Race the Sun: Out Tuesday, Labyrinthia Revealed

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Race the Sun: Out Tuesday, Labyrinthia Revealed

It was back in March when we announced that Race the Sun would be coming to PlayStation, and we’ve been working hard on the game ever since. Today we are pumped to announce that the game is finally ready and will land on October 21st!

Race the Sun

We really wanted things to feel great on every platform, so we’ve spent a lot of time refining the experience on each system. The result is that we have the game running at a full 60fps (at 1080p resolution) on both PS3 and PS4, and PS Vita is also looking and feeling great.

We have implemented cross-save and shared leaderboards on all supported platforms because we wanted to make the setup perfect for challenging friends to a highscore contest.

Race the Sun

If you aren’t familiar with Race the Sun, here are a few things your should know:

  • Race the Sun is all about speed and survival
  • You play as a solar-powered craft that slows down in the shadows
  • You die when the sun goes down (or you crash)
  • You can catch up to the sun (and delay your death) by grabbing speed boosts
  • As you complete objectives you will unlock helpful powerups and attachments
  • The leaderboards (along with the world) are regenerated every 24 hours
  • The controls are simple, but the game can be very hard
  • The game will be a cross-buy on PS3, PS4, PS Vita and PlayStation TV for $10 (US)

Race the SunRace the Sun

On top of the core game, we’ve also added a new unlockable world that will be exclusive to PlayStation at release. The world is called “Labyrinthia” and it is a bit of a departure from the usual extreme speeds of Race the Sun.

Here’s a video with some new gameplay footage:

We wanted to add a different type of challenge to the game, so we slowed things down in Labyrinthia and used a higher camera view. The challenge comes in looking ahead and planning your route through a dense maze of obstacles. We’ve designed bunch of new traps that take concentration (and possibly trial and error) to figure out.

One other thing to note: Unlike the main endless world of Race the Sun, Labyrinthia can be beat! The world is still regenerated every 24 hours to keep things interesting, but those with the skill to conquer region 4 can truly say they have beat a world in Race the Sun.

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  • Looks amazing… A must buy for my psvita :) Good work guys! ;)

  • One game, four consoles, $10. That is really cool. This game has been on my radar since you first announced it for the Vita. Hopefully it plays great, even if it’s not 60fps. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • “we’ve also added a new unlockable world that will be exclusive to PlayStation at release.”

    Does this mean that it will eventually be added to those of us who already own it on Steam? I understand timed exclusivity, but I’d happily purchase this for the PC version as add-on content since I won’t be buying the game a second time.

  • Looks great, thanks for this post. Almost slipped under my radar

  • Looks like a cool combo of a Wipeout/F-Zero style futuristic racer and an endless runner.

    Cross-buy and cross-save make it much more appealing.

  • Wonder if this game helps memory or reaction time.. looks like it would.

  • Sounds interesting, but I’m gonna have to go cold turkey from buying games for a while. You guys really killed my wallet this month. Maybe I’ll get it with that $15 credit I have coming from that “spend $100” deal.

  • This looks really fun. Will there be a demo?

  • This looks absolutely fantastic. I’ll definitely be picking it up on Tuesday.

  • This is why I love cross buy! For 10 dollars a fun game for both my VITA and PS4 outstanding!!!

  • Seriously…People are excited for this??? Well to each it’s own.

  • It looks enjoyable, but $10? There’s been a million titles like this on iOS for $1. I remember last gen picking up some of the top titles on XBLA for $10-15 with tons of content. Now, it seems as though minimalistic games start at $10. Just doesn’t make sense to me in this gen.

  • Played Race the Sun at Indiecade last weekend on the Vita. Any game that’s fast enough that you have to look at the horizon to have a good plan of where you want to go and have enough time to react is my kind of game. I’m excited to start playing again this Tuesday.

  • Made with Unity?

  • @11 Not everyone likes pew pew FPS all the time. It wouldn’t hurt to try something different once in a while.

  • Labyrinthia looks cool :) Will get…

  • Your game is like a flame (or sun?) to the speedracing freak in me.

  • Now I like the concept behind this game & just may get this when it comes out!!!!

  • please tell me this game has stereo 3D support for 3DTVs, at least on PS4. the only reason I bought Futuridium was because they promised stereo 3D support as a post-release patch.

  • Good post. Heard about this quite a while ago when it launched for PC. Looks like a fun challenge, particularly well-suited for the Vita platform. I like the idea of the world regenerating every 24 hours. Looking forward to playing this.

  • YESS! Been thinking about this game for months now and it looks like it’ll be worth the wait. Thanks so much for optimizing across all platforms, it really shows that you love your games and your audience. Good luck on all future endeavors too!

  • I second the request for 3DTV support!

  • I think this game will need a 3D TV update to it too. Also could you guys imagine this with the Morpheus?! Also I wonder if motion/gyroscope controls would work.

  • Proud Vita owner, and it looks like a perfect fit.
    Nice price point as well, but sure would like to get a little Plus savings.

    Keep wondering when we may get some new and improved top down flight shooters, or a game like StarFox :)

  • @#15 +1

  • So many indies I want in my Christmas stocking. I hope this is the first of many release dates revealed before November hits.

  • That delicious three-way Cross-Buy. Only have a PS3 now, but hope to get a Vita before year’s end, and PS4 down the road. Any game that takes to initiative, it’s always nice to know you can come back no matter what you’re playing on, especially for any game with arcade replayability, like this.

  • Awesome, I can’t wait! I was able to play this game when it was still being tested about a year or so ago @ Emporium Arcade Bar in Wicker Park, Chicago. I was able to meet the two developers, drink beer and play this very addicting game. I remember asking if it was coming to PSN, and they were crossing their fingers. Glad to see it happen! Congrats Aaron & Forrest!

  • This was a great sale! Got Mirrors Edge and Portal 2. Mirrors Edge is frustrating soemtimes, but Portal 2 is hilarious.

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