Flash Sale Now Live: Deals Under $1

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Flash Sale Now Live: Deals Under $1

Hi everyone! St. Paddy’s Day may have passed, but your luck hasn’t run out. Starting right now, we’re discounting a ton of games as part of our Deals Under $1 Flash Sale. Head over to PlayStation Store through the weekend to nab titles like PAC-MAN Championship Edition, Game of Thrones, Syphon Filter, Surgeon Simulator and many more – all for up to 96 percent off.

But act fast – our Deals Under $1 Flash Sale ends at 9:00 a.m. Pacific on Monday, March 23. Check out the full lineup:

Under a Dollar Flash Sale

Title Platform Sale Price Original Price
Babel Rising PS3 $0.90 $9.99
Back to the Future : The Game – Full Series PS3 $0.80 $19.99
BEJEWELED 3 PS3 $0.95 $4.99
Beta Bloc PSP/PS Vita $0.95 $4.99
BREATH OF FIRE IV PS3/PSP/PS Vita $0.96 $5.99
Cloudberry Kingdom PS3 $0.90 $9.99
Dead Head Fred PSP/PS Vita $0.90 $9.99
Dead Nation PS3 $0.88 $7.99
Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition PS4 $0.90 $14.99
Despicable Me: The Game PSP/PS Vita $0.90 $9.99
Dino Crisis PS3/PSP/PS Vita $0.96 $5.99
Dino Crisis 2 PS3/PSP/PS Vita $0.96 $5.99
Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazzard PS3 $0.90 $9.99
echochrome PS3 $0.90 $9.99
FEEDING FRENZY 2 PS3 $0.95 $4.99
Ferrari: The Race Experience PS3 $0.90 $14.99
Fighting Force PS3/PSP/PS Vita $0.96 $5.99
Flashback PS3 $0.90 $9.99
Galaga Legions DX PS3 $0.90 $9.99
Game of Thrones PS3 $0.80 $19.99
Gravity Rush PS Vita $0.81 $13.49
Heavy Fire Afghanistan PS3 $0.90 $14.99
Heavy Fire Shattered Spear PS3 $0.90 $9.99
HI-OCTANE PS3 $0.96 $5.99
Home – A Unique Horror Adventure PS4 $0.95 $4.99
ibb & obb PS3 $0.90 $9.99
Jurassic Park : The Game – Full Season PS3 $0.80 $19.99
Katamari Damacy PS3 $0.90 $9.99
Klonoa : Door to Phantomile PS1 $0.96 $5.99
Kurulin Fusion PSP $0.95 $4.99
Mad Riders PS3 $0.90 $9.99
MAGIC CARPET PS3 $0.96 $5.99
Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond PS3 $0.90 $9.99
Mega Man X4 (PSOne Classic) PS3/PSP/PS Vita $0.96 $5.99
Mega Man X5 PS3/PSP/PS Vita $0.96 $5.99
Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection PS3 $0.90 $9.99
Myst PSP/PS Vita $0.84 $11.99
Narco Terror PS3 $0.90 $9.99
NOBY NOBY BOY PS3 $0.95 $4.99
PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ Full Version PS3 $0.90 $9.99
PAYDAY The Heist PS3 $0.90 $14.99
Poker Night 2 PS3 $0.90 $9.99
Puzzle Agent PS3 $0.90 $9.99
RIPD PS3 $0.90 $9.99
Rock of Ages PS3 $0.90 $9.99
Sacred Citadel PS3 $0.90 $9.99
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space – Full Season PS3 $0.80 $19.99
Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse PS3 $0.80 $19.99
Shoot Many Robots PS3 $0.90 $9.99
SOVIET STRIKE PS3 $0.96 $5.99
Star Wars : Battlefront II PSP $0.90 $9.99
Streetkix PSP/PS Vita $0.84 $11.99
Super Pocket Tennis PSP/PS Vita $0.95 $4.99
Surgeon Simulator: A&E Anniversary Edition PS4 $0.91 $12.99
Syphon Filter PS3/PSP/PS Vita $0.96 $5.99
Syphon Filter 3 PS3/PSP/PS Vita $0.96 $5.99
TAC Heroes PSP/PS Vita $0.84 $11.99
Tales from Space PS3/PS Vita $0.96 $7.99
Tales of Monkey Island PS3 $0.80 $19.99
Tekken 2 PS3/PSP/PS Vita $0.96 $5.99
Tennis in the Face PS4 $0.95 $4.99
Texas Cheat’em PS3 $0.90 $9.99
The Expendables 2 PS3 $0.90 $14.99
THEME PARK PS3 $0.96 $5.99
Tokyo Jungle PS3 $0.90 $14.99
Twisted Metal: Black PS3 $0.90 $9.99
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Special Editions US PS3 $0.90 $9.99
Who Wants To Be A Movie Millionaire PS3 $0.99 $2.99
Wild Arms PS3/PSP/PS Vita $0.96 $5.99
Zeno Clash 2 PS3 $0.90 $14.99
ZUMA PS3 $0.95 $4.99

With titles on sale for as low as $.80 – this definitely qualifies as our favorite type of penny-pinching. Have a great weekend and happy saving!

Note: All pricing is for U.S. only and subject to change without notice.

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8 Author Replies

  • Getting Surgeon Simulator: A&E Anniversary Edition on PS4! ^_^

    PS: Very few PS4 games. I would get tons of PS3/Vita games if we could play them on PS4 on an emulator.

  • @51

    That basically what PS NOW is.

  • Wow, I’ll definitely get Breath of Fire IV at that price!

  • Yea, a Dollar sale.

    Not expecting PS4 games, and I see 4. 4 More than I had expected.

    Having checked the sale listing. I already own what I wanted. So sad, and yet happy too.

  • Dino Crisis 1 & 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and Syphon Filter 3 for me! I love the classics and PSP games when they go on sale. I put them on my PSP and save the memory space on my Vita. We really need Gabe Logan in a new game on the PS4. Maybe someday.

  • Nice Sale Sony Finally I gotta say you should do these more often honesty many games I feel like “I would buy that for a Dollar” and now here they are for a dollar thanks Sony

  • This seems like a good time to get Katamari Damacy.

  • Great PSOne Classics Sale!

  • You DO know I have to play Bloodborne starting Tuesday, right?

    (Lots of titles on here definitely worth picking up at these prices. My backlog is never going down at this rate.)

  • Hey Sony where is the Ps+ discount ;)

  • Now THIS is a good sale! Love to see more psp and ps1 games on sale!

    For the same price as the original PS3 you could get 665 Katamaris.

  • Man I sometimes bash you guys on your sales, but glad you guys did this again. I was wondering if you were this week or next week since Eater is coming up and around that time you did the .99 ones which i bought a lot and will be buying a lot now again more to the backlog lol. If you havent got back to the future, sam or max, or monkey island ones get those, I got them last year and was worth it 10x over. Only one i wish you had was planet mini golf.

  • AWESOME sale SONY! I will be picking up a few of these, Game of Thrones, Battlefront 2 to name a few. :)

  • I buy all these classics even though my Vita is filled to the brim, in ghe hopes that one day…some day…you guys’ll release the 64GB card in the West :/

  • The only thing that stinks with this sale is that I already own at least half of what’s on sale.

    Some good gems though. I wish Battlefront Elite Squadron was on sale. Always wanted that one digitally. Have it as a UMD, but my VITA misses it dearly. Just don’t want to pay full price again.

    Definitely gonna check out some good old classics though, like Wild Arms.

    Everyone else, get any TellTale games except Jurassic Park. Great story. Awful game mechanics. Tedious for consoles. And please buy Gravity Rush! They need to know about the best game on the VITA to date. And hope the sequel still reaches us. Brilliant game/married brilliantly to the VITA.

  • Thanks playstation
    I’ve been complaining alot about how you have been handling the playstation brand.

    But this a great sale well played sony.

  • The only good game’s Gravity Rush but i already have it -.- the other games are garbage imo. I was hoping to see Ratchet and Clank Trillogy Vita at 0.99… pretty lame sales

  • @65

    Just grab one on eBay. I did. It works just fine.

  • Will battlefront 2 transfer to vita through content manager, or show up as available in DL history for vita?

  • I really enjoy these Flash Sales. Thanks Sony!

  • HI, if you are not going to release NBA title for the vita can you at least see that there is a discount like this on nba 2k13 for psp so that I can leave my psp at home and start playing on my vita?

  • Dear Sony, I would probably buy ALL of these PS one classics (I LOVE Syphon Filter and Dino Crisis!!), but they can’t be played on my PS4! Please, any update on this on if this will happen? I want to give you my money!! Seriously. :-)

  • great deals

  • How are you getting away with such low prices! This is amazing! You’re giving Steam a run for it’s money let me tell you. Great job Sony.

  • Thank you Sony, this truly would make a great addition to the IGC. Maybe once a month you can snag some of that Steam money, by having one of these.

  • Everyone should buy Megaman X4 and X5. Now if only we could also get X6 and X8 on the PSN store, that’d be great.

  • Awesome surprise! I just bought 5 games for less than I spent on lunch.

  • So it’s been asked a few times, but not answered yet… Is there any way to buy a game that was previously acquired as a PS+ free game of the month? I’d seriously like to purchase/protect the copies of Gravity Rush and Galaga Legions DX that I already got.

  • Buy Ferrari The Race Experience if your into racng games, I feel it didn’t get the exposure that other games got. But the game is the best Ferrari game out, so make sure you snag it. IT’S LESS THAN A DOLLAR!!

  • Ugh, you guys are a couple days too late. I already spent my money on some of those major releases that came out Tuesday. You shoul have had this sooner.

  • Man this is a great sale but Why know Game of Thrones for the ps4 at under a dollar? Only game I really would like to get off this list.

  • Nice little selection!

  • @82

    Wrong Game of Thrones game, this is the one that sucks.. not the Telltale version.

  • Surgeon Simulator here I come!

  • ughh too many games for ps3. not enough games for ps4 version. i don’t have ps3 system anymore, it died in last few month ago. eww Surgeon simulation game is garbage

  • Every Vita owner. Get Gravity Rush PLZ…!

  • Sweet McGillicuddy…

  • If you guys are takiing notes, we love these sales. Soviet Strike and Nuclear Strike are both great PS1 classics. Hope they work on my vita too. And Dino Crysis 1&2 should be bought by all early resident evil fans. (they do work on Vita).
    Also, a few titles are listed as ps3 games, Soviet Strike & Twisted Metal: Black to name a few. Could you edit the post to clearify that they are ps1 Classics.
    Sorry backlog, but you’re getting fatter today.

  • Please add Uncharted: Golden Abyss on the list.

    Great sale! :)

  • Twisted metal black is a ps2 title. It won’t work with vita. I want to know if battlefront will though if anyone knows.

  • Chieh I want to kiss you right now ( ˘ ³˘)♡

  • i bought the Who wants to be a movie millionaire, downloaded it, & installed it…but it is nowhere to be found on my ps3. So i redownloaded it but it still not showing up. Any Ideas???

  • @91
    Whoops, you’re right, ps2 Classic. So yeah, please edit the listing to clearify the nature of the titles that are not native to the ps3. Otherwise mistakes like these happen. Also, pls add an edit comment option.

  • Why no sale for Australia? :(

  • What about Australia? Do we not get this? I hope so, because we get all of Sony’s emails, their facebook spam as well as pay our subscriptions!

  • Chieh,

    Haters will hate, but those who know games know that Breath of Fire IV and Wild Arms are worth 20x this and several others worth 10x.

    Thanks to you for posting the list to save us time searching through the store and to your Sony compatriots for providing a spring break weekend Flash Sale worth the time and $1.

  • Only ONE Vita game? :(
    Please make a Killzone Mercenary/Tearway sale….I couldn’t afford them back when they were $20….now they’re $35.

  • Does Battlefront 2 work on PS Vita? Thanks!

  • Great sale. Thanks!……For those asking for a PS PLUS discount….Seriously?? I guess you can never please some people.

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