PlayStation Experience Tickets on Sale 10/24

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PlayStation Experience Tickets on Sale 10/24

Just over a week ago, we announced the first ever PlayStation Experience — a massive, two-day community event featuring over 400,000 square feet of PlayStation games, panels, contests, signings, giveaways, collectible memorabilia, and much more. On December 6th and 7th, fans and developers will unite in Las Vegas to celebrate what it means to be a part of the PlayStation Nation together. Starting this Friday, October 24th, tickets will be available here.

Over the course of the next six weeks, stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog and for details on panel times, participating publishers, playable games, and PlayStation Experience collectibles!

We look forward to seeing you!

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  • Sid, how can I get exhibitor/sponsorship information about this event, can you please direct me to the right person such as the event coordinator.

    Thank you.
    Angel Lopez

  • i definitely plan on going lil bummed,all attendees must be 18 wouldve loved to bring my daughter.

  • Is it sad that I can afford a ticket to the Con but cant afford to drive to Vegas?

  • @2 & @19
    Alternatively you could actually contact support. The Blog is a community, PR board, not a support center. This is why most of the Driveclub server updates haven’t been here. It’s not what this site is for…
    Either contact support directly, or if you use Twitter, tweet @AskPlaystation.
    The number of people who cry on here about Sony not treating them right/well, when they (as in the consumer) haven’t actually asked the right channels for help is insane. Even if the social media team saw you’re response, and wanted to help, they’re not in the position to do anything about it.

  • Really hoping (stupidly) for some significant Vita love at this thing. However, it’s clearly just going to be another PS4 party and that makes me sad. =/

  • God please can someone tell me if I can go I’m 15 but I already graduated high-school and I’ll be with a 18+ adult ? Please

  • Will we finally get FAILCLUB PS+ edition at the event? Can we speak to a Sony rep about the disaster?

    Will you delay this event one year to polish it? Will this event then moved to an unknown date to the massive visitor count at site?
    Will PS+ customers be lied to again?

  • Imagine if this is just an event to experience the long awaited, and very, very much overdue 2.0 update….and then push it back some more….

  • Hey Sid! I run a talk show on UNLV radio. Will there be media passes available? If so how can I go about applying for one?

  • Still Waiting 4 Greatness!

  • What time do they go on sale? I want to make sure I can get mine intime!!

  • And of the 400,000 square feet, about 18 square feet will be designated for vita related items, knowing Sony.

  • I would like to know if it was possible to get the PS TV to stream PS4 games in full native resolution 1080p with an update.
    I know that the PS TV can stream Netflix in 1080p, and since it’s the PS4 that is doing all the work, maybe it could be displayed in 1080p if possible. A lot of people would appreciate.

  • I also live in Las Vegas. I hope the tickets don’t sell out too soon. I’m a little bit short of $50 after paying bills and buying groceries.

  • im 15 can I still go if I have a parent

  • I’m going to buy a ticket, but not sure if I’ll actually be able to go yet. If I cant hopefully I can sell it to someone.

  • how do we buy tickets to the event do we have to call can we buy online? wife and i are ready got gopro cameras and really excited about this!

  • anybody know how to even buy tickets…is it going to be call only or something???

  • The site is not working…. :(

  • Sid, how does one apply for a press badge? I’ve attended many events via E3, SDCC, NYCC & Studio events via press. Also, is there something wrong with the ticket website?

  • is something wrong with the site? i am not able to buy the tickets.

  • There is nothing wrong with the site, the Venetian page just sucks. Here, go to Ticketmaster’s own website. It has a countdown clock. The tickets go on sale at 9 AM PST. That isn’t listed on the Venetian page.

  • For people who think the ticket site is broken, it’s not. While the sale date should be today, the sale time hasn’t been published, and it doesn’t look like the ticket office has opened up tickets for sale yet. When you see a ‘Buy Tickets’ button, that’s when tickets are for sale. Unless a specific sale time is announced, I’d suggest everyone to keep checking in. I know I will be.

  • Any one have an idea how much teh tickets will cost? Only got so much on the Cred Card at the moment and my bank isn’t close by….im thinking about the 2 day pass

  • Heads up everyone, tickets should be on sale now. Because it’s through Ticketmaster, you need a Ticketmaster account, and after fees, it’s around $96 for 2-days.

  • For anyone wondering where to buy, its here.

    Right click “Buy Online” and open in new tab, if its not coming up when normal clicking.

  • Sorry, I meant right click “Buy Tickets” and open in new tab, if its not coming up when normal clicking.

  • The timing of it (9AM PST) was stated at the end of the video guys, lol.


  • the canadian prepaid card visa card is not working on the website…and dont have enough on my cred card….if i get my mom(dont worry im 26 years old) to pay on the site will I have issues picking up ticket at Will Call?

  • @cojax99

    I just contacted the venue and they unfortunately said that the badge would need to be picked up by the one registering (along with ID and CC). That said, they told me that if you were to give them a call they would be able to process your order manually and/or work something out.

    Their number is 866.641.7469

  • I’d LOVE to go to this, but I don’t think I’ll be able to this year. Please have an event on the East coast! Boston or NYC will do nicely :)

  • Hey PEEPS I just uploaded my card VIA website and I AM GOING TO VEGAS BABY!!! any one reccomend a good hotel? close by…..thanks for the update @dj_daishi

  • Just purchase my 2 day pass. :)

  • I have my 2-day pass!

  • I got my two-day pass for my girl and I!!!!!!!!!! Soon excited for this event, thank you Sony for supporting your community in such a great way. PS folks I checked southwest airlines and their vacation packages for air and hotel is pretty good. I’m coming from Sacramento and the flight and hotel (Circus Circus for example) is only $560 for the both of us. Just FYI can’t wait to party with my playstation brothers and sisters. :)

  • Now that’s a nice weekend vacation.

  • Bought my two day ticket! Can’t wait for December! Glad I only live a few miles away from the Venetian/Palazzo, thought I might get a room for the Friday night so I can wake up early and get in to the big press conference…

    @zeroroi, Just a suggestion, and while I know Circus Circus is super cheap, maybe check Stratosphere or Trump Tower for rooms as well. I have never heard a good thing about Circus Circus from my friends who have stayed there…

  • You’re typically getting what you’re paying for with Circus Circus. The good thing is that it’s on the strip. They also have a huge arcade there (if it’s still there and functioning).

  • You do get what you pay for with Circus Circus, but comparing prices to Trump and Stratosphere, it’s actually more expensive. Trump runs shuttles to the strip and isn’t that far off of it and Stratosphere is also on the strip, just a bit further north. Treasure Island is also a good option price wise on the strip and they’re actually doing some renovations to it. It’s also RIGHT across from the Venetian/Palazzo. And Harrah’s is a good option too. I guess what I’m saying is, Circus Circus’ value really isn’t all THAT great compared to some of the other hotels that are available with nicer amenities and rooms. Circus Circus does still have the arcade, but if you want to go to some cool places with arcade games, go to Insert Coins in Downtown or Hi Scores Barcade in Henderson. Hi Scores actually has all of their games for free, though it’s not a huge place and not the biggest collection of games, but they make an amazing Moscow Mule and have some great craft beers on tap!

  • To all those who have been asking, You must be 18 or over to attend. $55 for one day, $95 for 2…Really?????? Shouldn’t something like this be free to attend? It’s just hype and marketing, No thanks I’ll stay home and play the real thing.

  • @psxfan45 tons of prizes giveaways free swag….lots of stuff not sold in stores(not games)…it may not be for everyone, for being 26 Male I am excited to go to my first gaming convention….Thanks Sony. with 400,000 sq ft they need to get paid someone because Sony isn’t making much money off the console it self

  • See everyone in Vegas!! just got my tickets! heads up the price went up $5. its not much but still sucks that its more then was posted in the blog last week.

  • Today, after buying my 2 day pass…I feel Excitement and Can’t WAIT…..Thanks Ryan C and Thanks Sony!!! YOU WILL AMAZE US!! :)

  • Is there any information on how many tickets are available? I’m in western border Canada, would it be worth traveling a day for this?

  • I really help Sony doesn’t just show games for the PS4, for their sake. I don’t understand why they don’t listen to the Vita community, we are gamer’s too and just want to see it succeed.


  • can you please have at least 12 to 18 be able to go in but with a parent

  • I just booked for me and my son I spent 900$ on flight and hotel I know it will be great , will there be a more detailed information to those who are going . I don’t want to miss anything , are the seats I have for both days.

  • I wish I could go..

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