Get PlayStation Customer Support Over the Holidays

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Get PlayStation Customer Support Over the Holidays

Holidays are the best time of year for catching up on new games! And to help ensure that you spend your holidays playing those games, SCEA’s Consumer Services team has added some convenient web and social options to get you back into action ASAP.

Expanded Twitter Support: We’ve upgraded our internal social support tools, added more gaming experts, and increased our hours of operation. If you’ve got a “how to” question, hit us up at @AskPlayStation from 10am to 12:00am midnight Pacific Time, seven days a week. It’s a quick and easy way to get your questions answered!

PlayStation Support MVP

Support MVPs: You probably already know that PlayStation owners are the most passionate and knowledgeable gamers out there, but did you know they’re also incredibly helpful? Our Support MVPs are seasoned gamers ready to assist you on our official support forums at Look for forum users sporting the “Support MVP” signature image seen above.

You can also check out our online Knowledge Center and our Live Chat Support options for other ways to get help over the holiday break.

Hopefully your biggest holiday questions are which game to play next and what to do with that ugly sweater from your Aunt. Just remember, if you do find yourself in need of assistance with anything PlayStation-related, Consumer Services’ social support options have you covered. As for that ugly sweater problem, we suggest you “accidentally” leave it at a friend’s house. Happy Holidays!

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  • “Support MVPs” This is a great idea. You’re more likely to get good support from actual gamers than hired people that clearly hate their jobs. Now, give them control to actually deal with things like returns and account changes and it’ll be amazing.

  • Wow PSN you truly are the stand alone network. Always in the forfront of service and support. Now your really takeing customer support to the next level. Nothing will be able to stand in the way of happy holidays for our dedicated customers. Support and customer service are the most important part of any service related company. And a great product. And all PlayStation products are the best in the world and we have that and great support. This will be a great holiday due to all of your dedication and hard work thanks to all the MVPS for there volunteer work and all the customer support teams world wide this and every day of the year.
    Sincerely your customer Ambassador to the PSN PSN I’d: bombbreath Sony make.believe Happy Holidays. :-)

  • I am glade everyone else has had good experience with Sony’s customer support, because my experience dealing with Sonys support has been a nightmare.

  • Everytime I phoned PlayStation support I’ve always had good experiences with them. Very nice and quick to get any problems taken care of and my questiona answered. Unlike when I was with M$ they gave me nothing but the run around. Thank you PlayStation team and happy holidays to all of you <3

    • Thank you, Ravenous74. We hope you have the same positive experience should you ever need to take advantage of our social support channels. Happy holidays!

  • @3 Same here. I’ve lost games I purchased, didn’t receive games from the Vita 3G promo and so on and no one at their support center has EVER known how to help and told me there’s nothing they can do because they don’t have the authority. So yeah, I’ve lost money, games and system data to their guesswork.

  • I am glad that Support is expanding itself in such a way. With new PS4s being brought to families, many questions may be asked.

    To add, the MVPs are not the only ones there to help in the Support Forums. There is literally an entire community in the Playstation Forums and many of these users also participate in the Support Forums as well, helping everyone out. Many users on the Support Forums, MVPs or not, have been very helpful as they provide much information that has helped many users since its establishment. The Playstation Community is one with great unity.

    • You’re right, the PlayStation Community is second to none, and it’s wonderful to see the spirit of camaraderie in our forums!

  • Bug42 please let us help. What are your related issues with customer support in the past and present. PlayStation and PSN are always working hard to make your experience the best and most satisfying to all customers. Please let them know. They make it there mission to make you a happy customer. Give them another try no matter your issue, hardware software game glitches whatever, there’s always someone to help you or find someone or something to make your experience satisfying. PlayStation Customer support phone no. is as follows 800-345-SONY hours are as follows mon -Fri 8am-8pm sat 7am to 6-pm plus there are all the links in this article to get you all the help you made need Sincerely your customer Ambassador to the PSN psnid: bombbreath Sony make.believe Happy Holidays.

  • I was on the phone the other day for over 2 hours… 2 HOURS! I spoke to chat at first about not getting my $15 voucher code they told me to call this number after chatting with them for awhile and clarifying that I spent over $100.

    I called the number and they told me after awhile I’m in the wrong area. Call this number….

    I call this number and the guy has no clue about this promotion. I ended up yelling at him a few times and finally after forcing him to look up the blog post about the promo he believed me. Got to his manager and they told in the end after 2 HOURS that they’re trying to work through the people… So upsetting and very unprofessional not to just make that public… so disappointed in Sony for this. I wanted to use it for this holiday sale this week but it may not happen ever apparently.

  • LOL good to know!

  • Support has been cool with me until they Said to me its YOU AGAIN!! other than that were cool…
    By the way My PS4 is offline at the moment but it will not display trophy’s at all do I need to sign out of PSN before they will show up before I go offline. I use online plus offline.
    Happy holidays everyone see you next year MAYBE :)

  • @Zombie9 you cant view your trophies offline. For so,e stupid reasin Sony removed the ability, even though ps3 can do it.

  • Too bad customer service online is terrible. For three months my psn credit card won’t work with psn store. Customer service response all five times I contacted them “please wait 24th and try again. If it still doesn’t work contact us again.” repeat that message five times and you’ve got my experience with Playstation customer support.

  • Oops 24 hrs

  • I hate being that negative guy in the comments, but playstation support is quite possibly the worst I have ever experienced.

    I’ll give you a run down of my 20 hour waste of time.

    -issue with ps4, premature replacement without troubleshooting so I have a referb with the same issue
    -trials fusion seasons pass not working but redeemed, 6 hour conversation without resolution
    -for the seasons pass issue a manager offered $20 psn credits, was for a different country and next manager revoked the offer and was a total ass
    -second son was sent to me for free for all the issues, confirmed address with 3 different calls, they sent it to ontario when I live on the other side of the country
    -trine 2 was taken away from me even though I downloaded it as the free game, service refused to provide me compensation.

    This list is only scratching the surface.
    Sony customer service needs a larger overhaul then just providing more ways to be told they can’t do anything

  • Support MVPs are a great way for us to receive help. Thank you and happy holidays!

  • I called customer support once because I had the glitch where a game get’s stuck at 14% when it was installing. It didn’t go so well. All the guy I talked to told me to do was unplug and reboot everything (common sense stuff), but didn’t do anything else besides that. Plus he had a major attitude problem. I ended up getting the game deleted from my download list and my money refunded because they didn’t seem to have a clue how to fix it. I didn’t care about the money, I just wanted the game. I don’t mean to sound like jerk, and I like your products Sony, but at least in my experience your customer service could really use some work.

  • Is the customer support line hiring?
    How can I apply?

  • I’m part of the MVP’s Support Team. Thanks for the shout out!

  • I need somebody’s help with unlocking my ps vita 3G sim slot so i can use it abroad during the holidays. I already reached out for AT&T and no help there (according to them, it is already unlocked).

    Any one here willing to shed some light on this topic? As shocking as it may seem, google doesnt seem to have any answers, and as per all the positive comments here, im willing to giving it a shot on this forum :)

    Thanks in advance for your answers

  • Sony just a thought, stop releasing indies for the month of January! start again in Feb.. way to many games feeling game fatigue.

  • I’m glad to be a part of this too and will try to be available as much as possible during the holidays. I’m sure we’ll be busy once Santa brings new systems and games to the good girls and boys. I just wanted to remind everyone a forum search can often get your answer faster than creating a new topic and waiting.

  • ossiecastro5 is 100% correct too. There are many helpful members who aren’t MVPs. We’re actually outnumbered so don’t disregard someone’s advice because they don’t have a fancy title or a lot of posts.

  • Can you please post the 2.0.3 software complete software so we can upgrade our hard drives. You only have 2.0.2 posted on the site.

  • What I REALLY want support for, is Stereoscopic 3D in games! It seems that the Stereoscopic 3D in PS3 games is fading out, and is not even on PS4, which is a major reason I have still not purchased a PS4 yet. I have bought a 60″ Panasonic Plasma Viera 3DTV Full HD 1080p set, and I WANT more 3D Stereoscopic support from the Sony developers (First Party), and from 3rd party devs. What is going on here? The 3D BluRay movies are coming out in droves and looking top notch I might add, and the 3D stereoscopic games on the PS3 look amazing! The 4K 3DTVs are coming out, and finally looking good even using PT glasses, and now Sony seems to be dropping the ball in the 3D court.

    Please, support more games in 3D, and let me know why your making less and less games in 3D these days when you supported it so strongly just a year ago. Those of you, that are like me that LOVE 3D movies on BluRay and want to see more 3D games hit the PS3 and even more importantly, the PS4, please look over my petition below and sign it. Now is NOT the time for 3D technology to fizzle out and die on the PS3. It was just beginning to look out of this world and then poof… it’s gone.

  • Also, where are the 3D movies and games in the PS Store? I cannot even find them anymore? This is very depressing to me Sony, as your the main reason I bought a 3DTV and own hundreds of 3D BluRay movies and hundreds of games in 3D. :P

  • Thanks Sony/PLAYSTATION U GUYS Are the best investment I have ever
    Made thank u SOO much for all your support Playstation is truly the. BEST PLACE TO PLAY;)

  • Since the beginning;) HAD PS1,PS2 , PS3 psp,ps vita and ps4;)

  • Nice, i love to be MVP but i found better to help bring new Gamers to Playstation. :)

  • Has Support been notified that the Driveclub PS Plus Edition is not available?

  • Is 3D support on PS3 games coming to an end already? Also, is Sony planning to have 3D support for games on PS4? I am going to purchase the PS4 just as soon as some of the games begin supporting the 3DTV sets. I bought a 3DTV just for PS3 games and if the PS4 does not support this new amazing technology, then I just see no reason to buy it. Please let me know when you have an answer. Also, my other comment about 3D technology is still awaiting moderation, please wouild you let others see it so they can support the petition for more 3D games on PS3 and especially PS4, I would appreciate that.

  • I am trying (for the past week nearly) to try and update my system and games (update 1.14 and 1.12) but I keep getting the error code ‘ 80710102 ‘ . It is seriously annoying !! I can’t play ANY effing games online now. The system and router has been restarted many times. It won’t even log onto the store for effs sake!
    WTF SONY ???
    Stop updating that which does not need updating because it’s working fine in the first place and if it isn’t broken don’t fix it . . . !!!

  • Are you guys going to fix Suikoden II so it has the PSP flag?

    I’m unable to transfer it to my PSP ever since you took it down to correct the price. Somehow the PSP flag got removed and no one can get it onto their PSPs anymore.

  • Been on PSN since it began and even before trophies. I am willing to help in any way I can from one gamer to another.

  • +Thrill_Kill PS4 supports 3D and 3D gaming, Thrine is available in 3D.

  • Hey thanks you once again. I am a PlayStation Plus my Online ID is C2L3454.

  • Thats something really great to see.As always PS is the best place to play…great initiative.
    I once lost the password of my account and the account of my brother as well and I had a really great support through e-mail.
    Hope everybody get their problems fixed,there is nothing worse than being unable to play.

  • So does anyone else have a new ps4 and have a problem signing into psn ? Or is it just me ?

  • Having problems signing in to psn….

  • Okay, so Trine is in 3D and it looks like the new version of Super Stardust HD will also support stereoscopic 3D, but, what is happening to 3D on the PlayStation in general? Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, Infamous 3- Second Son, Killzone 4, COD Advanced Warfare, Battlefield 4 etc etc are HEAVY HITTERS (AAA) Games, and NONE of them support 3D? Seriously? This is really depressing, which is why I want people to support 3D gaming on PS4 and sign my petition.

    PS4 is lacking great content so far, and the fact that there is next to nothing in 3D is really irritating. I mean, even Flower, that was a PORT from the PS3 to PS4 lost the 3D mode. How on earth can they port a game, and say it is more advanced on PS4 and not even have a stereoscopic 3D support? Seriously, SONT has to start making the big games in 3D or I just am not interested in upgrading to the PS4

  • I am still upset that COD Blops 1 and 2 are the ONLY COD games that support 3D, and after seeing God of War classics in 3D, I was BLOWN AWAY, and then God of War Ascension came out and boom, no 3D support! What?!! Why is Sony taking away something that makes games look 10x more amazing, and giving us true DEPTH into our games? Killzone 3 looks so AMAZING in 3D that I can’t even play the game now without it being in 3D. The lack of 3D support in the new PS4 Killzone made me not even want to buy it.

    In fact, 3D support is so amazing that I own three 3DTV sets, and I own about 8 different 3D glasses, 4 of them are PS Branded 3D glasses, the others are from Panasonic. I even set my tv set to 2D->3D mode on all the games that don’t officially support 3D and the games are still better! But they ALL need TRUE 3D support and that makes the depth and pop out simply outstanding. The lack of it is just killing me inside. I hope Sony understands this and starts at LEAST patching the current games to support 3D and I will run out and get a PS4 immediately. But, so far, all the biggest games on PS4 do not even mention 3D support, so there is no interest in PS4 for me.

  • Today 28/12/2014 the psn server is up for most people but its not for me!
    what should i do?

  • am i spose to keep trying to log in cause its timing out alot

  • Tell me again why I paid to be a plus member. Ps4 won’t let me sign in and support is not easy to get and are always closed when I am able to problem solve.

  • I still can’t sign in on my ps4 for the fourth day

  • I have been trying to get the download code for destiny with the holiday offer but have been getting undefined all the way and I was wondering when was that going to get fixed?

  • Sure hope my playstation plus expiry date will be pushed back due to this incident…

  • I keep getting error code NW-31194-8. Everyone seems to be able to get back online but I have not been able to sign in for 24 hours since its been up.

  • I cannot login to my psn from my ps4 can anyone help i am in england if it matters i do not know

  • I need help it lets sign in from my phone but not playstion. I’ve been having trouble since Christmas trying to get online and still don’t work i test the Internet connection every is allright with my internet and goes psn failed. An I don’t know how to fix it help?.

  • Spiderjim2000 that’s the same as me (NW-31194-8)

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