DmC Definitive Edition: Vergil’s Bloody Palace Detailed

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DmC Definitive Edition: Vergil’s Bloody Palace Detailed

Hello PlayStation fam, Dominic Matthews from Ninja Theory here. With the PS4 launch of DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition just about a month away, I wanted to give you some more details on one of the game’s most requested new features: Vergil’s Bloody Palace.

DmC Definitive Edition: Vergil’s Bloody Palace Detailed

Watch the video on YouTube at 1080p and 60 frames per second!

Vergil is a huge favorite amongst Devil May Cry fans. It will come as no surprise to you that when DmC was originally released, one of the most requested features for the game was a Bloody Palace mode just for Vergil. When we knew we were getting the chance to create a new definitive edition of DmC, one of the first things on our list was to give the fans the mode that they seemed to want more than any other.

Vergil’s Bloody Palace is a 60-floor combat arena. Unlike Dante’s Bloody Palace, where the difficulty progresses through the 5 main difficulty levels, Vergil’s Bloody palace starts on Nephilim difficulty for the first 20 waves, moves onto Son of Sparda difficulty, and ends with 20 waves of very challenging Vergil Must Die difficulty combat. Bloody Palace is traditionally a very difficult challenge to complete and Vergil’s own take on the mode is no different.

The best way to play Vergil is to stack up as many kinds of damage as possible. He has lots of attacks which skilled players can layer with his melee moves. For example, Summoned Swords can be fired, and can pull enemies or lift enemies, without interrupting melee attacks. Spiral Swords passively damages enemies once activated, until it wears off. Doppelganger Vergil can be used to attack at the same time as you, or with a delay.

DmC: Definitive EditionDmC: Definitive Edition

When you layer everything up, you can hit with three or four attacks at a time, which is when Vergil is doing the most damage. Of course Devil May Cry is not just about killing enemies but also about how you kill them. Some stylish moves I recommend trying out are jump cancelling with the Killer Bee and following up an Atomic with a Solar Flare. Loads of damage and loads of style!

One of the greatest pleasures that I get from working on DmC is watching the awesome combo videos that people create with the game. We’ve seen players do things with the combo system that we didn’t even think were possible. I can’t wait to see videos of what players are able to achieve with DmC: Definitive Edition and in particular Vergil’s Bloody Palace.

The game will be available both on disc at retail and as a digital download on March 10 for PS4 for $39.99.

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  • Loved this game on PS3 can’t wait to play the remastered version and looking forward to beating the game again.

  • I missed this on PS3, maybe I will check it out.

  • Liked Dmc for PS3. It’s getting a little repetitive though. Can’t wait for Bloodborne.

  • How about some info on DMC4 SE instead?

  • i love this game. lets do this

  • I really love Ninja Theory. Heavenly Sword, Enslaved, and DMC are all great. And i cant wait for Hellblade.

    I may play this again. If only because its priced at $40 instead of $60 like most other remakes.

  • I might buy but it depends on the trophies. Can you share the trophy list yet? I hope they aren’t too painful lol

  • Wow, they nailed the music in that trailer.

  • Honest question… If I already have this from a good PS sale on the PS3, having not played it yet, is there a real reason to not just play my PS3 version?

  • This looks great. I played PS3 version but would rebuy for PS4. Capcom: Please release Devil May Cry Trilogy on the Vita. Bring some Capcom games to Vita.

  • @4 I’m sure there’ll be tons of info after this game releases.

  • I got the first game on PS Plus…

    Probably buy this eventually.

    I really wanted trophies on DMC4 and that’s coming soon. I need to marathon DMC 1-3 on PS3 sometime before I get the PS4 DMCs.

    I wonder how many platinums I can actually get from the series. DMC was why I initially bought a PS2 instead of an Xbox.

  • Ewwwww, DmC, what a POS.

  • Bought this on day 1 when it came for PS3. Still on fence of buying for PS4. PLEASE MAKE A DMC 2!!!!!!

  • Had fun with the PS3 version, though the hype for Vergil’s DLC was a bit disappointing when it finally came out. It was so buggy and I can’t remember if I was completed it or not because of that. Since they apparently fixed all the issues with it I might pick it up.

  • I played through this on Xbox 360, definitely plan on re-buying the game for PS4. Still have to play through Vergil`s Downfall DLC so ill do that on PS4.

  • Platinum’d this on PS3 and for sure will do it again on PS4. Love everything about the game and it’s an all out joy to play. Can’t wait to get my hands on it come March 10th.

  • Instead of news about Portstation 4, people would rather hear about Driveclub PS Plus Edition.

  • @+ KidGreengene

    Yes x1000! DmC was good but there were a lot of little things about it that took away from the overall experience. They’ve added the ability to toggle on and off almost everything about the original game that many fans complained about, added a LOT of new features and game modes, and improved the graphics and performance. The PS4 version of this game is going to be a big improvement over the PS3 one, and it’s being sold for half the price of a new game. If you’re interested in the game, this is going to be the version to play.

  • Yo, what about Vergil in DMC4.

    I wanna see some footage of that dude.

  • so how bout DMC4?
    ….you guys are really pushing DmC, I’m starting to notice it.

  • Ok guys… i know i’ve been pushing you sometimes… but there is a kickstarter project about to expire and it looks awessome. Would fit nicelly on PS4 and PsVita
    Back it! Playstation needs it!

  • i think that there needs to be a two player bloody palace mode.

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