Silver Wired Headset Out Now, Far Cry 4 Audio Mode on the Way

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Silver Wired Headset Out Now, Far Cry 4 Audio Mode on the Way

Last month, we announced the Silver Wired Stereo Headset featuring 7.1 virtual surround sound, custom audio modes and a retractable boom mic all for $69.99 (MSRP). Today, I am excited to announce that the Silver headset is rolling out to retailers now.

PlayStation Silver Wired Stereo Headset
The Silver headset is lightweight with breathable ear cushions for hours of gameplay, a retractable boom mic for voice chat while playing online, and a remote control USB connector that allows you to connect directly to your PS4 to take advantage of the headset’s built-in features, outlined below.

  • Immersive 7.1 virtual surround sound
  • In-line volume and mic controls
  • Custom audio modes created by developers specifically for PlayStation games

As with all of the official PlayStation headsets, the Silver headset is compatible with PlayStation Vita and many mobile devices with the 3.5mm jack.

PlayStation Silver Wired Stereo HeadsetPlayStation Silver Wired Stereo Headset

I’m also thrilled to announce that a Far Cry 4 custom audio mode is on the way for the Silver headset, as well as the Gold and PULSE Elite Wireless headsets via the free Headset Companion App. Additionally, custom audio modes for inFAMOUS Second Son, Watch_Dogs, Destiny and The Last of Us are all on the way for the Silver headset.

Pick up the Silver Wired Stereo Headset and stay tuned for more information on developer-created custom audio modes coming to PlayStation headsets.

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  • Does anyone know the length of the USB cable?

  • Is it just me, or does SONY make the most retarded looking headsets. I had the original Pulse Wireless headset. then i Upgraded to the PULSE ELITE and i like that design better. But then these last two models ??? WTF,. I think you would look retarded wearing these things. I have neighbors and friends i wouldnt get caught dead in these.

  • Would be nice to be able to choose the silver headset and change the settings as advertised on the box. Companion app downloaded, check. Companion app updated, check. Companion app upload settings to headset, error. Can only choose the elite or gold models currently. Great way to launch a product. This is how cool it is but please wait a few months while we patch it before you can really get good sound “The way it’s meant to be heard”.

  • Can someone please tell me how to get rid of the voice feedback I get on any headphones I use. I have a ps4. I used the earpiece that came with the system. So I went and bought the thrustmaster headphones and I am getting worst feedback. Help.

  • It’s wired, no thanks

  • I’ve been very unhappy with the build quality of the Pulse Elite, having had it break on me two times already. However, I love the sound quality from the Pulse Elite.

    While I doubt my question will be answered by this point, does anyone here know if the Silver headset offers the same level of audio quality as the Elite? Or is this more along the lines of the original wireless headset for the PS3?

    I want the best sound experience possible, not only for gaming and social communication, but also movies and music. I need clear and powerful sound.
    While I find this headset to be very attractive, if it doesn’t deliver excellent sound quality, I just can’t see myself buying a pair.

    So, how does this thing sound?

  • So now after attempting to use the companion app and failing I still wanted to see how the headset sounds in general while playing a game only to find out the microphone doesn’t work. Hmm maybe DOA return current set, get a new set and still the mic doesn’t work. Highly doubt I got two DOA headsets. Must be something with the PS4 console coding not yet fully recognizing the headset.

    Quickly though I will say the sound is pretty good for the price. Would probably love the headset if everything worked properly.

  • I bought the headset last night. Are there instructions on how to use it online anywhere? The quick start manual it came with was pretty generic with instructions and didn’t really explain much

    • There is a link on the quick start guide to the online user manual. This headset will work online, like any other headset.

  • Nice! Thank you for the reply. I’ll definitely be picking this up. Will this also work on PC the way the others did?

  • What is the length of the cable with this headset? Thanks

  • So, since this is a WIRED headset, can you tell us how long the cable is??

    Having used the first official PlayStation wireless headphones for a while (the model before Pulse Elite), I can definitely agree that there is demand for wired units. My headphones currently run for barely three hours without needing a charge, which of course means having to take them off to plug them in via USB (mini, sigh…) cable, so these might actually work for me.

    I’m wondering how well these would work for glasses wearers, though. My current pair of headphones are fairly comfy, but on/over-ear cups usually mean your glasses get pressed into the side of your head which as you might imagine is pretty uncomfortable. Anyone picked up a pair yet?

  • Do you know if the silver wired headset will be sold in the uk? I have been email loads of sony people but they all know nothing. Also would the work ok on a uk ps4 if they were imported? Thanks

  • Sooooo…am I stupid, or is there no mic mute?

  • Two months and a half later… Still no Destiny profile for the “hobo” Elite.

    I’m giving up. Good job Sony/Bungie.

  • Pulse Elites all the way, all day!!! Haven’t tested the silvers yet but I know compared to the elites the gold are absolutely horrible!!! I’m on my second set of elites now only bc I sold the first pair bc they didn’t work for ps4 initially… of course two weeks after I sold them they included support for them in an update! I tried to like the golds I gave them a solid week of pretty heavy gaming but they failed to impress me at all. Another big thing that makes the elite a better choice is the usb dongle included. I personally love that with the elite I can route my Xbox one audio through the 3.5mm plug on the elite usb dongle and enjoy the Xbox audio wirelessly, or any device with a 3.5mm Jack…

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