Introducing PlayStation Underground

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Introducing PlayStation Underground

Yes, this is a real thing!

For those PlayStation gamers that don’t remember (or, perhaps, hadn’t yet appeared on this Earth), PlayStation Underground was a video magazine and series of demo discs which Sony Computer Entertainment America produced in the late ’90s. Now, we’re bringing PlayStation Underground back in the form of an online show about video games. We play for a bit, talk it out, and sit on a pretty sweet couch. Simple!

To celebrate the return of Underground, our friends at Harmonix brought an early build of the upcoming music rhythm reboot Amplitude for us to play. Spoiler: we got destroyed by Expert mode, but that’s okay because we tried our best.

We’re aiming to roll out new Underground episodes every other week, with a vision of a weekly broadcast in the near future. If you tune into Underground in the coming months, expect to see upcoming game previews, and hear insider details from the best and brightest in the gaming community.

Underground is just getting started, so you can expect a few things to change over the coming months as we fall into a rhythm of our own and tidy up the place. But for now, please sit back, fetch a refreshing beverage, and enjoy.

We have a lot more to show you.

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  • I still remember those registration cards that came with games that we had to fill out and mail in…

  • Nice! Those old demos discs were the best. I think you could even buy the PS2 demo discs for about $10 or something, but you could try out 8 or so games. SSX, Extermination, Dynasty Warriors (these were always the same, ha ha). And of course the iconic Metal Gear Solid demo for PS1. That demo changed everything about gaming for me.

  • Qore Beyond!

  • Now that name brings back some good memories! Looking forward to this and thanks for doing it!

    • Thanks for watching! The show is already still growing, and we’ll have changes to the set coming shortly.

  • I still have a bunch of the demo discs that were either mailed to me, or came in the magazines!

  • Oh yessss!!! Another show to enjoy,and we start with Amplitude?
    Hell Yeah!

  • I loved getting the Underground demo discs.

  • I remember the old Playstation Underground subscription that I played on my Playstation One !!!!!!!

  • Don’t lie, guys. We all know this whole “show” thing was just a ruse to play Amplitude early ;)

  • Also this is pretty awesome I look forward to more. Thanks!

  • Where’s Maggle?

  • Awesome! Where will they be airing? Just YouTube, or will they be pushed to our PS4’s?

  • I so remember awaiting the arrival of my Playstation Underground Magazine every month.

    The Demo Disks were the best things before PS2 online.

    So how long will this version last? I am hoping twice that of the original.

  • Oh Yes! I still have a few PS Underground discs! Welcome back! I really missed the PS magazines.

  • Will PS Underground be a new app for Vita, PS3/4?

  • Awesome, hopefully this is as good as PlayStation Access!

  • Great that they started with Harmonix, too. I played the hell out of the Frequency and Amplitude Demos in advance of their full purchase. Even got to play a unique mix with the Sound Designer via Frequency Online. :D

    Can’t wait to get my Backer copy of Amplitude HD! ^^d

    • Yeah, everyone on the show this episode was a HUGE fan of the original Amplitude. Such a pleasure to play the new one.

  • Getting those PlayStation Underground discs in the mail made that particular day all the better. Kinda miss those days, when the mailbox actually brought something other than bills ;)

  • Awesome! I was just thinking last week about that show that used to come out every few weeks (Quore?) on the PS3 and how I missed it. Can’t wait for more! I don’t know if it is in the works, but maybe you guys could consider making this integrated into the PS4 home screen in some way shape or form.

    • Hi! Thanks for the note. Yes, right now we are just an online show for YouTube, Facebook, etc., but we will investigate other platforms in the future.

  • Cool another TV show

    But we really want a Tester Season 4. That show was hilarious and even made me buy some games.

  • What ever happened to Pulse?

  • Pretty sure I still have my PSU discs at home. I remember finding the secret music videos, so cool! Lol.

  • Please tell me my 6 year old PlayStation Share post just got closed lol.

  • Very cool. Thanks for the update to the Playstation App by the way! Was wanting a “back” button for a while. Super nice.

    Next, could we find a way to stay signed in to PSN on the app? Would be convenient to not have to relogin every time before posting a comment. Thanks!!

  • I am an original PS Underground Member and still have my UnderGround membership card and a GAP member! Plus ALL the PS2 Demo discs that were sent to me, including the BETA Discs. From the Underground too a GAP Member w/ over 45+ PS2 & PS3 BETA TESTS!!

  • PLUG lol, perfect tongue in cheek joke from the PR guys. and of course BEYOND!

  • I don’t know why I said plug I totally misread that.

  • Sweet! Can I get a new hat?

    My original fitted gray one with the underground logo on the back is getting a little old!

    Go Underground!

  • This is called nostalgic fanservice. And it’s awesome.

  • Introducing? more like Re-introducing, I’m glad you guys brought PSU back.

    nostalgia overload.

    I remember when I had first linked my PSU account to my PSN account.. and then they discontinued it :(

    • Agreed on your point about “introducing,” but “re-introducing” is just a little less punchy. :-D

  • Sounds great! You guys are really rocking this generation.

    Just need:
    Ability to watch/listen to gaming podcasts and video shows like this on PS4.
    More new first party games like Bloodborne.
    PS Vue and Now on other devices – iOS, Android, smart tv’s, etc.

  • bring back the Playstation Underground merchandise! :D

    put it on the Playstation Merch. store!

  • Wow I remember this. It’s back! Nice!

  • Any word on the official e-sports league/app for ps4?
    That would be huge if it was integrated right into the system.

  • This should be added to PlayStation live tile on the ps4 or under new when you boot your PS console of choice

  • I still remember getting to beta test the PS2 network adapter as part of this! I still have my PlayStation pen kicking around somewhere…

  • I loved PlayStation Underground back in the day! Loved receiving the free demo discs all the time in the mail. PlayStation Underground eventually brought along the G.A.P., and my access into that great program back then.

    I hope this new version of PlayStation Underground will bring new things to the table. Maybe even bring us more alpha & betas to take part in and help make the games better as a community.

    Thanks for the good memories when i think of PlayStation Underground. The very first program that brought me into the world of PlayStation back in the days of snail mail. :)

  • I loved QORE, but I knew it wouldn’t last. How can you send th beautiful Veronica Belmont around the world, meeting w/ the various studios on upcoming games etc., and yet out of all her travels, we would only get too see a 5-10 minute clip of what they’re working on.. Wasted so much money sending her all over, for such little content.

  • I know i still have my G.A.P membership card and the other stuff that came with it. I should look for it one day and post a pic of it. Such great great memories.

    The one let down tho was that membership card… although that was my own fault. I hyped myself up that Sony had some special contract with retails like EB Games (back in the day) where if we showed our membership card we got discounts on PlayStation games and other PS stuff.

    LOL…. the dreams of a young gamer back then :D

  • Yesssss is all i can say… I rememberd dropping EGM is electronic gaming monthly for the ps mag and disks yessss hopefully the show will also be in the playstation store to stream thanks again gang keep it up

  • Awesome news, guys! Any chance that you’ll play some classics from the PS1 to PS2 era from time to time? Would be cool to take a look back at some of the classics that made Playstation what it is today!

  • Ha! Wow I remember Playstation Underground. Still have some of those discs around somewhere. Very cool to see it coming back in some way. Looking forward to checking out the videos.

  • Awesome!

  • Thank you, Clements, for reviving an old tradition!

  • i played MGS on one of those disk so Yeah! i remember xD

  • I had some kind of piece of paper saying I was a member of the game advisory panel or something from PS Underground back when I was a kiddo.

    I remember demo discs, lots of demo discs. Welcome PS Underground.

  • This is awesome. At least I can watch it on the Youtube app on PS4. Please make an official “PS App” or “PS.Blog App” for PS4, so all the video/audio content you guys make can be accessed right on our consoles. Thanks, and looking forward to the future.

  • Gonna watch just because of the pure nostalgia “PlayStation Underground” invokes. Those demo disks got me through a lot of boredom, in between the stretches of my parent’s buying me a new game.

  • Haha, this is awesome! I used to be a part of PSU and GAP so I’m definitely glad to see that PSU is back! I used to look forward to those demo discs that’d come in the mail! :D

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