Battle Islands Launches Today on PS4

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Battle Islands Launches Today on PS4

Battle Islands

Hi. My name is Rory Jackson. I’m the Studio Head at DR Studios in the UK, the developers of the free-to-play strategy combat game Battle Islands, which is launching on PS4 today! Battle Islands is set in the South Pacific in 1942. A platoon of soldiers land on a tropical island and your task is to defeat enemy forces, build a garrison to defend your island, and go out guns blazing to attack other islands with the huge array of air, sea and land forces you have at your disposal — tanks, jeeps, gunboats, and fighter planes to name but a few!

We’re absolutely delighted to bring our game to PS4 today — it’s a major achievement for us, and the culmination of a huge amount of work and effort from everyone here. Battle Islands started life as a game on mobile devices, where it’s been really popular. However, it’s really important to stress it isn’t simply a mobile game, as our PS4 launch clearly shows.

We’ve rebuilt it from ground up to make sure it’s up to scratch for a next gen console like the PS4. We’ve built brand new, higher-resolution assets that we believe look stunning, and built a completely new user interface that really capitalizes on DualShock 4.

Battle IslandsBattle Islands

We hope you love the WW2 theme — we strive to keep the game authentic to the era, and you can often find us in development meetings debating about whether a certain tank was used in that era, and in that field of battle!

One final thing I wanted you to know is we have lots of great new stuff already in the pipeline that will be coming to the game in future months, so keep an eye out for the regular updates.

All that’s left to say is we really hope you enjoy our game, and its time for you to head out into battle, soldier!

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  • we need the gta san andreas remaster. NOT THIS!!

  • Hmm. The look vaguely reminds me of the C&C games.

    I may look into this.

  • This is exactly the type of game we need. Something different, not GTA,,,yawn.

  • Awesome. i am so excited to see that more and more horrible games keep coming out that are meant for a smart phone but come out for a “Next Gen system” Sony’s words not mine.

  • @marc3cmc — yeah….this exactly what the ps4 needs. a ****** phone game.

  • why is this free to play??? It should be a one dollar game with all content and future updates included for one dollar!

  • I still dont see it available or any info on this. You sure its today?

  • Any chance of this coming to Vita? Seems like a perfect fit for it. =)

  • Looks interesting. I’ll give it a try this evening. #7: the store doesn’t update until around 5PM EST. It will be live then.

  • Been looking forward to this one. I love the onslaught of indie games that we have been getting, and this one looks like a lot of fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bigger releases also, but these smaller games have a huge spot in my library. When I don’t have time to sit down for a 3-4 hour gaming session, games like this fit in perfectly.

  • This game looks awsome. PS+ please

  • Yawn. This is why I am not compelled to purchase a PS4 yet. I don’t know where Sony got the idea that people buy next-gen consoles to play ports of old Android or iOS titles.

    General rule: If a game is available on any form of smartphone, NO ONE is going to go out and purchase a PS4 to play it on.

    Remember 1983, Sony? Your deep obsession with indie games is eerily, remarkably similar to what happened the last time gaming companies started pushing shovelware onto their customers.

    Even worse, I see the indie games obsession as being predatory. Sony is taking advantage of desperate indie developers, while at the same time foisting off inferior games on their customers.

    I’ve spent well over $1,500 on Sony entertainment products since March of last year. Not a single cent of my money went to an indie game, though, if it was already available on Steam or Android. That’s how it will stay.

  • The Mercenaries games are better than the GTA games. Back to the topic at hand though, this looks pretty cool.

  • Exists a game like this to ps vita?

  • Is this going to be offering in-app purchases? If so, I’ll pass.

  • I can sync my progress with my gamecenter account?

  • Clash of clans soon….

  • Wow ive never seen so many people in life complain about FREE stuff more than the PS community. Who cares what type of game it is (a mobile game or whatever). Any games that come to the PS store/community/systems is a plus. Not everyone will like everything but having more options is better than no options at all.

    Its free…. try it out, if you dont like it no money was lost. If you like it then you got a game to play for free.

    To the devs, i hope to see more games of yours come to the PS4. While i havnt played this game yet, i will be trying it.

  • @mixedkidbx – shovelware is shovelware. doesn’t matter how much it costs. it’s a ****** phone game.

  • @mixedkidbx – because we don’t want to support shovelware (or even look at it). the price is irrelevant.

    the shovelware can stay on phones and wiis. thanks, johhny.

  • @19 What do you mean “We”? Lots of people are going to play this. Why? Because it’s free to play. People like you are the bane of the gaming community. Stop howling about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on every single post and quit bashing others who actually support games like this. Stop whining, stop complaining and start appreciating.

  • @jwunorton. You don’t like it?
    Don’t download it.

  • @SeanStrange – no i’m not going to be acceptive and appreciative of awful games. you can have your nickel stealing phone game, #genericzombiegame, and costume quest.

    This week microsoft gets sunset overdrive and gta san andreas remastered exclusively! As a loyal Sony supporter I am outraged over this. I can play this game at lunch when I’m taking a dump; why would I want to play this on my 55inch when i get home. “Greatness Awaits”…..I’m still waiting!!

  • Bring back command and conquer for ps4 and vita

  • Downloaded this just to be disappointed at the lack of trophies. Laziness. I deleted the game until they’re patched in.

  • No more free to play cancer, just sell me a ******* game.

  • People who complain about indie games all the time are the ones who are truly obsessed with them

    Of course to just stick with what you like never crossed your mind

    Because thinking is hard

  • @EternallyZooted – hey mouthbreather. this is a nickel diming phone game (and a bad one at that). nobody is hating that this is indie so why bring it up.

  • “Remember 1983?”

    I bet you don’t ha ha. faker

    But I do. It was a great year. Unlike you I was actually alive

  • @ norton – I was talking to the dude who was complaining about indies. I seen him before talking about obsession with indies on another post. To me it looks like he’s the one obsessed. He can’t stop talking about it. Runs his life and haunts him in his dreams poor little b-tard

  • @EternallyZooted – my apologies. i’m just a little angry. sorry about that. i agree though.

  • Ok man no worries. I always thought mouthbreather was a funny insult anyway. LOL

    I just don’t like fake fools like that dude talking about 1983. I can tell he wasnt even there. Thing is I started playing video games in 1983. I know what we had back then. The crash had much more to do with competition from home computers than this so called shovelware. Its not the same anyway because releasing without a cartridge or a disc is saving producers from losing any risky investments. And from what I can tell these indie games sell generally well. They must be pretty good for the most part. The consumers have spoken LOL It shows in the sales numbers. I like some indie games too. I have fun with them because that’s what I play for. He must play games just to stare at the graphics. The most overrated aspect of video games

  • Does this game revolve around micro transactions the way the mobile game does?

  • This game looks good. I am getting it.

  • Second CAGE’s comment. I want to know if this leans as heavily on F2P mechanics as the mobile version.

  • This game is something different. I am tired of shooters, and wanted to play strategy games and this is what an unexpected gift from PS. I hope this is good.

  • “One final thing I wanted you to know is we have lots of great new stuff already in the pipeline that will be coming to the game in future months, so keep an eye out for the regular updates.”

    Trophy Support?

  • Dont mind poster @1, he obviously belongs in jail for that avatar, and loves games like GTA.
    Sooo not your target audience.

    Glad you guys are tryng to make better access to games that can be found free on PC.

    A step in the right direction.

  • Nice Ive been wanting a game like this on my Dck4. Yay!

  • @ Rezolution77 – hey iRobot, get a clue.

    this is a crummy free-to-play phone game with micro-transactions. if you think toxic free-to-play phone games are a step in the right direction instead of good AAA’s and indies you’re delusional. keep sipping that kool-aid chief.

  • @jwunorton09:

    Sony apologists and fanboys deeply amuse me. They’ll be the ones sorry when the industry hits another crash because of oversaturation of 99-cent app ports and ‘free-to-play’ everything.

    What doesn’t make sense to me is that Sony has a GINORMOUS library available. If we could only access the entirety of the PS1, PS2 and PSP library on our consoles, we’d be forking over money hand over fist, rather than to have to shrug and sigh every time the latest indie game is touted as the best thing in all of the entire ever.

    I have nothing against indie game developers. My problem is with the Big Three trying to force a scene. Reminds me of any of a number of old PSAs that missed the point while trying to be cool and hip and accessible. Like the episode of South Park, ‘Butt Out’. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all on stage, pathetically rapping a corny song telling kids about the glory of indies.

  • (yawn) Need I say more.

  • Is that the watered down stuff , from where you came from?

    Not disagreeing with the AAA title, or games pushing the conole’s true capabilities.

    But this is free. If you don’t want it, don’t download it. Simple.

    But then again you want to argue about the very same thing when I talked about the Vita and Freedom Wars.

    That Kool-Aid doesn’t taste too bad, if you learned how to make it.

  • @CraddaPoosta – Haha, I enjoyed that southpark episode very much. I can’t agree more with the 99-cent free-to-play microtransaction phone games. The sight of even seeing these games on “next-gen” consoles is sickening. Even seeing an Angry Bird ps4 game msrp for $60.00 makes me rage. Next big PS4 game will be Candy Crush or Clash of Clans.

    As for indies, I’m a fan of them to a degree but when there’s an overabundace of them and a lack of AAA’s it becomes concerning. I would love to have full access to the PS2 library in particular and would actually prefer most of them to the indies we get as part of the IGC. Isaac Rebirth and Luftrausers I look forward to the most for November’s IGC’s but having all indies and no AAA’s is a real punch in the D*** to the consumer.

    But yeah, I agree with you 100% my man. I don’t even want to think about sunset overdrive and the san andreas remaster as microsoft exclusives (I’ve raged enough over this).

  • @jwunorton09:

    A place for everything, and everything in its place. I don’t HATE indie games. I don’t think I’ve ever said anything close to that. I hate heavy-handed marketing, and when a scene is forced. It’s seriously like your grandmother starting to use “shizzle”, just to try to relate to you.

    My solution has always been the same: set up an additional service that focuses SOLELY on indie games and apps. If there’s so much demand for them, and Sony is SO sure that that’s what gamers want, why not create a specific avenue for gamers to have all of the indie everything they want, in one place?

    There’s already PlayStation Mobile, PlayStation NOW, Sony Music Unlimited, PS+, etc. Why NOT add an indie program? That is a solution that works for everyone. Everyone gets what they want. If you don’t like it, don’t subscribe. Simple.

  • We can speak the most loudly with our wallets. I probably drop at least a hundred bucks every month on new titles for my PS3 and PS Vita library. The only “indie” games I have are Hotline Miami and Retro City Rampage, and those, only because they were “free”. I’d never have purchased either of them. I have a Galaxy S4 and a tablet. If I want crunchy pseudo-8-bit graphics and MIDI soundtracks, Google Play has everything I need.

    My point is, I WILL spend money, and lots of it, on games that I actually want.

    My favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy IV. A 16-bit RPG that is more than twenty years old.

    I am DEFINITELY the worst graphics snob in the world, based on that. Right?


  • LOL it’s obvious who’s really obsessed with indie games. And its you Mr. Poosta

    WTF are you talking about, forcing stuff? Naw man its because AAA games take long time to make. Especially now with today’s technology

    What if we had no indie games. There would be months going by with nothing being released. Now that would kill the market. That would cause the crash. Not indies. Indies wont cause a crash because they sell well unlike E.T. on the 2600

    So in short, you don’t know what youre talking about. Just a troll

  • If you have lots of money to spend on what you want then why are you even complaining

    Just dont subscribe to plus. Problem solved LOL sounds like you just want something to be mad about. Are you bored?

  • No trophies are a no go

  • “Free” to play sucks. Very rarely does a company do them correctly. No trophies = Fail

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