Super Stardust Ultra Launching on PS4 February 10th

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Super Stardust Ultra Launching on PS4 February 10th

Hello again, everyone. Following up on my post announcing that Super Stardust Ultra was coming to PS4 (which you can read here), it gives me great pleasure to let you all know that it will be available to download next week on February 10th. I can also confirm that Super Stardust Ultra supports 3D at full 60 frames per second! We think this is something that you’ll want to show to friends and family, it really does add an extra dimension to an already unique and great looking game.

Super Stardust Ultra is packed with incredible depth and variety, from five newly designed planets and other visual enhancements, to nine different single-player game modes. Some of which are brand new, only on PS4.

One of these modes is Blockade. As if blasting through hazardous meteor storms or fighting off enemy spacecraft wasn’t difficult enough, you now have to avoid an endless trail of deadly mines that are continually dropped from the back of your Star fighter. The twist however is that everything else on the planet is also destroyed if it makes contact with the mines, so they can be used to your advantage and timing your bombs or boost is critical to staying alive.

If you think you have the skills, then check out Interactive Streaming which not only allows you to broadcast your gameplay but also opens up your world, allowing your viewers to decide what happens next. The vote can range from a full onslaught of chaos, to a much needed helpful care package….you have been warned.

Super Stardust Ultra

There’s always plenty to achieve in Super Stardust Ultra, whether you are hunting Trophies in pursuit of the Platinum, or blasting your way to the top of the global leader boards. Competing against friends has never been easier, whether sending direct challenges or playing 2-4 player local split-screen battles — even teaming up in co-op mode.

All this will be available on PlayStation Store for $12.99; PS Plus subscribers will receive an additional 20% discount for a period of 1 week after launch, so make sure to pick up Super Stardust Ultra next week!

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  • I was excited, then I read the entire thing. This is not cross-buy. Whenever they don’t state anything about cross-buy, it’s not cross-buy. I guess the small changes are what make it full price again. I’ll pass. Keeping my PS3 copy instead.

  • I’ll buy it, even though I’m buying Evolve the same day, if you put the Vita one on sale. Fair trade?

  • This is amazing news, can’t wait to try it out and maybe try streaming this!

    • We are very excited about the Interactive Streaming mode, as you never know how the viewers will vote, so this will always keep you guessing and test your skills.

  • @1 Not everything in this world has to be cross-buy. They remade and improved the game so they should expect customers want to buy it. If you don’t want it, then don’t buy it, but don’t complain about cross buy all the time

  • @CoachOTSuns

    Remade…HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah alright. Still not paying for the same game I already own on PS3.

    Im tired of these devs/pubs thinking its ok to just repackage the same game and try to squeeze more money out (ie. Special Updated Ultra Multiplayer Edition, or Game of the Year or next gen upgrade B.S.)

  • @5

    Well then don’t buy it. I’m sure they are banking on all the people that are new to the Playstation Universe

  • Looks beautiful i just wanted to ask if run sackboy run coming anytime soon to ps vita i love it and wish to see it soon ^.^

  • These comments are confusing because this IS a totally different game from the PS3 stardust. But it is a rehash, it’s the Vita game ‘remastered’ for ps4. And some kind of cross-buy discount at least would be nice when I bought that game and all of its DLC before on Vita.

  • I never played it on PS3 or Vita so I’ll probably pick it up :)

  • I’m confused, is this a new game or an enhanced port?

  • I have this on Vita and PS3 and I WILL be getting this on PS4, LOVE Super Stardust especially the music!

    • Great to hear that you are continuing Super Stardust on PS4, with the additional game modes and trophies added there’ll be some things you have yet to experience….hope you enjoy!

  • a new platform. newly designed worlds. new game modes. nothing but complaints that you don’t get everything for free.

    gamers really are the worst kind of entitled pieces of poo in the world.

  • 12.99 plus 20% off for plus members so it’s about $10 with new stages and new game play modes. Not to mention its one of THE BEST 3-D games you will ever play count me in. Oh and my favorite part of all finally with PS4 in game MUSIC…..

  • @ChaseHammerJ

    Your opinion doesn’t really coincide with your own gaming habits. I mean, you buy every single call of duty, assassin’s creed, and madden game they make. They’re all basically the same game. Not to mention all the wrestling games. All probably at full $60.

  • I love Super Stardust. Loved it on the PS3 and even loved it on the PS Vita. There’s no question that I’m going to get it on the PS4.

  • @5 Is correct, why buy the same game you already own?
    @4 You’re the type of person to defend anything. Does it look like I’m expecting everything to be cross-buy? PSN games like this should be. I can freely state how I feel because I don’t want to dish out another 12.99 for a game I own already. The fact that you stated “remade” has me questioning do you know what you’re talking about. The game is exactly the same. Also, “complain about cross-buy all the time”? Really. My first complaint about cross-buy and you say all the time. LOL.

  • That’s not to ruin everyone else’s experience though. Anyone can buy the game as they see fit. I’ll pass on re-buying this game though unless it drops below $5. Then I’ll re-consider buying the same PSN game on a different console.

  • @10 enhanced port.

  • Sony, you must be high on your undeserved success in thinking that these changes are enough to warrant a re-buy instead of giving it to Vita-owners (you know, the small group of people supporting your poor efforts).

  • YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!! The 3D is just gravy. Day 1!

  • Oh, very nice ….should be loads of fun.

  • You had me at 3D. Day one purchase for me, thanks.

  • Knew the comments would be full of whining from people who think developers should work for free because they spent $9 seven years ago. Babies everywhere.

  • mmmmmm Stardust……… the addiction continues.

  • @14 Firelogic

    You are assuming that just because I have played games that I have bought them. I have friends, family, rentals and PS Plus. I guess no one ever told you what happens when you ass|u|me ?

  • The ignorance of some people does not surprise me, like you can’t voice your own opinion.
    Heck, I would have been fine with a cross-buy discount, which is the most suitable thing to do actually. Unless people think we’re wanting too much for that as well?
    Then, what’s even more ignorant is that people think others are expecting free stuff all the time. No. It’s just that developers should not be charging you full price on games that have a few new things to it, but overall it’s the same game.
    Retro City Rampage was cross-buy, Flower, The Unfinished Swan. I am content with that but with games I like, I would at least expect a fair discount. Those developers for the games I just listed work even HARDER, and they give us cross-buy. Some give a discount. Minecraft for example, and that’s basically a full PS3/PS4/Vita game. $5 upgrade is VERY reasonable.
    Now, is anyone else going to complain about this logic? Next thing you know, people are going to defend the recent lack of PSN+ discounts and PSN going down every week for a service we pay for. No offense Sony but that really has to get fixed.

  • Thanks for giving 3D support its last breath of air…wouldn’t repurchase without it.

  • @26 There was no Cross Buy with Retro City Rampage DX for those that had the original version.

  • The game has new planets and new modes, Why is people saying that this is an enhanced port and not a new game? I’m confused…

    Complains complains complains.

  • This is fantastic! Resogun and Geometry Wars 3 have been 2 of my favorite games on PS4 so far. I will gladly buy this and go after the platinum.

  • July 16th, 2008: Hero of Lave, on Super Stardust HD; my first ever PlayStation Trophy. I look forward to getting it again.

  • @29 This is an enhanced port of Super Stardust Delta, a Vita game. The planets will be new to ps3 folks, but not vita. There will be new modes I don’t know how many, but they will be removing some too that used vita features like back-touch and gyro acceleration movement, so it pretty much evens out. I do think people should buy this game, it’s a great game and I’m not complaining but a discount for the people who already bought super stardust delta and its dlc seems like the right move.

  • This came sooner than I expected. The SSHD remains my favorite dual stick shooter. Can’t wait to play this!

  • I am SO pumped for this.

  • @32 Still doesn’t get it… are they lying to us?

    “Super Stardust Ultra, has an array of new planets, glorious visual enhancements, and includes no less than nine different game modes, including new modes and established favorites from the series and its various add-ons”.

    There’s no place where it says that the planets are the same from the PS Vita Game, and Why would they say that new planets are new because they aren’t in the PS3 version? What does that have to do with anything? New planets are new, new is that is not been made before… right?

  • Yay! 3D support! Hope to see more games support this.

  • “Super Stardust Ultra is packed with incredible depth and variety, from five newly designed planets and other visual enhancements, to nine different single-player game modes. Some of which are brand new, only on PS4.”

    To be fair, it’s unclear from the wording whether the PS4-exclusive content will be newly designed planets, other visual enhancements, or single-player game modes.

    Time (and reviews [and actual owners of the Vita original who have played both versions and know the difference]) will tell.

  • Yay for 3D! Resogun seems like it was made for 3D on the PS4. I’m hoping they add that in via patch or DLC!

  • Definitely getting this!

  • Oh man, I loved Super Stardust! The 3D is really catching my eye. May have to pick this up for the 3D since Resogun never got it.

  • Can anyone confirm the framerate and the resolution of the 3D in Super Stardust on PS3? I’m asking this because, as @zombie9 said, this was one of the best, if not THE best 3D game out there.
    That, along with GT5/6 are trully masterpieces on its own.
    Anyway, great news.

    A proud Sony user and Gran Turismo fan.

  • SO far there hasn’t been a bad HOuseMarque game on playstation.

    As much as I love this game, I might hold off for a bit, and see. I’ll likely fold like a house of cards.

  • Super Stardust HD was one of my favorites on the PS3 before the console died on me. I’m so stoked to be able to play this on my PS4. SO STOKED.

  • I’ll echo everyone else — it’s the stereo 3D support that makes this a day 1 purchase for me. I skipped Geometry Wars on PS3/4 because the developers wouldn’t talk about a timeline for a 3D patch, and I’m skipping Dark Souls and other ports for the same reason. I’m glad that this PS4 version is keeping *feature parity* with the PS3 version by including stereo 3D support.

    It would be *awesome* to get Blast Factor on PS4 as well — that game had some of the best sound design for 5.1 surround I ever heard in a PSN game.

    For other 3D fans who still have their PS3 handy, check out Child of Eden on a big 3D screen. It will blow your mind, especially if you play with Move! I couldn’t even imagine that game on PS4 with 60fps 3D!

  • This^^^

  • It’s pretty sad that every time I see a headline about a version of a game that has been on PS3 and/or Vita that at least one of the first comments on said post is someone complaining about it not being cross-buy. Entitlement culture at it’s finest.

  • Hold on I’m confused.

    Is this an enhanced port of Super Stardust HD for PS3 or an enhanced port of Super Stardust Delta for Vita?

  • No thanks, I’ll be more than happy with the already purchased nearly identical PS3 version cross-play on PS4 please. Not happening? Ofcourse it isn’t….

    I’ll just wait till this eventually comes free via PS+ then

  • Love this game and glad it’s still in 3D be good to see what this will look like on my sony 75″ curved 4K tv in 3D with the power of PS4 roll on the 10th.

  • Hooray for 3D!

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