Dragon Quest Heroes Coming to PS4 in 2015

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Dragon Quest Heroes Coming to PS4 in 2015

Hi there, PlayStation.Blog readers! Dragon Quest Heroes launches in Japan tomorrow, so I thought now would be a good time to share an exciting announcement with you all — Dragon Quest Heroes is officially coming to the West!

That’s right! You read that correctly, the announcement is real — Dragon Quest Heroes will be coming out in North America in 2015, exclusively for PS4, and will be available as both a boxed retail release and digital download via PlayStation Store.

Dragon Quest Heroes marks the first time the series will be a full scale action-RPG, and it’s a ton of fun.

Dragon Quest Heroes

So here’s a little bit about the game itself. In Dragon Quest Heroes, the protagonists must rise up against insurmountable odds, challenging swarms of enemies and conquering gigantic monsters in an exhilarating action game. Filled with characters and monsters designed by world-renowned artist Akira Toriyama, Dragon Quest Heroes is brought to PS4 in beautiful HD.

Both Yuji Horii, the general director and creator of Dragon Quest, and Koichi Sugiyama, the composer closely tied to the series since its first installment, are closely involved in bringing this title to life.

Furthermore, ω-Force (Omega Force) from KOEI TECMO, the team that has created numerous popular action game series, is taking part in its development.
Dragon Quest Heroes is a game that Dragon Quest fans and gamers with all kinds of interests will enjoy.

We’ll have loads more details in the coming months, so be on the lookout for those updates. We hope you guys are as happy and hyped about this as we are!

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  • I can’t wait to play it. Where can I pre-order the game right now?

  • @51-That’s as stupid as the no plat, no buy argument.

  • Finally l’ll be able to play a Dragon Quest game! l can’t wait for this game! whoohoo!

  • More greatness only on PS4 :)

  • why no ps3 =( I want it on ps3 please

  • Instead of making a FF Warriors….

  • Yes! YES! YES!!!!

  • DQ skin or not, my interest in Musou/Warriors games is well below zero.

    I’ll continue patiently waiting for a propler Dragon Quest game to be released in the west. How about at barest of minimums, putting Dragon Warrior VII on PSN?



  • “happy” — CHECK!
    “hyped” — CHECK!!!

    the west hasn’t seen enough DQ-love for awhile now — I hope this is a great sign of things to come.

  • Man am I glad I’m picking up a PS4 next month for Bloodborne! And Type-0 HD.

    Seriously Square; thanks for finally bringing us western fans a DQ game, on a real platform. It’s been WAY too long since DQIX landed on the 3DS! The moment you put up an Amazon listing with a release date, I’m pre-ordering this baby!

    This looks fun and gorgeous – it’s really great to see Omega Force continue on their “fantasy Musou”-streak and also get to make the spiritual successor to their action RPG, “Trinity”. But even if it didn’t, I’d still seriously need to consider purchasing it just to show my support for Dragon Quest here in the West. You won’t be sorry you picked this up! I gotta do my part to make sure of that!

    This is now one of my most anticipated games of the year! (^-^)

  • @51: Same here, I refuse to play this game if there are no English voices.

  • Couch COOP?

  • Great news! Release Date?!! Can we get a slime plushie with it or something? Thanks

  • Im happy its coming to the west but im a bit disappointed its olny going to be for ps4. I really wanted it to buy for my ps3 since I own Dragon Worrior 7 for my ps1, Dragon Quest 8 for my ps2, and now I wanted to own a Dragon game for my ps3 but I guess that ain’t happening. I also don’t a ps4 yet so I guess this is a smart move on Sony’s behave since its making me want to by a ps4 more and more. Very clever but also disappointed at the same time.

  • Why no PS3?! O_o Sony really wants the CELL to die (((

  • No PS3 release on the West ? It’s sad to be disappointed even when you were expecting it. I’ll guess I’ll have some money for other games then…

  • @61 You’re so cute, can I buy you instead of Dragon Quest Heroes?

  • Please bring Rise of the Tomb Raider to PlayStation 3. I really really loved the first one. Also can we get Blur for PlayStation Plus in March?

  • YES! YES! YES!!!!

  • Would have been there day one on PS3. Very disappointing.

  • I will buy this for the sake of supporting ‘Dragon Quest’ on PlayStation alone.

  • Bout time we got a Dragon Quest game on Playstation! I still prefer the older Dragon Age games but this is still a day one buy for me!

  • YEEEEEEES! S-E doing something right for a change.

  • Truly unexpected. Truly great news.

  • We want Dragon Quest games on Vita as well (not just remote play). Pretty please?

  • Really hoping for the option of Japanese voices with English subtitles!

  • Day 1 baby!

    Wow…surprised there are still a bunch of holdouts on Ps4 around here. The system is so slick and smoth it makes it hard to go back to ps3 at all. Time to move on. It’s year 2 of next gen.

    Just please put English voices on this. Tired of the no dubbed games. At least give us the option. So many Japanese games are not getting translated lately, it’s annoying.

  • Oh

    DQ7 as a PS1 classic on PSn… why isn’t it there?
    DQ8 on PS3
    It’s free money how hard is it to release already made games on a digital download service?

    I’ll add a vote for a proper DQ rpg for Ps4 or vita..

    Thanks so much for bringthing DQ Heroes over !

  • musou games are boring as hell…

  • Thank you oh so very much, Square Enix!! Will be purchasing this day 1. Keep the DQ coming, would love to see DQVII finally make its way over.

  • DQVII/VIII Remake, DQX HD port, and a brand new DQXI.

    I don’t care about this Mussou crap.

  • So… where’s the pics and gameplay? I’m not buying a game off a box design……….

  • おめでとう!!

  • Come on and give us a real Dragon Quest game

  • Square! Please save Front Mission :c i need a new wanzer :'(

  • we want the ps3 version too + we don’t have a ps3 dragon quest game
    SE think about it or you can just make it a PSN release ! come on SE make it happen

  • Was just thinking about one of one of the earlier versions, when I bought the Atelier series ( which is on the birthday sale now :)

    Not sure why PS4 though, and would really like Square to bring some decent titles to the Vita.

    You have the past software and devs, and if not, don’t put them out to pasture yet, as it would make good use of dated technology.

    How about Kingdom Hearts or Crisis Core at the very least?

  • Seriously.

    Your killing some of us not making your past games available on PSN.

  • this is honestly the first step towards a “rejuvenation” for Dragon Quest and it’s fans. I for one cannot WAIT to play this game. I just started playing DQ 8 on PS2 the other day and miss these games. They have given “hand-helds” too much love, time to bring them back home to the CONSOLE!!

  • Please give us the PS3 version too. This makes no sense not to. It looks reallly good and is the same game as the PS4 and I have been following this game since its announcenent. There are no Dragon West games on the PS3. Please please please. More sales for you.

  • Thank you so much, I’ve been excited about this game since announcement, Dragon Quest 8 was the game I most played on my PS2 back in the day. which leads me to my request, couldn’t you launch DQ8 on the PSN? I’d buy it for sure.

  • To bad Dissidia Final Fantasy isn’t coming to ps4. I hope this game gets some voice acting, hyrule warriors strained my attention till i stopped playing cause I couldn’t deal with that.

  • thank god been wanting this ever since it released in jp so day 1 buy for me i cant wait to play this !

  • If they pull this exclusively for ps4 for Persona 5, Then im going to instant-buy a ps4. Hopefully they won’t do that though.

  • Oops ignore the Blur request. Rise of the Tomb Raider for the PS3 please. :)

  • I would hope it to have dual voice tracks. That way both pro-sub and pro-dub would be happy.

  • Dragon Quest VIII HD on the PS4, please! I’ll even pay full price!

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