Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Coming Spring 2016

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Coming Spring 2016

Since we showed you our first gameplay reveal of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, more of the game and story have come together, and it’s become clear to us that this game is much more ambitious than we originally envisioned.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Coming Spring 2016

After spending so many years with Nathan Drake, he means a lot to the team, and telling the climactic chapter of his adventures is a task we don’t take lightly — this game deserves every bit of the attention to detail, precise pacing, and nuanced storytelling Naughty Dog is known for. So we’ve made the difficult choice of pushing the game’s release date. Giving us a few extra months will make certain that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End not only meets the team’s high standards, but the high standards that gamers have come to expect from a Naughty Dog title.

Thank you for your patience — we know the extra wait will be excruciating, but you’ll see it will be worth it as we reveal more about Uncharted 4 over the next year. The team at Naughty Dog will be heads down working through 2015 making sure that Nathan Drake’s story gets the closure it deserves. Come Spring 2016, you and Nate are in for one thrilling, emotional ride.

Bruce Straley & Neil Druckmann // Directors, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

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  • That’s not bad. Not bad at all. Take your time and surprise us. :D

  • No surprise

  • I’m not surprised this is happening. Personally, this doesn’t affect me so much since I can just continue playing my backlog of games on the PS3 and PS4 but it would of been nice to have the game come out this year. In the end, I’d rather the game be delayed and it come out at its greatest then come out sooner and be half-baked like some previous games we’ve seen.

  • Disappointed, of course, but I think we’d all rather you took your time and really make the best game possible! And Yep, GameOverGreggy called it.

  • is it only on ps4 not ps3 but add me lebronjames427\

  • How about Uncharted remastered collection for PS4 as an apology? PLEASE?

  • I really want this game but is a good choice to push the game a few months to make sure that everything is fine Good gameplay , framerate stable , storry telling, GRAPHICS , Multiplayer , coop and futures dlc
    Take you time guys dont work under pressure i want quality

  • Straley and Druckmann in damage control mode… again.

  • Will SCE announce in compensation another exclusive to fill that gap in the exclusives calendar ? You are letting MS an their timed exclusive TR have their strap too loose, do not disappoint us, don’t ease up Sony..

  • Right now above this article there is a banner for Batman Arkham Knight which is also the final game in the series by the original developer and also the first entry on new hardware, which also announced its delay many months prior to its intended release date. Same story with Witcher 3 but no banner.

    Lengthy delays are par for the course this generation, unless you are making an annualized series the chance of being delayed into the next year are very high at the moment. This is totally fine, better late and great then rushed and deeply flawed. The only issue is that this generation has been relatively lackluster so far in releasing those types of games that define the generation.

    Sony has had a hard time lately in releasing true exclusives (games not released on PC), there are not a lot of them and so far the efforts have been critically panned, not terrible games by any definition just not those killer apps everyone was hoping for.

    So what I’m basically saying is that its totally okay for Uncharted 4 to be delayed into 2016 but Sony’s first party efforts for 2015 are looking pretty weak again. The Order was good but not great, hopefully Bloodborne is awesome and we get a bunch of announcements at E3 for Fall.

  • Dang it I was really looking forward to playing unchrted this year but noughty dog has to release it in 2016. This really sucks man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!l!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Take as long as you guys need

  • I’m actually glad it’s delayed. Firstly, because it means it will come out as good as it can possibly be. Respect to Naughty Dog for not rushing it to cash in as soon as possible (unlike some companies) and actually trying to deliver something the fans deserve. Secondly, I need the time to finish the original PS3 trilogy + I’ve got a big backlog of other games. I am sure the wait will pay off.

  • Damn’t, damn’t, damn’t… It’s already beginning. Half of the epic announced games are getting put to 2016. I REALLY wanted this, this year. I better hope Zelda doesn’t get pushed or I’ll be one unhappy gamer.

  • One more vote for the Uncharted Trilogy Remastered for PS4 to make the wait easier! UC1 would benefit a lot from the remaster!

  • Well this means 2 things, 1 i dont need a ps4 till nexy year and 2 no tlou2 announcement will be made until probably 2017.

  • Take as long as you need!! We have total confidence in you.

    Speculation: I feel like The Order is in some way connected to this decision; and that there will be some sort of reference said game, in this game.

  • I am a little mad that they pushed the release date back but I also want a good ending so good call Naughty Dog, take all the time you need.

  • I’m all for whatever keeps this from being less like the steaming pile of Uncharted 3 and more like the insta classic Uncharted 2,

  • No big deal. I’ve got a ton of things to play to hold me over. I don’t get upset over delays. Beats having a rushed finished product.

  • Please stop prematurely announcing games years in advance!

  • The “holiday season” is a PR battle I couldn’t care less about. I’d much rather have Uncharted 4 than the new tomb-free Tomb Raider. If I have to wait a few months, I’ll live.

  • I don’t mind the wait but at least release Uncharted Trilogy on PS4.

  • Its will be 4 years since uncharted 3 getting a little impatient.

  • Actually heartbroken that I have to wait even longer. I’ve even fully paid my pre-order. I’m sure it’ll be 110% worth it but oh my god the impatience is killing me!

  • Props on the delay. Take all the time you need, make it great.

  • When I heard the news that U4 was going to be delayed I was pretty ****ed off. I was Annoyed very ****ing Annoyed because for month’s now my heart was set on buying the U4/PS4 bundle around Nov time. ND had us all convinced for a long time now that everything was running smoothly & that U4 was on track for a holiday 2015 release date. I believed that, we all believed that, we had no reason to doubt them……..then they hit us with this news. I like so many other people am holding off on buying my PS4 until U4 is released that’s the main reason why I was so ****ed off with them. I though how the **** could ND (of all people) give us this news!? I was a little bit dumbfounded TBH.

    Anyway! A few hours have gone by & I have calmed down a bit now. As I was playing U3 (That’s mostly all I play) tonight I looked over on the shelf to see TLOU with U2 & Uncharted Drakes Fortune staring back at me & then the realisation hit me………..I have three of the best games ever made sitting on my shelf all Made by the Masters at ND so what am I complaining about?

    Yes I had my rant I cursed ND out of it but the more I think about it The extra few months will be well worth the pain ( :

  • To everyone taking this news and turning it into an instant… “now MS wins this holiday cause TR won’t have competition, plus Halo 5 & Forza 6″…

    why does EVERYTHING have to be a Sony vs MS or MS vs Sony conflict?? YES, MS may very well have better games coming out this holiday season! Oh no I’ll no longer be able to sleep at night. What then happens after the holiday season when some of the better Sony games come out next to little or no xbone releases?? Who wins that time period?? OR, like an actual fan of video games I could get the xbone and enjoy all games at all times and not pit every single solitary piece of news about the 2 companies against each other.

    And no, I won’t accept the auto-response of “I can only buy one console.” Yes, you can only buy one console… AT A TIME. What about down the road a few months later, or even a year later… after all the 2 systems have been out for over a year now. People say they can’t get both when in reality they are so caught up in some fake console war that they would never bring themselves to buy from the company they hate for no REAL reason in the first place.

  • ^^^^continued^^^^

    Besides, based on Sony’s history they always deliver their great AAA exclusives in the end, correct? It was true last gen and the gen before that and I see no reason to believe that anything will change this gen. So what if it takes a little longer than the competition… that’s why owning and enjoying both consoles makes playing video games about ACTUALLY PLAYING VIDEO GAMES and not some immature console war that must be fought and won each and every day for the good of your loyalty to your chosen corporation.

  • I’m ok with you guys delaying the game. For one, it gives me more time to garner more money for and if a Collector’s Edition comes out. This year it’s Arkham Knight and The Phantom Pain(if I can get to it) for me. I was excited for this game to come out later this year, but If you guys need the time to polish and make it the best it can be with that extra time, then by all means take it. We do have high hopes for this game or any game that Naughty Dog puts work in. You guys push yourselves and for that I’m thankful for. Thank you.

  • Pathetic. I knew it wouldn’t release in 15. It’s always when you know the bad news that it hurts the most. Maybe we can sell bundles with the Borderlands collection and another PS3 game this holiday

  • “The team at Naughty Dog will be heads down working through 2015 making sure that Nathan Drake’s story gets the closure it deserves. Come Spring 2016, you and Nate are in for one thrilling, emotional ride.”

    So this will be the last Uncharted game. :'(

    I hope you guys also go all out on multiplayer.

  • If all of you don’t know, Neil Druckmann is a supporter of Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist that say horrible things about all hardcore games. Search for Neil and Anita on google if you want know more.

  • I can wait. I have a whole backlog of games to catch up on anyway… It’ll be another reason to play the series over again too. I know everyone at Naughty Dog will do an amazing job with it.

  • No issue. You guys have all my support. Please make the game awesome guys. Also a remaster of all previous Uncharted Games for PS4. :)

  • I’d happily wait for a complete & full experience rather than getting a premature buggy rushed product “sadly most developers do” , Naughty Dog, take your time i’m sure i’ll be enjoying a AAA GOTY quality product.

  • I can’t believe anyone ever thought this game was coming out in 2015. Did Naughty Dog actually ever say that? I don’t remember. I just always assumed it was going to be a 2016 release.

  • It was a pain when Uncharted 3 released less than two weeks before Skyrim back in 2011. The last thing I needed this year was for Uncharted 4 to release around the same time as Just Cause 3, and possibly Fallout 4. Something was gonna have to give.
    I don’t get why everyone is whining about exclusives. At this point, the PS4 can rest on its laurels the same way the 360 did last gen. More people have PS4s than Xbox Ones, so more people going forward will end up buying PS4s cause their friends already have one (if not both). Also, it’s not like there’s nothing to play on the PS4, as many people are pointing out. Just because Sony isn’t releasing anything doesn’t mean people with a PS4 will have NOTHING to play…
    And don’t underestimate E3. We’re barely even 2 and 1/2 months into the year, and you people are already whining that Sony won’t have anything coming out in 9 months? The internet sure has curated stupidity into an art form.

    Naughty Dog, take your time. And please get us those 60 beautiful frames per second you showed off last summer.

  • Im looling at this in a few ways. While I am dissapointed that I won’t be able to play Uncharted 4 this year, I know that the delay was probably the difference between a 9 and a 10, and if thats true I would much rather it be delayed. Second, even though it is delayed we are going to see more info about the game in the coming months AND we could very possibly get and Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta. Either way can’t wait Naughty Dogs epic game!

  • Honestly I expected it to be delayed, there was no way it would be coming out this year. I trust in Naughty Dog to make another masterpiece :)

  • I can’t wait for Uncharted 4. Companies in general should stop giving out release dates so early. I had a feeling it would be delayed. I am glad they are taking more time to make the game if it needs it but sad that the whole game delay thing is continuing on throughout the industry. Thank you for the heads up, I can’t wait for Spring 2016! :)

  • Sweet. I’m curious if they are releasing a PS4 that is with a pack in of UC4.

  • Hi:
    Well, it needs time to be played and watched like the Reveal Trailer with all those Lighting effects, I can wait. This ALSO means that you, SONY and Naughty Dog won’t sell any DLC nonsense, RIGHT? I mean, you have the time to finish the game. Then, why to sell more stuff ALREADY planned? I hope a LOT of people can read this. Come On, Naughty Dog, You can do it.

  • That’s fine I guess… I trust them.. but people are becoming right about Sony so far..Killzone, driveclub, the order, infamous (I liked this one tho), no ps plus of driveclub, no planet side 2 (now multi Plat anyways) have ALL been very disappointing to disappointing. . I liked The Show but I think they could do better if they wanted.. What gives? It better not be financial with all the money your 20 million ps4 owners have given you and it better not be because your throwing it at VR which a ton of people won’t get..Hope you read this FIGURE IT OUT. From a hard core ps4 gamer…

  • I’m with alot of the people in this thread. Take all the time you need to make sure we get the best game possible. I also agree with ALOT of the people saying Uncharted Trilogy. Not only will it get us re-acquainted with all the previous story but also get us even more pumped up for next year.

  • No problem guys. Take your time. Glad to hear your run this project professionally and it sounds like there’s good communication among team members, better now than last minute so you can really re-plan activities and squeeze the best from this coming months. Good luck!

  • That’s fine. ‘A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.’ I’m glad it’s not being shat out for a certain release window regardless of whether it’s ready or not, I feel more comfortable knowing that ND will take their time with it. I’m a bit bummed out that we have to wait so long, but I’m confident it will be phenomenal when it finally comes.

  • Well, the more you wait, the better the game will be. At least it won’t be one of those rushed games that are too highly anticipated and turns out to be an absolute disappointment. Take your time, Naughty Dog. Deliver us a masterpiece.

  • Awesome!! cant wait to see what this game is gunna turn out to be i was a best in uncharted 3 online / add me! .

  • I’ll be playing MGSV in the meantime so perfect timing :)

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