PS4 Update 2.50 “Yukimura” Preview: Suspend/Resume and More

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PS4 Update 2.50 “Yukimura” Preview: Suspend/Resume and More

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While developing the PlayStation 4 system, our hardware and software teams relied on feedback from our community of developers. The result is the most innovative and forward-thinking gaming console in the market today. Since launch, PlayStation has continued that trend of listening to feedback by bringing some of the most highly requested features from the PlayStation Nation to PS4 with each of our system software updates. When we unveiled PS4 two years ago, we announced Suspend/Resume, a feature that would enable PS4 users to jump in and out of their games faster than ever. This has been a feature gamers have been excited about since then, and today I am honored to officially confirm that system software update 2.50, “Yukimura,” will soon deliver Suspend/Resume, as well as a number of other requested features to PS4.

Suspend/Resume, which will be supported by nearly all PS4 titles, will create an atmosphere where your games are immediately available at any time — just pick up your DualShock 4 wireless controller, hit the PS button and get right back into the action of your games. When it’s time to log off, simply put your PS4 in Rest Mode and when you power up the next time, you’ll start your game where you left off. Spend less time getting into your games and more time playing them.

Here are some of the other highly requested new features and changes coming soon in “Yukimura:”

  • Sub-account to Master account Upgrade: Users with a sub-account will now be able to upgrade to a master account directly from their PS4 when they turn 18, removing restrictions for chat, enabling users to fund their own wallet, make purchases and more. Currently, users can upgrade their sub-accounts online at
  • Facebook Friend Search: Gamers globally have jumped into PS4 as a redefined social gaming experience and connecting with friends over the network is a huge part of what makes the PS4 community so special. PlayStation now lets you go even bigger by connecting with your Facebook friends on PS4 using your linked account. Search for Facebook friends who are PlayStation Network members and build on the foundation of Friends you already have in your list.
  • Remote Play & Share Play at 60 fps: For games that support 60 fps, the ability to customize the frame rate of Remote Play and Share Play will be added with “Yukimura.” Play to your bandwidth strengths and use this option to stream gameplay at 60 or 30 fps when using Remote Play or Share Play on supported devices.
  • Accessibility Options: “Yukimura” introduces a wide variety of options to make their PS4 entertainment experience even more accessible. Options include text to speech, enlarged text, bolder fonts, higher contrast UI, zoom for displayed pictures, invert colors on screen and more. Users will also be able to reassign buttons for DualShock 4, making it easier for users with limited manual dexterity or limited reach and strength to play.
  • Trophy Improvements: We have received a ton of feedback to improve Trophies. In “Yukimura,” a screenshot will automatically be captured at the moment a Trophy is earned, making it easier than ever for you to share your greatest gaming moments with your friends. We’re also adding more sorting options along with the new ability to remove games from the Trophy list that have 0% completion.
  • Share Video Clips to Dailymotion: When sharing standout PS4 moments via the Share button on DualShock 4, “Yukimura” will allow players to upload directly to Dailymotion.

Stay tuned for more information on “Yukimura” and, as always, let us know in the comments how we can continue to improve PS4 to make it the best place to play.

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  • Please add offline trophy

  • No audio multi-output yet? DLNA? :/

  • Google hangouts would be cool too

  • XIM4 and similar devices allowing keyboard/mouse safe for the update?

  • Will the button reassignment be on a per-game basis or system wide?
    It would be nice to have a set profile for each game if possible.

    • Currently Button Customization will be assigned to an account, not an individual game. Keep in mind the primary intent of this feature is to assist gamers with limited dexterity, reach or strength. That said, if a lot of you guys are using the feature we can look into extending system wide.

      Good question.

  • Suspend/resume is better late than never I like that we’ll be finally be able to delete 0% trophy games even the screenshot thing sounds neat as long as we can shut it off. Any word on if avatars will ever be accesible on the Ps4?

    • No official word on avatars yet but tell me what kind you want. Gaming specific sweetness or random awesome-ness?

  • Yay, the suspend/resume feature makes the PS4 like the Vita and that is fantastic.

    And removing deadweight trophy lists is much appreciated.

  • Hello! Can we create various configuration regarding the DS4 button reassign?
    Those custom configuration will work with every game?
    Are there any restriction for binding combination?

    Thank you ^^

  • Nice update but I want DLNA support
    The abilty to appear offline
    A reputation system
    The ds4 goes in wired mode while plug in by usb for competive so you eliminate any input lag

  • Button reassignment! So excited!

  • @40. I second this, it sucks when you’re trying to screenshot a moment in a cutscene especially. Or at least make it “invisible” to the screenshot feature if that’s possible.

  • @46 what interesting features does x1 have?? 720P?> Please.

  • Great job! Keep it coming!

  • I want A notification when my friends sign on!!! Is that so hard!!

  • To everyone saying folders I would rather have the ability to “pin” the 15 most wanted apps instead of the last 15 used. The rest can be found in the library app. I guess I would welcome both folders and pinning but I def think they should allow you to pin the apps you want on your home screen.

  • What happened to videoplayback with an usb stick?

  • The trophy update especially is one that has been a long time coming, all the way back to the middle of the PS3 life cycle!

  • Any chance for psn name changes and immediate background trophy syncing?

  • metoo for DLNA. I’d like to move my PS3 to a different room but can’t because I need it for streaming.

  • When will you guys add the ability to play/copy music CDs? I like spotify as a option but I would like to be able to copy my music CDs at some point

  • Still don’t see a notification fire when friends come online. Or an option to group the games together in to one folder rather than scrolling through all the tiles.

  • “Since launch, PlayStation has continued that trend of listening to feedback by bringing some of the most highly requested features from the PlayStation Nation to PS4 with each of our system software updates.”

    Which EACH of your system software updates? Do tell, where are these people who have requested all the updates that do nothing but “improve system stability”? I haven’t seen anyone request it.

    I know marketing sometimes involves little white lies, but come on, that one’s a whopper. We all know it’s not true; as Judge Judy would say, don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

  • On Vita you remove features and here you add. FU

  • Don’t see a release date and I don’t want a “coming soon” response.

  • Still no support for offline trophies and media playback from external devices ? :/

  • PS1 and PS2 support!!!

    Custom themes

    Great update this time, but please get us some support for PS1 and PS2.

  • Alphabetical sorting of the library and download list across all Playstation products so we can actually find what we own!!!!!

    Alphabetical sorting for the win!!!!!

  • And a search box!!!!!

  • If we have some future suggestions where would be the best place to post these?

  • Since shareplay and remoteplay will use 60 fps, and it uses the PS4’s dedicated video recorder for this, does this mean that the video recording will also be 60 FPS? … cause that would be AWESOME

  • Yukimura sounds like a good update.
    What I would like for the next update:
    -A wishlist for the PS Store.
    -The ability to change the volume of each app and game. Some games don’t give the option for game volume at all(Destiny) and it is hard to be using my Sony Gold Wireless Headset with the game sound overpowering my friends’ voices while in party chat.

  • How about the ability to save and play movies and photos just like in PS3. I sure miss that feature! Please make it available as soon as you can. Thanks! :)

  • How about fixing the sound on some 3rd party usb headsets in which the sound has been way too low since the 2.00 update.

  • More Avatar options on PS4 haha. I would like to change mine to something better.

  • This is a welcome update. But Sony lets be truthful… You guys take way to long to release new firmwares. Every 5-6 months for a new firmware is way way too long. At the rate the other system has been releasing things (every month), in time they will blow you away with features. I love Sony but you guys are very slow when it comes to releasing/getting new features and so forth.

    Also you guys should open up the beta to more people than just your MVPs. As you can already see your “MVPs” broke NDAs at the start, so there should be no reason us long time fans (like me whos been in GAP panel, Rewards program, muti-beta, and so on) should have access to betas like firmware, Vue, or anything else you guys need help testing.

  • Do you know if the accessibility options includes assigning buttons to a keyboard + mouse as well? My brother can’t use controllers without feeling lots of pain due to a permanent injury so I hope it includes that.

  • For trophy deletion, will it apply to trophy lists across all platforms? So ps3, and vita included?

  • Hey I dunno if it’s too early to ask this but will the ability to remove 0% trophy lists only affect PS4 games or PS3 and Vita games too? And if its all platforms, will it only be doable through PS4 or all of them?

  • This update looks pretty good, I’m likin’ it. What about the feature to let us move stuff around on the main menu? With all my games it’s getting pretty crowded…

  • The features I’d like to see added in a future update are custom wallpapers, the ability to play videos from an external drive, and being able to sort games into folders. Those are great features I use all the time on the PS3, and I hate not having them on the new machine.

  • Is there any plans to up the percentage for the trophies that i can delete?
    So for instance i could delete anything below 10%?
    They’re kinda embarrassing

  • So does this mean we get player notifications too!?

  • and DLNA please can we please have DLNA plex can only do so much!

  • Some nice improvements but is the suspend resume really a good feature? I have always been turning my ps4 on and off when I use it since I noticed in rest mode the fan would still be running and I was worried it would shorten its life of the console.

    I like the deleting of trophies with 0 it will look much nicer now for some of us who didnt like certain games.

    I wish the store bug would be fixed everytime I launch an app the store than will be an infinite loading if in try to aceess it.

    Also the messaging system doesn’t always work correctly sometimes we have time delays of messages and also it would be nice if we sent a message on ps4 we don’t have to readt it again on our other consoles ps3 for example.

    • Rest mode will not shorten your console’s lifecycle. In fact if the fan is on it’s because it’s adding life to your console. Rest Mode uses VERY LITTLE power but auto-updates patches and system software updates. You do not have to be at ‘full power’ when downloading a file.

      Good comments – thanks!

  • PLEASE *PLEASE* let us “queue” our downloads, so we can control how many file downloads occur simultaneously.
    Same with the bandwidth, I want to be able to type in the maximum downloads/s in KB/s because holy crap, my PS4 downloads 4 files at once at maximum throughput and it destroys my internet connection entirely :(

    (Thank you for finally adding pause…….. but better controls of the downloads are still needed)

  • I like how my PS3 and PSV automatically post/share my achievements on Facebook. I hope that he PS4 will do that in the future!

  • Great news. Keep it up.

  • What about notifications for friends coming online? How is this not already a part of the OS?

  • Suspend/Resume has been my beallendall feature for the PS4. Can’t wait!

    Does it work through power loss like the Vita does? If not, is that in the pipeline/dev goals? It was an emotional moment when I thought I lost many hours of progress in P4G because I let my system die when it was asleep overnight (forgot to plug in the other end of the charger >><<) and when it finally turned on again after that stressful 5 minute initial charge sequence, I was ecstatic to find my game resumed just like the system had been in sleep mode.

    • The Suspend condition will not be saved if the AC power is disconnected. As long as you are plugged in you are good to go. Protip – Save more often! Less stressful.

  • You guys really doing well. Can’t wait for update

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