Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition on PS4: New Details

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Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition on PS4: New Details

Greetings to the PlayStation community! Hideaki Itsuno of Capcom here. As you may know, Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition is set to release in the summer of 2015, some seven years after the launch of the original game back in January 2008 to a positive reception from fans of the series. The original Devil May Cry 4 was actually Capcom’s very first title for PS3.

This year Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition will make its way to PlayStation 4 with new modes, gameplay and visual improvements, and the largest roster of playable characters in any Devil May Cry game to date.

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition on PS4: New Details

One of the biggest new attractions in Special Edition is that you will be able to play as Vergil, who has proven to be an extraordinarily popular character amongst fans. For his appearance in Special Edition, we’ve used his Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening Special Edition rendition as a gameplay foundation, and added in elements of his DmC rendition to create the definitive version of the character.

We’ve also added in a brand new “Concentration” mechanic, which complements Vergil’s signature “iaijutsu” fighting style, making his attacks grow stronger and stronger the more calmly and flawlessly he fights. Additionally, the “Grim Trick” ability, which allows Vergil to teleport using his “Sword Illusions,” makes for an action experience that will feel new and distinctly different from that of Nero or Dante.

We also decided that we wanted to make Lady and Trish playable for the Special Edition. On top of the already playable Nero and Dante from the original game, this makes for a total of five playable characters in the game.

Devil May Cry 4 Special EditionDevil May Cry 4 Special Edition

Lady, who is a playable character for the first time in the series, has a fighting style that is conceptually quite different from that of the other DMC4 characters, with a special emphasis on firearms. Lady’s focus on long-range fighting will feel like a completely different way to take on the action.

When playing as Trish, you will see that she does away with weapon switching, and instead makes skillful use of the Sparda sword in a variety of ways that require the use of relatively few buttons. This again makes for a play style that will feel distinctly different from anything you’ve seen in the game until now.

“Legendary Dark Knight Mode,”a feature we were previously unable to include in the PS3 version, will be added to the game. This mode pits players against a tremendous number of enemies. Players will have to adjust their fighting style to adapt, making for a fresh gameplay experience for even long-time fans.

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

The game will also feature a plethora of new costumes, which are fully compatible with in-game cutscenes, bringing a fresh look to scenes some fans may have seen before.

It’s a great honor to be able to bring Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition to PS4. Stay tuned for more information, and please look forward to a fun game with tons of content this summer, whether you’re a stylish seven-year veteran or a newcomer to the series.

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  • POWER!

    GIve me more…POWER!!!

    yes. <3

  • Yesssss! cant wait for to play with vergil

  • Day 1 purchase but please do a sequel to DmC.

  • omg this look way way way way way better than the DMC Reboot

  • Now that seems like an improvement.

  • Omg yesssss I love dmc looks amazing wish it would come for psvita doe

  • Will Vergil, Lady, and Trish have a reason for being in the game story-wise, or are they just there for playability?

    Either way, this is beyond awesome. I still have my copy of Devil May Cry 4 for my PS3, but with this, I am definitely buying it again.

  • So what improvements can I expect story wise? Do all of the new characters have their own story mode as well?
    I noticed there are some new cut scenes in the trailer but how much does this entail? Or will this be like DMC3:SE where there is a opening and nothing else.

  • Cant believe it looks so next gen

  • F yeah…. I never understood reviews of the DMC games where reviewers would complain about the dialogue in DMC, calling it juvenile etc… lol, well no $h.. that’s what made DMC awesome… the over the top style… That’s like calling Mortal Kombat “bloody / over the top!”, or saying the same thing about KILL BILL……. or calling Counterstrike or SOCOM “hard”… these are all the things that make the games unique / stand out from the competition! Always loved the PURE ATTITUDE in DMC..that’s what brings fans to the game! Exact same as God of War…pure energy / action for those who aren’t afraid of some!

    Already played this badass game on ps3 but I’ll probably rent it on ps4 or get it on sale. Would DEFINITELY buy it if it was packaged with the DMC that just came out on PS4 by the way. Give longtime fans better incentives to buy all these remakes and more of those fans will.

  • I agree porchemgs

  • This is how to do a re-release. Great news!

  • Oh and I have to say I think this game would be AMAZING with a 2 player fighting mode, or coop. A Versus mode would probably be best though and easiest to do, and would add a lot of fun to the game.

    Same thing I was wondering about why InFamous on the ps4 didn’t have multiplayer, when the game is clearly showing off all the great moves you can do…the games have great fighting mechanics / action moves…bring that to multiplayer! Look at God of War: Ascension… a great 1 player action game can easily become a great multiplayer game!

  • DMC4 wasn’t that good honestly. It had some nice gameplay enhancements on DMC3, but that’s about it. Bland environments, boring textures, terrible writing, awful acting, an insufferable protagonist (Nero). And then they make you go through it all over again backwards with Dante. It’s a mess of a game. People harped on DmC like it broke a streak or something, when DMC4 was already on the lower end of the spectrum for the series.

    DMC3 > DMC > DmC > DMC2 > DMC4

    But hey, that’s just my opinion.

  • This sounds amazing!
    Just a suggestion…maybe play around with a 2 player Bloody Palace? This party’s gettin crazy!

  • All I got to say Sony and Capcom. Looks like this going hell of a party.

  • That said, the trailer has me interested. 3 new characters and a very noticeable visual upgrade. I still love the series.

    Though it is sad that the series has to constantly rely on DMC3 “nostalgia” with Vergil.

  • Thats what I’m talking about…was waiting for new details,can’t wait to play as Vergil,finally he will get his deserved return to the series.
    And nice one capcom,didn’t expected so much changes…looking forward to play as Trish and Lady too.
    Still got the PS3 disc of DmC 4 and wish I could get this one for PS3 as well but I guess you’ll leave me no choice right?
    Anyway I can’t wait to see the Special Edition destroying that lame DmC Definitive Edition on sales…maybe this time you’ll finally hear your fans capcom.

  • Is the “Legendary Dark Knight” mode just going to add more on screen enemies, or will it also raise game difficulty as well?

  • hopefully the Remaster sells better than DmC on Ps3, so they can let that “alternate Dante” rest and proceed with DMC5^^

  • Finally!!! Day one buy :DDD

  • Yes! buying it!

  • Oh my god!
    I’m very happy, not going to lie. Buying this game day 1.
    By the way please start woking on Devil May Cry 5 kobayashi and Itsuno, only you can continue the series.

  • no story for vergil? :s we need a new DmC :/ that storyline is better

  • Wow, this looks great!! Can’t wait to play it again!!

  • It’s so annoying to see people pitting DmC against DMC all the time. Both are good, stop being so insecure.

    I would love to see a DmC 2 just like I would love to see a DMC 5.

  • Please bring a remastered DMC 1 to ps4. That was the best one and it was a genre defining game

  • Yeessssssss, how I missed good ol’ classic DMC… I’m so hyped!!!!!!!

  • Virgil is supposed to be DEAD in the 4th one. The 3rd one shows you that. And that’s why Yamato is broken in the first place! Putting Virgil in here would just **** everything up. But alas, that is my only complaint about it. Yes DMC 4 sucked, but a lot of people were getting bored with Dante (I don’t know how). Thus Nero (the whiny, lovesick, arrogant teenager) was born. I don’t know if I would buy this, the fourth one disappointed me too much. And unfortunately, I have lost a lot of faith in my beloved DMC series.

  • This remake with these features sounds awesome! I’m excited to get my hands on it!

  • Finally the only DMC without trophies.

  • They had to have added more if they wanted this version to be worth it. What they should have done was make dante fully playable through all missions, as well as nero


  • I keep seeing sites stating that this will be a digital download only, but no official press like this is stating that. Can it be confirmed if there will be a physical release or not?

    Looking forward to this one regardless!

  • More than just a lick of paint. I’m excited to get back into this
    5 characters is a huge selling point

  • Can’t wait to use Mary/Lady and I’m all for costumes compatible with in-game cutscenes.

  • Scratch my question earlier, Capcom Unity has said it’s digital only in North America. Pretty disappointing, but oh well.

  • I am so glad about this. I did not hate DmC, but it was like a kind of Dante esq character meets The Sopranos. Was not a fan of the mafia like vibe. Glad to be going back to classic Dante.

  • I love both versions the classic and the reboot.
    I hope to see sequels. I mean, look at Mega Man, How many variations of the character are there?

  • Yes. Thank you. Faith in Capcom restored.

  • Anyone that thinks DmC reboot story was good or wants a sequel, is not a true DMC fan. Sorry but that game was absolute garbage, a sequel to DMC 4 or DMC 2 please~

  • FINALLY!!!! MORE POWER!!!!! i hope people buy this so that we can get a proper DMC 5

  • No physical = no buy. Get it together already.

  • Wow I still remember getting the DMC4 Collector’s edition for PS3 back when it came out. The greatest plug against it was the lack of trophies. I’ve played it twice on PS3 and on PC. I’ll definitely go thru the game as Vergil ;)

  • PS4 a.k.a PS3 Remaster.

  • Aww, I was hoping Vergil would actually have his own little campaign and we see his epic return to the series lore, not just him being playable in the regular DMC4 missions with a little fan-service cutscene to start it off (like DMC3 SE). All the Vergil teasing in the other DmC trailers really got me way too hyped for it, almost felt like false advertising man!

    Still, day 1.

  • Its obvious Capcom is waiting to see which remaster sells more before making a decision on which one gets the next-gen sequel. So guys, lets make sure this sells like CRAZY!!!

    I don’t mind DmC continuing, but not at the expense of halting the REAL DMC series!

  • almost all the PS2 remasters on PS3 supported 3DTVs — will this PS3 remaster on PS4 support 3DTV?

    will the original audio assets be re-encoded to FLAC instead of the low-quality MP3 from the PS3 release?

    I hope it’s better visual quality than Sleeping Dogs and the other DMC — both had framerate chugging issues and almost no post-release support. The Resident Evil remaster on PS4 had chunky textures and almost no animation or model updates.

    I love remasters, but not if it turns into shovelware like the Wii and Vita have had.

  • This looks great. PS4 got DMC and now Devil May Cry 4. What about my Vita? You should bring the original Devil May Cry Trilogy to Vita. It would be great on the go without having to worry about connections issues for Remote Play.

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