Announcing the Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle

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Announcing the Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle
Update for Canadian gamers: In Canada, the Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle will be available for $549.99 (MSRP) and The Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle will be available for $499.99 (MSRP). Both bundles will contain everything listed in the US bundles as well as The Last of Us Remastered digital voucher code and a three-month PlayStation Plus membership.

Hey PlayStation Nation! I know many of you are eagerly waiting for the final installment of Rocksteady Studios’ Batman: Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Knight. Today, I’m pleased to announce a new limited edition bundle featuring custom artwork that pays homage to the epic series.

Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle


This special bundle will be available for $449.99 (MSRP) and will include the limited edition Steel Grey PS4 system chassis with a custom Batman: Arkham Knight faceplate, a matching DualShock 4 wireless controller in Steel Grey and the explosive finale to the award-winning Arkham trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight.

In addition to the limited edition bundle, we’ll also have a Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle available for $399.99 (MSRP), which includes a PS4 system and DualShock 4 controller in Jet Black and Batman: Arkham Knight. Both the Limited and Standard Edition Batman: Arkham Knight bundles provide the perfect opportunity to upgrade to PS4, but if you’re a fan who’s already enjoying this new generation of gaming, the digital pre-order for Batman: Arkham Knight is going live today on PlayStation Store.

Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle

As an added bonus, all owners of Batman: Arkham Knight for PlayStation 4 will get access to bonus content before it’s available anywhere else, including additional in-game missions and custom skins for Batman and the Batmobile. All of this will be available when both the bundles and the game launch on June 23rd.

We’re excited that Batman: Arkham Knight will be such an epic experience for our PlayStation fans with exclusive offerings for you to enjoy as you tear through the streets of Gotham City. We can’t wait to reveal more details about the special content we have in store. Pre-orders are available starting today — which bundle are you picking up?



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  • @Mia

    Is there anyway you guys can add a Batman symbol to the Controller? That would just make it even more perfect! And if we preorder the bundle do we get the Harley Quinn extra? I was planning on buying the white one until I saw this and placed my order right away on Amazon.

  • Oh SONY how I love you guys, so glad I made the switch from microsoft!!! This will be my THIRD ps4 pre ordered at local GS!!!

  • Is this bundle going to be sold at Walmart?

  • Preordered mine today!!!!!!!!

  • !!! Awesomeness Extreme !!!

  • Will this be available in stores in Santiago, Chile (Latin America) or is it only online?

  • What store is the best to pre-order this beutiful system?

  • And would
    i get any downloadable content?

  • Anybody know how many they’re making? This is seeming more and more like the white PS4 where its supposed to me limited yes they’re still selling all over the place. It looks like it sold out on amazon but best buy and GameStop still have it.

  • And now target…..

  • is this going to actually limited or when is sells out there going to make more

  • So am I correct in assuming that there won’t be a digital download of Last of Us included in this bundle, since you specify it only for Canadian customers? Anyway you could throw that in for the US customers, too? I’m switching over to PS4 with this preorder, and would love to start the journey out with two incredible games.

  • Pre-ordered mine from Amazon UK. I really wish they added a steebook case with the game. I feel like I am missing out and will have to track the case on ebay. It would feel more limited and makes sense with the steel gray console.

  • Are there any plans to sell this on I would love to buy the console and get some Sony Rewards points at the same time.

  • Digital copy of game or Physical copy? Please be Digital pretty please.

  • @iXi_LAWM9STER its a physical copy….

    I hope everyone who wants one get to preorder it, because having to pay double on eBay sucks and is selfish of those sellers.

  • I say it because I wanted one of the 20th anniversary ones and I missed it and now they’re triple the price just like the ps4 faceplates.

  • is there a reason we can’t choose a digital copy vs. the physical? It is a physical only option for the game, but I’d prefer to get a digital version.

  • I have places a pre-order on the silver sexy batman ps4 console but I have been hearing the ps4 slim is getting a new hardware upgrade and I want to know is this new batman console getting one as well?
    If not might consider cancelling it for a ps4 slim always liked the slim consoles. I hope to see a response soon, thank you for taking the time to read my questions and answer them as honest as you can. :)

    Love, AlphaOmega5680

  • Ugh!!!! So undecided about this. Really like the color but hate the design placement. Also, doesn’t these bundles actually come with a cased physical copy of the game? I hate bundles that only come with the stupid cardboard sleeve and disc, i.e. PS3: Last of Us/ Arkham Origins bundle.

  • Will the controllers be sold separately I need more than just one

  • Hi,

    This limited edition is sold out in Amazon as of today. My only reason I’m waiting for Amazon to have more available is because I have a bunch of gift cards in Amazon. Do we know for sure that more of this limited edition will be available for Amazon customers? I just don’t want to miss this bundle after finding out Amazon couldn’t get more in stock (for pre-order). I’ve been checking on the listing in Amazon every day lol

  • I just preordered my limited edition batman/ps4 bundle. Yay. But then I realized…I don’t get the preorder bonuses that come with preordering the Batman game, do I? That kind of stinks…

  • Will there be a ps gold headset gunmetal? Like destiny had theirs gold headset glacier !? Please !?

  • Hi. Does the standard edition come with a physical copy or digital? Because I preorder at gamestop and he guy there told me to get the Limited edition because that one had a physical copy and the Standard one only had a digital one. Thanks.

  • Hi,

    when the Limited Edition will be available in Middle East or UAE ? thank you

  • how many controllers will my playstaion come with

  • kind of bummed that it’s just the faceplate and I hope they don’t sell it separately in the future cuz I’ll probably end up on Death Row …. & now that I learned about this faceplate thingy I swear they could have chosen a WAY better silhouette, I mean honestly Google it and open your mind to the lameness. But hey it is Batman so yeah I ordered it a couple days ago. Seriously I’m certain the grey body of the PS4 is basically the same as the 20th or the metal slime and just got a Batman faceplate which is a total let down for me … Thank goodness I bought the Glacier White one & it arrives next week ! …. I have to wait a couple months for this Batman one and I’m seriously thinking of selling it as soon as I get it ! …. we’ll see, hopefully I’ll be surprised and I’ll keep it like I had planned as for now I really doubt it though & I think it’s so f***king lame that there is no other Batman anything aside from a damned faceplate …. WOW ! …. yeah i’m thinking I’ll just sell it & make my own Batman PS4 & I’d bet the freaking system that it would look 10Xs bettter than this one for less than what they’re charging for a gosh dang facefreakingplate !!!

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