Terraria Comes to PS4 Tuesday: Bigger World, New Items, Cross-Play

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Terraria Comes to PS4 Tuesday: Bigger World, New Items, Cross-Play

It’s hugely exciting to be bringing the world of Terraria to PS4. We didn’t feel it was necessary to tinker with the core mechanics of the game, which have underpinned its success to date, but we’ve definitely been able to take this console version to the next level and implement some fantastic new features in the process – It looks amazing running in HD on PS4 too!

Terraria on PS4

The first thing to talk about is the scale of the PS4 version, which is almost triple the size of the original PS3 game. A truly huge amount of content and features have been added, with well over 1,000 new items including 10 new ores, 4 new wood types, 31 new brick types, 12 new wing types, 29 new tinker combinations, 50 new paintings, 8 new friendly NPCs, 15 new pets, over 100 new enemies, 4 new bosses … the list goes on, and on!

Terraria on PS4

We’ve also listened to feedback from the community and looked at how people play the original console games to figure out where slight improvements might be made. We wanted to address the immense scale of Terraria’s world, which can actually be a blessing and a curse! Now players will be able to ‘pinch’ to zoom in and out on DualShock 4’s touch pad, which is really simple and intuitive but makes a huge and immediate difference when playing the game.

We’re also working hard on a World Map companion app for mobile and tablet devices, which you’ll be able to download for free to see where you are in the PS4 game in real-time, and work out what kind of interesting (or scary!) stuff is all around you.

Terraria on PS4

Finally, we’re thrilled that PS4 players will be able to cross-play with the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game, whether you want to transfer your save games or enjoy cross-platform multiplayer; joining up to fight bosses together, building added-awesome castles, or duelling each other in PvP combat! To celebrate this feature and the launch of Terraria on PS4 we’re even bundling the PS Vita version for a limited time, so you’ll get the Vita version for free when you buy the game on PS4!

Terraria on PS4

The PS4 version of Terraria really is the ultimate console version of the game that’s beloved by millions of Terrarians already – we hope you love it too!

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  • We need new items on the ps3/vita. There is no reason they can’t be added to those systems too…

  • Will it have splitscreen?

  • It’s Tuesday. I don’t see it anywhere on PS4

  • I can’t wait. I am really curious about the new NPC’S along with the new ores and bosses. I am nearly done copleating the game on android/mobile and wait to do it on ps4

  • also PLEASE have it co-op not online but couch, like split screen or just where your friend has to be near you in the game

  • I thought it was supposed to release today. My son has been talking about this day for months……

  • Already own the game… No discount… And it’s $20? Crazy

  • Explain the reason behind why I can’t customize the controls in this game on the PS4. Something so basic should not have been left out. I find it difficult and confusing to play this game from the control scheme the developers like to play it… Please patch this feature in soon.

  • No cross buy? Not even a discount? I’m sticking to the PS3 version.

  • The game is $20. That’s more than the console version when I got it and I like the controls for playing keyboard and mouse better. I also already have PS3 version of the game. So I’m not getting it on my PS4 until the price goes down and/or there becomes a discount for it for people that already have another port of the game for a different Sony system. I would hardly want to pay $15 for another console version let alone the $20 it’s at now, and after reading some comments on this article I can easily say you are losing out on many sales with this issue. Thanks for reading.

  • Correction: I meant that it s more than the full computer version when I bought that. I think the PS3 port was $20 as well. But I already have that, why will I buy the same thing for my PS4 for the same price that’s more than the full version on computer?

  • For everyone whining about the price of Terraria on PS4, just stop. 505 had to put a lot of time and resources into the conversion/upgrade, do you think they should just give the game away to all previous owners of the game, just because you feel entitled to it? I already own Terraria on PS3, Vita, 360, PC, and Android, but I still purchased the PS4 version as soon as it released. This is one of my favorite games of all time, easily as good or better than Minecraft, and well worth the price. Reward the developer by supporting the game, and we can look forward to future upgrades, plus the possibility of a complete sequel to the game. Wouldn’t Terraria 2 be a nice thing to have? Well, you won’t have it if you expect everything the dev produces to be for free to you.

  • I don’t understand why the game says limited time bundle and their were two files to download but i didn’t get to download the second 30mb file. so what is the word bundle referring to.

  • This just seems like the exact content that’s available on my ps3 version. You made it sound like all this new content is in addition to the newest ps3 version. I feel a little cheated.

  • Well…Been waiting for this one. It’s Tuesday and I don’t see it either as another posted. When do you think it will show up in the store?


  • I lost so much time to this game–sort of glad that 505 are out of their minds asking for $20 for this. That allows me to pass it up more easily and devote time to new experiences. Perhaps when it hits the bargain bin I’ll find my way back.

    To anyone who’s somehow missed this game to this point–time blurs while playing this, and once you get into the crafting/exploring, it’s a blast!

  • I heard it may be coming out for free for PSN Subscribers. Is there any truth to this? I’d hate to buy it only for it to come out not much later for free. Even if it is the regular version, I’d still buy the add-ons.

  • Got ps4 game and no free vita game anywhere how to you get free vita game?

  • When is this available on the uk psn store can not find a straight answer any where

  • Still no free vita game! And on ps4 it it doesn’t show i bought the bundle but i did bought the bundle!

  • So it’s unclear what we get for our money, both in terms of “new content” and “free Vita version”, and it’s more expensive than the other versions?
    I really like it on the Vita, and I wouldn’t take much convincing to buy it again. I don’t imagine many fans need much incentive either – and yet they managed to deliver a real shove in the opposite direction.

    If that “new content” really is the patch that every other edition got months ago, that’s one of the worst game content lies I’ve seen this year – and we’ve had a lot of disappointments oversold to us already.

  • So am I undetstanding the bundle includes the vita version I already own? Yet that bundle was the only option to buy on ps4. I hope we get some clarification on this. I feel ripped off.

  • Will this be on any of the Asia PSNs? The Hong Kong store and their support is really weak unfortunately, which is a shame as the Sony Platform has always had a major presence here… even things like Digital releases – I can understand not having digital pre-orders, but at least release the game digitally as promised on the day of; otherwise local shops will break street date and for a price much cheaper than what’s on the PSN Fyi…

  • can anybody tell me how do yoy cross play in terraria. I want to play terraria with my friend who has it for ps4 but I have it for ps3 it says we can cross play in the blog but when I invite my friend he dont see the invitation same when my friend tries to invite me I dont see the invitation. can somebody help?

  • can anybody tell me how do you cross play in terraria. I want to play terraria with my friend who has it for ps4 but I have it for ps3 it says we can cross play in the blog but when I invite my friend he dont see the invitation same when my friend tries to invite me I dont see the invitation. can somebody help?

  • Yep, i’m having the same problem as XSuhara-SawadaX, also i’m not able to see the servers list, it’s stuck on “refreshing”, both on ps3 and ps4.

  • I’ve bought Terraria 5 times now (twice on PC; one for me and one for my wife, the PS3 version, the Vita version, and now the PS4 version). I bought the PS4 version with the sole intent of being able to cross play with my wife with her on the PS4, and me on the Vita. Imagine my surprise and frustration when I tried to invite her into my game session and vice versa, only to be “unable to join this game session on this system” message. I wouldn’t have bothered to buy the PS4 version of Terraria, and would have stuck with cross play on the PS3 version, if I knew the game would not let me cross play Vita/PS4. So I’m out $20, that I could have used to buy some of the other cool games available. Needless to say, I’m pretty annoyed. I’ve supported Terraria with my dollars many times over at this point, and spread the word about excellent the game is to anyone within earshot, and this just sours me on the whole thing. I’ve tried various things like re-downloading the game and checking invites from within the OS of the Vita and PS4, and nothing. Me and my wife were looking forward to spelunking together on the PS4/Vita this weekend, because split screen just isn’t as cool as having your own screen. Very disappointed.

  • I just bought the bundle for PS4, but I do not currently own a Vita.

    If I buy a Vita, will my copy of Terraria be waiting for me?

  • Thinking about buying another playstation 4 to play with family at home on the same game? THINK AGAIN! http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-4-Support/MULTIPLE-PLAYSTATION-4-s-ONE-NETWORK-NEEDS-FIXED-ASAP-Confirmed/td-p/44774137

    Sony confirmed it’s not possible.

  • When is cross-play between PS4 and PS3 going to work? It says the versions are not the same yet both consoles are updated.

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