Destiny: The Dark Below PlayStation-Exclusive Content Detailed

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Destiny: The Dark Below PlayStation-Exclusive Content Detailed

A foul evil stirs beneath the surface of the Moon — a dark legacy that has threatened countless lives. And now, as the Hive legend known as Crota prepares to unleash the strength of the Hellmouth upon Earth, Guardians of the Last City take up their arms in courageous resistance.

The Dark Below is coming. It’s the first Destiny expansion and it launches on December 9th. What better way to celebrate the holidays than to clash with a seething evil of ancient origin? If you’ve been defending the Traveler’s Light since launch, The Dark Below expands the world of Destiny with a wealth of new maps, story missions, and gear. PlayStation gamers also have exclusive content to look forward to, which we’re revealing here for the first time.

Destiny: The Undying Mind

First up, another exclusive Strike to face on Mars: The Undying Mind.* You can step back into the coveted dangers of The Black Garden to face a timeless Vex machine-beast that has survived for ages. Prepare for firefights amidst vine-laden pillars and decaying paths in an effort to destroy the ancient evil.

And if you need more firepower to match your new foes, look no further than the PlayStation-exclusive exotic weapon coming to The Dark Below, The 4th Horseman shotgun.* Four barrels, five shots, and a sizzlingly fast fire rate will eat away at the Vex legions in short order.

Destiny: The 4th Horseman

Now steel yourself; here’s just a taste of the other content coming with the expansion.

  • New story missions that pit you against a Hive god.
  • New weapons, armor, and gear to further customize your Guardian.
  • The ability to increase your Light level to 32, and five additional bounty slots.
  • Three new competitive multiplayer maps: Pantheon, Skyshock, and The Cauldron.
  • New cooperative Strike: The Will of Crota. Purge a twisted horror from the Cosmodrome.
  • An additional resident of the Tower: Eris, a resolute survivor of an ill-fated mission.
  • And a new six-player Raid: Crota’s End. Face him in the deepest dark.

If you want to try The Dark Below before it launches on December 9th, come to PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas and go hands-on with the upcoming expansion before its secrets are revealed to the rest of the world. Head here to get tickets.

*Timed exclusive until at least Fall 2015.

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  • plz say your gonna do something with iron banner armor as it was the biggest grind ever in the game for many

  • Add me for Raids, strikes, or whatever. I am on every night in US.

  • Where is the trophy list?

  • To those still experiencing difficulty in finding a group to raid with:

    Go to

    Problem solved. You’ll no doubt find a good enough group to complete it. Also be a good judge of the posts themselves and be good yourself.

  • I’d like to know why the add on for destiny for the PS4 showed the download for destiny available for yesterday Dec. 4th yet when I get on there to play all you get is a cinematic viewing. I googled the add on and it states its not available to play til the ninth. That is dumb if thats the truth. Has anyone else been able to play the add on??? My last question is Why is it so hard to level up after playing the regular story??? Im only at level 20 and have done so many side missions and the bar to level up barely moves. Please help if possible. Im not afraid to admitt it but I am a blonde and truley no offense to anyone on here thats a blonde but some of us really live up to that title lol. Thanks

  • No one has played the add ons just yet. You’re probably leveling up really slowly because you have low light level armor unless you do the Vault of Glass raid you should be trying to collect level 27 light armor and an exotic piece that maxes out at 30. Also to help speed things along you should try to team up with a group to do a nightfall mission. That will multiply your experience points but you better hurry because they’re set for level 28 hard now and this Tuesday theyll be set to level 30 hard.

  • I have bought the extension pass a few days ago on my phone and o heard you were supposed to get a new sparrow and I didn’t get that and I bought it but it says I need to pay what do I do to get the extension pass i already bought it help ?!?!

  • i have destiny disc region 2 (European) and I just bought the expansion pass using american account and unfortunately its not working!! what should i do ???

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