Announcing the Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle

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Announcing the Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle
Update for Canadian gamers: In Canada, the Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle will be available for $549.99 (MSRP) and The Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle will be available for $499.99 (MSRP). Both bundles will contain everything listed in the US bundles as well as The Last of Us Remastered digital voucher code and a three-month PlayStation Plus membership.

Hey PlayStation Nation! I know many of you are eagerly waiting for the final installment of Rocksteady Studios’ Batman: Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Knight. Today, I’m pleased to announce a new limited edition bundle featuring custom artwork that pays homage to the epic series.

Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle


This special bundle will be available for $449.99 (MSRP) and will include the limited edition Steel Grey PS4 system chassis with a custom Batman: Arkham Knight faceplate, a matching DualShock 4 wireless controller in Steel Grey and the explosive finale to the award-winning Arkham trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight.

In addition to the limited edition bundle, we’ll also have a Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle available for $399.99 (MSRP), which includes a PS4 system and DualShock 4 controller in Jet Black and Batman: Arkham Knight. Both the Limited and Standard Edition Batman: Arkham Knight bundles provide the perfect opportunity to upgrade to PS4, but if you’re a fan who’s already enjoying this new generation of gaming, the digital pre-order for Batman: Arkham Knight is going live today on PlayStation Store.

Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle

As an added bonus, all owners of Batman: Arkham Knight for PlayStation 4 will get access to bonus content before it’s available anywhere else, including additional in-game missions and custom skins for Batman and the Batmobile. All of this will be available when both the bundles and the game launch on June 23rd.

We’re excited that Batman: Arkham Knight will be such an epic experience for our PlayStation fans with exclusive offerings for you to enjoy as you tear through the streets of Gotham City. We can’t wait to reveal more details about the special content we have in store. Pre-orders are available starting today — which bundle are you picking up?



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  • when can i preorder?

  • More controller colors please!

  • Its on pre order now at Amazon UK at £399.99. Looks like it’s sold outon Amazon US.

  • Bad Ass Looking.

  • I really want this. This is the reason I havent gotten a PS4 yet, in hopes of a special edition Batman coming. I really wish I knew when this goes live.

  • Any news on a faceplate only?

  • This Limited Edition Looks Great! But i already got two PS4’s on my home.
    Re-release the 20th anniversary grey ps4 and i’ll gladly buy a third ps4. Thank you

    My .02

  • is this preorder gonna go live soon?

  • I already have the white ps four of my dreams, but this is TOO SWEET!!!

  • I just went to game stop once I seen this post
    the guy told me they have been sold out for once -.- I think he was lying idk let me know wassup I hope it hasn’t started

  • Can we get the MGS V limited edition PS4?

  • Is this going to also include the copy of The Last of Us?

  • Holy “take my money” Batman!

  • Pre-Orders just went live showing BestBuy only for now, I called my local Gamestop and they are not showing it in the system as of yet and they are not sure if they will carry it, (I trust these guys I use to work at that store) but they will let me know if anything pops up, but just to be safe I got my Pre-Order in with BestBuy sweeeet June cant come quick enough.

  • Just went live on Amazon!

  • Shut up and take my money!!!

  • Its live.

  • Can anyone provide a link? Not seeing it anywhere.

  • if we pre-order any of the bundles do we still get the Harley Quinn pre-order bonuse?

  • It’s already sold out on Amazon.

  • Going to wait until there’s an “HD” re-release of the whole trilogy. Also, we loved playing Arkham City in 3D and it doesn’t look like this game will support 3DTVs at launch even though the last-gen versions did.

    I’m more interested in “HD” versions of this trilogy and Dead Space than I am for Uncharted.

  • Sony I love you & as a die hard Playstation user I get all geekout-giddy when I see new products like the AWESOME Batman PS4. I just have a little constructive criticism please. As an owner of 3 PS3’s, (bought 6 in all but me & the hubby keep playing them to death!) a PS4 & hundreds of games for both (in both digital & physical copies) it really doesn’t take much to get me all gung-ho for new Playstation stuff. But could you please put out a system with a higher then 500gb memory? Especially with the larger gb needed for the PS4 games. We kept waiting for a higher ps3 memory to come out & it never did. :( So happy with the ability to upgrade the memory in the PS4 now but if a system came out with 1or 2tb of memory (my dream♡) we would snatch up at least another system. Lol the hardest decisions is having to make room on the harddrive for the next games we play. :( Such hard gamer desicions; P

  • Will the Limited Edition bundle be available for pre-order in Canada?

  • Canada please! If so when and where?
    Wish i could order it from either of the 2 .com sites but no shipping allowed.

  • I was holding off on buying a PS4 till now.. then I find the links are only for U.S… no love for us Canucks. Guess I will continue to hold off on purchasing.

  • any chance this will be available in CANADA?

  • Will they be releasing just the silver controller? Me want that retro color.

  • @73, upgrade to a 1TB “hybrid” (SSD cache + spindle) laptop drive. You can find them on sale for around $50 sometimes, and the performance boost to boot times and game start-up/load times on both PS3 and PS4 is quite noticeable after just a few days.

  • Wow, this is a really encouraging trend. So far, 2 non-boringblack PS4 consoles in America. This just proves it’s all about that economics. PS4 sells like gangbusters, so they take a chance and sell more colors. I mean in America. Japan always gets the cool options.

    I have the launch black and the Destiny white models. And yes, the glacier white controller became available separately so this steel one probably will, too, and I’ll buy it.

    Now that the firmware update lets us swap buttons, I can import the best special editions from Japan.

  • If you have a PS4 can you trade this in to you guys? So i can get it or or how does it work?

  • That limited edition Batman PS4 will be finding its way into many a man cave

  • I’m so glad this wasn’t a dirty april fools joke i pre ordered mine online

  • Are any other stores like Target that will carry this system?

  • @Mia

    Can you guys work a PS4 system transfer thing like PS3 had, into the next firmware update? I found that so handy on PS3 when i had bought a new system to replace my old one when the disc stopped reading. So easy to just plug the 2 PS3’s together and transfer like that. Would be nice for PS4 to implement that feature then what you currently suggested to do.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I’m definitely happy to pass this one on to our fellows working on future system software updates. You guys give us amazing suggestions that help us shape the future of the console. Keep them coming!

  • If the Glacier White Destiny bundle is any indicator, the controller will be available on it’s own.

  • I just pre-ordered the Limited Edition Bundle! Get it while it’s hot!

  • Hey Mia, Is it going to be available at Target?

  • Wow! If I did not have a PS4 already, I would be all over this bundle on launch; I would pre-order it in a blink of an eye! That just looks awesome!!

  • Hopefully they release a playstation camera of the same color.

  • Will it be available at Gamestop?! I pre-ordered on Amazon just in case it’s not, but I’d rather buy from Gamestop since I’ll be there anyways for the Collector’s Edition.

  • I see this is available at Best Buy online, but will iut be available in store? An employee just told me he can’t run a preorder from his computer… at least not yet… please clarify this! I can’t afford the whole price right now (because I literally just bought my first PS4 a few days ago T_T ) but I am considering putting money down for it because I love the Arkham series with a passion!

  • but tbh I’m hoping for Gamestop in-store because I also have a CE waiting for me there!

    (sorry, didn’t see a way to edit a post?)

  • How about Canada?

  • Ok Ok: how aboot Canada then.

  • Will Gamestop be a retailer choice?

  • Please tell me its coming to Canada? i’ll give my gf the white ps4 i have just to get this batman one lmao :P.

  • Wow, that text ruins the entire design. Major fail on that point. If it had just been Batman’s silhouette it would look pretty cool, but it’s completely screwed up by that ugly text.

  • The PS4 console that I deserve, but not the one that I need right now.

  • Are we getting this in Canada???

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