New PS4 Bundle Lets You Choose One of Four Hit Titles for $399.99

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New PS4 Bundle Lets You Choose One of Four Hit Titles for $399.99

New PS4 Bundle

At PlayStation, we strive to provide the best place to play. And with the holiday shopping season in full swing, we have the perfect item for those of you with PS4 on your shopping list. Starting today, we have a new PS4 bundle that will include a 500GB PS4 system and your choice of one of four of these blockbuster PS4 games: Destiny, Far Cry 4, LittleBigPlanet 3, or NBA2K15. The “Four Games. One Pick. PlayStation 4 Bundle” is available in the U.S. for $399.99 (MSRP).

As soon as you pick up this new PS4 bundle, head to and use the included voucher to choose your game. You’ll then get another code to use on the PlayStation Store to download the game you selected.

  • Destiny – The ultimate Destiny experience is on PS4, with exclusive content including an additional multiplayer map, Strike mission, an expanded repository of exotic weapons and gear, and player ships. Don’t forget, the first Destiny expansion, The Dark Below, is coming out on Dec 9, and it includes exclusive content for PlayStation gamers: a new Strike, The Undying Mind, and an exotic shotgun, The 4th Horseman. Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below will be available for $19.99.
  • Far Cry 4 – A game many are calling a contender for game of the year, Far Cry 4 will take you on a breathtaking adventure through the perilous and wild region of the Himalayas struggling under the regime of a despotic self-appointed king. PS4’s exclusive “Keys to Kyrat” feature allows you to send up to 10 keys to your PSN friends, so they can join you in Kyrat for a two-hour online co-op session, even if they don’t own a copy of the game.
  • NBA 2K15 – Featuring NBA MVP Kevin Durant on the cover, NBA 2K15 hits the court with unprecedented life-like graphics, ultra-realistic NBA gameplay, and more. PS4 owners will get an exclusive 10,000 VC Bonus, and PlayStation Plus members also get a MyTeam Card Pack.
  • Little Big Planet 3 – Join Sackboy and his new burlap gang in their newest adventure, and build new levels of your own using more than 70 brand new tools to create more expansive adventures.

We are super excited to launch this bundle just in time for the holidays, as it really offers something for everyone. For those of you who haven’t yet jumped into the PS4 world – now’s the time. And for those that are already PS4 owners – spread the love and engage in a little friendly competition. We hope you’ll enjoy this holiday season with lots of gaming time with your friends and family. With these great titles to choose from, let us know which game you’d pick in the comment section below. Happy holidays!

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  • I wish it was $399 in Canada..


  • OH MAN
    This bundle is insane. Indifferent to Destiny and NBA, but Far Cry 4 and LBP 3 are my most hyped games of the year!
    Hoping it’ll last past just this holiday season, since all my money the last few months have gone to a new Vita, Christmas gifts, and a speeding ticket. But I hope to be able to take advantage of this deal some time next year.

  • I like all these different bundles that have been coming out lately. It’s good to have options. Hope there’s even more in the works!

  • Sweet a new bundle now i can choose myvown game, but the gt5 bundle comes with 2 games. but both bundles are very great a a really sweet price! but i wanna know about the 20th bundle price please!

  • Well this is an unexpected treat for the new comers!

  • I wish Sony competed with Microsoft’s prices. $350 for a bundle? You could get a special edition Advanced Warfare Xbox One with 1TB HDD + CoD: AW for $350 or less (Black Friday)?! I’m just saying but I get it. PlayStation is doing well enough. Actually they are doing so good that it would be stupid to sell for less when you’re leading sales by practically twice the amount sold! Congrats, by the way! I have my PS4 and happy with it but now I’m broke, no job, going to school again at 22 and man will I be missing games. It’s harder in Spain. The economy is ****ed and the politicians make it worse every day. I gotta get out as soon as I can. England then US once I’ll legally be able to move there. I wanna go back to the US again. Anyway, I hope I get a job soon to finally get a PS Vita, Bloodbourne, Mortal Kombat X, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Advanced Warfare, The Order: 1886, Dying Light, Batman: Arkham Knight, No Man’s Sky, Uncharted 4, Driveclub, The Division and all of Telltale Games’ games. I only played The Walking Dead on PS3 and boy is that one of the best games I’ve ever played! Sorry for the long post.

  • I’d rather have a bundle with a 12-month ps plus subscription or one with uncharted: thief’s end, but then again, as someone commented above, It’s good to have options.

  • @1 I wish I had affordable healthcare.


  • @7 I thought Obama gave you Affordable healthcare?

  • Awesome bundle.

  • No doubt, many will be making the Pick of Destiny.

  • John, this is nothing compared to the money sony would be making right now if you had the sense to make the spectacularly over-limited 20th anniversary model a full SKU like the white PS3.

    No Obama gave american cops the freedom to shoot his own race with impunity.

  • *PS4

  • USA – the land where you don’t pay tax + whine about healthcare + debt continues to grow to sky high.

  • Games top had the best ps4 bundle, 2 games plus the camera… sucks I bought mine to early

  • I like the different bundles but for me personally I’m not that interested. When Sony announced the White Vita bundle with Assassins Creed and a memory card I knew I wanted it. So far I haven’t seen a PS4 bundle that spoke to me like that. Now if the Grey 20th anniversary was a regular unit I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I will continue to wait for either a price drop or a bundle that has two awesome next generation games. Besides my PS3 is still working like a champ!

  • Smart bundle, digital has no cost, this makes sense.

  • Cool Sony but how about a reissue of the 20 th anniversary edition as a new standalone sku before Christmas?
    That would be the ultimate Christmas present to close out a phenomenal first year for ps4.

    Why you didn’t do this is a bit odd. Guess you gotta save something for year two though :D *hint hint*

  • Great news! Glad I didn’t buy Farcry 4 yet!

  • COOL nice 1 ;) Shame this wasn’t out at the beginning of November tho, so SONY could of beat ‘You know who’ :D in the US last month in sales(well not sure who won yet)

  • @17 it does have a cost, even if it’s not as tangible as a physical copy

  • Would be a good deal, but I refuse to buy a PS4 until they drop the absurd price increase in Canada.

  • Awesome! Now I can’t decide between Little Big Planet 3 or Far Cry 4.

  • Just got my New PS4 in the mail today from gamestop. Last of US+GTA5+FREE PS4 camera for $399. Oh and I finally bought a Vita last week its sweeter than I thought it would be but stupid finger prints on screen. Still waiting on memory card price drop …

  • @TeamGreen615 (#17): I couldn’t have said it better myself. As tempting as this “Far Cry 4 bundle” is, I just haven’t seen any PS4 bundles yet that are too good to pass up. In the meantime, my backlog continues to grow for my PS3, which does everything else I need too (CD/MP3 audio playback, DLNA streaming, etc.)

  • well at least FC4 is there. Its the only decent game unless one likes sportsball. LBP is pretty much the same thing as the last two and Destiny sucks balls

  • @Stanamji #26 PS4 does MP3 audio playback and you can’t play a CD directly from the PS3 anyway

  • Correction you can play a CD on the PS3 just not while playing a game. That’s what I meant.

  • Digital voucher, huh?….looks like this wins worst bundle so far.

  • they should make a playstation4 resistance limited Addison console with a faceplate. and the games 1 and 2 re-vamp of resistance that would be kool

  • my code for the game is invalid. any suggestions?

  • I like that they are trying to give more options, but more progress is needed.

    If you are doing digital games, why not just let people pick ANY game they want? Or give $70 for PSN.
    If you are giving specific games, make them physical copies!!!

    But seriously, the PS4 price needs to be reduced in Canada!!!

  • awesome deal but is it the same price for Canada? (im guessing not)

  • Nice! Four games I wasn’t going to buy anyway. 12-month PS+ would have been better as I’m not interested in any of those four games.

  • That’s really a crap deal, hear in Australia i got a PS4 Console with 3 physical copies, not digital, inc Far cry 4 ( best ps4 game yet ), COD advanced warfare ( awesome ) and GTA5 ( amazing ) for only $430 US Dollars at the store i always go to to buy games

  • nice

  • This bundle and the back friday bundle both make me cry and wish i could buy either of them but still a great deal to get 3 Great games with it and sell NBA. but spent to much last month on games and then PC upgrades for work

  • At launch in Canada, PS4 was $100 cheaper than Xbox One.
    Now, Xbox One is $100 cheaper than PS4 in Canada. If Microsoft doesn’t need to bump their prices up by $50, what message does it send when Sony does?
    It’s hard to convince people on a tight budget to pay an extra $100 to wait for greatness.

  • If I was to buy the glacier white PS4 bundled with destiny, does this promotion still work for me?

  • Very good deal and maybe the GTA bundle sku will work so you get three free games!

  • hm Cool but Microsoft is offering me an Xbox One with 3 games for $450 and they include a headset for voice chat and the Kinect. I think I’ll be going with them this time around.

  • Yeah this is really cool and all minus the fact that I can only play as the ****ing Heat vs Spurs! Why is it so god damn difficult to get this in order. Is it possible for me to download the entire game or do I have to go buy the disk and this is all just one big scam? Word of advice for the next time you release a “package.” Don’t make it so complicated that it makes people like me want to take their hair out.

    Is there anyone that can help me with this? I downloaded everything I was asked to download but I can only play Heat vs Spurs w/ no voice overs and no main menu. Please help.

    -****ed off new ps4 owner (who will switch back to the xbox if this bull**** isn’t figured out)


  • Wow. thats a good deal

  • Iust got the bundle today and it keeps saying my code is invalid. I need some answers PlayStation.

  • I just got it out of the box, says code is not valid yet.. After an hour on the phone with ps…they didn’t even know what I was talking about. I finally chatted with tech support and the said the codes are good but are not active yet. Don’t sell the console with the code if it’s not good.

  • + ShadowLord124
    Did they give you and ETA on when the codes will be activated or made valid. I’m having the same issue. I just purchased the console, brand new, today.

  • My code for the four games bundle also comes out as invalid.. Would love to hear if anyone knows about this

  • How is this a great deal ?

    The Black Friday bundles had 1 physical game and 1 digital download, and both games were A+++.

    I’m also someone that prefers to have the physical copy, and the extra $50 for Canadians is such a pi55-off.

  • I bought this bundled and the code does not works. Anybody else have this issue??

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