PS4 System Update 2.50 Available Tomorrow, Features Detailed

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PS4 System Update 2.50 Available Tomorrow, Features Detailed

Tomorrow, PlayStation 4 will get an update to system software version 2.50, codenamed “Yukimura,” which will bring an onslaught of features: some you’ve been anticipating, many you’ve requested, and others that might surprise you. This update will make significant improvements to your PS4 experience, making it even more streamlined and enjoyable.

Following the update, you’ll be able to smoothly pick games up right where you left off, find and connect with friends quicker, customize your experience and share your most epic moments in a more meaningful way.


PlayStation 4 v2.50 Update

Features coming to PS4 with “Yukimura” include:

  • Suspend/Resume* — Supported by nearly all of your PS4 games, you can jump in and out of your games with just the press of the PS button. Quickly switch from Rest Mode to powered-up so you can pick up where you left off.
  • Back-Up and Restore HDD to USB — Back-up and restore your hard disc drive data associated with users on your PS4, including settings, saved data, screenshots and video clips as well as games, patches and download data, to and from an external USB drive.
  • Find and Connect with Friends — “Yukimura” adds to an already robust set of social tools, bringing several updates to continue making PS4 the best place to play with your friends, including:
    • Facebook Friend Finder — Using your linked account, you can expand your network by searching and connecting with your Facebook friends.
    • Improved Friend requests — Friend requests and Real Name requests can be sent together in one step when adding a friend on PS4.
    • Streamlined Party process — The process to create a Party has been streamlined with a reduction in the number of steps required.
    • Find Friends who play your games — Easily view what friends are playing on each game detail page with a real-time “Friends Who Play This” section, which also highlights which friends are currently online and playing it, and if you own the game, allows you to jump directly into the game.
    • Join Friends directly from news feed — A new tile will be added on your What’s New feed where you can see what your friends are currently playing, enabling you to join in the game if you own it.
  • Share Earned Trophies and Optimize Your Trophy List — We know that Trophies are important to many gamers, so we’re bringing more control with how you show them off:
    • Automatic Trophy Screenshots — A screenshot will automatically be captured when a Trophy is earned, preserving the moment to share with friends.
    • SHARE Trophies — Players can share Trophy information to Facebook, Twitter or via Message by pressing the SHARE button.
    • Additional Trophy sorting options — Sort your Trophy list by Earned Date, Not Earned and Grade.
    • Delete 0% Trophies — Remove games from your Trophy list that have zero percent completion.
  • Improved and Expanded Accessibility Options — New options added to customize the user experience include:
    • Customized button assignments for DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller.
    • Zoom for displayed pictures and inverted colors for all system functions, apps and in-game.
    • Text-to-speech is available only for Message and Party, and is only performed in English.**
    • Enlarged text for all graphical user interface, including Message and Party, as well as the system’s browser.
    • Bolder fonts and higher contrast UI for all system applications (but will not apply to games or third-party applications).
  • Remote Play and Share Play — For games that support 60 fps, users will be able to automatically enjoy those games with 60 fps for both Remote Play and Share Play*** on supported devices.
  • Automatic Installation for System Software Updates — Enable automatic installation for future system software updates.
  • Sub-Account Upgrade — Enable users 18 years of age or older with sub-accounts to upgrade to a master account directly on PS4, removing restrictions on chat and enabling users to add funds to their Wallet, purchase content and more.
  • Verified Accounts — Select game developers, producers, designers and community managers will be verified with a badge.
  • Dailymotion — Upload video clips directly to Dailymotion via the SHARE button.

PlayStation Vita and PlayStation App for smartphones and tablets will also receive system software updates tonight, adding complementary features to those added to PS4. PS Vita update version 3.50 and PlayStation App update version 2.50 will add new accessibility options, including enlarged text, increased contrast and more. This update also enables PS Vita to support 60 fps streaming for Remote Play***.

We’re excited for you to get your hands on these new features and experience them for yourselves. You have all been such a big part of our successes, and we have carefully listened to your requests to make your PlayStation experiences even better. We’re happy to be delivering many of them with “Yukimura.” Please keep the feedback flowing, so we can continue making PlayStation 4 the best place to play.

*Suspend/Resume is not fully supported by some software titles.
**The wording of this list item has been updated for clarity.
***A sufficiently robust wi-fi connection is required.

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  • This update messed up my console, it wont turn back on and costumer service its making me pay for the service when it was there mistake!!

  • I have installed the update and all of the sudden when i push the ps button my sound via HDMI is gone.
    didnt have that trouble before that

  • Some good features…BUT, if I just want to switch off my PS4 (like I always do), rather than suspend, I have to p*ss about scrolling through loads more steps before I can actually do it. NOT HAPPY.

    Not all of us want to suspend and keep the application open.

  • And another thing, when writing text the PS3 used to bring up CAPS with a flick of R2, on the PS4 it’s bloody L2 – which isn’t very ergonomic. Can we have it back to R2 please Sony.

    And the PS4 wont let you click along the video progress bar to nip forward to a different part of the video. The PS3 had this feature – why not the PS4…?

  • i just figured out what messed up my theme on ps4 its the gta 5 update i deleted it because of the graphics downgrade tried my theme and it worked.

  • Loving my PlayStation tv just bought it couple days ago does uncharted work for the playtion tv lol just curious thanks guys :)

  • “+ CrazyRap on March 25th, 2015 at 4:09 am said:
    Finally :D
    Can we get display total time spent playing on ps4 feature next please?”

    Yea, and I want facebook to inform me of all the guys my ex-girlfriends have banged.

    Srsly, why would you want that feature?!?!

  • I’d like to be able to save a photo from the internet browser and set it as a wallpaper, like the PS3 did. I know Sony doesn’t want to do a “copy and paste” method for the PS4, but this was such a great feature for customization. Also, being notified when a friend gets online/offline would be a great feature to bring back. Thanks for reading!

  • Also, what Anastasios912 (508) said about seeing our total time logged into our PS4 sounds great :D

  • Would like to be able to remove game alphas, betas and demos from library.

  • Not able to access some content on psn store. Wanted bloodborne but now it looks like I’m not going to.

  • Need DLNA and Pandora support!!!

  • I’ve got an error when sharing a trophy with a screenshot attached to it (new firmware feature) and after receiving the same error 3 times (error posting to Facebook), I’ve logged out from Facebook from PS4, and I was hoping that “integrating” the service again would solve that.

    The problem is, now I can’t login back to Facebook. When I try to integrate my Facebook again from my PS4, the “Log in with Facebook” is disabled (as in, unaccessible) even after entering my correct email and Facebook password. Please help me! I really want to integrate my Facebook account again!

  • Has anyone here downloaded this 2.50 update with no problems? (I cannot stand how PSN forces you to take the download if you want to use any features).
    The reason I ask is because I’ve seen on a few sites that Update 2.50 has bricked certain people’s PS4s, but I’m not sure how legit this info is. I’m still wary. So, has anyone downloaded 2.50 without any problems?

  • Still no mp3 support or images

  • Ever since the PS3 first came out, i’ve always had games that are on 0% Trophy Completion. Thank you Playstation for allowing me to get rid of this scum once and for all. #PlaystationForLife

  • @trendy6 I’ve got it downloaded and have zero issues with it

  • How do we DELETE this PS4 V2.5 software update?
    Worst update ever, ruined the console, constant crap messages flood the screen with rubbish!!!
    I’m buying an XBOX just so I don’t have to deal with all the stupid Sony unwanted crap messages.
    How do we TURN-OFF the Stupid “DISCOVER” **** that nobody wants?
    Hey SONY – go buy a clue, hopeless.

  • would be nice if we can activate profile in two separate ps4

  • This new update sucks my friends list wont work right, it only shows half of my friends profile pic.. Ive noticed that it takes about two minutes to shut off, it didnt do that before..

  • Is it just me or does “TV & Video” jump to the front of the list very time I turn on my PS4?

  • Meant to say home screen not list. And I really need a way to manage/organize the library, such as hiding/removing unwanted apps (example: redbox instant) and games (example: destiny alpha/beta).

  • I have updated to 2.5. Played for a few hours and turned it off. Come back a few days later and I have no sound.
    It seems it may be a common problem.

  • Personally I have no interest in PS Now and I am appalled that Sony decided to include this crap in the update. You can not delete the app. Freaking Bloatware. Sure you can hide it but I don’t want it on my system.

  • I want to be able to use external hard drives up to three tbs and add neww avatars

  • Jesus christ Sony, Could you PLEASE implement the feature to change your god damn PSN ID!, I don’t want to make a new account and loose all my purchases/trophies/friends. I’d pay 50 bucks to change my name.

    Okay, you said that you do not want people coming in a game and griefing the hell out of people then changing it again, that is such a pathetic statement, Seriously.

    Why can’t you just charge 10 or 20 bucks to change your name and give it a cooldown, 1 Month untill they can change it again?
    I’m sure no-one would pay 20 dollars each time just for ‘trolling’.

    Please Implement this feature Sony, please.

  • what I want to know is when in rest mode do you appear offline?

  • oooh yea just to piggyback off #527 OR you could just allow a one time name change for free…or *in really small print* “charge a fee” I’d like to change my USER ID for in game play. Just one time and I’m good.

  • When I came out of rest mode my ps4 won’t start and gave me error Cannot access system storage.

  • Still no Dlma really? PS4 is like buying a ticket to Disneyland and told you can only ride Its a small world after all ride. Sucks balls. Great machine, crappy promoting. Lets lock it all up and make it useless to adults that can afford it. Sony you are a group of tards. I am so happy I found someone dumb enough to trade there X1. I will never look back. What a let down.

  • Share play does not work after update, I know alot of ps5 owners are having the same problem. Is there any update on a fix? Or does Sony not know about this issue? Where would I go to let them know, customer support?

  • Ps4 owners*

  • Haven’t played on ps4 since new update, been on ps3. Having a picture shot of your trophy then uploading to Facebook is great if it works. Because of the delay for the trophy to pop up, the move or completion has already passed. Example my first trophy to pop up after the update was in walking dead season 2. It’s the first trophy in the game. I wasn’t aware I would receive this trophy. As clementine I fall in the river at the beginning of the game. The screen goes blank to load the next section and during the blank screen my trophy pops up. So I have a screen shot of my trophy being awarded on a blank screen. So the feature of being able to screen shot your trophy because of the actions you have done is pointless if the trophy pops up 10 seconds after you’ve completed the action

  • Answer that sony nobs

  • I keep getting the very annoying “so and so has left” messages all the time. It would also be nice for friends to see what I am actually doing instead of what I “was doing”. Example: I played Destiny then quit the game and started to watch YouTube. But to my friends they still see me playing Destiny and not watching YouTube. I get messages inviting me to play Destiny, I explain that I am doing something else. They say well it says you are playing Destiny. I know I say and have to explain the whole thing every time. ?

  • Can’t upload videos to youtube since this update but was fine before does anyone know a fix please???

  • Need a new update for the PlayStation app can’t link phone no remote play I sold my xbox one to get the ps4 and it’s becoming a let down I have a zte zmax I know it should be able to work come on now let’s get together

  • Extremely disappointed yet again but why am I surprised that the one thing that is consistently being asked for is being ignored by Sony. It just seems that they are trying to introduce all sorts of useless crap in their updates in attempt to keep the focus off DLNA support that I think the majority of ps4 owners want. I’m in the market for a second console but if Sony doesn’t bring back DLNA support before xmas 2015, then I am completely done with them and will get rid of my PS4 and will move over to xbox… least XBOX appears to listen to its customers. Sony should never have introduce DLNA support to the PS3 and then there wouldn’t have been such a demand for it on the PS4

  • One other thing Sony. Your updates besides giving more useless garbage that most will never be able to use properly , you seem to have the knack recently of creating updates that all they do is screw up a person’s system. I for one won’t upload your crappy updates until I know you have released another update to fix all the problems you cause with this new update. Does Sony actually do any testing with their updates? The PS4 is a great machine that is being wasted and becoming despised due to Sony’s incompetence. Perhaps if Sony actually took their head out of the sand and listened to their customers and give us what we want such as DLNA instead of figuring out ways to bloat our machines with utter crap that doesn’t work properly, then you might have more positive comments here and more importantly happier customers.

  • I would love to be able to change my id name , some people have had theirs for way to long .

  • Please add another psn store discount code hopefully 20% off please. =D

  • I’m baffled how many reading comprehension fails there are in these comments:

    1. It says “Backup and Restore”, that in no way means “use files from” (USB HDD)

    2. Those complaining about Now and what not being bloatware, that’s just because its front and center. There’s lots of this stuff on Xbox too (features I don’t use and can’t remove), they’re just nicely tucked away :)

    3. I similarly am amused by how many folks want to change their PSN ID’s. Did you just punch something random in when you signed up? I’ve had the same ID for over 10 years, I thought it up myself, it has 7 letters, no silly numbers or X’s or what not. I guess I’m just lucky I didn’t think it’d be funny at age 10 to signup as “BallL1ck3r-450” and now that I’m 16 my friends are making fun of me.

    Good rule of thumb: If you can’t say your PSN idea to a friend with your Mom in the room, don’t pick it.

  • 4. DLNA would be nice,but I have many other devices to handle that (Boxee Box, Appple TV, Minix X8-H, etc) so no worries there

    5. Reading stuff off USB would be nice, the Xbox One does it (I tossed a 5TB USB disk on there and it formatted it then just extended my storage space, nice). Tricky though since MS does a little more under the hood to protect that disk; whereas sony is FAT32 with potentially encrypted / database files).

    All in all I like the update, suspend/resume is faster, the bigger fonts help me personally..

    I’m just hoping this has squashed the bug in which my PS4 turns on randomly even from full power off, and goes into Safe mode.

    – D

  • @paddyflan1971 By your logic sir you’d then never update. If you’re always worried update 1 will break your system you wait for update 2. You’d be worried update 2 would break it and wait for 3. :)

  • STILL NO VIDEO PLAYBACK FROM USB/HDD!!!. after a year of hounding from devoted customers still nothing!! this update is crap

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