Suikoden II Coming to PSN

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Suikoden II Coming to PSN

Of all my years at KONAMI, I think the biggest request I’ve received by volume is Suikoden II. The “little RPG that could” released in North America in 1999 with a now infamous few units produced. Prices of the title have surged in recent years as fans and would-be fans have had tremendous difficulty securing a copy of the venerated title. It is then with great joy that I am able to announce that *deep breath* Suikoden II is coming to PlayStation Network as a PS one Classic in North America for the first time on December 9th.

Suikoden II Coming to PSNSuikoden II Coming to PSN

The second entry of the series follows as a continuation of the story set in City-States of Jowston, where social unrest has led to a military uprising against the oppressive Highland Kingdom Military led by Prince Luca Blight. Players take on the role of Riou; a youth swept up in the politics and fighting that threatens to burn the countryside asunder. With his comrades Jowy and Nanami, Riou is tasked to recruit the 108 Stars of Destiny, heroes to stand by his side. Featuring three different battle types, mini-games and multiple endings, as well as a massive branching storyline, it’s no wonder it has earned such accolades as being one of IGN’s Top 10 RPG Storylines of all time.

Suikoden II Coming to PSNSuikoden II Coming to PSN

Suikoden II will be made available to fans both old and new in their original format to all thanks to both PlayStation and our passionate and dedicated fanbase. Without your constant and overwhelming support this would not have been possible. I hope that you will share your adventures with us on the official KONAMI Facebook page and I will see you in the City-States of Jowston starting December 9th, #TEIEN!

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Suikoden II Coming to PSN

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  • Oh, and I’d love to see Azure Dreams and Saga Frontier on PSN soon…..and Vandal Hearts….and Einhander….and Die Hard Trilogy….and Megaman Legends.

  • @Gamerzlimited: “Lucky”? lol

    This is a combined effort of positive gamers all over the Sony fanbase and BEYOND, spanned over many years.

  • Real question:

    Will this game be fixed, or is it a direct disc-port of the Suikoden II that has a large slew of errors that’s only fixable via Game Shark and other similar cheat devices?

    None of the errors are GAME breaking, but it has errors, such as music not playing when it should, and some items ,and enemies not appearing because of the bad coding that went into the translation.

  • wow, been a while since I thought sony was doing something right.

    congrats to all those who have been waiting for it!

  • And what about EUROPE?! What the heck, seriously…?!

  • *head implodes then explodes*

  • I’d buy these… but no PS4 access to PSOne Classics. Please make it so Sony!!!

  • Suikoden II is the best game ever. We still need it on the PS4 though.

  • Breath of Fire III, is next on the need so bad list , Sony.

    Make it happen.

  • Suikoden 1 is already in the playstation store. Does it work for Vita now or will it update compatibility tomorrow?

  • Sony, Square, Konami, CAPCOM, and all the major companies listen to me.

    if you keep bringing this amazing games to PSN I will purchase all!!!

    this i will swear to you, i just cant wait to get home and download it in my ps vita.!!

    i already have it for ps3, but i will purchase it again to play it on my vita if i have to.

  • Why not release for PS4 too?

  • Also, the door glitch will still be there?

  • I’ve been trying to find this game all day, why is it not available yet?

  • Thank you Konami :)




    I’m buying this as soon as the store updates. I even bought Gradius Collection for the Vita to show my gratitude.

    If you’d release both Vandal Hearts games, as well as Intelligent Qube and One Piece Mansion, I’d buy them too. After those 4 my PSOne want list would be complete iirc.

  • Awesome! Throw some trophies to it and take my monies day 1. I have this classic!

  • I cannot copy suikoden 2 to my psp why it says on store playable on ps3 psvita and psp it needs fixing urgently waited 7 years for this to come on psn thanks sony

  • I cannot copy suikoden 2 to my psp why it says on store playable on ps3 psvita and psp it needs fixing urgently waited 7 years for this to come on psn

  • Ok….

    WHY is it NOT for europe. I’ve been looking in the store and it’s nowhere to be seen.|
    Is there some update on this? OR a way to still get it? Setting your store to north-america region, I don’t know.

    Any help is appreciated, I really wanted to play Suikoden again..

  • It’s not showing up in the psp vita PSN store for me and when I try to buy it on the sony site, i get an error for adding to cart, anybody else having issues?

  • Yeah Im having the same problem. They just took it off the store a couple minutes ago.

  • Interesting. Has anybody gotten the game up and running on any of the PS platforms?

  • Been checking all day and still have yet to see it. Anyone know roughly how big the download will be?

  • No idea. Still nothing for me.

  • You can no longer add it to your cart on the online store.

  • I read a report that the wrong price was put up.

  • damn that sucks. I can’t wait to play it.

  • Same here.

  • I’m extremely disappointed to find out that this game is not being supported on PSTV…

  • Tried buying suikoden II on the ps3, vita and the online sony site. ps3 and website give errors, and it’s not even on the store on the vita.

  • Also bought suikoden on ps3, says it works on vita when you buy it, when you try to install on vita, says cannot install on this device. this is a mess.

  • Please make it compatible with the PS TV!!!

  • It’s on the psn store for vita, but no price and no way to download.

  • I’m one of the fools who bought suikoden 2 thinking I can play on psp. I’m pissed and it was told that it was “ps vita psp ps3” and nothing! So far I’ve wasted 10$ And for the dude who asked for BoF3, its already on psp, I own it, although its a EU version. But plays perfectly fine. Anyone have any word on WHEN Suikoden 2 will be aviable for download for psp??? Please email if possible! (, I feel cheated and hurt. And I don’t want to have to buy a Vita just to play this :(

  • Very unhappy that the PSP flag was turned off for this game when it was taken down from the store briefly. Those who managed to download it fast enough report it runs perfectly fine on the system.

    I really, really wanted to get this game and finally get to play it. It shows up so often on “Best of” lists for RPGs :(

    Please speak to Sony Konami, they’ll listen to you. Unfortunately they won’t listen to us.

  • What is the reason behind not letting us load this on PSP? From other comments, it sounds like it was listed as available for PSP when it first went up. Konami’s web site is still listing it as PS3, PSVita, and PSP. Is there any precedent for this? Every other PSOne Classic I’ve bought works on PSP.

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