month! And I’m not familiar with MonsterBag, but it was developed in conjunction with Sony Worldwide Studios and it looks gorgeous. Can’t wait to give it a go! Well done, PS Plus team!

    Follow me on Twitter: @brg_esq
    Friend me on PSN: GStylez1980

  • Killzone Mercenary is by far the best game this month. For those that haven’t played it or seen it in action on the Vita, brace yourselves. I couldn’t believe how great it looked and played. Too bad we don’t see more Vita games of that quality.

  • Can someone explain why the PS4 User get the worst of all?
    arent they paying enough?

  • I was hoping for something big for PS Vita…though Killzone is big, seems to be the one most people have already. Maybe I’m wrong.

  • @HentayHinata. The PS4 has been out for a year. You’re not going to get big games for free because the library isn’t there yet.

  • Killzone? This is so sweet!
    I was looking for something other than RPG’s and Puzzle Games, and this is right up my alley with my new found Love for Shooters. Thanks a bunch Sony!

  • Survey link still goes to March’s games.

  • Wow! Killzone Mercenary! Unexpected Vita love! Thanks a lot! Time to reinstall this awesome game (i already have my platinum!). The multiplayer will be on fire!

  • WOW !!!!! Way better than last month!!! THANK you so much soe

  • I’m really greateful with the line-up, all good and enjoyable games :D
    Thank you!

  • What is wrong with the PS4?
    Where is Knack, Killzone, AC4, Wolfenstein, BF4, Lego Marvel, Need for Speed, Rayman Legends, Thief, Sherlock Holmes, Ground Zeroes, Second Son, Ghosts, Trials Fusion, Amazing Spiderman, The Hobbit, Bound by Flame, Murdered, Worms, UFC, Transformers, Sniper Elite III, TLOU, Diablo III, Metro Redux, Madden, Destiny, Watch Dogs, Mordor.
    There are tons of games out and all PS4 Users get are Indiegames? Are you serious? Its really sad, you only serve the indielovers but where are the AAA Games for all the costumers out there?
    Only Vita and PS3, i dont get it. Really i dont get it

  • While I already own most of these titles, it is a great month. Keep up the good work Sony!

  • Never Alone is terrific! Great concept, story and art. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a “change of pace” game.

  • So how well does Dishonored actually run on the PS3? I’ve generally avoided Bethesda games (Fallout 3, Skyrim, etc) on PS3 because of their reputation for poor performance on the system. Is Dishonored any different than the rest?

  • SO MUCH YES! I was thinking about getting both MonsterBag and KZ Mercenary, and now i’m going to get them.

    PS Plus is AWESOME! :D

  • Really stoked on this line up. I almost bit the bullet and got never alone a few times but i already have such a backlog. Aaru’s Awakening looks very interesting as well. Theyre really should be a way to donate to the developers as if this a a humble bundle for Sony.

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