Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Beta Out Today on PS4, PS3

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Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Beta Out Today on PS4, PS3

It’s here. The Battlefield Hardline open multiplayer beta is available on both PS4 and PS3 today. If you have PlayStation Plus, all you have to do is hit up PlayStation Store and download the free beta (exact availability times vary by region and content refresh schedule). Now, I’m a “get to the point” kinda guy, so here’s what you can expect during the next six days of beta.

Battlefield Hardline

  • Battlefield Hardline Open Multiplayer Beta Dates: February 3rd to February 8th*.
  • Three Different Maps and Modes including: Hotwire and Conquest Modes on Dust Bowl, Hotwire Mode on Downtown, and Heist Mode on Bank Job.
  • Play Hacker Mode for the first time — Similar to Commander in Battlefield 4, this mode allows players to take control over security cameras, spot enemies and specify areas on the battlefield for their team to attack or defend.
  • Exclusive BF4 Dog Tag – If you have a BF4 account and try out the Battlefield Hardline beta, the Hardline Dog Tag will be unlocked in the next patch for BF4 for you to proudly wear in-game.

As you hit the streets in one of the muscle cars in Hotwire mode, defend or jack the vault in Heist, or throw down in classic Conquest, we want to hear about what you like or don’t like about your game experiences. You can voice all your feedback and suggestions on the Battlefield Hardline Forums.

Hardline is all about heated exchanges and chaotic Battlefield moments, and we want to see them. Share your in-game insanity by using the Battlefield Hardline theme in ShareFactory. Tag your clips with #BFHTopPlay when you post and you might get featured on one of Battlefield’s official channels.

No more waiting. Whet those appetites in Open Beta for the full deal that launches on March 17th.

Get the latest Battlefield Hardline news with new updates every Wednesday from now to launch.

*The beta will be available February 4th through 8th in Japan on PS4 and PS3.

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  • Omg how can so many people not find it after 100 ppl have given specific instructions. And why are people surprised that you need PS+ to play an ‘online shooter beta’???to all the people crying and threatening to sell their ps4’s, please do. PSN has too many whiners as it is.

  • I’m downloading it right now there is 2 parts. Soon as you download from PS store you will have a 2.77 GB download then, once you open BF Hard line there will be another download which you will start out at 25%.

  • Hardline Beta – What am I missing? Why is this so difficult?

    I still don’t see it on PSN when I log in one my PS3. Last evening 12A EST 2/4, there was a system update, which I thought would have fixed the issue from what I was reading on this site. Then I saw that it was fora PSPlus, so I purchased one month. I double checked that I had PSPlus through email. I restarted my PS3 after the download and logged by into PSN. Still no beta. Searched for it and found nothing. I went online to the PSN store and added it to my cart, purchased it and received an email that it was purchased for $0.00. I went back online today 8A EST, looking for it under the View Downloads, and it doesn’t show up. I am giving up on this. This is more fodder for the Microsoft folks.

  • The Hardline Beta finally appears in my Veiw Downloads, after I deleted and reinstalled the Playstation Store on my system, and purchased the game for the second time through the online Playstation Store. Wow.

  • Surprise people… battlefield hard line is nothing more than a new battlefield bad company. This game is made for fan boys of modern warfare/black ops. NOTICE>>> the real battlefield that the battlefield vets want have no side names and are simply called battlefield 2,3,4.. with that being said. So far the game is mediocre at best. Graphics have taken a step backwards and so has the game physics. The guns feel cheap and so does the gameplay. The game has some tools that should be brought to the “real battlefield ” games like the grappling hook and zipline, stun gun, molotov cocktails, etc. The purchasing of guns rather than unlocking them one by one. But overall after all the anticipation the game feels cheap and like it was slapped together without care. I know this is only a beta and it ” should be better on final release” but don’t hold your breath. If your a fan boy of bad company series than this is for you. But us battlefield vets will have to wait until battlefield 5 comes out in the future years for us to continue being happy with the series…

  • This beta is so fun. Enjoying it and pre-ordering it.

  • Just played it:

    It’s awful. Truly awful. It’s even worst than the previous one. This one just went one level further into the abyss.

    Where did the fun, creativity and love for videogames go? This one it’s just one huge boring and crappy mess with guns.

  • Is it taking everybody else forever to download at the opening screen of the beta where you start off at %25?

  • I was actually looking forward to this game! I did make an impressions video regarding this, and Ii did find is really enjoyable!

  • I can´t run the game, “Error CE-34878-0” appears, I ve download and installed the game two times and the same error appears.

  • You guys said we go to the playstation store and find Battlefield Hardline Beta but I cannot find it……Where can I find It????? Is it for only PS3 plus members or nah?\

  • Second time I download the beta and all I get is a message that says I can’t play this game.
    I have a psn plus membership so why can I not play this game?

  • It would be nice if I could, you know, PLAY IT. I have 2 options: multiplayer and options. Multiplayer just signs me out of psn, leading me to think this game is just an “options game” where you customize options that do nothing!

  • man its 5:55 eastern here on feb 4th and this beta is still not on the ps store for ps3…wtf?

  • at bloodhounds…omg we cant find it because it isn’t there. I have been over every inch of the ps store for ps3 and it is not there plain and simple.

  • bloody fantastic my freinds are playing it but its not even in the store for me yet! WHHHHAAATT THE HEEEEELLLLLLLLL

  • I FOUND OUT HOW TO GET IT!…. go ontop playstation store ON YOUR COMPUTER and type in BETA it will show up in the first two coloms then click it do that checkout and select to instal it… enjoy foks

  • well its ok they still have a lot of work to do ,

  • I’m glad this game got delayed just so it competes with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Look how much of a mess Battlefield 4 was. This has potential so hope this will be good.

  • If you are having issues with the beta coming up on the PS3, purchase the beta from your computer and it’ll show up in your download list. I hope this helps all of those who ran into my issue.

  • Wow. I downloaded it last night so i can play when I get off and you will never guess what happend. Its not working!!! It figures I would have problems with this game as I have every other game these jokers put out. It starts loading showing little images of bank vault and ect.. Loading arrow rotating and BAM!!! Message comes up “BETA HAS EXPIRED. THANKS FOR PARTICIPATING.” Wtf. Paticipating in what? A waste of time and watching the loading screen trailer teasing me. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Oh my god this beta is so ****ing awesome i can’t get enough BF Hardline, i wish they had more maps in this beta though

  • This download in two parts is ridiculous. The first part it’s non-playable and the second and major part comes by the most slow background download system in the world.
    Xbox One completed downloading the game in 4 hours while on PS4 already has 9 hours of download and only 9,76gb downloaded.

  • its so bad and pc is full of aimbots, nobody can connect all EA servers are down lol.. Another bugfest.. PASS

  • All the problems from the last game are still in the new game PS4 PC & X-BOX.. but is Still going sell millions,,

  • I seriously need to get this beta on my ps4 I going to download it tomorrow

  • I had trouble finding beta too, it doesn’t come up under search, i found it under new then mew this month and then scroll down till you find it.

  • Add me on PS4 if u want to play the beta with me. Level 17 as of right now, PSN is; opt1ckn33gr0w

  • The belgian flag is the german flag sideways the belgian flag is black yellow red

  • If you had a job and bought PSN, you would have downloaded it after work and played a great demo. I immediately deleted BF4( and Im a fan!)…and I bought premium! I dont care about being first, I just hope Star Wars isnt BF4!!!! Scary

  • Why is this called a BETA , when there is no way of contacting the developer beats me. If someone knows where to report bugs and stuff let me know please, cause I just found out that the patch for Belgium is wrong it’s actually the German flag tilted from horizontal to vertical, our flag goes black yellow red not black red yellow as it’s shows now.

  • Some body please help me when I start the beta it says the beta is closed and that I’m signed out but Im still signed in somebody plz help me I have been looking forward to this beta help plz

  • I just played the hardline beta. Graphics look like your playing goldeneye on ps4. The gun look like plastic and feel like they might be bigger then your head. It felt more like a call of duty knockoff. Played as a hacker real quick, thats hardlines commander mode. It was a generic copy of commander that felt robotic and lifeless. Idon’t know much about viseral I know about dice played and love the battlefields.Most people including me have the same problems but its not dice its ea. Always has been. The glitchin, lagging, rubberbanding isnt isolated.It happens in all ea multiplayer games. I dont know when they rlease for this is. I hope no time soo. Game needs a lot i repeat A LOT of work to acheive the high standards dice let us believe we were entitled too.

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