Official PlayStation Gear Store Open for Business

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Official PlayStation Gear Store Open for Business

PlayStation Gear Store

We are excited to announce the grand opening of the PlayStation Gear Store at The PlayStation Gear Store is a one stop shop for officially licensed PlayStation merchandise and exclusive items from your favorite games like The Last of Us, inFAMOUS, Uncharted, The Order: 1886 and Killzone.

Love yesterday’s Powers premiere? Check out the Powers collection at as well.

PlayStation Gear Store

You’ll find hoodies, tees, limited edition artwork, accessories, and collectibles — many of which are only available at the PlayStation Gear Store!

We also have many more products and game collections planned throughout 2015 and beyond. Some of the collections you can expect to see here shortly are Journey, Bloodborne, God of War, and LittleBigPlanet.

PlayStation Gear StorePlayStation Gear Store

Keep an eye out for upcoming new product announcements and updates, as we work to create the best PlayStation Gear experience that we can for you, our PlayStation community.

So what gear will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments, and tag your photos on Twitter with #PlayStationGear.

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  • Awesome! Can’t pass up that helghast hoodie or the firefly t-shirt!

    It’s a great start, just need to get those prices down a bit for mass appeal.

  • Wow. I got excited there. Some really cool Last of Us and Uncharted gear. Then, after adding stuff to the cart, I realized that shipping cost added another 50% to the product – at least in Canada. Ouch.

  • Will a PlayStation Gear section be added to the PlayStation Store?

    If I can turn on my PS4 or PS Vita, jump into the store and buy some PlayStation Gear I will spend $100’s of dollars, otherwise, I will find better uses for my money.

  • I tried to create an account and it said that it sent me a confirmation email. However, I never received the email. What should I do?

  • Please make the LittleBigPlanet Rare Week One T-Shirts. I’d buy all 5.

  • Hey John I hope you guys add a toddlers and kids sections as well, thats what i meant when i said i wanted to dress my 2 years old son in Ratchet,Sackboy,Daxter,Knack clothes.

  • I would be really cool if you guys could add Sly Cooper gear (apparel, accessories) to the Gear Store!

    I’ve been waiting for Sly Cooper merch forever!

  • This i Trully Love ^_^

    1 thing that turns me down is that Theres no Shipment to United Kingdom :(

    Do you think it’ll ever happen in future time? due to Amazon is capable of doing it, and even by incloding the Import charges along with the price in order to no need to ever worry for the tax when your item arrives to your home ^_^

  • @Jon Regala I think this is a cool idea, but here is another one, how about THE clothes of characters, like i would love and authentic nathan drake shirt! very cool beginning, but really needs more stuff! im excited

  • This is a step in the right direction! I can’t tell you how frustrated I was that I couldn’t even represent PlayStation with any official gear. Thank you! All I have to say is that DO NOT LEAVE THIS IN THE DARK! Please update this story as much as possible. I personally would love to see a retro section, particularly shirts with the ORIGINAL PLAYSTATION LOGO on it! Gotta have that classic feel!

  • The only thing missing for me is Parappa’s beanie!

  • Yes, very very cool! I’m looking forward to the Bloodborne section. There is a limitless possibility of gear, since the Playstation library is so vast. So start with the new games then add big hits from the past.

    And maybe a customization possibility? If only a handful of people want, say, Tearaway gear, make it so we can order a T shirt or mug with that logo and other specialty logos?

    Anyway, here’s one innovation I think a lot of people actually want and will support.

  • 15.00 for a coffee cup !? LOL! I’ll give you 15 of my trophy for it !

  • I’m really liking what I’m seeing. Would love to see The Order gear as well. :)
    This is very cool indeed.

  • Nevermind. There is The Order gear. D’oh!

  • No UK love?

  • I’d really love to see some Sly Cooper and Ratchet & Clank merchandise! My little brother says he wants Little Big Planet stuff on the store too.

  • Sizes above 2XL would be really nice… Oh and stuff from LBP or the first 2 InFamous games. Delsin’s alright but Cole will always be a badass.

  • I NEED a Helghast shirt.

  • Just snagged that PlayStation Coffee Mug!!

  • I’ve always wanted an AG Systems t-shirt from WipEout…

  • I just want to add, that you should do the actual clothes that the characters wear in games. Like shirts and jackets and stuff.

  • No Ratchet and Clank section in brands? Isn’t that a Sony owned IP?

  • Yeah I would totally buy a Journey scarf

  • Finally! Can we use our psn wallets to buy t-shirts?

  • Will The Order 1886’s Blackwater Archives art book be available here? I’ve been wanting that ever since I got the game and saw it would be available. Thanks!

  • Better late than never I guess but who is approving these ugly designs for game merch? I can’t think of a game recently that got mostly good designs, it’s usually one or two then a slew of hideous and they all look like the same clown designed them. EA, Gearbox, ubi, now Playstation, ugh.

    Nothing here for me (yet?) but if you guys made an official PS family logo belt buckle to replace my custom made one, I’d buy. Classic of course not the lame black & white and no more ugly clothes, before things make it to print, compare and if it looks the same crap on there now, 86 it.

  • where’s the big and tall sizes bigger men and women like Playstation stuff too!

  • I would love a shirt that says, “Continued demonstration of worth as a resource enables the sinner to grow with their Panopticon.”

  • can we use Sony Reward points to buy stuff ?

  • Awesome, been waiting for this. :) I am such a huge fan of PlayStation. I can’t wait to get some new clothes and posters from the store. Keep adding more shirts and sweatshirts. Looking for a blue design with the white PS logo (like the PS4 blue). I can’t wait for more, thank you! :)

  • The prices are WAY TOO HIGH! How about a Plus discount?!?

  • Guess Sony doesn’t want my money. Nothing over 2xl. Thats a joke and they know it.

  • If you add an ISA tactician, I’ll buy it.

    I know not 100% Sony, but I’d love to see something Final Fantasy VII and IX as well.

  • I’d like to see some Folklore & Heavenly Sword merchandise, if possible. :)

  • I love the t-shirts, The only suggestion I would have is to add the PlayStation logo on the back of the shirt in the middle a few inches below the collar would have set the back of the shirts off nicely.

  • Can we get some playstation all stars shirts? I would love a #ReleaseDart shirt XD

  • 1. About time Sony. Your merch game is weak and has been forever. Which is stupid, you have so many IP that could make for some awesome merch.

    2. No LittleBigPlanet? Really? smh… Sackboy should be plastered everywhere. Puzzles, Calendars, Folders and other crap kids buy for school. But no.

    I hope you do some figures and plushies.

  • I’m quite excited to see what you guys got cookin’ in the Bloodborne department.

  • so much more that could be added
    -Syphon Filter
    -Ratchet And Clank physical merch

    Going the right direction though

    any coupon codes? some of this stuff is too expensive

  • Can’t wait to see the God of War goodies!

  • Can we get some reusable shopping bags? It would be nice if they were see-through too. I would like to see more merchandise associated with Little Big Planet, Beyond: Two Souls, Puppeteer, Sly Cooper, Heavy Rain, Journey, and Flower. Can you please also list if any merchandise is made in the United States, earth friendly, cruelty-free, and responsibly made? Thanks

  • It only took 20+ years but we finally have Official PS Swag!

  • Finally! Can i request Killzone and Gravity Rush posters, well a few posters for all first party games (that aren’t just boxarts). Maybe even bring in the figures/statues from first party games into the store as well? (Kat has a really nice one)Thanks

  • I have been wanting this for a long time. No more trying to find something on ebay. Now just need to save up for some PlayStation goodies. Thank you for doing this <3

  • Will You be selling these awesome limited ps4 faceplates? I am especially interested with the one with pes2015 logo. Please advise. Thank You!

  • I would really love to get Walker’s lucky tie. That is a nice tie.

  • Any chance of a PS4 baseball cap? I’d be all over that!

  • Some great serif just heavily overpriced

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