Two New Zen Original Tables Coming to Zen Pinball 2

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Two New Zen Original Tables Coming to Zen Pinball 2

The Iron & Steel Pack, an exciting new pinball two-pack featuring a table based on our hit CastleStorm franchise as well as a Western-inspired table dubbed Wild West Rampage, is launching today for Zen Pinball 2, representing our first original Zen tables in three years!

Zen Pinball 2: Iron & Steel

Zen Pinball 2: Iron & SteelZen Pinball 2: Iron & Steel

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, the PlayStation community, for providing us helpful feedback and letting us know what you’d like to see in Zen Pinball 2 on PS3, Vita and PS4. Simply said, your feedback and encouragement persuaded us to get back to original table development! Each time we announce a new table, a flood of ideas come in from the community, so we took those ideas and ran with them. Now today, when the PlayStation Store updates, you will get to see those ideas come to life in the Iron & Steel pack.

Zen Pinball 2: Iron & Steel

Zen Pinball 2: Iron & SteelZen Pinball 2: Iron & Steel

Our last original themed table was Epic Quest, so returning to original themes was really fantastic for our development team. We had a great time taking your favorite parts of CastleStorm, including the fire-breathing dragon, the sheep-launching ballista, and even some tower defense elements from the original game and crafting them into a fun, new table for Zen Pinball 2. Additionally, bringing some of our favorite Old West elements to life for the Wild West Rampage table was a dream come true! You can’t go wrong with train robberies, duels, gunslingers, a corrupt sheriff, and a determined, strong leading lady at the center of it all.

To commemorate this release we are revealing a brand new trailer that showcases the great pinball action in both tables, CastleStorm and Wild West Rampage. Enjoy!

As always, don’t forget to purchase this pack on either PS3 or PS Vita first, then import to PS4 and enjoy on all three platforms! Please let us know if you have any questions or requests for features or tables, we would love to hear what you’d like to see next!

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  • Can’t wait to play these two tables tonight!

  • Hi Bobby,

    Can’t wait to grab these when the store updates. Thanks for the blog post and all the great work you and the entire Zen team does!

  • I’d considered ‘Super League Football’ your last original themed table. I won’t quibble, though. I’ve been looking forward to new original tables for a long time and can’t wait to play what you’ve delivered!

    • By original – we mean not licensed. The SLF tables were still technically licensed tables (though one could argue all of our tables are original since we don’t do recreations of existing tables :P ).

  • Second thought: Kickbeat next? :D

  • Really enjoy all the tables. How about an Uncharted Series of tables.?? Also, any word on more Star Wars tables? Thanks

    and keep up the awesome work!!

  • +Bobby Loertscher

    That’s why there’s a place for you AND a place for Pinball Arcade. ^^d

    Hmm… Haven’t really played the game, TBH, but I’m sure you could do some nifty rhythm minigames with the flippers and possibly design the table with some bumpers or slides that would set a toe tapping. There’s a great beat to pinball tables, but they don’t generally tend to HARNESS that beat. You guys are insanely clever with your designs… If someone’s going to do it, I’d bet on you! :D

  • Looking good will be getting these for sure. Any chance of ever making a tron legacy table I think it would be interesting.

  • Its always great to see new tables.And the western table looks amazingly fun.

  • Hey Bobby,

    These are some fantastic new tables!!! I will be checking these out later today.

    I wanted to ask if you guys would consider on making “Dynamic Themes” and “Avatar Pictures” for the PS4. Your game would look cool displayed on everyone’s PS4.


    Rob aka Graf

  • Love this game play a ton with my friends. We always talk about which tables we would like to see made and the list is endless but here are my most requested additions:
    Blackwitch Pudding
    Back to the Future
    Daft Punk
    Dark Souls (complete with score dropping ball like a glowing soul in a lane)
    Game of Thrones
    Max Payne
    Red Dead Redemption 
    Harry Potter
    Adventure Time 

    PS exclusive tables

  • Oh I forgot nhl and mlb too

  • Absolutely love that you have new tables and also am a fan of the many licenses you have accrued over the years. I have all tables spread across platforms, been working up to compiling them all on Playstation.

    As you have worked with Capcom in the past, and had the great mechanics with the combo shots to match the Street Fighter moves, I would love to see some other Capcom games, especially as they are also cross platform in general and would not restrict your work to one platform.

    I live Sorcerers Lair and Paranormal for the horror theme, but a gritty Resident Evil table would be great.
    Mega-Man and Monster Hunter could have great potential as well!

    Keep it up, I truly love both of the developers making Pinball for us, both new from Zen and emulated from Farsight.

    • Thanks for the kind words – we are big horror fans ourselves, we may need to do some more horror themes! I hope you enjoy Iron & Steel!

      Oh and thanks for the reminder, I still need to check out Farsight’s Addams Family table!

  • I’d love for you guys to consider a sale, especially on the thousands of Marvel tables you have. :P

  • These tables look great. Can’t wait to pick them up and play them. Thanks for bringing back original tables. My favorite Zen table, El Dorado, is a Zen Original after all. :)

    As for requests, if you do new Star Wars tables, the obvious one to do would be Star Wars Rebels or more Clone Wars tables. I would also suggest tables based on Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith since all the films of the original trilogy already got their own tables.

    Thanks again for the update! :)

    • I hope you enjoy these new ones as much as El Dorado! I am so glad to bring back some original tables – these ones have some really awesome music too! :)

  • Bobby, I am always looking for your posts as you are the bringer of new pinball tables! You are also the bringer of new Star Wars and Marvel based tables! These may not be Marvel or Star Wars based, but they look great just the same. I’ve never played a Zen table that I didn’t like, and I have them all! Once again, from nerds everywhere, Thank you!

  • Zen is one of the few developers that I feel entirely comfortable purchasing products from without demos or reviews, based solely on track record to date. Some others in this category, for me, are Vlambeer, Treasure, and Michael Brough. Just picked up the Iron & Steel table pack; I know it will be another good one.

  • tHanks for the reply bobby! Just wondering what tables YOU want to see happen or if there are any team favorites that we can petition license owners for?

  • Great to see. Enjoying the tables on the PS4. Thanks for not abandoning the titles.

  • i love this game

  • are they free? :)

  • Why do blog entries never link to the game? Makes no sense to me. There is a point in the article that says “Zen Pinball 2 on PS3, Vita and PS4” and each system reference is a link, but they link to the generic system page. Why doesn’t the PS4 link take me to!/en-us/games/zen-pinball-2/cid=UP4042-CUSA00187_00-ZP2PS40000000001 and similar for the others?

  • Nice tables. I quickly purchased them…… I have 34 zen pinball tables now. You get so much bang for your buck with zen pinball.

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