The Banner Saga, Toren, Kyn, Armikrog Coming to PlayStation

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The Banner Saga, Toren, Kyn, Armikrog Coming to PlayStation

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock for the last 2-3 years, you’ll have noticed that there’s an underground movement in the world of video games: indies.

Versus Evil is an indie publisher who has been lucky enough to partner with several talented, passionate indie studios to help them launch their “babies” into the big, wide, rabid world of gamers. Yes, that’s YOU lot! We are beyond excited to tell you about a few games that will be coming to the PS4 in early 2015. Each one is unique in its own right.



This is just a really weird way to make a game, but it works! From the original game creators of Earthworm Jim and the Neverhood, comes a point and click adventure…wait for it… stop motion clay animation video game (Try and say that 10 times quickly!).

Supported by a quirky but quite mesmerizing original soundtrack from Terry Taylor, Armikrog will throw you into a rich, colorful world packed with lovable oddball characters and a lot of toilet humor.

The Banner Saga

The quality bar has been set! With several awards already under its belt and a second chapter already in the works, this indie hit is making its way to PS4. If you like turn based strategy games or Vikings (or both) and appreciate stunning, old-school style 2D animation, this is definitely worth checking out. It’s a classic and one that has made a mark in video game history already.

The Banner SagaKyn


(Pronounced “Kin”) It’s hard to imagine that two guys from Holland put this tactical RPG together in just two years, by themselves! But they did, and it’s a big world of magic, colliding with Viking themes and hours upon hours of adventuring.

All I can say is: just be nice to the sheep.


From fledgling Brazilian indie studio Swordtales comes a dark fantasy adventure in which you have to guide a lonely child as she climbs the tower known as Toren. It’s a beautiful game with puzzles and treacherous enemies to defeat. Your inner “protective instincts” will certainly be played on as you help Moonchild survive the journey from baby to adolescent.


All four of these indies will be playable for the first time ever at PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas December 6th and 7th, so be one of the first to get hands on time with them at the Versus Evil booth — I3 and I4. That’s a capital “i” not a “l.” :)

Happy gaming, you rabid lot!

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  • You had me at Earthworm Jim.

    • I know right? So much talent in one tiny studio. We’ve been lucky enough to see some early gameplay and it really is awesome.

  • Wow! Playstation 4 is a dream console!

  • no vita? would be perfect for it

  • More options the better! :3

  • Super hyped for Armikrog, even got on the Kickstarter!

  • Banner saga FTW, way to go!

  • And people complain about indie games when there is great as they are what’s to complain about. i f you don’t like them don’t buy them problem solved.

  • No one needs to be under a rock for 2 or 3 years when Sony has made indie games the sole mission of the PS4. BTW, people – like myself – are complaining about the quality of indie games. The problem is that Playstation Plus used to be an amazing value and bonus to Playstation owners. But for most of 2014, the majority of games being offered were less than awesome indie games. How many side-scrolling mediocre platformers can a person take before wanting to toss the $400+ investment out of a window? Gets boring after a while. Some people don’t want their expensive PS4 to be a glorified tablet or smartphone gaming device.

  • Sorry – I meant people – like myself – ARE NOT complaining about the quality of indie games…

  • Intrigued by Toren ever since the first trailer

    Looking forward to impressions from people who’ll play it in December

  • YES YES ALL OF THE YES’S! Thank you!

  • Hoping you guys support Vita in the future, but these announcements are great! Can’t wait for Armikrog and The Banner Saga!

  • I love that these are all hitting PS4. I hope the “never say never” about future Vita releases pulls through. These are all games I’d love to have on the go without having to rely on remote play. Especially The Banner Saga. Glad to see Versus Evil helping the console market either way.

  • Awesome! As an Armikrog backer, I’m super pleased to see it coming to PlayStation. Hopefully it’s cross-buy PS4+PSV, but I’ll take it on either platform.

  • Any chance of The Banner Saga on Vita, glad I get to play it on my PS4 but I’d love a portable version of it.

  • Banner Saga and Kyn for VITA! Please Sony help developers to make Vita versions of these. Well I would want every game but at least Kyn and Banner Saga.


  • I clicked on this post because of “Banner Saga,” but my eyes widened when I saw Armikrog.
    Man, I would’ve contributed to that Kickstarter campaign, if I’d known about it!

  • All of these look interesting. I am especially interested in Toren and Armikrog. I have a PS4, but would love to see all 4 of these games on the Vita.

  • This is great. I love all of the indie support on the PS4. I will buy all of these games.

    Also bring back Skullmonkeys too!

  • Will be looking forward to more info on these in the coming months.

    I love indie games, go ahead, call me a hipster. Sure, AAA games like GTA or MGS are some of my faves, but I feel indie devs put more time and creativity into their stuff now-a-days.

  • Oh this makes me happy. I been reading about banner sage a few days ago when there was a pc sale and I was sad my Mac can’t do the game thing. So excited it’s coming to ps4 with some other gem like friends too. Woot.

  • Wow, they all look so good. I’m excited to check them out. The only game I know of is The Banner Saga which I played on Steam, it’ll be a great addition to the PlayStation family.

  • Oh wow, that’s a lot. I’d love to see some Vita love somewhere down the line but you’ve caught my interest. I’ll be waiting for impressions from the PS Experience Event.

  • Banner Saga for Vita, please. I will beg shamelessly.

  • Yes!!! Banner Saga!

  • Great news all around. I kickstarted The Banner Saga then never got around to playing it on PC. Now I’ll wait to enjoy it in the comfort of my PS4 cocoon.

  • Seriously, what’s with the hate? we have great AAA titles, and great indie games with souls. Everybody wiiiiins!

    …except my wallet.

  • Have to chime in “Vita Please”.
    Still pretty happy with my PS3 Library, and still maybe a few I haven’t even had the chance to add yet.
    (So no need for a PS4, and not interested in one untill backwards compatibility)

    But my Vita, sure don’t mind having a good mobile library for on the go, for a day someplace quieter.

  • Vita? I want to play Banner Saga, but not on a TV. I’d really like to have it on the go and really want it on Vita

  • Oh great, this is great news, by the way speaking about indies, since you guys have a great relationship with Devolver, would you also have Always Sometimes Monsters?

  • like everyone else i’d love to see these on the vita as well, but i’m sure i’ll support you guys either way.

  • Sony can we expect MediEvil 3 on PS4?

  • Wonder if I can get the ps4 version for being a kickstarter backer for Armikrog?

  • So when do these release?

  • Isn’t it strange? Indies supposedly love the Vita, yet less and less of them seem to be making their games on Vita. Or just making the Vita version an afterthought for later. =/

    • Believe me, I think a lot of these guys would be making their games on Vita out the gate if they had the funds! That’s the downside of being indie. More often than not it’s a hard slog to make a game for just one platform, let alone several. I think that’s part of the problem.

  • This is truly lovely to see. I’m a backer of Armikrog, and remembering saving up money to buy Earthworm JIm on SNES makes me smile at the thought of playing a TenNapel game on console again. The Banner Saga is a lovely game that I’m also looking forward to playing on a console. Kyn and Toren might be solid titles too. Very good day for owners of PS4:s.

  • BANNER SAGA!!!!!

  • Toren and Kyn looks amazing! Can’t wait to try these both at PSE, so much awesome!

  • Yes! So looking forward to Toren!

  • Hey Georgina,

    These games sound awesome! I’m looking forward to more info on them. I hope they come early 2015.

    I wanted to ask if you guys and gals would consider making “Dynamic Themes” and “Avatar Pictures” for the PS4. It would be cool to have “The Banner Saga’ as my background.


    Rob aka Graf

  • They all look like nice games…and wow a brazilian indie studio?…thats news…a surprising one.

    • Yes, Swordtales have a really interesting story. They are well supported by the Brazilian gaming community as a whole and the Ministry of Culture are also behind them. Really nice bunch of guys too.

  • Awesome news. I was super close to buying The Banner Saga on steam but I much prefer console gaming. Instabuy!!

  • The Banner Saga is a true masterpiece, and if the other games in this post are the same level of quality, I should play them too!!!

    Any plans about The Banner Saga: Factions?

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