Bringing Ultra Street Fighter IV and RE Revelations 2 to PlayStation

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Bringing Ultra Street Fighter IV and RE Revelations 2 to PlayStation

You might’ve heard some big news from Capcom at our first ever PlayStation Experience fan expo. No, not that news. This: Resident Evil Revelations 2 is coming to PS Vita, and Ultra Street Fighter IV is coming to PS4, thanks to a double partnership between Capcom and SCEA’s Third Party Production. What’s more, Third Party Production is producing and publishing both titles for those platforms.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is the latest, spine-chilling chapter in the Resident Evil franchise. It unfolds in four dramatic episodes with cliffhanger moments that will have you wanting to play more.

Resident Evil Revelations 2

Revelations 2 follows fan favorite Claire Redfield and her partner Moira Burton as they struggle to survive the horrors that await them on a mysterious island facility. With his own daughter and comrade in peril, Barry Burton takes fate into his own hands and embarks on a rescue mission to the island to save them both.

It’s a story full of twists that will have players guessing the next steps at every turn. Resident Evil Revelations 2 begins rolling out on PS4 and PS3 on February 17th, 2015, and will also be coming to PS Vita in the Spring.

Ultra Street Fighter IV

The Street Fighter series evolves to a whole new level with Ultra Street Fighter IV for PS4, the first Street Fighter title to debut on next-gen consoles anywhere. For those of you who haven’t played the original on PS3, the game boasts five new characters and six new stages for even more fighting mayhem.

The PS4 version will also include all costume DLC released up to date, including both the recently released Vacation and Wild costumes, as well as Omega Mode; it’s the ultimate version of Ultra Street Fighter IV, and it’s only on PS4!

Now, as I announced at PlayStation Experience, both of these titles will come out in spring of 2015. I cannot wait to share more information with you all on these great games closer to launch. Remember to keep tweeting your requests for games you’d like to see on PlayStation platforms (#BuildingTheList), and keep your eye on the blog for more information.

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  • Thank you for bringing Resident Evil Revelations 2 to the Vita. That, Suikoden, and all those great indie titles really made my day. I hope though that you guys consider giving RER2 a physical release like its getting on consoles.

  • Ultra SF4 for PSvita please

  • Hey Gio, I was just wondering if the Vita version of RE Revelations 2 will include all the content of the console versions. That is, the extra raid mode characters and stages that were announced.

  • Great news. Now could we get some decent fightsticks (for the hardcores) and fightpads (for the casuals) released in North America so that this USFIV announcement will actually mean something? Back-compat with last-gen pads and sticks would also make this SF fan happy (I rock the PDP fightpads as I’m not a fan of the mandatory wireless on the MadCatz PS3 fightpads).

    Also, while I no longer own a PS Vita and will likely check out Resident Evil Revelations 2 on PS4 if at all, the fact that it is coming to Vita as well as PS4 and PS3 has me stoked, because this is what needs to happen to keep the Vita platform viable (and by extension, PS TV, which I do own). Thank you and keep up the good work, Sony and Capcom!

  • If my ps3 mini fight stick didn’t just come in the mail last week i’d pre-order Ultra on ps4 now. will have to wait for SFV on next gen.

  • Hey Capcom, since you have such a good idea of keeping people in the dark how about a Monster Hunter game on the PS4? If Destiny could do this well with its lack of story and countless grinding. the Monster Hunter can and will be the best social game on PS4

  • Dead Rising 3 so I can sell my Bone

  • Please try to get Capcom to release a Monster Hunter for the vita. In addition I agree with The1337Ghost about bringing Dragon ‘s Dogma Dark Arisen to PS4. Or heck, maybe even try for a vita port, I’d be down for that.

  • Here’s what you NEED to work with Capcom to bring to PS4, PS3, and Vita:

    Viewtiful Joe 1+2 HD or PS2 Classics
    Resident Evil Zero HD
    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
    Rival Schools PSone Classic
    Project Justice HD
    Okami Vita
    Okamiden Vita
    Breath of Fire 3 as PSone Classic or PSP version in Vita store
    Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter PS2 Classic

    Make it happen TPP!!!

  • Hi:
    I’m glad your about your support for Capcom Games but PLEASE, tell them to stop that DLC Nonsense. I would love to see Resident Evil HD Remaster for PlayStation Vita too, with Cross Buy, Cross Save and Cross Trophy. Resident Evil Revelations should be on PlayStation Vita too. Anyway, I’m glad to see Street Fighter IV Ultra for PlayStation 4. Thank’s for the info.

  • Gio

    Please bring SFV or other SF game to Vita ?!?! :( come on you can bring more games to vita specially as PS exclusives.

  • A lot of us are still waiting for Zack & Wiki to come to PlayStation. It would still be a perfect fit on the Vita!

    We also thought that when Viewtiful Joe avatars were released that it was hinting at a decent PS3/Vita port, but that never happened :/

    Any chance of Bionic Commando Rearmed getting onto Vita? That game (and Ducktales) were two of the best retro remakes I played on PS3.

  • @59, Okami on Vita is such a no-brainer — I assume that’s already in-progress.

    Disagree on PS2 Classics, though. The Sony PS2 emulator is so inferior to the open source emulators (right now), I’d rather get a lazy re-compile for the native platform than more emulated nonsense. Even PS1 titles on the Vita are not a good value proposition because of the weird input lag and battery drain. (Again, not a problem in the open source emulators that actually upscale the 3D.)

  • Before I pre-order Resident Evil Revelations 2 on PS4, I’d really want to know how the PS4 version is improved over the PS3 version. Legend of Korra and Strider were kinda disappointing on that front :/

  • Is it true that only those who will pre-order a DIGITAL version of the Resident Evil Revelations 2 will get a Raid Mode “Throwback” stage pack? Because I prefer and would like to get a retail version but would love to have everything.

  • we need Monster Hunter for PS4/PSvita! but not a port, a dedicated game please :)

  • Am I the only one to think that RE2 Revelations as an “Complete Season” is lame? Capcom you are not telltale games. I’ll be getting this when ALL the episodes are out. pfft this is ridiculous.

  • For a second, I thought Ultra Street Fighter IV was coming to PS Vita. Can you please, please make it happen? :)

    Either way, love your job with the ports. Bring more, please!

  • Bring monster Hunter to ps vita, that’s the only game I want.

  • Onimusha, Onimusha, Onimusha, Onimusha, Onimusha, Onimusha, Onimusha did I mention Onimusha? PS4

    Viewtiful Joe reboot. PS4

    Dragon’s Dogma PS4

    Monster Hunter PS Vita

  • Ultra Street Fighter IV for PSVITA, and if Monster Hunter 4 is impossible… how about a Monster Hunter Freedom 4? Thanks for the Vita support and hope it continues!

  • How bout they bring resident evil outbreak 1&2 out for PS4. That would be awesome

  • Would be awesome if you brought an awesome new megaman game since you guys are such good friends with capcom now seriously i bet a lot of people would be SUPER stoked for that i know i would start throwing money at my screen if i saw a trailer =)

  • Ah, man, I’m taking my Vita on a trip next month and would’ve bought Revelations even though I’m a chicken and hate scary games. But a big thank you to everyone who supports Vita!

  • As long as we are asking for games to bring over how about phantasy star online 2 (a ps4 version please) and rouge galaxy as a ps classic or hd remake?

    I love the idea if don’t bringing over games it’s fans what when it looks like the companies that made them can’t out won’t. Thx #BuildingTheList.

    Champions of norrath would be wonderful too

  • Ooooh an New megaman would rock. Hell pay yacht club or wayforward to make it so capcom won’t have to get there hands dirty

  • It’s great that the Vita is getting Revelations 2. But I’m guessing that it’s not gonna be crossbuy at all? If that’s the case, could you maybe convince Capcom to have a bundle or fee upgrade that allows one to buy the PS3 or PS4 version and get the Vita version for a reduced price? I’d love to have both the PS4 and Vita versions of the Revelations 2, but I’m not paying $25 twice (digitally) just to do so. One example could be to make a $35-$40 bundle for those who want both, and a $10-$15 “upgrade” fee for those who have the console version but eventually might want to get the Vita version down the line. I think this is relatively fair/realistic, and if Capcom is so concerned with losing some money, you guys could even make it a limited time deal and of course still keep the base price for the vita version at $25 (or whatever the planned price will be) for those who don’t want the console versions at all.

  • Great to see a Resident Evil game on the Vita. Won’t go as far as saying thanks for supporting, since I feel WE are supporting your machines …

    …ok, ok. Thanks. :)

  • Please a Devil May Cry Collection on Vita. I need that in my life.

  • Gio Corsi, you’re my hero. Never stop doing what you do. That being, bringing us video games. Just…as many as possible. I love video games.

  • BRING Breath of Fire 3 PS One CLassic please >< we have Breath of Fire 4 on psn but not 3rd

  • how much will USF4 be going for? will you guys use lab zero stick support driver if its out?

  • Can’t you give us, ps4 owners some Dead Rising 3 love?

  • The Vita have lots of great fighting games. USFIV should of came to the Vita too or at least think about bring SFV. And no to PS Now and Remote Play.

  • Will we be able to use PS3 sticks on PS4 version of USFIV? SFV?

  • I’d LOVE a Megaman Collection & Megaman X Collection on PS4. Make this happen and my money is yours.

  • Thanks for bringing Revelations 2 to the Vita. The first one would be a good port as well.

  • I look forward to Revelations 2 on Vita. If we are going to get some Capcom love for Vita, we need the following games to come to Vita:
    Devil May Cry Trilogy
    Mega Man 9 and 10
    The first Revelations
    Resident Evil 4

  • Also, Onimusha and Viewtiful Joe HD Collections for Vita.

  • Thanks!

    Someday… Street Fighter III 3rd Strike and/or Ultra Street Fighter IV for PS Vita? u_u

  • I went mad when I learned that RE Revelations 2 is coming to Vita as well!
    Thanks Capcom :)!

  • I would like to see a cross buy option for revelations 2 on ps4 and vita. Much like ps3 and ps4 is crossbuy for the remake. I would like to see vita versions of
    1. RE Remake HD
    2. Devil May Cry Trilogy
    3. DMC
    4. Monster Hunter 3 (the psp version in HD)
    5. Mega Man X1 -X8 package
    6. Maximo vita
    7. Dino Crisis HD version of original
    8. Dead Rising 3 or new version would be my dream
    9. Deep Down vita

  • Ditto on Viewtiful Joe one of my classic games, on vita would Rock. So underrated.

  • The Vita is my current fighting game haven. So any and all additional Capcom fighters on the go would be welcome to me!

    Especially Ultra Street Fighter 4 on the Vita PLEASE!!! :-)

    -Besides that, would enjoy perhaps a Street Fighter 3 collection (3rd Strike at least, but I also enjoyed Double Impact on Dreamcast) on Vita.

    -Mega Man Collection, like on PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox, on the Vita

    -Capcom Arcade Cabinet on Vita

    -How about the Phoenix Wright games? They are on other portable game systems and iOS, why not Vita?

    Thank you for your efforts, Gio, tell Capcom to keep bringing the Vita love.

  • Please improve the online play in the PS4 version of USF4 (and if possible, use Rollback/GGPO style netcode in place of the delay style netcode) and I’ll love you forever.

  • This is great: SFIV is what I miss from PS3 since I bought my PS4!

  • Thx capcom & sony for bringing Revelations 2 & USFIV for vita & PS4 ^^

    But please bring more capcom games to US PSN such as Breath of Fire III, Mega Man Legends 1 & 2, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Rival School, Power Stone, and Onimusha 1-4. Thank you ^^

  • Dead Rising 3 with some PS4 exclusive content.
    New Breath of Fire
    New Mega Man
    EX Troopers
    Dead Rising 1(For those who want to experience how it all started.)
    Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition at 60fps.
    Resident Evil 0 HD
    Project Justice HD
    Street Fighter Alpha 3 with Online
    Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2 HD
    Cannon Spike HD with Online
    Capcom vs SNK Pro & 2 with Online(One can hope.)
    Breath of Fire 3 on PS3/PSP/Vita would be nice.
    Mega Man 8 on PS3/PSP/Vita
    Mega Man Legends 1 & 2 on PS3/PSP/Vita
    Mega Man X6 on PS3/PSP/Vita

    Also will say even though it’s licensed, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs HD online would be epic.

  • Pretty stoked for SFV. How about resurrecting Onimusha and Rival Schools, and provide any information on a possible Dragon’s Dogma 2.


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