Project Skylight: New Bloodborne & PS Symbols PS4 Faceplates

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Project Skylight: New Bloodborne & PS Symbols PS4 Faceplates

Hello PlayStation Nation! Today I’m very happy to introduce our next set of Limited Edition PS4 faceplates from our Project SkyLight Beta program. Our goal is to help you customize your console with some great designs, and we have two more to help you do just that!

Bloodborne PS4 Faceplate

I hope you’re just as excited as we are for From Software’s PS4 exclusive Action RPG, and to help you hold out to March 24th you can bide your time by staring lovingly at this awesome faceplate.

PS4 Bloodborne Faceplate

PlayStation Symbols PS4 Faceplate

For those of you looking to express your Circle/Square/Cross/Triangle love, we also have this great PlayStation Symbols design.

PS4 PS Symbols Faceplate

You can get both of these faceplates right here (and we even made a few extra LittleBigPlanet 3 faceplates that you can grab if you move fast enough).

We plan to have even more great options for you to choose from when the program fully launches in the future. Until then, let us know in the poll below what you would be most interested in seeing for future faceplate designs:

I’m excited to be able to introduce even more great designs in the future, so if there is anything specific you’d like us to make, please let me know in the comments below!

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  • I understand the Order: 1886 and Little Big Planet 3 faceplates were once available on Amazon? Will these two be sold officially via Amazon?

  • These are awesome and very cheap compared to the japan hdd covers…but some white faceplates would be sweet!


  • Hey, John, just bought the Bloodborne one. This is a really good idea, faceplates related to upcoming games.

    Not as good as having special edition PS4’s like Japan gets, but it’s a start.

  • Why can’t there be an all of the above option?

  • I would like to see white faceplates for the white ps4, and the symbols one in white would be nice to have in white.

  • Please make more minimalist designs like the Playstation Symbols faceplate. For example, a Last of Us wouldn’t need a full color graphic of Joel and Ellie but maybe just a the Firefly logo, or their silhouettes from the cover art.

    The Metal Gear ones not available in the US are good examples too.

  • Extremely sad that there’s no Saudi Arabia in the intentional billing address, as I have a US forwarding address and wanted to buy that symbols faceplate ASAP.

    Heartbroken and disappointed Sony

  • designs for the entire console would be nice, not just the faceplate.

  • Love the idea, glad you’re doing it, but damn, don’t be so lazy with the art. I could stand the game case infront of my system if I wanted to look at sack boy or the back of that Bloodborne guy. Give us some action shots of these games or some art exclusive to these faceplates. I’ll definitely be buying one if you step up your game…art.

  • While That Bloodborne looks great I think If I bought one it would be a Playstation branded one. Games come and go to fast for me but the Playstation stays as my console of choice.

  • Unrelated, but when will we get the ability to use a bluetooth headset on PS4 like we could on PS3?

  • The PlayStation symbols faceplate in Glacier White would be cool!

  • Thank you Sony for making, like, a thousand of them. Out of stock after only a few hour. Bravo, you look like Nintendo and their Amiibo now.

  • Please make your new PS4 models come with the ability to remove the outer case so that we can clean our systems properly; fancy faceplates don’t impress me. My disc tray began to fail and customer service denied me my warranty because of “too much dust” and called me a liar that doesn’t take care of my system. (My home has a dust problem; I’m aware of that and clean my system 2-3 times a week.) Then the disc tray finished breaking during shipping. Had to shell out another $400 because the repair center doesn’t know how to use compressed air. Not cool guys; PCs let us open the case to clean it out, so follow their lead and stop letting your repair center deny us our warranties for trivial, unpreventable manners. I make minimum wage and I didn’t mind giving you some of it the first time, but that was not acceptable when I was under warranty to force me to buy another one like that. Plus, if the case comes off completely, you could charge us even more money for entire new shells – it’d be a win/win for everyone at that point don’t you think? Still not even close to made enough to convert to the horrible XBO, though I might hear the PC master race calling my name.

  • No white ones huh?

  • Sweet! Can’t wait to buy my first faceplate but I want a Naughty Dog one :)

  • Wallpaper art designs like graffiti etc.

  • Yeah all of the above option would’ve been nice

  • Where is the white versions??? Leave us in the cold? I have two white PS4s… Cmon Give me something more matte and give me something white that is PSrelated like the symbols.

  • Oh man, I’d love to see a Dragon Age faceplate.

  • Wo.Ot, just ordered the Bloodborne faceplate. Thank You Project Skylight.

  • Oh lord please release Metal Gear Solid faceplates. MGS 1 – 5 I would buy in a heart beat!

  • The ‘PlayStation Symbols design’ one is out of stock already :(

    (This a Sony thing, not Konami)

  • God of War on white background for my white console – I’d be so happy and make them available in the UK for a change – destiny in white – uncharted, battlefield, Star Wars battlefront – all on white please

  • We need white ones for all the white console owners

  • Blood red glossy faceplate with black bloodborne logo and hunter silhouette in black, possibly incorporate some running blood effects!

  • Please bring these to Canada or allow us to ship them to Canada. Thanks.

  • Destiny faceplate. I have the Destiny White PS4 bundle, with the Destiny theme, and want a Destiny faceplate to top it all off. Sony is the one that paid Bungie for the exclusive stuff, why not go with the faceplate as well?

  • How about a white face plate with inverted colors for bloodborne. ? Some people have white ps4s you know… If the Bloodborne face plate was white and invert text and colors make the text black instead of white etc…it would look pretty sweet…

  • I want a Deadpool one! in the mean time i will have to settle with my Deadpool Stickers..

  • I would like to see some more white colored ones for my white PS4 :D

  • They kind’ve ruined it by plastering “Bloodborne” across it in big letters.
    Just let the artwork speak for itself!!
    Oh well, love this idea still and looking forward to what else comes out.

  • Wait………… Not again.
    You do know FedEx and UPS travel outside the US right? Even regular USPS will make it in to Canada. Crazy isn’t it…..

  • I would like to see more faceplates related to games but with the type of design #45 mentioned the ones for the order, bloodborne and LBP3 looks like a sticker on images (I’ve never seen one in person). I love the design style Sony japan is using in their faceplates.

  • Love the idea of custom side plates for the PS4. However, I have a White Destiny bundle PS4 and the black will not look so good on an all white console. Can we get the BloodBorne plate in a white version pleaseee?

  • We need more love on the RPG front. We have all these exclusive 3rd party games and zero support for them on the US. (from Sony)

  • i would buy one if it was in a store but it is a bit to much of a hassle to order one online and with the cost of shipping it is a little steep but if they where sold at EB games or future shop i would deffenetly pick one up.

  • Nice to see some love for the Syphon Filter :D Dont let this awesome franchise die Sony! It was the first seriously awesome action game with stealth levels.SF and MGS1 are the precursors of this awesome genres.

  • I would love Gran Turismo 7 face plate

  • Is that really it for the Symbols faceplate? Were there like 20 for sale or something. I understand these are limited edition but they were sold out in a couple hours. At least let people that would have wanted it an actual chance to get it.

  • Waiting…

    Sky Fall Faceplate on the horizon, or lost in space?

  • You guys really gotta make more of these. The symbols one is already sold out. The Order 1886 ones have been sold out for months and there’s only 4 so far.

    It’s obvious that people badly want them, especially considering the high price you’re charging so why not make enough of them to last year round? They will sell so why not mass produce them?

    Please make more designs though. I’d really like a Killzone Shadow Fall, Metro 2033, Gran Turismo, or Uncharted 4 faceplate. Hell I’ll probably buy more than one of them if you make ones that I like.

    Same with the PS4 dynamic themes. Get Guerrilla to make a Killzone Shadow Fall dynamic theme of the Vekta city skyline. I’d buy that in a heartbeat

  • Also, question.
    For those of us with the Arctic White system, will these or future faceplates by available with the matching color?

  • I’d love for a Crash Bandicoot, PaRappa, Medievil, Gravity Rush, Tearaway and all other both PS classics and upcoming future Sony exclusive games in order to promote them further :)

  • PS4 Symbols already sold out!!! please make more of this one!!!!!!

  • Oh come on, I just saw this post and the only faceplate I wanted is sold out. That’s upsetting.

  • Why is “Playstation Symbols” all blue?! Why do you guys hate colors so much? *sigh* re-do that one with proper green,pink,blue,orange. Bring on the classic family logo faceplate. How about using these to hype some long over-due sequels, Omega Boost perhaps or Dark Cloud, maybe even some Legend of Dragoon, Patapon, Alundra…..the list goes on. Just a thought.

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