Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Beta Out Today on PS4, PS3

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Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Beta Out Today on PS4, PS3

It’s here. The Battlefield Hardline open multiplayer beta is available on both PS4 and PS3 today. If you have PlayStation Plus, all you have to do is hit up PlayStation Store and download the free beta (exact availability times vary by region and content refresh schedule). Now, I’m a “get to the point” kinda guy, so here’s what you can expect during the next six days of beta.

Battlefield Hardline

  • Battlefield Hardline Open Multiplayer Beta Dates: February 3rd to February 8th*.
  • Three Different Maps and Modes including: Hotwire and Conquest Modes on Dust Bowl, Hotwire Mode on Downtown, and Heist Mode on Bank Job.
  • Play Hacker Mode for the first time — Similar to Commander in Battlefield 4, this mode allows players to take control over security cameras, spot enemies and specify areas on the battlefield for their team to attack or defend.
  • Exclusive BF4 Dog Tag – If you have a BF4 account and try out the Battlefield Hardline beta, the Hardline Dog Tag will be unlocked in the next patch for BF4 for you to proudly wear in-game.

As you hit the streets in one of the muscle cars in Hotwire mode, defend or jack the vault in Heist, or throw down in classic Conquest, we want to hear about what you like or don’t like about your game experiences. You can voice all your feedback and suggestions on the Battlefield Hardline Forums.

Hardline is all about heated exchanges and chaotic Battlefield moments, and we want to see them. Share your in-game insanity by using the Battlefield Hardline theme in ShareFactory. Tag your clips with #BFHTopPlay when you post and you might get featured on one of Battlefield’s official channels.

No more waiting. Whet those appetites in Open Beta for the full deal that launches on March 17th.

Get the latest Battlefield Hardline news with new updates every Wednesday from now to launch.

*The beta will be available February 4th through 8th in Japan on PS4 and PS3.

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  • I honestly thought that this was already out, if that tells ya how much I have been paying attention.

  • I really hope this game doesn’t suffer the same problems battlefield 4 had, I guess i’ll try out the Beta.

  • Yes it’s time!!!

  • I want to play to livestream it and put my thoughts on it but when does the store update because i get home at PT

  • Please release a Battlefield Hardline audio preset for the Headset Companion app

  • I can´t wait!! My entire life i wanted to be a law officer. At last in game i can.

  • I’d hardly call it six days when the first day is already more than half gone. Xbox One had their beta available for download at 12AM, why is Playstation so far behind? Why can’t Sony refresh their stores in time for gamers to enjoy the full event?

  • Do I need an active PS Plus subscription to play the beta on PS4?

  • I can’t log in to EA Origin Account. This problem is not only limited to this beta but every EA game. It just get stuck on the final ‘Continue’ button and nothing happens. So can anyone help me out please.

  • I can’t even hard line beta anywhere in the store? Wth

  • bs you got to have PlayStation Plus for the Battlefield Hardline open beta

  • Excited to see if the series improved after Battlefield 4

  • Tengo psplus y no me aparece el beta por ningun lado

  • I can’t find the beta to download on my playstation app.

  • guys i think the rumors may be true, the store may update only at 6 p.m pt

  • These clowns will wait to release it… Then the high amount of traffic downloading a 11+GB file will cause issues. The they’ll be tweeting that they have engineers looking into it. As if a layman couldn’t figure out to release it as early as possible so as to NOT cause traffic problems.

    I see why now why Xbox Live users continue bashing PS Network. They charge PS4 Users for the same outdated, dimwitted practices of old.

  • @EliteCombatZ. It’s going to be available today once they update the store later on today.

  • Not seeing it here in South Florida. Looks like the BETA starts the this evening or Feb 4th for PS4 owners. (-_-)…

  • sweet i cant ait for ths game bring on th beta im ready thank u for a great birthday gift!

  • i said wait and cant ok also bring on playstation plus games!

  • EA? will u bring any of these games ever to the psvita? just askng it would really be awsme and it will helpbon your sales! ok i hope it will happen

  • Still waiting lol

  • Just take your sweet time PSN, we’re already 14 hours behind the Xbox on delivering this to us, might as well make it 16 or, why not, go for 18 hours behind. (Really not cool, you can see who attaches priority to the needs/wants of their respective communities – hint, it’s not Sony)

  • Why can’t you guys put it up on the store at 12am? Xbox had it at that time. This just means PlayStation doesn’t have the beta Feb 3rd and most of us will have to wait until Feb 4th to play. Same as always, late to the party.

  • + SignumOne Yes, you need PS Plus membership. It says it in the article T_T

  • I got a 2 30 day ps plus codes for a game share

  • And I got the beta from a UK friend nobody’s on the severes are empty as f&$k

  • I want to work for the psn .So I can get paid to do nothing

  • EA show some Battlefront gameplay PLEASE….

  • The fact that a five day only beta that appeals to the EXACT type of gamer that propelled the PS4 to an early console lead is pushed off in a cavalier manner to be deployed in the standard weekly update (15 hours into the first day available for those on the east coast!) shows those types of gamers that scrappy second place Xbox will have your back for the big multiplayer events. PSN, not so much.

  • srsly sony srsly. youre getting beat out by the ****box 1 this is just a disgrace again and again. update your stores when its supposed to be released not hours and hours after…

  • First off Sony your trash.. Now for my second thought Sony your still trash… Haha Im off to buy an Xbox might have to pay to plaIy but aleast I won’t have to listen to the false advertising Sony throws out… Dissapointed in psn altogether after this beta stunt if I were ea I’d pull my products from this TRASH Sony calls PSN

  • this is bs we need playstation plus

  • You guys need to chill…. Seriously….. Its a free open beta….you act like crack addicts *****ing at their late dealer…… Calm yourselves you should all know by now PS store updates around 2pm PT… If only ignorance were painful….

  • I cant find the beta in playstation store? Anybody else find it that can tell me were to look?

  • only ps4 need Plus. And I won’t be on psn store until after 6 pm pt from what I’m understanding

  • This guy is clearly lying about the game, it is not in the store. Why is play station almost 15 hours behind everything else? I pay for ps+ and I get literally the same service as PS3 normal. No updated store, we only have 6 days with this beta and now I’m Going to lose at least one of the days due to waiting for Sony to get of their lazy asses and update their store for their paying customers. Plus I have to download the beta which will probably take half a day too. Thank you for the wonderful service you guys provide Sony, honestly wish I bought an Xbox one.

  • Same PSN bull****! It’s 12 noon and the beta is nowhere to be found in the Playstation store. Can Sony do anything right? I’m getting to the point where I wish I had opted for an Xbox. What am I paying all this money for a membership to a network with more problems than a mathematics textbook?

  • Sony, get your things together. You make us pay for a better network and all we get is crap. PS users expect a lot from Sony as you promised us, and from what I see, you guys are not pulling through. You have had such enormous fan base that is now crawling its way over to Microsoft. I thought you were better then this. Now give me my Hardline Beta Like you promised TODAY, not 6PM tonight, or tomorrow, RIGHT NOW. Im at my wits end with Playstation Network. Seriously get your things together!

  • So, is the beta even coming out on ps3 in Australia or nah, or do we need to find a way to give Sony and EA even more of out money. This is such bs. I’ve been waiting since yesterday but I could get on PC though but that’s not the point, it’s still bull**** how whenever Sony has the opportunity to prevail itself it even fails that.

  • Really psn? Still don’t have the beta up.

  • For Plus users only?

  • Where is the beta?! Why would u tell us its out now if its not wow sony u are getting to be horrible why do we still support u is the real question!

  • Sony / PSN people doesnt care what yall wrote on this page. They dont read them.

  • Still waiting for the beta.

  • What a joke. It’s 2:30pm EST and still not beta listed on the PSN store. XBONE people started playing it last night. Another shining example of Son’y incompetence. Can’t keep the network up and running, can’t update the store, what a joke.

  • I FOUND IT!!!! I was using the psn store on mobile (iPod) and just searched battlefield, scrolled down and found it then selected download to ps4. Hope this helps someone cuz I sm downloading it right now

  • Because Playstation Network is full of liars, and promises +FaZeR_420. Now I know where my next 500 Bucks is going!!! X BOX here I come!!

  • Dear EA, Why can’t I delete my PvZ Garden Warfare saved data on my PS3? I tried getting help through and nobody can help me even after they say they did numerous times. I would just like to start over again as if I bought the game brand new and I don’t know how to. There is nothing I can delete on my part through the PS3 menu so I know it has to be on your part. Please respond if you can.

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