Spotify Launches on PlayStation Music Today

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Spotify Launches on PlayStation Music Today

PlayStation Music + Spotify

Hi everyone! In January, we announced PlayStation Music, a new music destination that brings Spotify to PS4, PS3, and Xperia mobile devices in 41 markets around the world. This exclusive partnership brings the best in music and the best in gaming together on PlayStation Network, and I am thrilled to announce that Spotify on PlayStation Music is coming to PS4 and PS3 today!

Spotify is the exclusive partner of PlayStation Music, and with more than 30 million songs and 1.5 billion playlists, PS4 users can soundtrack their gaming sessions with their favorite songs. To make controlling your music even easier PS4 and PS3 users will be able to take advantage of the Spotify Connect feature on the official Spotify app for Android/iOS. You can select a playlist, skip songs, adjust the volume, and more.

PS Music - Titles

PS Music - Song QueuePS Music - Genres and Moods

PlayStation Network users can easily link their accounts to Spotify and use their account to subscribe to Spotify’s Premium service, which is available for $9.99 per month. If you want to check out Spotify’s Premium service first, we have the following offers in place:

  • Music Unlimited subscribers with accounts active as of March 29, 2015, can receive 2 months of free access to Spotify Premium
  • New and existing Spotify users who have not previously received a trial of Spotify Premium can receive one month free

This is just the beginning of Spotify on PlayStation Music, which will continue to evolve. We are working with the team at Spotify to bring new and exciting features exclusively to our platforms. You can learn more at the official site.

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  • Question:

    My wife and I have a Spotify family plan, so that we can each have our own profile. Is there any way to set that up on our PSN profiles? I logged in to Spotify on my PSN profile, and noticed I’m also logged into Spotify on my wife’s PSN profile. Logging out and signing in each time we start the console would be a pain!

  • Thanks Sony, been waiting for this day.

  • You see, that’s the kind of stuff I hate : payment.
    Tunein Radio doesn’t require a subscription (only for ads). This app is no equal to Grooveshark or Pandora. I hope one of them gets added to PS4 in the FAR FUTURE.

  • @ onthebus666. I will check that playlist out

  • Playstation plus discount?

  • New problem on ps3 tunein Radio is gone on the PS3 WTF

  • Nvm lol

  • So every time I go to open the app, it crashes and gives me an unknown error code. Anyone have this problem or a solution to it?

  • What about Tunein radio or Beats music app on PS4/Vita? Also can we stream music while playing games?

  • @51

    There is the FREE option which is like all other free apps out there where they have a few commercials every once and awhile.

    The $10/monthly option is so you dont have to have ads. Just like other apps out there where you pay monthly and dont have to have the ads.

  • @57

    YES, you can stream music while playing games

  • Is it possible to work with Gaijin Entertainment to make WAR THUNDER compatible with Spotify? Currently, Spotify does not work with War Thunder.

  • Loving the app so far.
    Great addition!

  • DLNA
    MP3 in the HDD
    Video support
    photo support
    custom wallpapers
    kit for making themes

  • Anyone else not seeing all their playlists, or the Starred category?

    Other than that, the service works great on my PS4. I may switch over from Google Play now.

  • Will ALL PS4 GAMES eventually be made COMPATIBLE so they can be played with Playstation Music? WAR THUNDER doesn’t work with Spotify right now, and I would request that it be made compatible as soon as it is possible. Thanks for your work on the new app! (^_^)

  • @41 Where the heck is the like button for your comment, totally agree.

  • I had to recreate my playlists on the Spotify website, but all the ones I made are showing up on the PS4 app.

  • @66 think i will make a Playstation playlist and hope it shows up.

  • great app! now please come to vita

  • Hello,

    Very happy to finally see Spotify App on PS4!!!

    But why is the is the “Charts” section missing?

    Please add the Charts section to the Spotify PS4 App please :)

  • You guys need to add a edit button!!! :(

  • Is there any chance you guys can fix download list for PSP? It’s been a few weeks now, and doesn’t mention anything wrong. I realize you don’t support portable systems anymore, but I’ve paid for close to 80 games for my PSP, and there’s been no legitimate way for me to install them for almost a month. I’ve called the support hotline; they don’t know know that there’s anything wrong either.

  • My main gripe with spotify at this point is no option to make a playlist. That falls under the “your music ” section and i don’t like to mesh all my genres’ together. The playlist option is something M.U. had and i think it should’ve been considered an obligatory offering. Other than that I’m hoping b/c of spotifys rep they can compete with M.U.’s old school catalogue as well as the new. So far i dug in the catalogue and it is ok but i haven’t had a chance to be thorough. I hope i don’t regret the comment.

  • It would be awesome if you brought this to Vita along with offline music playback.

  • YES YES YES!!!!! This is GREAT!!!!

    Thank you!!!!!!

  • Can PS3 users play music while playing games? I would love to rock out to some dub step while playing Destiny.

  • how to get spotify off py ps4. I really don’t want your stupid add and app on my device! So if I may say it is my device can’t i decide for my self if i want to see it at start up? probebly you going to kill us with spotify like your last flop add and app singstar. Sony, people don’t want your **** on there device take it off!

  • I was really hoping this app would Scrobble my tracks to Last.Fm any chance that will be patched in?

  • I want to say this is sure to come to Vita but we all know how horridly Sony supports that beautiful device.

  • How can i delete (or at least hide) this totally useless app?
    i wanna stream my own music from my DLNA.

    sony should think on this user like me too, not only forcing their partnership to spotify and other pay-services.
    this really sucks

  • They finallly added music tracks to online multiplayer games that should’ve been done 3 gens ago including other gaming softwares.

  • I am unable to log in to the Spotify App or the online site. Says I should use Facebook. I disallowed all apps from Facebook but turned it back on for this but no dice. I requested a password reset but Spotify continues to say I am to use Facebook credentials and doesn’t send me a reset request to my email?!?

    Also, I cannot find the Spotify App on the PSStore. I am on PC and my cell but still haven’t seen it. Do I need to do this from the PS4 itself or do we need to wait till a certain time?

  • What about the Vita though?

  • Finally, a music option on the PS4!

    Thank you Sony for partnering with the best online music source.

    Now I can access my Spotify playlists everywhere, except my non-sony consoles.

  • Thank you.

    Installed on my PS4/PS3 this morning and works great !

    Now we need one for the Vita as well.

  • @59 Daigon609

    Tune In Radio is already on the Vita.

  • Vita please!!!

  • Same as Maluraq said, showing in the FAQ the day it launch that all the albums and songs and playlists from our Music Unlimited account are gone in dust is just a stab in the back. I would think there is probably millions of pissed off customers today, we’ll see…
    Just for that we should receive a year of free premium account, or at the minimum a complete database list of what WAS our MU account, so we can spend a few WEEKS rebuilding playlists and music collection in spotify.

    Babe bad bad transition, unprofessional behaviour.

  • @89 Volkoz.

    Did you check the Playstation Music (Music Unlimited) during the month of Mar 15 ?

    Sony had given us the ability to get lists of our Music Unlimited downloaded to a pc. (Playlists, however, I just created Playlists for anything I wanted listed).

    There was a link to it, but it’s now gone.

  • Just found out on an other site this info:

    *If you are a Music Unliimited subscriber, you can export your playlists to a CSV file by following the instructions on this web page. This web page will be available until March 29th, 2015.

    Great to have to dig for this 2 days too late. What is all this messy transition? Why not give 30 days AFTER launch for everyone to get reorganized? Or at least a week? No?

  • You know what would make this less of a slap in the face to Vita? If you didn’t disable Spotify during Remote Play!

  • And yes I looked at the pan site during March, infos were kind of “stay tuned, more to come”, and now it comes from behind and it hurts. Guess I will just have to forget all of it.

  • Most likely it wasn’t kept as it would probably mean that extra staff would have to be around to support it as well.

    I understand you’re upset, but many companies are outsourcing parts of their business and I wouldn’t doubt that this is what Sony did as well to save a bit.

  • Not pan, psn* (auto corrector bad behaviour again -.-)

    Sorry, this ruin my day.

  • I was there for at least 2 or 3 weeks before Mar 29th Volkoz…

    I checked daily so as not to miss out.

  • sorry my I should say It.

  • @78 and 81

    Its a FREE app to use for FREE. You do NOT need to pay to use the app. It is FREE to use, FREE to listen to, FREE to sign up, FREE as in FREE.

    I dont understand what is wrong with so many people. Is it all these people dont like being giving stuff to use for FREE?

    Or is it that so many of these people just dont understand how to read english, understand the english language, and comprehend what it means?

    The app is FREE to use. You DONT need to pay $10/monthly to use the app. The $10/month fee is for those that CHOOSE to pay so they wont have the few little commercials that are played once in awhile between listening to many songs.

    This app is just like any other music app out there that has a free version that you can listen to, and thru out the time your listening you will hear a few ads that go to pay for you to listen for free. In fact PlayStation and Spotify when above and beyond with how they did the FREE version of this app. They play a very tiny ad once in awhile. Its nothing compared to what all the other music apps have you listen to for the length of time between every 2 or 3 songs.

  • Understand how your day is ruined…not fun at all.

    Actually, when they announced it back in Jan…I had a free Spotify account (not Premium) and started to copy on my own, my playlists and music from Music Unlimited to Spotify.

    I wasn’t going to wait for Sony and lose all my stuff.

  • I hope this is just the start to PlayStation teaming up with music providers! While I love spotify — don’t get me wrong — I’d absolutely love to see other music services join the “PlayStation Music” family, such as SoundCloud or Hype Machine!

    Nonetheless though, as a previous Music Unlimited user, I am happy to see this evolution. MU wasn’t bad, but Spotify already does everything MU could but better. Thanks for this PlayStation team!

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