PlayStation Network Update

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PlayStation Network Update

UPDATE: PlayStation Network is back online. As you probably know, PlayStation Network and some other gaming services were attacked over the holidays with artificially high levels of traffic designed to disrupt connectivity and online gameplay. This may have prevented your access to the network and its services over the last few days.

Thanks again for your support and patience. We’ll provide any further updates here.


The video game industry has been experiencing high levels of traffic designed to disrupt connectivity and online gameplay. Multiple networks, including PSN, have been affected over the last 48 hours. PSN engineers are working hard to restore full network access and online gameplay as quickly as possible.

From time to time there may be disruptions in service due to surges in traffic, but our engineers will be working to restore service as quickly as possible.

If you received a PlayStation console over the holidays and have been unable to log onto the network, know that this problem is temporary and is not caused by your game console. We’ll continue to keep you posted on Twitter at @AskPlayStation and we’ll update this post once the problems subside.

Thanks again for your patience.

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  • 3 days without PSN thats absurd

  • I hope you guys finally go forward with criminal prosecution. Sure, most of the idiots from Lizard Squad and their ilk are under the age of 18, but I imagine that your company’s legal team is creative.

  • DDOS attacks ended almost a day ago keep in mind Xbox lIVE is up and running since yesterday

  • Headline should read “In a stunning turn of events, PSN is down due to security issues.”

    Do i need to change my credit card # again?

  • @swissmr i hope it doesnt come to that i still remember the outage of 2011 but clearly SONY just got reminder

  • Thanks for the reply @Catherine Jensen i sincerly hope your team can restore full service today

    • We have restored network access for more PS4 users in the last 12 hours and that will continue to improve throughout the day. From time to time there may disruptions in service due to surges in traffic, but our engineers will be working to restore service as quickly as possible.

  • Face it, you need people like the members of Lizard Squad to help. Anonymous, hacker group that took down psn in 2011, has offered to help. Just the irony in that though lol

  • Clearly Sony worry’s more about people using the console how they want and jail breaking than they care about their customers security… You hear that?!
    Sony cares about Sony… Not us!
    Remember we are the 1s who make you!

  • It’s ok Playstation. There was nothing you could do to avoid this. Many forget that Xbox was also attacked and went offline. Just do your thing and it will be up in no time. There are plenty of great single player games to play in the meantime. =D.

  • Better extend plus by a few days or throw some dollars in the wallet or I’m sure a class action lawsuit will form

  • XBox was attacked and went offline too, sure, but they’re up and running again. Sony is the one lagging behind.

  • When you add up millions of people losing money from the service they pay for that adds up quite a bit.

  • @theXsilentXchild im sure terms of service will make that almost impossible

  • @StingrayX yes they could have prevented it even if Lizard Squad hadnt already made threats about attacking they should use some of the resources they got to buff their security

    @SmokeAdellic ihope all developers get in the gamers side since they also lose sales during the the holiday season

  • I would suggest offering us a much better explanation of what is up and running and what is down?

    Maybe list of Servers/Cities/Areas where things are in GREEN status, ORANGE status, RED status and potential ETA when things up are up and running again.

    Also why not improve the system so this does not happen again.

    If I am in FL and I cam unable to hop onto your servers, but someone in let’s say California can, why not route some of that traffic there?

  • Mondo_burger_95 every time you mention those hackers you boost their ego and get more people to know about them. The only way we can ever truly hope to deal with them is to ignore them, but people like you feed their egos, and justify their “We will DDOS until we get _____ many likes” attitude.

    Sony also has to deal with a maximum possible of 10+ million Vitas, 15+ million PS4s, 80+ million PS3s, who knows how many Cellphones.

    Microsoft on the other hand has 8 million Gold subscribers. Sony has a maximum possible number of people over 10x that of Microsoft since Sony also allows free-to-play games online access with no + requirement on PS4 and no requirements ever on PS3/Vita. So at the very least the servers are getting hit twice as hard on Sony’s side as Microsoft’s on a regular basis, then you add the web store, and DDOS, and everyone refreshing, and people with Sony consoles are practically DDOSing Sony as well.

    @`10 quit being an entitled baby. It’s like 5 days. You really want to waste EVERYONE’S resources over getting $1 back? You have a sad lonely pathetic life if you’re threatening class action over a DDOS. Oh and you still have your free games. Mattaku.


  • @anbu316 The way I understand DDOS is that you don’t boost security to deal with DDOS. DDOS is flooding of data to open ports. Increasing security means putting up more walls, which then increases the effectiveness of DDOS. They would basically have to put out more servers, and get more bandwidth and have their I.S.P. monitoring traffic and working hard to block it. All they would have to do is then buy a virus botnet where computers with a specific virus will then do DDOS attacks, and now you have an attack so wide ranged that I don’t even know how you deal with it.

    Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but boosting security is not how you deal with a flood of traffic requests. Fewer doors does not help and more doors is too expensive for 5 days. I don’t know what MIcrosoft does, but the 8 million people who can access online gaming maximum through there services may or may not be the deciding factor that allows Microsoft less down time.

  • My understanding of DDOS (in fewer words) is that it is not a security issue. You have 4 lanes of traffic, lots of cars going through. Someone herds a bunch of sheep down the highway, traffic is blocked.

    If it’s a 20 lane highway it’ll be harder to block it with sheep. But that’s too expensive considering that 4-5 lanes was enough as it is. More security means more checkpoints to stop everyone, slows the speed of traffic, and fewer lanes, otherwise costs get out of hand.

    You have to fix a DDOS by working with your internet provider to but up fences by the side of the road, to block the sheep from getting to the road.

    That’s my dumbed down explanation. Correct me if my analogy is wrong or if my understanding is wrong, but please use facts, not emotions.

  • @MakaiOokami when i said buff security i not only refering to firewalls or servers but also know where you are vulnerable

  • To make up for this.. you need to give vita owners some good treat.. like ffx and ys celceta

  • @makiadoggod I didn’t say myself. Class action lawsuit happened last time with the outage in 2011 and was approved. Just a lot of gamers getting the new consoles were and are still out of luck getting online. Kinda frustrating it took Sony 3 days to respond here.

  • You should make a New Year’s special and give us a 12-month PS+ sub for $29.99….

  • I am fortunate enough to have both consoles so at least I have something to play, but this really sucks for everyone that got a console on Christmas or another holiday. I expect compensation, this has definitely put a damper on the festivities.

  • People who think DDoS is stoppable using money to beef security is ignorant. Don’t try put your nose in what you don’t understand. MS having more servers is realistically what got them up and running first. That’s really all you can do. Amazon and other big internet servers have been hit by these in the past. No ones safe from DDoS. These dumb teams like Lizard Squad are wasting the gaming industries money and ruining gaming for gamers around the world, while trying to act like they’re doing this for gamers smh. I’ve been online on PS4, Vita and PSTV fine this whole time. My Xperia Z3 has been the issue with signing in.

  • @16 I’m not a supporter of the reptile mafia. I was meaning they need people who knows what they’re doing. Sony is just monkeys behind a computer. As for Annonymous, I’m a supporter of them for various reasons. But I didn’t support what they did in 2011 to psn. That was dumb.

  • ROFL “our engineers are working to restore service as quickly as possible” …. you suck sony

  • @27 I just got online

  • SMH I just want to download PaRappa the Rapper on my vita is that too hard to ask for?

  • I’m online. Won’t let me play Battlefield 4 online grrr come oooon

  • What can we do but wait…

    Wish all the best to your engineers, they have a real burden over their shoulders and may be working hard since holiday.

    SCE gotta understand that issues like these keep me away from returning to be a Plus user. I remember at E3 when you said that the majority of online gameplay on PS4 would be under a Plus subscription in order to keep a steady and growing online environment. Well…

  • I read that Live is down too, again.

  • Can anyone that’s online play BF4 online?

  • Hey Sony! For every day we cant login into PSN you should give us additional days of FREE PS+. So much for better Network for which we pay.

  • Before coming on here and complaining, do try to keep in mind that both Sony and Microsoft are staffed by people. People who have, because of this, have had to spend THEIR holidays cooped up in their office trying to restore service for YOU. While you have been eating food, opening presents, and enjoying the company of your loved ones, the networking teams of both companies have been hunched in front of computers drinking way too much coffee trying to get things back to normal.

    Show a little compassion.

    Maybe say thank you. Thank you is nice. I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

  • comon PS you should be expecting this by now. buy more serversssss

  • Personally, Sony would have a lot more support if they were a little less worried about the jailbreaking/rooting/homebrewing/etc. and a little more concerned about their online network and service.

    I definitely disagree with attackers that are just blindly attacking without concern for the users though. Keep the war away from bystanders…

    I’ve had to deal with really bad customer support in the past months/year where they apparently even lost the records of a previous support call made in the past year. Then there are the low quality PS4 controllers. I bought two. Both had the trigger rubber break within weeks. There is also just the generally low quality of the network lately where it has been down more than it is up.

    Among other things. It is pretty bad when you go to a few people on a chat board and tell them that apparently PSN is down again and they go: “How is it different from normal?”

  • @35: Thank you. Finally, someone with an ounce of sense around here.

    These whiny, entitled brats need to realize that the downtime isn’t of Sony’s own doing. It must be a daunting task trying to repair all the damage that’s being done, especially considering that they have to work through it as the attacks continue to occur. Also, there’s no sense in taking it out on the PS Blog staff, as there’s nothing they can do to speed up the process to restore the network.

    In any case, thank you for the update and we hope you guys can catch those responsible for the damage!

  • (Note: I don’t mean literally more, but that it is down enough that one might go a few days without being able to play because of schedules – ie. being down an entire weekend off).

    @35 They aren’t the only ones that have to work during the holidays.

  • The worst may not have arrived yet. Keep watching your credit card transactions folks.

  • Just extend the flash sale and holiday sale, maybe increase the discounts a little more? I had intended to buy both Diablo 3 and Alien Isolation for the holidays, and rent a movie or 2. I’m not expecting miracles because lets face it… this isn’t the first time… or even the second… or for that matter even the 3rd time that you’ve had security compromises. I think what ****erd Scunts did was childish and stupid, they deserve punishment for sure. However, you need to take some responsibility for it yourselves… you have far more than enough resources to at least do something… I will say this though, I commend all those workig tirelessly to try and improve the condition of the network now, and I seriously hope those who are pulling hours over the holidays to help fix this issue get more than their fair share of compensation.

    All that being said, an estimated time of service availability or even more than just the usual media vague divergence. That’d be great…

  • well ps vita, ps3, and web store are online.

    I hope ps4 is online soon.

    I’m glad the interview is going to get a netfilx release really early just disappointed there wasn’t a crackle release.
    I’m glad small theaters are taking a stand for freedom of speech.

    with the legal issues surrounding ddos attacks since they are federal crimes and their age doesn’t matter unless they are in a country that has an age of innocence law. i’m not sure what is covered on the UK’s version and the US doesn’t really have any that i know of.

  • @39

    So because other people have to work during the holidays, they’re not deserving of a little common courtesy? A little compassion? “Other people have to do it too, so f*** them?” That it? That your attitude?

    That’s a pretty s****y attitude to have.

  • question why is XBL up and running already?
    i meani know it took those prepuberty pricks longer to disrupt PSN. but still why is it not back up yet? is it because unlike XBLs quivk reset PS is taking preventive cautions and maybe adding new servers that will auto boot during high traffic? im kund of getting sick of XB fangirls bragging that their already online again. the other thing is im sure after Lizard Squat had problems bringing down PSN they went on the rampant and raged a lil so out of anger most likely attacked PSN servers much longer, maybe? i can see that happening after all they are just a bunch of amature wanna bes… by the way sony ihave all the members info… i suggest taking action lawsuits and such make these children pay for not thinking before trying a stupid ass stunt like this…

  • @ariaandkia
    before the ddos i have never had issues with PSN but then again i am wise and use LAN over wifi.
    i have also never had bad customer support i have called a few times for issues with my PS3 they sent me a box with in a couple days, i sent them my PS3 and with in a few weeks had a working PS3 returned to me. at the time i did not have the protection plan and it was well past 30 days… but the guy i talked to let that slide.

  • @playstation techs
    i thank you for restoring PS3 and Vita servers now i can play some Starhawk while i wait for PS4 servers :)

  • thank ya for getting ps4 support back on psn.

  • Omg I’ve been wanting to play Gta 5 online

  • Can someone please help me i got my ps4 two days before christmas and i have nba 2k15 and fifa 15 but i cant connect to the ea servers or 2k servers but im connected to psn i have a year psn card and i can go on the internet browser fine with the ps4 if u have any idea on how to fix this please help me i would greatly appreciate it.

  • i just got my ps4 and got the pick 1 game out of 4 bundle and i had 2k15 and then when that crash happen it reset my whole game over and now i dont have so yall have to give me my game back i dont have no games for my system now so i would like yall to give me another code for if thank you

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