Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Out June 23rd, New Details

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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Out June 23rd, New Details

With millions of subscribers and an ever-growing world of content to explore, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has struck a chord with the larger MMO community — and it shows no signs of relenting. In fact, Square Enix revealed today that its upcoming expansion, Heavensward, will debut on June 23rd of this year. It will introduce massive new zones, flying mounts, three new jobs and more to the already staggering Eorzean landscape.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

During the Game Developers Conference earlier this week, my colleague Ryan Clements and I spoke with Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida about his tireless work on Final Fantasy XIV. Of course, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to ask for new details pertaining to the upcoming Heavensward expansion.

Yoshida, with his immaculately styled hair and impressive collection of metal rings, exudes a calm, confident air, despite the tremendous expectations placed upon him and his team.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Heavensward promises to add an incredible amount of new content to Final Fantasy XIV, but Yoshida notes that none of the FFXIV team members are dedicated to work solely on this new expansion. While developing Heavensward, the team has also been working to implement new content into the existing FFXIV experience — including the fan-favorite Gold Saucer and Triple Triad, a fully featured deck-building card game that hearkens back to Final Fantasy VIII and is playable across Eorzea with NPCs and other players alike.

“The thought of pushing Gold Saucer back to Heavensward never crossed my mind.”

It was a conscious decision to add lots of new content, including Gold Saucer, near the end of the FFXIV 2.X storyline, to make sure players have plenty to do until Heavensward launches.

“Gold Saucer was always part of the 2.X roadmap. It was always part of A Realm Reborn,” Yoshida explains. “The thought of pushing it back until Heavensward never crossed my mind.”

Zones in Final Fantasy XIV are already huge — they’re designed to fit within 2km by 2km boundaries — but there are new scenarios to consider since Heavensward will introduce flying mounts (including flying chocobos and single-rider airships) for the first time. Flying mounts will get you around approximately three times faster than ground-based mounts, but Yoshida’s team is making sure to include surprising elements and discoveries within each zone to keep players exploring.

Yoshida estimates that there will be around 1.5 times as much area to explore in Heavensward’s new zones — while there may be fewer zones, there will end up being just as much traversable area in Heavensward at launch as in A Realm Reborn.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Final Fantasy XIV recently celebrated the milestone of four million registered accounts, but this success isn’t changing the team’s plans:

“The number of subscriptions doesn’t necessarily affect the development of the game, since the number of people who can enter a certain zone or server is limited,” says Yoshida. “There may be opportunities to increase the number of servers to accommodate more players, but the content itself isn’t affected by the number of people playing.”

He went on to explain that the development team is conscious of a gap between newer players and FFXIV veterans, and that they continue to look for ways to bridge content and help new Eorzeans transition into high-level content, eventually becoming veterans themselves.

“One advantage of having more players subscribe is more revenue,” he continued, “not only for Square Enix but for us to put back into the game. By having more players join us, we can feed that back into polishing the quality of your gameplay experience.”

Yoshida-san himself is an MMO veteran, and this has informed certain aspects of FFXIV’s design. An early inspiration was Ultima Online, which first opened his mind to the idea of players across the globe gathering in a virtual world to play together. The concept of PKs and PKKs also illustrated that while cooperation is fun, fighting against other players can be fun as well.

Yoshida has taken a particularly close look at large-scale PvP in other MMOs, like World of Warcraft’s Horde vs. Alliance scenario and Dark Age of Camelot’s Realm vs. Realm. He specifically wanted to avoid situations in which one group would have a distinct advantage over another, hence FFXIV’s Frontlines mode that sees three Grand Companies competing against one another.

Other MMO influences include public events from Warhammer, which saw further refinement in Guild Wars’ dynamic events. When they wanted to incorporate this kind of system into A Realm Reborn, Yoshida relayed to the dev team that they should have spontaneous live events that involve players who happen to be nearby. This eventually became the F.A.T.E. system, now a staple for FFXIV players of all levels.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Final Fantasy XIV features hours and hours of original content, but it’s not afraid to borrow from the series’ rich history, either.

“What we strive to achieve with FFXIV is like a Final Fantasy series theme park,” says Yoshida. “You have original attractions that have to be good, but we also want to incorporate elements that Final Fantasy players from any generation will recognize and be attracted to.”

The team is conscious of the series passionate fan base though, and they’re careful to respect any source material they implement into FFXIV:

“The relationship between Cloud and Sephiroth, for example, is very iconic to Final Fantasy fans. If we were to depict that in FFXIV, there’s a risk that Final Fantasy VII fans might see it and be shocked to see these characters behaving differently than they might have imagined. We don’t want to modify these characters’ stories — players have a strong affinity with them, and we want to respect that.”

“…like a Final Fantasy theme park.”

Of course, the breadth of the Final Fantasy universe isn’t to be underestimated, and Yoshida doesn’t expect that he’ll run out of content to nod to in FFXIV:

“You might have noticed the Floating Continent in Heavensward, and I’ve always wanted to go to the moon (like in Final Fantasy IV). There are still many classic elements from Final Fantasy that we can incorporate, and we want to continue blending them into FFXIV for fans to enjoy.”

I seized this opportunity to request that Yoshida-san and team let us fight Kefka in the future. Everyone in the room laughed, which I hope means they’ll consider it!

Questions abound regarding how the new jobs in Heavensward will be implemented, since they don’t require a base class. Yoshida added some clarity when we asked for more details:

“We were actually recently deciding what to call these jobs that don’t have a base class, and we’ve decided to call them ‘Extra Jobs.’ Just like when you can switch to different jobs when you’re at level 30, that applies to these as well. As long as any class or job is at level 30, you’ll be able to access any of these three new jobs.”

Before meeting with Yoshida-san, we put out a call for questions on Twitter, and you responded in kind — thank you! Your questions, and Yoshida’s replies, follow:

Editor’s Note: After publishing this story, we received clarification from Square Enix for this question. The updated answer follows, but we’ve left the original answer in the story for transparency’s sake.

Naoki Yoshida: You will have to already own A Realm Reborn, plus complete all of the main story quests up through Patch 2.55. After that, an introductory quest for Heavensward will become available; accepting that quest will then guide you through the gates of Ishgard. All of the job quests related to the new jobs will be in Ishgard as well, so the condition to access those will be the same. If a player had stopped playing around Patch 2.2 or 2.3, it would be best to revisit the A Realm Reborn main story quests to get back into the groove as you head towards Heavensward!

Original Answer: If you already own A Realm Reborn and you get Heavensward, you’ll be able to at least enter Ishgard. The new jobs added in Heavensward are not tied to the main story, so those are accessible as well. In terms of the story, if you want to enjoy the Heavensward story arc, since it’s tied to the upcoming 2.55 patch, it’s a prerequisite to have finished that content. If a player had stopped playing around patch 2.2 or 2.3, I’d recommend choosing one of the new jobs and leveling that up while catching up on the story, then transitioning into Heavensward.

Yoshida: It’s tricky to say, but there will be changes applied to each job. One common change is that the job quest will continue from where it left off starting around level 52, so you’ll obtain new skills, spells and weapon skills. So when you go into combat you’ll have a wider range of selection in what kinds of actions you can take during battle. For example, if you play as a DPS job and you learn a new skill or spell, you can implement that into the command set you have built, or build a new one from scratch and strategize how you can apply these new skills. With some of the boss characters in Heavensward, you actually can’t fight them using your older skills — they might require you to know new skills that are only available after the level cap has been raised. This will create an opportunity for players to get together with the community to strategize how to beat these monsters. It’s safe to assume that you’ll be experiencing a new gameplay experience with the raising of the level cap.

Yoshida: It depends on how much dev time we allocate. In terms of Triple Triad, there will be 20 additional cards added in 3.0. Perhaps somebody in Ishgard is playing Triple Triad. Everyone’s been so focused on Triple Triad and Chocobo Racing that nobody’s doing the Hunt anymore!

Yoshida: I participated and could have won first place… but I came in fifth. I was actually working that day, but rushed home to check the numbers thinking “I’m gonna win the jackpot!” but it turned out to be fifth place. But the winning numbers vary with each world. Only the Twelve know…

Quotations provided through an on-site translator. They have been edited for brevity and clarity.

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  • Justin Massongill

    Heavensward! June 23rd!

  • Meh.

  • Gonna fight me some Bismarck and run around New Lindblum.

  • Sweet! I just finished the most recent story content. Are there any more updates between now and Heavensward?

    • Justin Massongill

      Yep! They’ve talked about patch 2.55, which will finish the story arc for A Realm Reborn overall before transitioning into the Heavensward story.

  • mmmmmmmm…dat AF2 armor for Dragoon. <3 <3 <3

  • Looks pretty sick. I think I’ll get this expansion and jump in again since I haven’t been playing too often. This will for sure get me into the swing of things once again.

  • I can’t wait to have Heavensward in my hands. I tried the trial of Final Fantasy XIV and loved it. I just wish that I could buy subscription card from my local gamestop.

    Hey Justin, was there any announcement about how much the collectors editions are going to be? Since Square Enix is releasing 3 different versions. Not even worried about a summer release.

  • Glad I came late to the stream, only the last 15 mins were worth watching.
    That AF2 gear, loved some, abhorred others. That SMN and DRG. And WVR too.
    Flying mounts look fun, and the new world is perty.
    @Justin, love your reply to 2 <3
    The archive is up for any interested.

  • Does this mean that the new jobs won’t start at level 1?

  • damn i dont wannawait till june i thought this was suppose to drop in spring =/ cant wait to see all the new ****

  • I’m glad I realized almost a week ago that I was behind on the Main Story, as well as the Hildebrand quests. So much catching up to do. At least I’m only caught up to about 2.3 – 2.4. I should be ready in time for Heavensward. I’ll holding that $80 aside for that next 6 month subscription. Haha. :D

  • How much is the expansion going to be? Those of us that already HAVE 14 will be able to go on the site and just buy the expansion right? Cause that’s what we did in 11… like $10 per expansion and load the game and it downloads…… I am NOT buying the entire game again for an expansion…… like many game companies are doing lately…

  • Im excited!

  • That’s the way aha aha I like it :)

  • @11. Dragonirons – Heavensward is supposed to be practically doubling the game content from ARR. Bigger zones allegedly than ARR, flying mounts, islands in the sky, airships, 3 new jobs, the Alexander raid will be more balanced with normal modes and hard modes for easier progression but enough hard content for the hardcore raiders, (hopefully more) PVP maps, and so much more.

    It’s a lot of content. All at once. New levels, new gear, new post 50 dungeons… A lot of work. It’s not Abyssea in Final Fantasy XI. Those were basically just HM versions of content that already existed. It’ll be $40 hours. You might as well do a 6 month in advance sub fee payment if you aren’t already to save enough money to play Heavensward if you’re that worried about the money.

  • My goal is everything to 50 by the expansion. Which is basically just MRD and ROG which are sitting in the 20s.

    My most immediate goals involve Chocobo racing, Triple Triad, getting my Fisher 1000 fish trophy (last I need to platinum) and getting around to Second and Third Coils of Bahamut. Oh and maybe stockpiling another 10 mil gil in case I decide to get my house, it’s own airship.

    I can’t decide if I want to finish relic. Guess i’ll have to see what incentives there are because on my server T4 materia tend to be up in the multi hundreds of thousands… so using 75 of those, seems insane. Like 20 mil insane.

    Cant’ wait to get back into crafting for 3.0. Been putting it off because of course crafting will be WAY easier once the level cap is 60, and I can focus on expensive gear.

  • Zoryu_of_Setsuna

    I can’t wait!

    I just beat Garuda Extreme, Titan Extreme, Ifrit Extreme, and Thornemarch Extreme. slowly progressing forward.

    My Ninja is ilevel 116 at the moment, really loving the Ninja Job.

  • can’t help but think Ninja Theory something to do with that title..

  • WHOL E ****! Wait, what about the Dark Knight Class and such?

  • Censor me as always, since I do not bleat like a sheep, but I played a month of this, and that was that.

    Had my fair share of mmorpgs, with Everquest being the first.

    Of course it was all I ever thought about, but it was a way to sit quietly at home with the wife and kids contentedly.

    So for all those people that say you have no life and that you don’t live in reality, make sure to tell them they have episodes of Cops and Jerry Springer (if they are not in it) to get back to.

    Memories are memories, and nothing beat coming home to a favorite beverage of choice and a fantasy world.

    Time possibly better spent elsewhere, but time not getting into trouble or debt.

    Safe journeys adventurers. (Then again, I am just a ghost, not even allowed to be heard)

  • I want Class Zero uniform in FFXIV. why don’t you do some collaboration event to promote your Type-0 HD release?

  • @14… thanks but you really have no clue. Can you tell me if say the disc based PS4 listing on Amazon for Heavensward is just Heavensward or if it’s the entire game + Heaven? No, you can’t? Ya…. didn’t think so… unless you work for SE. My question was directed to the writer of this blog that actually would know. And I guess you’re forgetting Chains of Promathia, or Aht Urgan from 11… Those expansions werent’ exactly small.

  • I want that new Paladin AF armor.

  • I have so much to catch up on…I don’t know where I’ll find the time.

    but Duty Calls

  • Will this be free to play?

    Probably not.

    What is the point of announcing this if it requires paying a monthly subscription on top of plus?

  • @Tomoprime

    I don’t know where you’ve been but this game NEVER required Plus. Only the monthly subscription.

  • Thank you BlaqMagiq24, i was just logging in to say the same thing. Tomoprime, FFXIV has NEVER required plus to play. This requires the standard monthly subscription like WoW, and even if you dont have Plus on PS4, you can still play this game online.

    Perhaps you should educate yourself before posting next time, cause otherwise you just look ignorant.

  • I sadly have to warn to AVOID this game! Square Enix treats PS4 players in this game like second class citizens!!

    They have consistently refused to add damage meters for endgame content for PS4 players to use while letting pc players use mods with “fight club” rules. This means PC players can have an upperhand, they just can’t talk about it in game. But they’ll be posting videos with the meters and talking about it on reddit ALL THE TIME.

    You’ll be downing content months after pc players with 100 times the effort because if you can’t push past a phase on a boss then you’ll never know what to improve. On PC, they can look at a meter to pinpoint how much damage each player and each ability is damaging the boss and they move forward with their group of friends. PC players get addons that will even tell them when to avoid boss mechanics that PS4 players never get access to.There was even a fiasco where they had PC players using the very addon to find where rare monsters would spawn before anyone else could find and kill them before ps4 players could even get to them.

  • To make matters worse, I was banned from the official forums for asking politely for a damage meter. They not once responded to my requests and simply instead chose to remove me from their forums as if i would continue to pay them 15 dollars a month for a substandard service.

    PC players cleared the last raid dungeons within ONE WEEK of them being out whereas players on the predominantly PS4 server still struggled with the previous encounters. PS4 players don’t even gain access to new raid content until they nerf it severely at which point the rewards for beating it are pretty much obsolete.

    All of the top 10 guilds WILL NOT even consider inviting PS4 players to their groups. Simply playing on a ps4 is enough to write you off and this is coming from someone who had warglaives in WoW prenerfs.

    Don’t pay 15 dollars a month so you can watch PC players have fun and be treated like a 2nd class citizen…. PC gets to improve their gameplay by monitoring their DPS to improve their rotations, learn to use consumables like poison potions etc to down bosses. Then months later they will severely nerf the content so anyone who is mashing any sequence of buttons can beat it and strip the game of any fun.

  • I was a big supporter of this game for months. I Played the hell out of it. I Downed T7, T8 pre nerfs with 2 different raid groups.

    The community on the PS4 server, Jenova, was downright rotten. Of course there were a ton of cool, nice people I met playing, but my bad experiences far outweighed my good ones.

    First I ran into this guy who was a racist redneck who tried blackmailing me not to turn him in when i heard him say he bought gold illegally (turned his ass in).

    Next there was also a group of a dozen or so demeaning super nerds on the server who would go out of their way to screw over anyone who would compete for clears of bosses despite everyone on the ps4 server being months and months behind.

    Jenova only had 10k players compared to the 100k players on legacy servers and my time trying to form raid groups and coordinate schedules was absolutely miserable. Square was perfectly okay with that. And transferring off the server of course costs extra ontop of your 15 dollars a month.

    Got my platinum for this game and im done with it. Good riddance. Absolutely insulting conduct by the people who run this game towards the PS4 community.

  • I leave this message in hopes to save my fellow gamer time and effort. You’ll be treated like less of a player than the pc community when you get to max level.

    They let pc players play by separate rules and they censor constructive criticism. I only hope my complaints will not be similarly blocked here where I can warn fellow PS4 players who hope to actually take part in the endgame.

    I dont see this game having a future on the PS4.

  • I’m still really freaking bitter about having played this miserable game. Such a hassle at max level. It makes me question whether i made the right choice spending $400 on a PS4 instead of building a PC when you consider all the limitations of the PS4. But then I remember… B L O O D B O R N E!!! 2 weeks away! Praise the sun!

    Seriously, if you want a good raid with fair and balance environment for PS4 players play DESTINY. You’ll actually be able to go on the Destiny reddit and read about stuff you can actually take part in or do in the game. Imagine that… getitng to play the game you paid for. FFXIV is exclusionary when it comes to endgame on the PS4.

    GTA V will also soon have raids (Heists) that Rockstar have been working on and that’ll be crazy fun too. Also without a 15 dollar a month fee.

    I hope this game crashes and burns… again… Whoever they have “moderating” their official forums (ignoring with their head in the sand) is getting essentially getting a free ride because they don’t care at all about ps4 players aside from collecting your monthly fee. They won’t change anything until their subs start dipping.

  • Sorry to hear all of the bad times you’ve suffered through the game, but I do honestly think that your experiences are the minority. I’ve been playing on Excalibur since launch using only my PS3 and then PS4 and have had nothing but good times. It’s true that there are players who use third party programs on PC, but they are not allowed and SE has a strict policy against them. Any kind of program that gives players an illegal advantage over others isn’t tolerated and if GMs are notified, the players in questioned will be monitored accordingly.

    I do agree that having access to a computer alongside a PS4 is very nice, so that players can use programs like teamspeak and mumble for higher level raids like the Final Binding Coil of Bahamut. Aside from this very advanced end-game content, everything else is completely reasonably accomplished without PC voice chat software.

    The game is very malleable to different playstyles and there are many different activities for every type of player, especially since SE continually adds tremendous amounts of new content with each patch. I suggest giving the game a try once again at a later date, once the initial discontent wears off.

  • @30

    Nope. You can go onto ffxiv reddit or youtube see any number of people talking about parsers or using them in their videos. When a group runs into trouble and asks for help on the reddit the first answer is consistently: SHOW ME YOUR PARSE.

    Excalibur is a legacy server!! 10x or more the population of the PS4 server! Jenova which was a PS4 server, had THE LOWEST population which is very telling of the way they treat PS4 players.

    Square was perfectly happy with the disparity. Do you know how hard it is to coordinate 10 people to meet to kill bosses when people have jobs/ kids etc? It’s a nightmare. But yeah picture having literally 10 times less players to group with and a group of a dozen or so really insulting elitists ruining the game for everyone else when it came to hunts or talking smack.

    I had teamspeak, I had mumble. I was complimented on my DPS by a player who told me afterwards he was running a parser. He was impressed by my numbers but the hell if i knew how well i was doing. I didnt have the meters to help my friends.. It was a complete hassle rigged for pc players to win.

  • In the end youll hit level 50 and if you want to continue to improve your characters stats, you will do raids. When you do those raids, you will be SEVERELY and i mean SEVERELY disadvantaged compared to a PC player.

    You may perform decently, but you will never be able to quantify your play. You will never know if X rotation is better than X rotation. You will never get to LEARN TO PLAY THE GAME.

    In exchange for learning to play the game for yourself, you will be directed to some PC guys youtube videos. YOU will be directed to some PC guys strategies. GO WATCH A MR HAPPY VIDEO. You play on a PS4. Obviously you cant think for yourself or perform your job without a PC guy telling you your optimal rotation or how to play the game.

    You’re left in the dark. All the fun of learning the game is spoonfed to you by your PC Masterrace. Enjoy your grinds i guess. Toil away for your sub par token gear week after week while PC players down all the endgame content in the first week.

  • @BlaqMagiq24 @LionFranco

    I know a realm reborn has been around for awhile $13/month. It should be cheaper for Plus members. Regardless of your membership level it seems you have to buy the content on top of subscription fees. It just seems like a lot to commit to one game.

    In DC Universe Online if you pay for all access you don’t get charged for DLC’s.

    All access includes
    EverQuest II
    PlanetSide 2
    DC Universe Online (PC)

    Dragon’s Prophet

    Daybreak Game Company

  • @ 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31. GhostX1984

    What rubbish are you talking about? Third party tools like mods is illegal, and they will ban you if they catch you using it. It is a cheat.

    Look, anyone that is using a damage meter mod is in danger of getting banned if Square Enix catch you using it. So if you see someone admitting to using third party tools, then report them and quit ranting about how you want one.

    Find yourself a good Free Company with like minded players like yourself, you’ll have a great time.

    I play on PS4, I have absolutely no problems. Sargatanas server.

  • It was so bad that when The Final set of raid dungeons was launched a few months ago.. literally only 1 group had been cleared to even play it on the PS4 server.

    You had an ENTIRE SERVER of people who were paying 15 dollars a month for NEW CONTENT THEY COULNT EVEN PLAY!

    I literally found the games duty finder matchmaking with complete randoms from other servers provided me with better groups than playing with the majority of PS4 players on the Jenova server. I downed stuff like Titan Extreme prenerfs with duty finder groups MONTHS before i did it with random groups on the ps4 server.

    So many PS4 players were so bad. They have no way of knowing how to improve their play through no fault of their own because of squares stubbornness.

    Squares solution to this is to nerf the instances so heavily that you can just plow through it regardless. So the game is balanced for pc players when the content is fresh and ps4 players just get to see the scraps of story just before they release more fresh content for pc players.

    Horrible game design.

    Absolutely predatory practices against the PS4 community.

  • @34 There is no such thing as a PS4 server. Jenova is one of the newer servers so it will definitely have less people, and more new comers.. Have some patience for new players to learn the fights..

  • @33

    Everyone from top guilds like Lucrezia, Death and Taxes, Collision and even casual little kids on pcs uses meters.

    If square was to ban everyone who used a meter they would lose all top 10 of their best guilds.

    When even applying to Death and Taxes and the like they REQUIRE a parse be submitted.

    Collision was cool but Death and Taxes were absolute snobs. Immediately turned down my app when I didnt provide a parse. And the way they acted was so goddamn disrespectful. I’m not just some random scrub. When i play a game, I play it all out. And you have the producers and developers of the game praising little jerks like these who use unfair advantages to get world firsts.

    You can go on any number of top players youtubes who attend the community eventsand see them posting their dps.

    Firana Magnus for example on the Pheonix server regularly posted dps in every one of his youtube videos as well as standalone videos highlighting his dps and rotations. Never banned.

    Square takes PS4 players 15 dollars a month to give you less of an experience so pc players can enjoy the bosses and endgame at its intended level of challenge. I for one do not like paying for someone else to play my game and tell me how to play it.

  • @36 That top 10 you’re talking about makes up less than 1% of the entire community. SE have banned hundreds of cheaters before in FFXI. Their Special Task Force will do it here too.

  • ^provided with evidence.

  • @ GhostX1984

    2.1 Cheating and Botting. You may not create or use any unauthorized cheats, bots, automation software, hacks, mods or any other unauthorized software or hardware designed to modify the Game and gameplay. In addition, you may not take advantage of game system bugs and exploits during gameplay.

  • Alot of this goes back to what Epic Name Bro was talking about a few months back in one of his Dark SOuls chats. The mystique around games is ruined when you use mods and datamining etc. Knowing exactly how much damage items in binding of isaac etc do. Knowing what Xur is going to sell the next week in Destiny. Knowing all the secrets you can unlock for beating a game before you play it.

    Here you have a game where you have to watch pc players use their mods tell you how to play to play your best. Not one of the top 10 groups was a group of PS4 players. Not surprising. Even just completing the content is a stretch on the PS4.

    I know for a fact they made ALOT of money off ps4 players who transferred off Jenova onto other servers to raid. It was simply too much of a hassle to find people who were committed to endgame. Week after week i would see decent raiders on my friend list have their characters show up as (deleted) because they left for legacy servers with more pc players.

    This is a real predatory game against PS4 owners. Take your monthly fee, take your transfer fee, ignore your pleas for equality. NO METERS FOR YOU. Come back 1 year for DLC!

  • @ 37, 38 You’re coming off as a paid shill for Square Enix. No offense. I’ve provided plenty of examples.

    Being a social justice warrior is taxing. But hey i did the right thing and maybe I convinced some dude who was on the fence that this game is rotten.

    Ive backed up everything i’ve said. I specifically gave them firana magnus in a ticket 3 times in game. Never banned. Guy posted videos of his parses on every raid kill. Youtube him. Videos are probably still up. Want a screenshot of Stellaris of Death and Taxes requiring my parse after I apped to them?

    I bet i could google search someone asking for a dps meter playing on a ps4 right now and find a recent thread that went completely unanswered.


    If he posts again for a meter they’ll probably just ban him from the forums too.

  • @ 37, 38 You’re coming off as a paid shill for Square Enix. No offense. I’ve provided plenty of examples.

    Being a social justice warrior is taxing. But hey i did the right thing and maybe I convinced some dude who was on the fence that this game is rotten.

    Ive backed up everything i’ve said. I specifically gave them firana magnus in a ticket 3 times in game. Never banned. Guy posted videos of his parses on every raid kill. Youtube him. Videos are probably still up. Want a screenshot of Stellaris of Death and Taxes requiring my parse after I apped to them?

    I bet i could google search someone asking for a dps meter playing on a ps4 right now and find a recent thread that went completely unanswered.

    Yep. Just google ps4 ffxiv damage meter. Someone recently just made another thread in febuary. If they made another thread or two, theyll just ban him from the forums.

  • Your game is bad and you are bad.

  • Sorry post 42 was uncalled for. But seriously this game is awful. Ive never had a game that left me with such a bad aftertaste from playing it. I seriously hope they flop after this expansion again so they can’t rip anyone else off.

    In terms of mmo graphics it looks okay, but honestly it’s not something you paid $400 for a console to look at. That’s probably why they use artwork here instead of pictures of the in-game world.

    The characters look like mannequins and their personalities are equally bland. You’ll find yourself wanting to skip every cringeworthy cliche cutscene.

    The only redeeming quality about the game is the challenge of the endgame raids and the friends you meet to play them. But your chances of assembling a quality group without at least 1 dude on a pc for guidance is not good. For a while i raided with a british dude who watched our dps but he got depressed by the lack of talent on the PS4 server and quit.

    I did manage to clear through T8 before nerfs but my god finding decent ps4 players was like a fulltime job.

    I think I hate final fantasy now. I’ll always be reminded of how awful this game was now when i think of the series.

  • im sorry

  • @ghost not sure why your on a rant but several things wrong with what your going on about. First off there is no seperate servers my wife plays on PC and I play on ps4 everything patches same time content comes out same time etc.. So no unfair advantage there. True you can have addons on PC but you’ve apparently been away with a grudge for some time. They are constantly banning people every other day. And using addons can also take away from the game greatly anyway been there before played wow for years. If you can’t figure out how to play the game with out using addons might as well cheat and what’s the point in playing games if your just going to cheat. I stopped playing wow for this reason myself using addons for raids auction house etc… Took the fun out of it had so much wow gold and doing all the raids knowing what was coming for attacks, which skills to use game basically layer itself lol.

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