Prepare for War: Helldivers Launches March 3rd

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Prepare for War: Helldivers Launches March 3rd

Arrowhead Game Studios, in conjunction with Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), today signed the Declaration of War between Super Earth and the intergalactic alien threat.


With immediate effect from March 3rd, 2015, Helldivers are to be dispatched to the front lines of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita systems.

The Federation has decided that the bug threat is becoming too great. Senator John W. Killjoy declared that “The bugs have been a plague in this galaxy for far too long, they must now be eradicated before they spread to other worlds.”

With the Helldiver troops spearheading the assault we are confident of success.



All hope relies upon the success of the Helldivers: the only chance for the survival of Super Earth. Expect an action packed, cross-play, all out shooter.

As part of this elite unit, in the upcoming weeks we will provide further information about how YOU can prepare for this threat.



Make sure you are prepared on March 3rd.

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7 Author Replies

  • Oh my gosh yessss I have been waiting for this since it was first shown! Thank you I am so excited for this!

  • Best. Promo. Evah!

  • Looks like a perfect candidate for one of March’s free Plus games.

  • Yesss Finally! I’ve been getting annoyed at the lack of info on this game and when it was finally coming. Will it be one of the free Plus games for March? If not Price? Does it have a Platinum Trophy?

    • Yes! Finally we know! We’re so exited to be releasing it soon and being able to talk more of the game :)
      There will be more price and sale info soon, but it does have a Platinum trophy!

      Malin – Arrowhead

  • HELL yes, been waiting for this since I first saw the developer video.

  • I know it’s a pipe-dream but I would love to see this on PS+

  • Question: I see you have VITA support, cross save support?

  • PS Plus title or not, i will buy this day one.

  • Quite the “Starship Troopers” vibe this trailer has, huh? ;)

  • I think it will be PS Plus :D (I sure hope so)

  • Finally!! Been waiting a loooong time for this.

    Will there be a platinum trophy??

  • Cross-buy?

  • Awesome. Does this still have 3-way cross-play? In other words, can a friend playing on a PS4, one on PS3, and one on Vita all play together? I remember that this was supposedly a feature when the game was originally announced.

  • Hope we can play this offline

  • Wow, great Starship Troopers vibe! Can’t wait to play! Damn bugs, kill em all!

  • Can’t wait to play this game!

  • Honestly DO NOT make this game a PS+ game for March (I know I will get hate for this). I want to give Arrowhead the full amount to purchase this game. I don’t care if it’s cross-buy or not as I will double dip for my PS4 and Vita either way.

    I remember when Warrior’s Lair was cancelled and really struck a blow to my cross-playing interests. Thankfully this game is not going down the same path. Thank you and cannot wait to play this game!

    Add me PSN people so we can defend Super Earth together!!!

  • Finally!!! I wanted to play this game from the 1st time i saw the trailer and its supposed to be cross buy/cross play too….

  • FINALLYYYYYYYY. I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time. Can’t wait to play it

  • I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time, but the friendly-fire has me a bit worried.

    I can foresee a lot of problems trying to play this with randoms online. I can’t always put together a squad or raid group — I don’t have the time. Sometimes I just want to play a game. If this game matches me up with a bunch of people who just fire their weapons in every direction, potentially killing the team, it could really affect my ability to play one of my most anticipated games.

    • Great to hear, we’re so happy to finally release it!

      There is a system in place to commend and report players for their effort, as well as reputation that we hope will work out great.
      Helldivers at heart is a cooperative game and we strongly encourage players to play together. There are several mechanics supporting cooperation, such as heavy weaponry assisted reload and multi-seat vehicles, and you can even request help using the Emergency Beacon Stratagem.

  • Yes! I got to preview the game at PSX and it was great (and challenging). Looking forward to playing this!



    I hope the game is done and has no need to be postponed

  • @ BennyMan Give me an add I usually play on weekends and random weeknights (EST) if I am not busy or too tired after work. This is one of my most anticipated games as well so I can understand your concern.


  • March 3rd you say? Mayhaps this be one of March’s playstation plus games?

  • Echo Finally but… March? Really? March is the new Fall apparently.. I just don’t have room for Helldivers, which I’ve been waiting for since pre-PS4 launch.. ugh.. Maybe this summer.

  • Will it support cross-buy between PS4 and Vita???

  • Hey you’re doing it wrong. Launch trailer that shows gameplay that looks really fun? Go back to PR school! You’re suppose to show us CGI cut-scenes that have almost nothing to do with the actual game.

    (Yes that’s all sarcasm.)

    OMG this looks like FUN. Day 1 purchase for me.

  • @3 YES!

    Been reading/watching more on this game the last few days, glad to see a release date for it!

  • Since this is cross-play, I am very likely to get this. It looks fun!

  • I think the idea of Co-op + Starship Troopers feel + cross-platform between Vita and PS4….sounds like fun to me :)

  • FINALLY!! thank god. First Helldivers March 3rd then Hotline Miami 2 march 10th then Bloodborne later that month. Wow march is going to be good.

  • price and platinum?

  • Wow! What a pleasant surprise! Didn’t expect the “announcement” of the release date, to actually be so close to the release date :) Sweet :)

  • @18

    you don’t need to worry about giving developers money with free PS+ games because they’re still compensated for each copy downloaded. one might argue that PS+ games would bring in more cash than a simple release.

  • Long over do, as fan of rts games such as Homeworld im a definitely getting this.
    Thanks ARROWHEAD.

  • @36 pretty sure they’re paid upfront but not paid after each copy downloaded. And I doubt it will be a PS+ game for March.

    I’m liking the Starship Troopers feel!

  • Cross-Play and Cross-Buy on march’s Plus LineUp? O_O Thx Sony.

  • So…. Cross-play with Vita, PS3, and PS4 users, Cross-Buy to have on all systems, and Cross-Save so your progress follows you every where?

    Cross Excitement or Cross Let down?

  • @36&@38: One benefit I can see from this becoming a free PS+ game is a larger community having access to playing Helldivers. Still a triple-platform game going free would be a new precedence for PS+ as dual-platforms have occurred on occasion.

    Also I’m siding on Arrowhead getting more money from purchases (and multiple purchases with cross-buy deals) than a one-time fee from SCEA.

    Either way I am glad we are getting this sooner rather than later. Again anyone wanna squad up? Add me!

  • The Only Good Bug Is A Dead Bug!!!

  • This is awesome, wasn’t expecting it this early.

  • I was really upset that this was delayed, was probably my most anticipated game of last year. I also gave up on Starbound ever coming.

  • Can’t wait to play this game

  • Make sure that the game has Stereoscopic 3D support and I will get it on day one, if not, I will be waiting for a price drop.

  • I think it would have been cooler to make a game based on GTA’s Republican Space Rangers, simply because this is so darn close to it!

  • Looks fun as f***,
    please tell me there will be a demo!

  • Service guarantees citizenship.

  • Oh man. Day one and you know it!

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