PlayStation Plus: January’s Free Games

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PlayStation Plus: January’s Free Games

It’s almost time to ring in another New Year, so let’s take a peek at what Plus members can play to kick off 2015.

PlayStation 4 owners can leave their pink neon mark on the city of Seattle in inFAMOUS: First Light, a standalone expansion to inFamous: Second Son that outlines the backstory of the troubled conduit, Fetch. Additionally, there’s The Swapper, where you’ll use a cloning gun to solve puzzles in hopes of getting yourself off a creepy space station. On PS3, you can unleash a lot of chaos in an open-world via Prototype 2 or take a trip down memory lane with the revamped classic platformer DuckTales Remastered. Finally, Vita owners can nab Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition so they can enjoy some first-person shooting on the go, as well as test their arcade game skills with the single-screen platformer Whoa Dave!

All of these games will be free for Plus members starting January 6th. If you want to see these titles in action, check out the video below.

January’s PlayStation Plus Preview

inFAMOUS First Light
inFAMOUS: First Light (PS4)

Free for PS Plus members
Locked up in a prison for super powered humans, Fetch is forced to relive tragedies from her past. Unravel her dark secret in Seattle while battling to escape snowy Curdon Cay and seek vengeance for those who wronged her.

The Swapper
The Swapper (PS4|PS3|PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members
What if someone knew your mind better than you did? The Swapper is an award-winning, narrativedriven puzzle game set in the furthest reaches of space. The Swapper takes place in an isolated and atmospheric sci-fi world. Players wield an experimental device which allows them to create clones of themselves, swapping their entire consciousness into new bodies to overcome the challenges of the environment.

Prototype 2
Prototype 2 (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members
WELCOME TO NEW YORK ZERO. The sequel to Radical Entertainment®’s best-selling open-world action game of 2009, Prototype®2 takes the unsurpassed carnage of the original Prototype®2 and continues the experience of becoming the ultimate shape-shifting weapon. Players will experience Sgt James Heller build a vast genetic arsenal of deadly new biological weapons to hunt, kill and consume his way toward the ultimate goal – to kill Alex Mercer!

Duck Tales
DuckTales Remastered (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members
DuckTales Remastered is a hand-crafted, beautiful reimagining of one of the most cherished 8-bit titles of all time. Go back to one of the golden ages of gaming, but now refined with a level of detail that will please the most hardened devoted Disney or retro Capcom fan, alike. Featuring hand-drawn animated sprites, authentic Disney character voices talent and richly painted level backgrounds from the classic cartoon TV series, Scrooge McDuck and family come to life like never before.

Duke Nukem 3D
Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition (PS Vita|PS3)

Free for PS Plus members
Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition is the definitive compilation of the landmark first-person shooter that includes enhanced versions of Duke Nukem 3D and three classic expansion packs, as well as the original version of the classic game.

Whoa Dave
Whoa Dave! (PS Vita|PS4 version will be released at a later date)

Free for PS Plus members
From the folks behind the BIT.TRIP series comes the frantic insanity that is Woah Dave! Help our hero, Dave Lonuts, survive an insane alien invasion and line his pockets with shiny pennies. Hurl alien eggs, skull bombs, and explosive WOAH blocks to stay alive and sky rocket yourself to high score fame and fortune.

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  • Crap, I already bought Infamous first light and I still haven’t beaten the first one or the second son! My list of games is waaaay too long, time to stop purchasing games for awhile.

  • When is Us going to get the new toukiden extreme or toukiden kiwima. What day this year plz tell me

  • The only reason i asked when toukiden extreme is comeing because the first one was Awesome. And still is but now i want the new one toukiden extreme. Like when will us get the game wat day

  • sorry to play Devils Advocate but I feel like the PS4 got the short end of the stick this month while the PS3 got the lions share. Especially now that I know that in the coming months I can look forward to Whoa Dave…again.

  • When does the games release?

  • Got a vita for Christmas and I love it! I got Borderlands 2, Danganronpa 2, Nidhogg,etc! For some reason the vita games won’t show up on the store. But maybe it’s my internet. I don’t want to be greedy but I want Killzone Mercenary next month. But the vita is amazing and needs more attention!

  • January 6th 2015 and still no sign of these games? I’m pretty sure in Japan, it’s pretty close to January 7th already. Where are our free games SONY?

  • @ DudesonForums , The day has barely even started here in NA , now go play on your console , sit back and relax . The games will come today.

  • It’s not here yet i wait for this sorry on my english if i have errors at trial

  • 9:30 here in New York and still no game. I’m home sick and was hoping to play in between naps.

    This is what bothers me. The release date for this one (duke 3d) is 1/13/15 in a week. I wonder if there was a confusion and maybe the line up is changing…….

  • Sony has claimed in the past that the PS Store updates on Tuesday anytime from 9AM-7PM. Sadly, you might not see it until tonight. At the very least, I highly doubt they are going to release anything free until there “Extended Holiday Sale” is over at Noon today.

  • Duck Tales … yohooo!!!

  • This Infamous : First Light is said to be absolutely amazing!!

  • I don’t get why anyone would be angry over the games not being offered the second it turns to the 6th. Still many hours to go.

  • Some of us are half way through the 6th. Also it seems slightly misleading that the PlayStation Plus page of main PS web site lists (and has listed for a while) a First Light trailer in the “Instant Games” section when the game isn’t even available to Plus subscribers yet. If you think this “Flash Sale” and the delayed release of these games aren’t directly related, your fooling your self. The game is over 9 gigabytes in size and I was just hoping to start the download before going to work tonight.

  • @Plaztikskyke. The store always updates about the same time as always has been every week for many years. Never changed fdoubt it ever will. If u don’t know when is that look up every single update and it will tell u

  • wouldnt be too excited if i still had the ps3 but last two ps4 lineups have been on point.

  • Where are the games? Its 12:19 pm on the east coast and still nothing. Damn its been a rough couple of weeks with the holidays and sony being slow.

  • @LokiXKun The update comes when the Holiday Sale ends at 12PM PT (Pacific Time Zone) which makes sense because this is where the PlayStation headquarters are. Unfortunately this means people like me and you won’t see the update until around 3PM. It is coming though.

  • Another great month to be a + member! I’m also extremely amped for the flat monthly fees for ps now!

  • duck tales wahooooo!

  • does anyone know what time they will be available on the east coast?

  • oh ok

  • 1:36 pm in ohio still no game

  • The free games page on the store isn’t updated yet, but if you search for all the games individually, you can find them for free in the store. I’ve already “bought” them all.

    Note that the spelling on the 2nd Vita game is Woah Dave, not Whoa Dave.

  • Let’s go!!!! My favorite time of the month!!!!

  • 8 pm here. When do the games get released?

  • What happens if I already paid for The Swapper?

  • I wish Ducktales was on ps4 instead of the swapper or whatever it is.

  • also we seem to be getting more and more bad games on play station plus

  • guess they didn’t like my 1st comment it dissappared

  • what happened to free speech is this north korea

  • I never finished Second Son but I did fight her so maybe I will give it a try

  • To play Duke Nukem with two analog stick is completely awesome. Change a classic game improving its controls is something really fantastic. Thank sony to give us this amazing game.

  • I think that offering Infamous Last Light is bull%*#t because u offer a game that was only out for four months and then you offer the it for free… When most of us pre order if that was going to happen why not offer other games that are Triple A like Call Of Duty.. I call BULLS%*T

  • wow, this is a good month! excited to play the swapper

  • Wow amazing games this month a real value here thank you playstation keep doing what your doing

  • Not free for me. On my 14 day free PS plus membership and is charging me £11.99 to buy Infamous First Light. I am waiting for my 14 days to end before buying the 12 month subscription (Obviously), and I have been allowed to download The swapper and all last months titles without issue. Any advice would be great.

  • Great month for PS+. Now if only Duke 3D would have come out for PS4 too…

  • I coudn´t find it, until i went to Playstation store, ON PC. Logged in on my account and found the game ( InFAMOUS ) told it to download! And voila :D
    P.s Im european/Denmark

  • It would be really great to have a link under each game that lets you “buy” the game directly. As of now, the Playstation site still doesn’t recognize that I’m a Plus member and there’s no way for me to “purchase” the game. I have to do it on my consoles. Would just be something convenient.

  • Awesome games! That being said, I keep being told there’s not enough internal space. We’ve deleted everything including uncopiable save data’s. Why must we be punished?! (PS is losing my other half’s interest to Xbox because of this. Help me !)

  • Thank you PlayStation never heard of these games but I am looking forward to playing them you guys are number one in my book once again thank you so much and happy new year to all you guys that work so hard at PlayStation! Thank you. Sincerely Frank.

  • This is Awesome!! Great Games for this Month

  • i would like to play thiskind of new games for free at my pre-owned playstationvita.

  • if I bought playstation plus for my PS4 and still have my PS3 could I essentially use my ps3 to download the free games offered? or would I need to buy a separate Playstation plus membership for my PS3.
    pretty much saying could my one Playstation plus membership work for both my PS3 and PS4? PLEASE ADVISE

  • @sensei_jay: One Plus membership covers all systems.

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