New No Man’s Sky Videos Revealed

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New No Man’s Sky Videos Revealed

Hello PlayStation Blog!

I’m Sean from Hello Games, and I’m having a bit of a crazy weekend here in Vegas!

A year ago today we first revealed our game called No Man’s Sky. These twelve months have been life changing for all of us at our little studio. Your response to what we’re making has been inspiring, affirming, and only sometimes totally terrifying. But in the best way :)

We’ve only shown the game off twice, once at VGX’s last year, and then again at E3. Since E3 we’ve been working incredibly hard, and I know some people were keen to see more of the game.

No Man’s Sky is a science-fiction game, set in an infinite procedural universe. It’s a hard game to summarize sometimes, so I always want us to release direct gameplay, to just capture moments from the game, without lots of cuts. Yesterday at The Gaming Awards, we gave a glimpse of more gameplay.

I’m also incredibly excited to announce that 65daysofstatic, probably my favorite band, is going to be writing a new album of music inspired by NMS. Their music has always provided the soundtrack to everything we’ve shown so far, and we’re going to collaborate to create a unique generative soundscape for the game.

The universe you explore in No Man’s Sky is limitless… infinite. Today, at PlayStation Experience, we really wanted to show you what that scale looks like for the first time. Something that I hope will give you a sense of the extent of the galaxy, and your place in it.

So here’s a new video, taken directly from a playthrough session:

New No Man’s Sky Videos Revealed

The music from that video is the first new track from the new album from 65daysofstatic. Hope you like it.

If all that wasn’t enough, we’re holding something special tonight for fans. An event that everyone can experience with us. We’re calling it A Night Under No Man’s Sky.

If you’re here at PlayStation Experience, you can come along to Sands Expo Hall A, or if you’re at home you can watch the stream on Twitch:

It’s been a lot to pull together for a very small indie team, but we’re having a lot of fun. We really hope you enjoy it too.

Thanks so much!

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  • Can’t wait to play this…still boggles my mind how a small indie team can make this…

  • Can’t wait. Game looks incredible. Keep up the great work Hello Games! Can’t wait to see more tonight.

  • Looks awesome, but can you clarify what you do besides flying to planets?
    Can you do something on the planets? Build like Minecraft? Are there any enemies? Space battles? Clans?

  • No Man’s Sky + Project Morpheus = No need to live real life anymore. Just add an IV bag and you’re good to go (aka INJECT IT INTO MY VEINNNNNSSSSS)

    @Insomnia999 I’m sure animals will attack you if you make them mad. There’s a bullet icon with x200 bullets (I believe) in the top right corner so I expect you’ll be able to shoot things. On the No Man’s Sky Wikipedia: “engaging in combat with hostile forces and travel to other planets.” Also, “The game will have online features that allow players to share details of their planets with online players. In August 2014, the developers announced that the game would be playable offline.”

    So I don’t know if you’ll be able to fight with other people or have clans. I’d rather have them focus on just making the game and making it a reality than make a billion trillion features and never releasing the game within their/our life spans.

  • They keep showing us little but their procedurally-generated vast universe. It’s an impressive feat, no doubt, and I understand that gameplay may be difficult to demonstrate for this title, but until I see some, I just can’t get excited about the game. Impressive tech, but in service of what?

  • It will be interesting to see if they will eventually show how well the game might work via Remote Play on Vita and PSTV.

    (Although, what I’d really like to see is if the game engine can be scalable enough to allow it to run natively on those platforms…)

  • Keeping a close eye on this one, hope it turns out well :)

  • They had an interview and they said that there was a general goal to go to the center of the galaxy and there is a driving evil force in the universe.

  • Interesting and unique. Exploring the space and other planets like never before. I Would like to see more gameplay footage and details.

  • Wow just wow.

  • All ive seen is floating to a planet and then walking. I know there is supposed to be space combat, but with a world so utterly vast, i dont know bow you’d ever find anyone.

  • Totally stoked to play this. This is the game I’m most looking forward to.

  • Will all those stars be visitible solar systems?

  • This is the game I have dreamed about playing for the past thirty-one years of my life. I played Pitfall 2 and imagined something very much like this. Something impossible, and wonderful, and vastly beyond anything that might happen within my lifespan.

    And here it is. A galaxy to live in, warping between stars, seeing what no other human being has ever seen before – or likely ever will. Worlds beyond measure, discoveries unimaginable, a game so large that – according to the developers – it would take four thousand years of play to ever see the same thing twice.

    I want No Man’s Sky more than any game ever, period. Make it compatible with VR goggles (as has been rumored) and… if I survive the initial wave of joy, I will play the living muffin out of the thing.

    This game cannot come out soon enough.


  • Oh wait, not nuff said :P I’m a lil greedy, so PLEASE make sure the competitive aspect of this game works well too…….I’d LOVE to not only have a great adventure but the option of doing battles in that amazing space would give this game even more variety…. and no, I don’t think the competitive part of the game will take away from the adventuring aspect of the game…. there’s NO way people will play this game and say “oh, I JUST want to play competitive ship vs ship battles”. When you see the world this game / dev team has built… it’ll just LURE you in to want to explore it. Bring it! :P

  • This game looks so rad! I wonder how the crafting system for weapons and ships works and if there is any base crafting, also want to see the bad guys

  • Seems kinda interesting, but I don’t get the point of this. Aside from a bunch of flying around, I didn’t see a whole lot of gameplay.

  • This is, without question, my most anticipated game of the next year.

  • At some point you should probably release a single gameplay video showing the meat of the game being played. You never needed to even do a second or third video like this except for marketing.

  • My brain can’t comprehend the things i want to do… terraform, colonize, space pirates, explore, gathering specimens, compiling a galactic encyclopedia, genetic testing, genetic cross-breeding, exploration leaderboards, diplomacy, ship building, resource gathering, research, uhh, and a million other things.

    My hopes are so high for this game that I would have gone out and bought a ps4 bundled with it if I didn’t already own a ps4. And since it sounds like its designed to be around forever, I’m guessing the game itself will be ripe for dlc modules and add-on content.

    I can’t wait for this… like, where’s my kickstarter funding option for early access? I’d throw $100 at this game at retail.

  • Wait so what’s this game about someone please tell me!

  • This is fabulous. I can’t wait to play this with my 3 and 4 year old kids. They are going to love the exploration almost as much as me!

  • This game looks awesome. I love space games and this universe is HUGE! I, too, am wondering what else we are allowed to do besides just flying around and finding new planets.

    Can we build on them, colonize, or what?

  • this is the game i’ve been dreaming about since the 90’s! don’t rush it, make it right & watch gaming change forever!!!

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