Last Chance for the Holiday’s Best PS4 Deals

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Last Chance for the Holiday’s Best PS4 Deals

There’s not a lot of holiday shopping time left! And if you’re like me, you’ve been waiting in the hopes of finding a few last-minute deals. We can help! Below, we’ve collected some great deals from our retail partners to help you get everything you need for the PlayStation fan in your life… even if it’s you (we won’t tell).

Read on for some stellar deals on PS4, some of which end as early as December 20th. That’s Saturday! If you’re in the market, don’t wait…



There’s a little something for everyone this week! Smart shoppers can find tons of discounts of PlayStation systems, software, and peripherals:

Now – 12/20: Discounts of up to 25% off on select software, the Silver Wired Headset, PlayStation Camera, and DualShock 4.
Now – 12/27: Purchase the “Four Games, One Pick PlayStation 4 Bundle” and get an additional FREE digital voucher for The Last of Us Remastered.
Now – 12/23: Free one day shipping on PlayStation 4 Systems. Get your PS4 just in time for Christmas.
12/18 – 12/24: Purchase the “Four Games, One Pick PlayStation 4 Bundle” and get a FREE Silver Headset.

Get these deals here.


Now – 12/24: For all you budding broadcasters, get a FREE PlayStation Camera when you purchase a PS4 System.

If you take advantage of this deal before 12/21, you’ll also get your choice of one of four awesome PS4 games on digital voucher in addition to the camera!

Get the deal here.

Best Buy

Now – 12/20: Purchase a PlayStation 4 system and receive a digital voucher for Killzone: Shadow Fall AND a Blu-ray of 22 Jump Street!

You can also pick up a Limited Edition Glacier White Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle for only $399 while supplies last!

Get the deal here.


Now – 12/20: For those of you who don’t mind braving the elements, get a $50 Walmart gift card with the purchase of a PS4! This offer is IN STORES ONLY!


Now – 12/20: Get your phones handy and get 15% off a PS4 system with Target’s Cartwheel App!

We hope you all have a great holiday season and here’s to great PS4 gaming! See you all in the New Year!

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  • Will we be getting the $15 redemption for spending $100 over Thanksgiving? I was talking to support for over 2 hours about not receiving it and they told me it’s being sorted with all the people and to wait. I want to use it for the sales, but seems I never will.

  • For the GameStop deal, does that extend to the Bundles? I just bought a GTAV Bundle and got the camera for free but no download code. Also, this was in store.

  • I grabbed a bundle deal Amazon had earlier this week that included TLOU, pick one of four games, and a camera for $400. I wish I had known about the Target deal before it shipped, however. The 15% off works for any console bundle (depending on in-store availability). So I could’ve had the GTAV bundle and $60 to spend on other games rather than a camera. Of course, the camera would be just fine with me if Sony were to develop any games for it (I still have all my Move hardware).

    Now if I could just get the CD playback and DLNA functions to work on my new PS4, I could retire my PS3. :P

  • @2 My GameStop actually has a notice that says they’re excluding select bundles that already have a game (I don’t know the specific bundles off the top of my mind) taped to the front door of the store.

    @4 Me too, but there’s games I still need to play on my PS3. Like Tales of Zestiria.

  • Any deals for Canada? Still waiting for discount on the white PS4 preferably without Destiny :)

  • Weird, EB Games here in Canada was advertising that you get your choice of one of those four games with the GTA 5/Last of Us bundle.

  • C’mon y’all i want y’all to kill it this holiday drop the price by like 23-30 bucks temporarily for the holidays I mean dang lol.
    or at least at more than one game to these bundles. Sony focus and get these consoles out there.

  • Went to Target because they told me they has 23 in stock of the GTA/ Last of Us Bundle and they had zip, zero, nada. So I had them call the other stores who said they had 10 and etc. Made them check first before I would drive over there and they didn’t have any of the bundles either. Sad on Targets part.

  • To busy to post some Canadian deals?

  • Four games, One Pick? Lol. Sounds like a certain movie I saw online.

  • I was hoping for some kind of Flash Sale this weekend. I’m going to be honest, ever since Black Friday, the sales have been a real letdown. Zero Vita games were on the Black Friday sale. Then I look at all the Vita Games Europe has had on sale with their 12 days of Christmas Sale. I have spent more money in the eshop than I have on the PSN. I never thought I would say that.

  • No good PS4 deals in Canada. $100 cheaper Xbox is really tempting.

  • Used the Target app to get a PS4 this week, which also came with $20 in PSN money. Too good of a deal to pass up. Now to play all those Plus games I have waiting for me.

  • I wish SONY did a PS4 deal at the start of November in the US then they could of beat ‘You know who’ :D for November. Oh well.

  • I’m very happy to have seen that Target deal before it expired. Ended up saving $65.00 on the final price after tax. Would have preferred the GTA/LoU bundle over the pick 1 of 4 but really can’t complain. As samv33 pointed out, the bonus PSN credit is a nice little sweetener.

  • I got myself a pair of Pulse Elite Headsets for the holiday season and they are pretty darn nice. All that’s left is for the Far Cry 4 audio mode to be released. Do you happen to know when that will be?

  • Thanks for specifying the Wal-Mart gift card is ‘in store only’. Their Black Friday ad did not do this and I got screwed out of a $30 gift card because I purchased online. I will never shop there ever again because of false advertisement. When I called them on it they did nothing for me, just sorry about your bad luck. Bunch of thieves that lot.

  • Meh. Console features are what’s keeping me from buying a PS4, not deals. I’ll happily buy a PS4 if it ever gets the same media features the PS3 had.

  • I notice some deals have the Silver Trophy Headset. I haven’t seen this trophy in stores and this has been released since November. Y isn’t the Silver Trophy Headset in stores.

  • the amazon deal that says pick one game get a free voucher for the last of us remastered isnt on amazon

  • I did the Target deal which was awesome. Sony no longer makes the GTA V bundle PS4’s. Those were specifically for Black Friday. I ended up getting the bundle with 2K15, in which Target will give you a $20 PSN card on top of the %15 off. I looked inside my PS4 and there was an additional $10 PSN credit so I ended up using all $30 to get GTA V for $29.99. I’m so glad I did this deal!

  • ADD ME if you want to be my FRIEND :)

  • I went to target before discount expired and they told me I couldn’t get 20 playstation credit but other people got it :(

  • I mean 20$ PSN card

  • Hey this is Oscar Lee Clark again. I got me a PlayStation 4 thank you Sony for had this game system. P. S. Be very safe on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day on Thursday December 25, 2014.

  • hi got a message from platstation giving a free movie out of choice of 5,i chose transformers went through all codes and stuff say ebut then where final code should be says defined?another con?

  • Hello during the redeem process for this four games one pick thing I keep getting the mitenence page showing up even when the actual playstation website is up.

  • Same here. When I click “Get Started” it says the website is under maintenance. Any ideas why?

  • When is Sony going to institute gifting similar to Steam? I would buy a lot of titles for other people if this feature was available.

  • I still am not able to redeem my voucher and im getting frusteated

  • Frustrated *

  • When are we going to be able to redeem our vouchers for this promotion?

  • Do not buy this console, there are more than 65 pages in the support forums of people who cannot redeem their code to get the game codes for one of these free games.

    Sony is dead silent on the issue and their Chat Line tells you they cannot help (That’s what they always tell you)!

  • Whenever i go to redeem it the site is either under maintenance or when i can it says the code to order is undefined is this because of the lizard squad and when will it be back up?

  • We can we expect to be able to download the game that came with the bundle. Please let us know. Thank you. other than that the system is great!

  • How do i get to where I put my code in for my game

  • I think its about time sony just lets us go to the store and get a copy of the game that we wanted. I got my system on Friday and I am glad I bought a game to go with it. It is getting crazy. I have herd that Kmart is giving one of the games away with the system. That is the smart thing to do. Wish I had done that.

  • I got my ps4 on christmas an I haven’t been able to download Injustice, they need to hurry up before the end of the month!

  • when i try to redeem my code it says under maitance. looks like im returning my ps4 tomorow for xbox one if i cant download it by tomorow

  • The 4 games-Pick 1 bundle is not working on the PSN. I cannot redeem my code and PSN keeps showing that maintenance is underway. This is the same message that has appeared for the last 4 days. Sony needs to resolve their network issues and stop promoting this bundle is users cannot redeem it.

  • i cannot redeem my code

  • Sonny I kindly ask you to reply whenever you can. Like many other people who got the ps4 for Christmas and are trying to redeem the voucher and get undefined I am one of them. Since i received it on the 25 I have been trying to type in the code many times but all I get is undefined. I just want to know if the issue will be fixed and we can all get what was paid for. Thanks and have a good one.

  • I just bought mine from gamestop and they told its the last day for the 4 game bundle and i cant redeem it all due to maintenance hopefully i can still redeem it that was part of the reason i bought the system

  • To everyone freaking out, the codes are good till 12/2017 so they’re not expiring anytime soon.

    But, hey Sony I know you can read this, I WANT MY FREE GAME!!!!

  • how do i get my game?

  • Yup still trying to redeem code as well. I even went on with support chat yesterday, they didn’t even know that it wasn’t working. They said they could not do anything for me, and that I just had to wait until the network came back on. Yesterday was the first time that they actually changed the website, and said they were working on it. Come on Playstation! I am back online playing games, but can’t get my free game!

  • It finally worked for myself how about you guys?

  • I cannot believe Sony is so completely in denial that they will not even make a statement about the fact that this has been broken for almost a week:

  • I bought a ps4 from game stop but code doesn’t work what do I do

  • My voucher card doesn’t work so I’ve been left with a ps4 for the past couple of days that I can’t play games with. I signed into my old PSN although I’ve made a new one which is my primary. My old PSN has all the unlocked apps while my new one is unable to connect to server on YouTube and Netflix while my old PSN freely uses the apps. I haven’t bought play station plus in fear of PSN having so much problems I’d buy it, be charged, and somehow not end up with or potentially going to wrong account. PSN I just want some help so I can stop being disappointed because at this point I’m on break and vacay probably one of the times I have the most free time I have been unable to enjoy the PS4 so please help.

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