Watch PlayStation’s Pre-Extra Life Livestream Today

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Watch PlayStation’s Pre-Extra Life Livestream Today

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PlayStation Nation. Are you ready for Extra Life? The friendly folks from the PlayStation.Blog team certainly are, as they’re hosting a pre-Extra Life event kicking off Friday, October 24th at 10:00 AM Pacific. Games like Spelunky (With Derek Yu!), Alien: Isolation, and maybe a few extra surprises will be appearing on the livestream. So make sure you share the news when you’re watching to help raise awareness for Extra Life.

PlayStation.Blog team will be playing games to raise money for Children’s Hospital of Oakland, so we hope you’ll join in helping the cause.

Extra Life Buttons!

This weekend I want you to stand with us, having raised all that you can for sick and injured kids in your community. It isn’t difficult. It’s actually quite fun!

With Extra Life you simply sign up, choose a hospital to support, and share your goal of raising money for local kids with your friends and family. Invite them to donate to your campaign. Then, on Saturday, you join a 24-hour celebration of gamers from around the world, playing for kids.

This is that easy.

Last year, Extra Lifers raised over $4 million for sick and injured kids. With the support of the mighty PlayStation community, we can do even more.

Extra Life Buttons!

So come on back to this blog post on Friday, 10/24 at 10:00 AM Pacific, and join us as we kick off this year’s Extra Life event! We’ll see you there.

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  • that’s really cool, i know gamespot have a similar thing aswell, hope you guys raise alot of money because the cause is awesome.

  • Already reached my Extra-Life goal!! :) HECK YEA!! GAMING FOR A GOOD CAUSE!!!!!

  • Can’t believe 4 million dollars was raised last year. It really goes to show how awesome gamers are when we join forces to help people in need! Love Extra Life and I’ll be sure to tune into the livestream, that’s for sure. On a side note, Spelunky is an AMAZING game of choice to play on the stream!

  • i will donate $100 each to Sid, Ryan and Justin if they will play with me for half an hour in Diablo 3 – run a few rifts, gather some loot:)

  • Spelunky would be interesting if all 4 of you are playing. I’m assuming Sid, Nick, Justin and Ryan are taking part. Why not invite Rey, Scott or Shuhei?

  • Wtf I used to live in Oakland

  • Speaking of charity to worthy causes… how about the Driveclub PS Plus Edition? I put fifty bucks up for the year to your charity.

  • I’ll be live streaming from my PS4 tomorrow in support of Extra Life! Planning on playing a lot of Destiny. Almost to my goal so I’m hoping to get some last minute donations. Is there any way to make our gaming on PS4 show up under the “Extra Life” area on (it looks like PC folks are putting that in for their game)?

  • Anyone want to give to charity, and give the gift of that PS Plus Edition of Driveclub to PS Plus users?

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