Check Out Share Play in Action on PS4

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Check Out Share Play in Action on PS4

The PS4 system software update v2.00, codenamed Masamune, will be available to download on Tuesday, October 28th. One of the features included in the update that I’m most excited about is Share Play, and we put together a quick video to show you how this innovative feature works. Check it out!

As we’ve said before, the best way to think about Share Play is like a “virtual couch.” PlayStation 4 will create an online local co-op experience by allowing you to invite a friend to join your game for up to one hour at a time — even when they don’t own a copy of it. Share Play has three main functions:

  • Share Screen — Share your screen with a friend, allowing them to spectate. This is ideal for PS4 owners that want to watch their friends play a game and provide helpful tips. PlayStation Plus is not required to use this.
  • Hand over my controller — Pass your controller to a friend, virtually, and watch them play. Your friend does not need to own, or even download the game, in order to use this feature. This is perfect for introducing your friends to new games. The host will need to be a PlayStation Plus member, but the guest does not.
  • Hand over the second player controller — If a game supports local multiplayer, you can have your friend join as player two. Again, the visitor does not need to own, or download the game in order to use this feature. Both players will need PlayStation Plus to use this feature.

Share Play pushes the social interactivity of PlayStation 4 to new heights and we can’t wait for everyone to try it out. What games are you looking forward to trying Share Play with?

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  • This is one of the reasons I love PlayStation. Thinking creatively to bring us awesome features. Can’t wait to put this into action!

  • Umm, yes please. Awesome feature and everyone wins.

  • Looks cool, but does the 1 hour limit applies to every mode? I get limiting the play for single controller, but for multiplayer it seems annoying.

    Anyway, can’t wait!

  • Great work !

    Now the only thing I want is DNLA support and I’m happy.

  • Okay, it turns out I didn’t understand that this was as awesome as it actually is! Two thumbs up PlayStation team!

    I have a question about trophies, if you start playing your friends game that you don’t own, will that games trophy list just drop onto your own profile (I certainly hope not). Just because I play a friends game doesn’t mean that I want to be tasked with completing the trophy list for the game, lol

    • Glad you’re excited about it! Trophies gained during Share Play will be reflected on the host’s account, not the visitor’s.

  • Awesome but were is suspend/resume mode
    And we’re the ability to try any game in ps store for free try it for free if you like it buy it David perry said that on sage

  • Great additions! Keep up the great work PlayStation!

  • I’m so happy to be part of this!

    PS.: Sorry to be that guy, but, what about DLNA?

  • All I can say is excellent job guys and thanks.
    I’m a proud PS3/4 owner.

  • How much upload do you need to use SharePlay?

  • Dear Sony,

    Next up, please get to work kicking US Internet providers in the backside so we all have faster upload speeds!

    Seriously, this looks so cool but I know with my crappy 5 Mbps upstream Internet (thanks TWC!) anyone I share with will have a crummy experience.

  • Why is SharePlay only limited to one hour; and will you be able to launch another session of SharePlay after that hour is up?

  • Does the one hour limit still exist if both players own the game? I really just like the passing the controller part.

  • so the one who is sharing a game will have their consoles streaming? what uploading speed do our internet conections needs? if it works this way I’m guessing the lag will be a huge problem… and also seems like the graphics will be very compressed

  • Will we have to set up a brand new party when the hour is up or can we press the Share play button again with the current party?

    I’d prefer not having the Hour timer, but if it is only a 2-4 second (Press PS button, go to party menu, hit Shareplay -> Send control) then it is not terrible. If we have to manually remake the party, send out invites, get everyone back in and then start Share play then I don’t think it will see much usage

  • Wow this is amazing! great job guys! Cant wait to use!

  • Can you use it in PS Now? So your friend could act as Player 2 in PS1,PS2 and PS3 games?

  • “Each Share Play session has a 60 minute duration, regardless of whether both users own the game.”
    Is there restriction on how many sessions player can have per day?

  • what a ridiculous feature (as in AWESOME)

    this is something no one thought as a must have yet PS brings it as what seems fan service. Obviously is a business strategy but WOW this is just an amazing functionality

  • Game changer. This needs to be heavily advertised.

  • I really apreciate you guys @sony gave us a release date 4 the 2.0 update cant wate

  • ya the 1 hour play needs to be removed from multiplayer.

  • Great feature!

    Will it be limited to 2 players at this time?

    Or can I start planning for some 4 players “virtual couch” Tower Fall madness next Tuesday?


  • How do I access my Driveclub PS Plus Edition that I paid fifty bucks a year for with this? In the settings?

  • You guys really outdone yourselves this time. I’m totally stoked for the v2.00 update. Keep up the good work and keep ’em coming!

  • Only one can assume that the friends list will be fixed for the share play to work.if it isn’t then it’ll be no good.

  • Awesome! Thanks for answering my question Andrew, I’m part of the staff over at PSNProfiles, so I’m betting they will like that news! ;) Glad to hear that process of obtaining trophies was done properly!

  • Playstation!!! The best place to play!!! I cannot wait to try this out! Amazing!

  • Will sub-accounts be able to use this? The share button is pretty useless for sub-accounts at the moment. Either let us upgrade to master or stop locking features!

  • Thanks for answering my question!
    Will we be able to just re-connect a session after the 60 minutes are up, or is there some limitation on that?

  • @The_Bunn yes you will. After 60 minutes of gameplay, the visitor will be disconnected but able to join back in!

    Amazing feature, what a great step to a very social experience! Hope more of these great features to come!

  • So this will work for Knack local coop right?

  • This… This is TRULY next-gen. Watching it makes me feel like I’m waiting for Christmas as a kid again.

  • So, regarding the timer, is that a one time feature per game?
    So, say for example, I own Infamous: Second Son. Does he/she (my friend on their own console) only get that 1 hour to try the game? Or are we able to restart the sharing again and again?

  • I’m REALLY excited for this feature. Looking forward to playing some Diablo III “couch” co-op real soon.

  • First of all great features thank you sony :-)

    Secondly remove the silly 60min play multiplayer should be free for share play n restrict the single player

  • Really awesome feature. I’ll be sure to try it out with some friends.

  • This seems like a really amazing feature, thanx for sharing (pun intended). I hope your servers *cough, cough* #DRIVECLUB are ready for everyone start trying it on Tuesday.

  • If I have PS+ will my kids be able to use Shareplay or is it limited to the main account on the console?

  • Whoa, I did not realize how cool this feature actually is. I can really see it being a game changer, (pun intended) can’t wait to try it! Weirdly enough (or maybe not so weird), I’m kinda most excited for the Share Screen feature. Is that functionality also only limited to 1 hour intervals? Also, nice move not putting a limit on the frequency/amount of uses.

  • So why does Sony pick the same day the store updates and games are released to push a firmware update? IT seems better suited to a Tuesday, or Monday.

  • will far cry 4 have second controller share play compatibility or just regular share play

  • Brings a whole new meaning to old “Live in your world, Play in ours” slogan.

  • I meant thursday, not tuesday.

  • I’ve seen the future. IT IS PLAAAAYYYYYYSTATIONNNNN!!!!


  • Will the 2-Player limit be expanded in the future? I absolutely love this feature, but I’d like to use it to play Towerfall and Spelunky with my friends (Even though they all own those games).

    And will we be notified before the countdown is up? I’d like to see a 15 or 5 minutes warning, along with potentially an option to renew the connection without having to remake the party.

    Other than that, I’m ecstatic. Hopefully my internet will be adequate for this!

  • Only up to an hour? There’s the catch, was wondering what it was going to be.

  • Does this feature work with move-enabled games like Octodad?

    Also, can anyone say 2-player Nidhogg party? ;)

  • This sounds cool on paper but this is opening a can of worms. People paying others to gain particularly hard trophies for them to maybe even paying others to grind in MMO’s like Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, and various other titles. I hope that I’m wrong but I know it’s prominent on PC’s so I don’t see why it couldn’t happen here now.

    So yeah I’m in the minority and against the idea of this in it’s current form.

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