HBO GO Available on PS4 Later Today

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HBO GO Available on PS4 Later Today

HBO Go on PS4

We know you’ve been looking forward to this day. We are excited to announce that the HBO GO app for PS4 will be ready to download later today.

The app functions just like the PS3 version. After you authenticate your PS4 with your current cable/satellite service through, you’ll be able to watch every episode of every season of HBO’s best shows, including True Detective, Silicon Valley and Game of Thrones. Speaking of Game of Thrones, with the season 5 premiere airing on April 12th, you’ve got more than a month to get caught up on the first four amazing seasons. If you haven’t seen the latest season 5 trailer, you can watch it here:

HBO GO Available on PS4 Later Today

What HBO show are you most looking forward to watching on your PS4? Let us know in the comments below. I, for one, cannot wait to see all of the new characters from Dorne come to life in the new season of Game of Thrones.

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  • As far as Plus is concerned, someone stated we may not get them at all for March?! That would be absurd. The worst case scenario. A delay is all it is I hope. My speculation is that one of the participants may have reneged on a deal and PS now must scramble to set up the IGC. Which is also absurd because one would think that these things are set up MONTHS in advance to avoid what is happening. They can always put up the IGC sometime in March and still be within timeframe. Maybe just extend the 30 day period beyond the first Tuesday of the next month. Either way this is nit being handled well. We have become accustomed to getting this first Tuesday of the month. Stray from this and people will revolt. Some more sensitive and vocal than others. Get on the ball Sony. You have a great product and some serious momentum. Small mishaps like this can put a monkey wrench in the current stride.

  • By the way.. Thanks for the HBOGo app. Finally.

  • Everyone please STF. U about ps+. Finally getting HBO GO on the 4 is almost as good as any free game they announce. Been waiting on this.

  • Would people just relax about the damn PS+ announcement. God they’ll announce it when they can.

  • Is this part of March PS+?

  • Who cares!? Where are the PS+ Lineup for March 2015?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!??!?!?!?!?????

  • Too bad Comcast/Xfinity is still nowhere to be found with the available providers….

  • Lovely… any chance of getting a nice media remote like the PS3 had?

  • Do they reply to us shortly after they post topic? 55 replies and none of the team has replied to us so curious they gona reply at all or they only reply to some topics and not all?

  • To everyone going bonkers about March IGC: Pretend for a second that they announced the games a week ago. You still wouldn’t be able to download them until about 6PM EST tonight… so for at least the next few hours it MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER. If tomorrow rolls around and we don’t get an update then you have every right to demand some answers… until then you’re just a person with too much time on their hands. Go play the other 100 IGC games you’ve banked but never played for a few hours.

  • Now all we need is the ability to view this without cable and PlayStation VUE to launch and we’ll be in good shape.

  • PS+ IGC announcement App when?

  • I’ve read comcast customers will not be able to use this service on playstation.

  • And this is one of the many reason the Time Warner Comcast merger should be shut down.

  • First of all, those of us voicing our frustration with the absence of a PS PLUS announcement are not “whining” or acting like spoiled brats. This is a service we paid for. We have every right to be displeased.

    As far as it being inappropriate to use these blog posts to complain about PS PLUS, this is the only forum we have. If there was another thread on here marked “PS PLUS delay and other matters”, then we’d post in there. Give us a break, seriously. Sony has handled this badly, with silence….reminiscent of last week’s mysterious disappearance of two games from the Vita bday sale, with no explanation whatsoever.

    Our frustration is warranted and it is completely appropriate here.

  • only in US eh? BOOOOOOOOOO!!

  • Will we be dealing with the same crap from Comcast/Xfinity where they won’t allow us to access the service via PS devices?

  • There is a rumor that a developer droped his game out of the igc because of the new tos sony is going to be announcing to the playstation plus subscription.

    Thats why they haven’t announced the igc games this month and havn’t said anything.

    Prepare to be pissed when you here the anouncment.

    I know I don’t have a plus sign over my avatar I let my plus sub expire 4 weeks ago because of all crap Sony’s been doing.

  • Newsroom and The wire

  • Strangely enough, Comcast does not offer HBO Go service even though I’m an HBO subscriber….bummer

  • @29 Of course US only. When has any other country ever been offered such great services. Netflix was the last one Canada got.

  • I don’t know on the validity of this, but this is from InvestorPlace

    “PlayStation Blog has not released the month’s selection, and it may not do so until next week. The company releases about six games a month, free for download for Plus subscribers.

    A Sony manager said the company is not ready to make the announcement yet. February’s selection of PlayStation Plus free games includes Transistor and Yakuza 4.

    SNE stock is down about 0.7% Monday.”


  • Where is March PS+ games #fireblogemployees

  • My other comment awaiting moderation as I linked to the site in question. If it doesn’t get shown, here is my original post, minus the link

    I don’t know on the validity of this, but this is from InvestorPlace

    “PlayStation Blog has not released the month’s selection, and it may not do so until next week. The company releases about six games a month, free for download for Plus subscribers.

    A Sony manager said the company is not ready to make the announcement yet. February’s selection of PlayStation Plus free games includes Transistor and Yakuza 4.

    SNE stock is down about 0.7% Monday.”

  • To those complaining about people asking about PS+, stop being so self-centered. No one outside of the USA cares about this silly little app, and as you can notice, Comcast users in the USA can’t use it either, so there is little demand or care for something so trivial.

  • That’s because Comcast is for the weak and the poor. DirecTV master race.

  • Seriously who cares. Drop the damn Plus line up for March. How long you planning your announcement stretch?

  • VITA AND VITA TV SUPPORT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great! Now where’s Sony’s official Blu-ray/media remote for PS4 already?!

  • vita support please

  • Great! Now is there any word on a PS4 remote control? I really hate using the DS4 for watching movies/tv.

  • Now can we work on getting a Twitch app I would be truly happy

  • This is bull****, I have Comcast so this is useless. You guys should really figure something out with Comcast. Seriously, wtf.

  • NICE! It’s about time. But I’ve been using Amazon Fire Stick. That thing is the bomb diggity.

  • +zeenick , There IS a Twitch app on PS4…

  • for anyone wondering the PS4 line up for PS Plus is Vallient Hearts and Oddworld New n Tasty. so Sony knew what the games are but decided to ignore and troll us instead. you can find an ad on Dualshockers. so Sony has enough time to put up adverts but no time to inform gamers. Sony you and your pretending “for the players” needs to stop because clearly you don’t care.

  • Olli Olli 2, Oddworld New and Tasty and Valliant Hearts are free on PS4. With such a great month you think they would have wanted to, I don’t know, publicize it….

  • Beat me to it Spacedelete2. I’m just glad I didn’t own any of these unlike last month were I had already bought Transistor and a Rogue Legacy full price. Worth it though..

  • Where are you guys reading about those titles????

  • Is there a reason why everyone is so excited about the HBO Go App? Forgive me, but I don’t really get the hype. You MUST already subscribe to the network via your cable company… where is the convenience here? It’s already on my tv. I suppose it could help those still living in their parents’ basement.

  • rudetoy, I just looked in the store and they were free. downloading them now. guess we have to figure it out on our own now. but hey, make some comment about how you plan to buy a new release and you get an instant response from Ryan.

  • Now it just needs DLNA and Spotify.

  • Still no HBOGO for Comcast members on any PLaystation.

  • Very happy for this, however like the ps3 version, it doesn’t help a lot of gamers out if comcast will not allow you to connect to the service using the ps4, so if that is still an issue, I implore you to work with them to allow the devices use! Otherwise I have my xobox one for this…….

  • This does is Comcast subscribers no good. Why can we not use our PS3’s or PS4’s????

  • @l337AZN If you mean Live from Playstation no thank you. I would like to view to all channels and games not just from playstation.

  • Finally HBO GO Has Come Back To PS4.

  • In same boat as the many millions who have Comcast. App is useless when its not supported on PS by the biggest cable provider in the country.

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