Sneak Peek at PS4 Plus Lineup for December and January

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Sneak Peek at PS4 Plus Lineup for December and January

Hey PS Plus fans — we wanted to give you a sneak peek at our December and January PS4 free games lineup for Plus.

Before we reveal our PS4 lineup, we understand many of you are waiting for DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition to be added to the Instant Game Collection, and we apologize that the game is not yet ready to launch. We want you to know that we’re committed to providing DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition to members when it’s ready, and the Evolution team is working hard to make it a reality. In the meantime, we want to make sure you still have some amazing free games to play throughout the holidays, so check out the great lineup we have in store for you guys!

Injustice: Gods Among Us for PS3

In December, we’re excited to add Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition and Secret Ponchos to PS4’s IGC lineup. As one of the biggest fighting games, Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition is the first AAA Blu-ray title to join the Instant Game Collection for PS4, and we think you’ll really enjoy playing it since DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition is not available yet. For January’s PS4 lineup, we’re adding the hit games inFAMOUS First Light and The Swapper for PS4.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new lineup for PS4 over the holidays. Which one are you looking forward to most?

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  • Awesome! That’s a solid line up of games. Looking forward to them.

  • Already bought First Light, not interested in the other 3…

    Wish list:
    Transistor – PS4
    Rogue Legacy – PS4/Vita
    Child of Light – PS4/Vita
    DriveClub – PS4
    Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler – PS3
    Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc – Vita

    Please make it happen Sony.

  • This is an absolute garbage lineup. Great games if you’re just going to buy a PS4 in Dec or Jan, meanwhile those of us who have had a PS4 since launch have either played these games or dismissed them.

    I thought maybe the end of the year might renew my hope in PS+, and now you’re showing me it won’t.

    I don’t play MP games at all, I’m SP only, so I only have PS+ for the games on offer. My sub expires next year, and I’ll be damned if I renew it.

  • “Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition is the first AAA Blu-ray title to join the Instant Game Collection for PS4, and we think you’ll really enjoy playing it since DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition is not available yet.”

    Hmmmm, this sounds like confirmation that Driveclub PS+ Edition will not be released in December either…..

  • I’m looking fordward to play Secret Ponchos and The Swapper. Thank you Sony!!!

  • Infamous first light for free?!?!?!?! Hell yes!!!! Thank you!!!!

  • I appreciate the communication. That’s all I, as a customer, was expecting.

    • I appreciate the feedback. We’ll strive to continue to do better in terms of our communications to our members. Thanks for your loyalty and for being a part of this community.

  • Thank you PlayStation for shared play and the team and the AAA game coming in December but we need clan

  • That’s swell. Any word yet about what Sony is going to do for all those people who got suckered into buying DriveClub? Forget about the PS+ anymore. My PS+ sub runs out next month, and I won’t be renewing until Sony makes that mess right. I don’t even own the game, but that lame, half @ss apology from Shu last week was an absolute joke. He may have well just said outright “we’re sorry, but too bad for you.”

  • Great news. Looking foward. Dont leave us in the dark.

  • Wow, awesome! I’ve already got First Light, but not the other two!

    Injustice looks like a really awesome fighting game and I’ve heard really great things about The Swapper. Looking forward to ’em!

  • Finally some enjoyable games for PS4 I like the idea of a disc game joining and secret ponchos looks cool. Also first light seems like fun hoping the PS3 months will be good also.

  • You think we will enjoy Injustice because we can’t play Drive Club? They are COMPLETELY different genres. WTF kind of statement is that?

    Infamous: First Light and Secret Ponchos are good additions.

    You want to make a splash this Holiday w/o dropping prices like your competitors while still missing release dates on games (drive club, etc.) and FuBaring systems with software releases (2.00), how about giving GTAV for FREE for PS+ members in Dec.?

    Lets be honest, we shouldn’t have to pay for it AGAIN if we already purchased it on PS3. But whatever. Keep doing what you do. MS won’t beat you. In the end, you will beat yourself.

  • Good we been waiting for these Indy games to stop and full games or did to come. Don’t get me wrong the games we received were good but not all like those.

  • Pretty pleased about Injustice. It brings a question to mind. The Skullgirls people are supposed to be providing the driver to use old (PS3) fight sticks with the PS4 to other developers for free. I realize you guys aren’t those developers, but have you heard anything about them implementing that to Injustice?

  • perfect way to apologize for the week IGC we had a couple of months in a row, I love PS PLUS!

  • Much better that the junk of recent months. Shame I have them on disc, but that’s my problem. Much improvement for many others :D

  • I appreciate the update. It’s nice to see you letting us know what’s coming considering we have not been able to get our hands on DriveClub.

  • Sony: *waves hand * “These aren’t the features you’re looking for”
    Us: “These aren’t the features we’re looking for. Move along.”

  • I’ve always been curious about Injustice so it’s good i’ll finally get to try it. Don’t buckle under all the hate guys, the ones that are still upset will never be satisfied unless you give them something like GTAV. Keep doing what you’re doing guys!!

  • Like others I already have Injustice & First Light for the PS4.

    Too bad we couldn’t choose a platform for Injustice as I don’t have it on Vita or PS3.

    How about an exclusive theme, Avatar’s, DLC for the PS4 if we already purchased First Light to show application of purchasing instead of being added by a Plus Update.

    I am beginning to think that like others I need to hold off buying digital games either untill it shows up on a flash sale or free on Playstation +

    Injustice for example could be sold or gifted if it was a retail copy. By going Digital we are at a loss. Don’t get me wrong I love digital as it saves shelf space and is more like a Netflix environment with no Disc’s to scratch but news like this hurts for going digital.

  • I have chills. It’s almost as if Sony knew I was seriously looking into getting an Xbox One this holiday season instead of a PS4 with this early announcement. ;)

  • I’m most excited for Secret Ponchos, but only because I’m not really into fighting games and I already own the other content.

    At this point, I’d really like to see a TellTale game be free on plus for PS4/Vita to make up for the lack of cross-buy in all their titles to date. Valiant Hearts for PS4/Vita would also be cool.

  • Interesting. I thought “Instant game collection” was dead. By that, I mean that Plus titles are removed a month after they are added. That was what “instant game collection” meant when it started. I note that this practice stopped a few months ago, and isn’t commonly referred to in the blog anymore either. Calling one month’s offering alone an “instant game collection” is a bit of a stretch.

    Did you mean “PS Plus” in general?

  • Infamous First Light already? Thanks, something I was eventually going to buy anyway.

    I also have no problems with the PS4’s newly-renamed “rest mode” and I actually keep a disc in all the time. Second Son, to be exact. But I do chime in with all the people who are upset about the too-frequent PSN crashes. Emphasis should be put on preventing that, over other upcoming innovations.

  • and I JUST bought First Light too…

  • So over Drive Club. You couldn’t pay me to play it. What a joke that game came to be.

  • Awesome lineup for ps4 sony! Hopefully this is a sign that the igc will be heading in the right direction and not just be indies across ps4,ps3, and vita (a few are good, but igc shouldn’t just be indies).

    Enjoyed infamous and i got injustice on vita and its a great fighting game that doesn’t dissapoint, will have fun with injustice on big screen now.

    Hope ps3 and vita ps+ lineups will be great also and not like November.

  • Oh WOW!! This is a huge improvement for PS Plus on PS4!! Excellent!! Haven’t been this excited for an IGC game since Outlast(still the best)!! All these PS4 games in December and January interest me! Well done guys and keep up this great quality here! Excited for what the future holds for PS4 Plus members if this continues!

  • It’s really bad for me because I have injustice and infamous first light already :(

  • Sadly I bought both the AAA games on day 1. (got PS4 in large part because of Infamous and a few other exclusives).

    However it is definitely good to see worthy games finally showing up in the IGC.

    Now hopefully people who (only) own ps3 and/or vita will also see the IGC Rental games improving. Those consoles are far from dead afterall.

  • Sony should start to offer a percentage off coupon for each game a person already owns in the Plus Lineup.
    1 game 10% off, 2 games 20%, up to 60% off if we already have everything in the lineup to reward those who purchased already and encourage us to still spend our money. Even if the coupon was only for Sony games. That or how about Now credit or coupon, something, anything.

    Instead we feel regret for having paid for it and getting less of a value in the lineup.

  • This is a step in the right direction!

    I guess FailClub PS+ edition will be released somewhere at the end of next year? And this lineup is to make up for the false promises you made?

  • Making First Light, but not Second Son itself free is a really devious way to get people to buy Second Son.

  • Already have First Light and am not interested in Injustice, but it’s a good sign we could be getting more AAA games in the near future.

  • Besides, my fighting game for December will be Guilty Gear Xrd. ^-^

  • inFamous DLC free? Awesome. Secret Poncho? Awesome!

  • Damage control is in full swing in the Sony camp today.

    “Oh, no! They’re freaking out over the fact that we dumped off a bunch of indie games and Steam ports on them for November’s IGC. We’ve GOT to give them something. I know! LET THEM HAVE CAKE!”

  • Hellz Yeah! PS+ on PS4 is finally getting good.
    Still bummed about DriveClub, but it’ll come out eventually….

  • I own all these already (minus Secret Ponchos, of course), but if this is what makes people stop crying every day about the lack of AAA games on the IGC, I’m all for it. Most of the Plus games on PS4 have been considerably better than Injustice, in my eyes, but variety is good.

    Infamous: First Light and The Swapper are both pretty great, though. Enjoy, everyone.

  • Injustice and First Light, my wish did come true! Thank you PlayStation!

  • Sorry. I’m not even considering Driveclub anymore. Not even the PSPlus edition as I was going to try that version to decide if I liked it or not before Buying it. Actually, I’m not sorry. Why? you delayed this game for 11 months to fix these issues. Almost a whole year. There is no excuse for this. You can’t tell me that 11 months wasn’t enough time to perfect what Driveclub was supposed to be good at. Which was it’s online features. did you focus so hard on the game’s graphics that you didn’t have time to test the servers and focus on what’s most important? You don’t deserve my money for Driveclub. I don’t give free passes for nonsense like this. Again, almost a year. When a game gets delayed for that long, I expect it to work the day that it finally comes out. Delays are a good thing when they pay off. Driveclub’s delay did so I will not pay you to play it even if I happen to download the PSPlus edition IF it comes out because supporting a game that has problems like this only encourages half doing games and finishing them later through patches and it needs to stop. I’m not going to stop playing on playstation for this but keep this up and I will.

  • Wow, people love complaining. Thanks for the early preview – relaly looking forward to Secret Ponchoes and cannot wait to finally play Binding of Isaac tonight!

  • Great lineup, surprisingly don’t own any of these but have been interested in all them, particularly Injustice and Last Light.

    I guess this is also confirmation that DriveClub won’t be fully operational until next year. Would love to hear what the hell happened with the online component there. I’ve never heard of a game launching with issues so bad that the team can predict it won’t be ready for months.

  • I’m still not overly thrilled about this month’s IGC lineup, with the exception maybe of Escape Plan being available as a cross-buy with PS4 since I don’t have a Vita. But upon reflection any free games this month would probably go unplayed for some time because I’m going to have my hands full with both Assassin’s Creed Unity and Rogue.

    Injustice being free in December is fantastic news and a welcome sight to see a full retail game getting released for PS4’s IGC. I already have and played it on PS3 so I don’t have much interest in the PS4 version, but still a great thing to know is coming. As for January I already have the Swapper; picked it up a few weeks ago when it was on sale, but knowing that inFamous First Light is coming is fantastic. I still haven’t gotten around to playing Second Son yet so I’ve held off on First Light. Good to know that it’ll be coming for free.

  • Killzone Shadow Fall needs to be given out for free. Great game but always empty on the multiplayer lobbies. A great game dying a slow and terrible death.

  • Good lineup!

    Now just fix firmware 2.0 so I can actually comfortably use my PS4 again. I’ve been getting way more Xbox One time in than I want lately :(

  • Not interested in December’s lineup but put me down for both games in January. Very nice.

  • Just my luck, of the 3 AAA ps4 games I own, it just had to be that one. Dang I’m bad

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