inFAMOUS Second Son Turns One: Free Wallpapers, Ringtones & More

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inFAMOUS Second Son Turns One: Free Wallpapers, Ringtones & More

inFAMOUS Second Son - Twitter Cover

We can’t believe it has been a year since the launch of inFAMOUS Second Son. Delsin Rowe turns one!! Here at Sucker Punch we have enjoyed all your comments, fan notes and thousands of beautiful #PhotoMode submissions. So let us return the favor with a goodie bag full of discounts and free stuff worthy of inFAMOUS Second Son’s first birthday.

But first, a bit of news… As you may know, inFAMOUS First Light was part of the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection in January. We got the report last week that an impressive 3.5 million of you checked it out! Go Fetch! So what better way to celebrate Delsin’s birthday and Fetch’s performance than to say thanks to you all.

inFAMOUS Second Son - Profile PicinFAMOUS Second Son - Profile PicinFAMOUS Second Son - Profile Pic

Click here to get the fan kit

If you missed out on Fetch when she was on PS Plus, there will be a 50% off sale on inFAMOUS First Light from March 27th through March 30th.

Second, we have a free downloadable fan kit for everyone! This will include inFAMOUS Second Son cover art for use on Facebook and Twitter, Delsin, Reggie, Fetch, Eugene, Hank, and Augustine avatars for use on Twitter, wallpapers for your phone, and Delsin and Fetch ringtones.

We can’t thank you players enough — it’s been a fun year for all of us at Sucker Punch, and that’s due in large part to the support you continue to give us, Delsin, and Fetch. Keep playing, and we’ll see you all soon in the chalice dungeons in Bloodborne!!

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inFAMOUS Second Son - Facebook Cover

P.S. The PS4 team is celebrating too! They’re launching two PS4 themes — one for Delsin and another for Fetch, $1.99 each, available March 31st!

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  • Ohhhh nice. Hope to see you in Bloodborne too ^_^

    Off topic, how comes we can’t get Brave Fencer Mushi on the U.S. PS store?

  • :-D Finally a theme. Wish there was a setting that would change my theme to a different one every 24 hours.

  • Oh. its already been a year !
    This is one of the greatest PS4 games yet

  • Awesome! I’m loving the fan kit, and can’t wait to get that theme… wish we can get a inFAMOUS PS4 Faceplate :)

  • The game is a ton of fun but I have never been a fan of Delsin; I have wanted to punch him so many times. The inclusion and portrayal of Eugene is also quite bizarre to me. Characters and story aside, I still have a blast playing and taking screenshots.

  • Happy Berfday! ??????

  • Just started the game two days ago. I like it very much so far, even if I don’t relate to Delsin. And plus one to the idea of themes that change automatically. That’s a cool idea.

  • Off topic, in a future update could we get trophy progress?

  • Just curious Sony/PlayStation team. Why is it that you can celebrate birthdays for individual PS4 titles, but can’t do that for Vita?

  • Thanks for the fan kit! Great stuff and I think I have a new favorite ringtone now. Surprised there wasn’t a Diamond from Powers skin for Delsin, which would be a good cross promotion in my book.

  • Great game. Played it for the first time last month. Surpassed my expectations. Happy Bday ?!

  • this was a great game, although it got tedious after awhile and not a lot to do after you’ve finished all of story and side missions. I’d love to see some online action for future infamous games and players could create their own conduits :)

  • Cool beans.

  • Wish the ringtones were available on iTunes, I hate fiddling with the bloated software just to sync a ringtone.

  • Still, thanks for the cool stuff ;)

  • Congrats on the anniversary Sucker Punch! Loved the game Im forcing myself to Plat SS before i even think of playing First Light
    (I’m close to breaking that) and those themes are perfect for me i have to get both of them!

  • ringtones, wallapeprs and fankit? Awesome! Wish more Playstation games would do this. Thanks!

  • Awesome! Proud to have supported Second Son and First Light on Day 1!

  • Are the PS4 themes dynamic?

  • I love both games, how about getting us those avatars for PlayStation Network use? I would gladly buy them.

  • Happy Birthday! Now go make the sequel XD

  • Can’t wait to see what Sucker Punch is working on next!

  • Sucks that PS4 doesnt let us have any choice of avatars.

  • wow has it only been a year? it seems longer than that. happy birthday, first son!

    i’m still playing first light’s battle arenas, trying to beat my friend’s high scores; unfortunately, right after i beat his score, the game crashed. i think that was the first time first light has crashed on me. other than that, i love the battle arenas.

    i can’t wait to see what the themes look like. i’m hoping there’s some nice neon artwork and stuff.

    so cool that you guy included the ringtones. i’m going to see if i can get them on my itouch.

  • Fetch’s ringtone was not included in the fan kit.

    • Justin Massongill

      Ah, sorry about that. You should be able to download the mp3 from the Soundcloud embed in the post, then make that a ringtone for whichever device you want to use it on. :)

  • Really enjoyed Infamous: Second Son and First Light so I’ll for sure buy a Delsin and Fetch theme for my PS4. Love you guys at Sucker Punch!

  • Sweet can’t wait to buy the theme… now how about a PS4 Faceplate

  • Congrats SP get that money! :D So how many copies did SS sell exactly? I want a SS part 2 stat! : )

  • @Justin: Yeah. But you don’t have birthday celebrations for individual Vita titles, like the nth birthday of P4G, Gravity Rush etc. It seems kind of silly to just do it for PS4 games.

  • I want to celebrate God Eater 2 Rage Burst coming to the west.
    The wait continues…

  • I recognize Delsin’s ringtone as the main theme from Thieves in Time, but I don’t recognize Fetch’s. Is it an original composition?

  • Maybe as a birthday present would you make available for everyone all the preorder and limited edition DLC, like the Cole Legacy and all the special vest for Delsin, would you?

  • Isn’t “Delin’s” ringtone very similar to Sly Cooper’s theme o something?

  • Cool. Hopefully in the future, bonus features like this can launch closer to the games release. I think they’d be more successful.

  • Pretty random “Oh, btw, we’ll be playing (unrelated title), looking forward to seeing you there”

    But really, hopefully I’ll run into one of you guys, just got me a proper ps4 headset and looking forward to some bloody coop.

    In the meantime, which one of you is playing Helldivers? :p

  • Second Son and Sunset Overdrive are my favorite next gen exclusives to day. Hoping for a Second Son 2 or InFamous 3.

  • When is infamous
    second son going on sale?

  • Are you kidding? Premium theme for celebration?

  • Awesome! This was my first ps4 game and first game I platinum-ed!

  • Damn a year already? man time sure does fly sometimes doesn’t it.

  • Thanks friends! I’m still hoping for an Infamous 3.

  • Holy cow! 3.5 million downloads for Fetch?! Congrats! That’s impressive. I was one of them. First Light was fun and I found myself preferring to play as a female in an inFAMOUS world. I think it’s the fact that both me and her are into similar styles of clothing and music. Plus she looks really cool and it’s hilarious to hear her laugh when she kicks a bad guy’s ass. I hope more heroines will be playable in the near future for inFAMOUS. ??

  • I am very upset and disappointed with Sony’s inability and/or willingness to help customers.

    My account got hacked one way or another. How is immaterial at this point.

    Whomever stole my account, also deactivated my PlayStations. When I got my account back, and went to use it — I was told my PS could not be activated because I already had 2 activated. When I went to try and deactivate it on the website I was told “You have deactivated your devices recently and cannot use this feature at this time.”

    So I contacted support, who told me that I would have to wait six months to deactivate and reactivate the consoles.

    Six months.

    They told me they could not help me.

    So now I am stuck with a PlayStation Plus subscription that will expire before I can use it again. What do you think the odds are they I will buy another one next year??? I’ve had one for 4 years now — and guess what — if Sony can’t reactivate my console for me I’m done with Sony. I’ll give my PlayStations away before I’ll spend another dime on Sony products that can just be stolen away, and not be returned to me even though Sony has the ability to help — they just won’t.

    Thanks Sony

  • I recently purchased this game and have really been enjoying it.

  • awesome, thanks!!

    And, +1 to KazeEternal’s idea of a setting to randomly change your system’s Theme (among ones downloaded) every 24 hours — that’s a fantastic suggestion. I love themes and’ve been buying all game-specific ones upon release.

  • Nice,Happy Birthday Second Son…I never expected Second Son to be so good but you guys at SP did an incredible job with it and with 1st Light too…congratulations and thanks for such amazing games.You guys were the best in 2014.

    Also I need to ask,I’ve been waiting for this…please SP release Cole’s Legacy as DLC in the PS Store…I beg you PLEASE.

    And great 2 themes,awesome I gonna buy both.Thanks

  • I don’t take time out of my day often enough to say thank you to the developers who create amazing experiences for us, the players.

    So, if you’re reading this Sucker Punch, thank you so much for giving me both Second Son and First Light. They remain my favorite PS4 experiences and I had a blast with the game from start to finish. I appreciate all your hard work and eagerly look forward to what you all have in store for the future.

    Thanks for being awesome and giving me countless hours of joy.

  • Both Infamous games for the PS4 are simply top notch games and a lot of fun to play and come back to. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for your next release. Keep up the great work.

  • I have enjoyed Infamous on PS3 and now on PS4. But what about the Vita? Will Vita ever see Infamous on it?

  • I’m not able to download Fetch’s ringtone onto my iPhone. I was able to get Delsin’s, but I can’t sync it for some reason. iTunes keeps reading Fetch’s tone as an MP3 file, so it drops into my music. Is there another way I can download it?

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